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Author Topic: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed) A Marvel Comics adaptation. (F roles atm)  (Read 5062 times)

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Offline Foxy Oni

Y'know, the business suit DD wore during the second part of Waid's run might make a good noir Daredevil outfit...

Ooooo... somebody should be the suit-wearing Moon Knight...

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Thats a neat suit. ^^.

Oh, I love MoonKnight! I tried contacting a friend that loves to play him, but I dont think he is interested. I can tottaly try playing him if no one else wants to though! Any way, digging the suit look you found there. Good contrast from Punisher and my spidey's Trench coat look. ^^

Offline MasterOfMyFate

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name : Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock
Marvel Character : "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen." "Daredevil."
PlayerName : MasterOfMyFate
Age : 24

Power's and Abilities : Although the character is blind, his remaining four senses function with superhuman accuracy and sensitivity, giving him abilities far beyond the limits of a sighted person. Daredevil developed a radar sense, which is similar to echolocation. Though he has no superhuman physical attributes beyond an enhanced sense of balance, Daredevil is a master of martial arts. Having been trained by Stick, Daredevil is a master hand-to-hand combatant. His typical moves are unique blends of the martial arts of ninjutsu, aiki jujutsu, jujitsu, kung fu, capoeira, judo, aikido, wrestling, and stick fighting combined with American-style boxing while making full use of his gymnastics capabilities. Under Stick's instruction, he has also found himself capable of healing his injuries through meditation. He is a skilled detective, tracker, and interrogation expert, as well as being an expert marksman.

Occupation : In his civilian identity, Murdock is a skilled and respected attorney with an encyclopedic knowledge of law, especially New York statutes.

Personality : Matt is mostly calm and collect, appearing aloof at times with his co-worker and co-founder of "Nelson & Murdock" Froggy Nelson. His calmness also becomes a reassuring aura for his calmness should he decide to support them in whatever trials they face in court. To that end, Murdock has been capable of being a fierce advocate of finding the truth and proving the innocence of his clients. He stands for the people when no one else would stand for them.

"The Devil of Hell's Kitchen" however is a different story. Daredevil is known to be aggressive, fierce, and even goes ballistic often on whatever perpetrators he finds within the night. He has gone as far as throwing a man off a roof without hesitation to prevent a crime. He takes his choice of life very seriously as he truly believes he is the only man standing between crime and the people of Hell's Kitchen. He stands up for the little guy as the most fearsome guardian. He wouldn't go as far as to say he's a hero, but he is not the bad guy. He is also a man without fear.

Bio : Mathew Murdock grew up in Hell's Kitchen with his father during his younger years. Up till the age of 13, it was Matt and his father alone with the only method of supporting them was Jack Murdock's boxing career. Their mother walked out on them when Matt was real young so he found himself only ever trusting his father. A incident happened to Matt at his young age that stole his vision away. Dealing with bills and his son's medical expenses, Jack found himself motivated to push his boxing career further. Being paid by the mob to throw fights, Jack was able to afford their living and expenses in their crummy apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Yet this wasn't enough for Jack Murdock. After a fight that ended in Jack's victory against a reigning heavy weight champion, Matt found himself orphaned when his father was found brutally murdered in a back alley near the Arena.

Taken into a Catholic Orphanage, Matt was raised a Catholic all the while coming to terms more and more with his blindness. Then, he found Stick. Stick taught him how to utilize his blindness as he greatest strength. All of his senses were heightened beyond human capacity. His physical capabilities were also skyrocketed under Stick's instruction especially when it came to gymnastics. Many years later, Matt went to school to study up on law and become a Lawyer like his father wanted. There, he met his best friend Froggy Nelson and got his degree.

Returning back to Hell's Kitchen after schooling was his hardest transition yet though. As he was away, Matt got used to the silent of the city. Returning to Hell's Kitchen brought screams to his ears. It tormented him as a child, but now as a grown man it only provoked Matt to extreme levels of rage. He could only bottle it up so much before it exploded. One night, Matt found himself following those screams. Then, he quieted them by taking out the one who was harming the person causing the screams. He never slept better after that. From that day forward, it became an addiction to Matt Murdock. It was like the Devil himself was controlling Matt, pushing him to harm those who have harmed others. The newspapers even caught wind of this man and called him "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen" in reference to how many people he has hospitalized and eyewitness reporting of him walking through fire. Around this time, Matt has became a well known lawyer among the people of Hell's Kitchen. The people look to him as family as he looks to them as the people he knows he wants to save.

