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Author Topic: Mad's Pairings And Plots  (Read 351 times)

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Mad's Pairings And Plots
« on: August 03, 2015, 12:16:04 PM »
Hello! I'm looking for a few partners to do some RP's with. If you're interested- yay! Looking forward to getting something going with you!

| Requirements |

Post length. I consider myself high casual to low advanced, but I typically work with what I'm given. But absolutely no one-liners!
Grammar & Punctuation. I'm not a grammar Nazi, but at least make it to where we know what you're saying.
Communication. Communication is key. If you're going to be away awhile, let me know and I'll do the same for you.
Gender roles. I CAN do male and female, I prefer female, but I'm okay at male.
Sexuality. I will only, and I mean only, do MxF or FxF. I absolutely refuse to do MxM. Sorry, just can't do it.

See, easy enough, right? If you made it through that, then you'll see my pairings and plots! Yay! :-)

| Plot Ideas |[/b]

The Phantom's Daughter

Based from the 2004 movie The Phantom of the Opera.

It's been close to 30 years since the Opera house where the famous Phantom Ghost lived burned to the ground. Christine and Raul found a new home and settled down, getting married and having a child of their own, a son. They weren't the only ones, the Phantom didn't perish with the Opera house, he escaped underground. He met a woman, who reminded him of his dear Christine, and they stayed together for awhile. She had a daughter with the Opera Ghost, a little girl. She died during childbirth, but the Phantom raised the little girl. She had a beautiful voice, something else that reminded the Phantom of his dear Christine.

The little girl wasn't so little anymore, she just turned the ripe age of eighteen and decided it was time for her to go live out on her own, as much as she loved her father. She meets a boy, same age as she was, and they grow close. As time goes by, they find out who the other was. The young boy was with the Phantom's daughter, the one who almost murdered his father and kept his mother prisoner, but that doesn't stop him. They still loved each other despite all of that, but what if the parents find out? Than what?

Extra Credit

She always loved school, and she was always smart. Now, in her Senior year at school, none of that was changing, except if would only become more important, with planning for college. She loves her English class, but it wasn't just the class, it was her teacher. Her incredibly handsome and seductive teacher. He was the talk of the school, all the girls in every grade wanted him, he was just that appealing. Even she wanted him, and she was a good girl, and something about his actions told her he wanted her too.

He'd give her these looks, walk by her and place a hand on her shoulder, than one day it happened. She was told her was failing her class, but she knew better then that, but sh played online. He'd offer her 'extra credit', but little did she know how much she'd enjoy the extra credit he assigned her- to please him in any way he wanted.

The Boy Next Door

Her husband recently died from a car accident, leaving the middle-aged, but extremely attractive woman, alone. They had no children together. She notices the boy next door, fresh out of high school, and really handsome. She decided to hire him to keep her yard mowed and pool cleaned. She'd tease him by strutting out in her string bikini, or short dresses or short skirts. Seducing him, when he's had enough, he lets her know and she lets him do whatever he wants to her. He's just the boy next door, right?

| Pairings |

Supernatural x Human/Hunter
Detective x Detective/Material Witness
Boss x Employee
Father x Daughter
Stepfather x Stepdaughter
Stepsister x Stepbrother
Teacher x Student
Professor x Student

If you're interested post here or shoot me a PM. Thank you! :)

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Re: Mad's Pairings And Plots
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2015, 12:32:24 PM »

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Re: Mad's Pairings And Plots
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