"Be careful of the Murdock boys, they’ve got the devil in ‘em."

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Sorry for the wait! accepted!
« Last Edit: August 07, 2015, 01:09:43 AM by Garuss Vakarian »

Offline Darwishi

*eye twitch* I have this strong inclination to ask why you take exception to his profile... Erm, instead:

Sorry for the wait! Accepted!


Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Sorry, auto correct on my phone. >_<

Offline wander

Still about, I have ideas for Loki's profile, just need to bring it all together and been super busy this week... ^^;;

Gonna try and set some time aside later. :)

Offline Mathim

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name : Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym
Marvel Character : Ant-Man/Giant Man
PlayerName : Mathim
Age : 36

Power's and Abilities : Pym is a skilled engineer and biochemist and has developed a technology that allows matter to be compressed or expanded on a molecular level, allowing objects or living things to grow or shrink to within certain limits; he can use this to become the size of an insect while retaining his full-sized strength, and he can also increase his size to several dozen feet for when he requires greater strength or needs to cover more ground quickly. He also created a helmet that sends out a frequency allowing him to control the minds of insects.

Occupation : Scientist, doubles as agent specializing in demolition (as Giant-Man) or infiltration (as Ant-Man)

Personality : Pym is very rough around the edges, mostly due to being betrayed and treated like his contributions were meaningless. While he dislikes field work, he's come to understand the necessity of being personally involved because he is fiercely protective of his special technology.

Bio : Pym was a prodigy, ahead of his time and often being ostracized for it. It did not deter him from pursuing his life's work and when it came to fruition he was set to revolutionize the world in ways they could never imagine. His Pym particles would make it possible to move an entire city on a single train car, but some unscrupulous people attempting to buy this technology from him made it clear that this would make it possible to smuggle things like drugs or worse, weapons, including nuclear. Pym nearly destroyed his life's work to keep it from falling into the wrong hands but there were those who wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldn't allow him to destroy it or himself before they got the secrets. Pym had not yet developed the technology to be compatible with biological organisms but quickly ran out of time and had to test the procedure on himself. Luckily it worked perfectly, and he was able to evade capture and bring his technology with him without anyone being able to get their hands on it. He sought asylum with SHIELD, deciding if he couldn't stay away 24 hours a day to guard his secrets, this would be the least objectionable way to seek help.

Pym continued to develop the technology, seeing the other threats SHIELD was dealing with, and took up the identity of Ant-Man, sneaking into places no one else could enter, sabotaging illicit operations without them being any the wiser. Eventually the Pym Particle experiments bore even more fruit and he became able to increase his size several times, and decided to change his name to Giant Man. If ever something needed to be knocked down, he was the ideal person to call when rising to a maximum of fifty feet tall. He still doesn't work well with others or make friends easily but he's become comfortable enough with SHIELD that he trusts they are doing the right thing and his loyalty belongs with them.
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Offline wander

I placed Loki in the OOC thread if people are interested to look him over.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Mathim: He is accepted. ^^

Offline Darwishi

I'm still mulling over a character. By the way, can the character be based off of someone in the Marvel Universe but have a different name?  It seems like everyone is keeping the same names, which is why I'm asking.

EDIT: I work weekends so it'll probably be Monday before I'm able to post anything definitive.

Offline wander

I'm still mulling over a character. By the way, can the character be based off of someone in the Marvel Universe but have a different name?  It seems like everyone is keeping the same names, which is why I'm asking.

EDIT: I work weekends so it'll probably be Monday before I'm able to post anything definitive.

I was almost going to call my Loki "Low Key". Take that as you will.

Offline Callie Del Noire

Interesting setting.  Wish I could think of something to offer,meet flashing back to an original character I had a while back.  Might pop in to bounce ideas from time to time

Offline Darwishi

Okay so she's a work in progress, but this is what I'm thinking so far:

Cadence Cunningham
Name : Cadence Cunningham/Mercy
Marvel Character : Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
PlayerName : Darwishi
Age : 26

Power's and Abilities :

Natural Powers
Stinger: Cadence has the ability to emit a low pulse of electricity from her hands.  Generally speaking this pulse can be produced from any part of her body, but her most effective use of it is from her hands.  The electricity can be powerful enough to instantly rendered someone unconscious, especially if she applies her hand to their head.  She can't shoot the electricity any further than a foot or two which makes it enhance her natural fighting skills rather than a power that she can rely on completely.

Symbiote Powers
Symbiote: The symbiote provides Cadence with extra protection in the form of whatever clothing she chooses.  It can only take on a red hue, although the tint can change drastically (bright red, pink, or dark red to near black). The symbiote has bonded with Cadence and has formed a true symbiotic relationship with its host.  It's tough when it needs to be, provides her with anonymity, strength, agility, and even a way to easily traverse the rooftops.  In return, it has a place to live (Cadence's body) and a constant energy source (Cadence eats a lot.)
Camouflage: The symbiote often takes the form of a bodysuit which looks futuristic for the time.  It clings to her body almost like a second skin but provides heavy protection against gunfire, explosions (though the heat messes it up a bit), and bladed attacks.  Cadence is learning that she can control the way the symbiote looks, which offers her the ability to form pants, dresses, jackets or other clothing that may come in handy for a little under-cover work.
Strength: The symbiote has weaved itself into Cadence's muscle and bone structure which provides her the ability to lift roughly ten (10) tons above her head.  It also allows her to level punches like never before, kick in doors, take hits, jump higher, land from amazing heights, lift cars, etc. 
Agility: As with strength, the symbiote has fused with Cadence's brain, muscles, organs, and even her spinal cord.  This means that her agility has increased exponentially.  She's incredibly flexible and reacts to something happening almost before it happens which makes her look like she's predicting someone's movements.
Web-Slinger: Cadence isn't a webslinger in the strictest sense.  The symbiote shoots some of itself out and sticks to a surface.  It retracts as soon as Cadence is done with it, and there's no mess left behind. 

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Cadence has had years of training in hand-to-hand combat techniques.  She's traveled the world-over in order to perfect each technique and then pick and choose which forms best fit her style.  She likes to use a flowing style of movement that wastes very little movement and delivers high impacts to her foes.  She was a vigilante for many years before she found the symbiote (or did the symbiote find her?), and is a force to be reckoned with even without her powers.
Detective: Cadence is an ace reporter over at the Daily Bugle.  She works a lot of down and dirty cases, managing to get intel that no other reporter can snag, even the cops have a hard time keeping up with her.  She uses a pen name when she writes articles and her picture is never in the paper.  She uses the paper to help but the worst of the worst away, though no one quite knows how she gets her information.  JJ Jameson hardly cares so long as she keeps making his paper money.
Lock Picker: Over the years, Cadence has become quite adept at breaking into and out of homes, lockers, and really anything that requires a key for entrance.  She's beginning to use the symbiote to help her out here too.

Occupation : Nosy investigative reporter/debutante/superheroine

Personality : Cadence, in a word, is tenacious.  She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will do what she deems necessary to right any wrong.  While she respects the law, she doesn't enjoy the way it's set up and often takes it into her own hands.  She's stubborn and refuses to let anything go, no matter who tells her that she needs to stay out of it.  Most people try to tell her that her place is in the kitchen.  She knows different.  Joining the police would be a joke as far as she's concerned. Most would argue that she's just a girl.  She would argue that's why she gets things done.

Bio : Cadence was always an ace reporter for the Bugle, even when she started in the mail room and worked her way up.  She was always investigating something and she made sure that she did her homework before taking it to someone.  Her first report never made it to the papers, but it impressed J. Jonah Jameson to the point that he immediately promoted her to a reporter status.  She was on probation at first, he wanted to see what she could do with a real title and a real story to follow.  The first story was simply a corruption in the mail room, she'd outed a man that was stealing from the employees at the paper.  It would have gone over like a brick if he'd printed the story.  It would have shamed the paper and potentially would have lost readers.

Cadence worked her first official story, then another and another, each published under the name Jacob Jackson.  It sounded better coming from a man.  While the fact irritated her, she knew that the readership wanted a strong male, making big headlines and generally being a badass.  She often used her womanly charms to get information from men too stupid to realize that she was playing them.  When times got rough, though, she took her investigations to the next level.

She became a superheroine named Mercy.  She wore a form-fitting black dress with a slit up her left leg.  The dress showed off her legs in sheer, nylon stockings and heeled shoes.  She wore bicep-long opera gloves, a black domino mask and a black fedora.  She wanted the men to know that she was a woman and that she was kicking their asses.  She stopped petty crimes, but she also performed a few B&E's in order to gain access to files or evidence that she'd not have access to otherwise.  She cited anonymous sources and left it at that in the paper.

She kept Mercy out of the papers on purpose.  She didn't want anyone knowing that a woman was bringing them in.  It wasn't because she thought they should think it was a man, but rather that she wanted to keep her identity a secret. 

Even so, she wasn't flawless.  She met the unfortunate circumstance of a cloth filled with chloroform more than once and wound up in various bondage positions.  She always escaped, though.  Always.  And she always got her man.

That's when she started to investigate Wilson Fisk.  He was the supposed Kingpin, and she'd finally put a name to him.  More than that, she'd put a face to the name.  She wasn't sure if the police had gotten so far, but she wasn't handing that big of a story over to them either. She investigated him for a good six months.  She learned his habits, his routines, and then she moved in to take him down.

He'd seen her coming.  Somehow he'd learned of Mercy and just what she was doing.  She had been interfering in his business for too long.  When she made her move, he made his.  He surprised her with a rag full of chloroform and managed to hold her struggling body at bay until she went under.  She woke up tied up, but this time was different.  He told her that she was the closest of anyone that tried to take him down.  He told her that if she were a man, perhaps she would have succeeded.  He copped a cheap feel and she spat in his face.  He told her that he could unmask her, but ultimately he didn't care who she was.  She was another girl in some stupid costume.

He told her to suck the barrel of his gun, as if it were a cock.  She told him to go to hell.  He told her "You first." And fired a bullet into her heart.  Cadence's body slumped, she wasn't dead yet, he'd nicked her heart.  He told her that he was going to make an example out of her.  He then took to breaking her arms and legs, just to make sure, and took her to the quarry.  He placed her fedora over her face and left her there to bleed out and for the morning crew to find. She couldn't move and she was quickly bleeding out, it was only a matter of time.

The morning crew never found her, though.  The rocks that Fisk had placed her on were there because there was a meteor just below them.  Out of it seeped an alien life form that immediately bonded to Cadence's body. She was dying quickly so it did it's best to mend the hole in her chest, fixed her heart, dislodged the bullet, and mended her broken bones.  The alien life-form had to fuse with Cadence in order to make sure she survived as a host.  The truth was that the symbiote was dying, too, and that Cadence was a perfect companion.

At first, Cadence wasn't sure how she survived, but she slowly learned of the symbiote and how it was connected to her.  She was stronger, more agile, and her mind was clearer.  She discovered new powers that lent themselves to a better use as a vigilante.  She even grew to love the symbiote as a skin-tight suit, though it could take other forms as well.  Now she's fully bonded with the symbiote and is taking the fight to the streets.  Ultimately, she'd like to pay Fisk another visit.

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Offline Lumasan

If I can find a way to spin She Hulk into this, can I join? :P

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Absolutely! Feel free to pm me on it.

Darwishi: Yes, it in some cases it is fine if they go by a different name. GhostRider being the most easily accesible for it. Feel free to finish her as is.
« Last Edit: August 10, 2015, 12:07:55 AM by Garuss Vakarian »

Offline wander

If I can find a way to spin She Hulk into this, can I join? :P

I have a big ol' crush on She-Hulk, so I'd sure like to see her! ^^