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Author Topic: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed) A Marvel Comics adaptation. (F roles atm)  (Read 5612 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

NOTE: We need a new Peggy Carter.

Intro Post
"So..." A young man said as he peered around the corner. Trying to break the silence between him and his partner. He was a strapping gentlemen, with blond hair, broad shoulders, and a gun proudly held in his hands. The pistol ready to trace it's way to any one that even seemed like a threat. "So what?" A raspy voice said, coming from a grumpy looking old man. The younger mans partner seemed the more experienced agent, what with the grey in his hair, and the stains in his suit. With a revolver in hand, the older man walked foreword, seeing as though the hallway was clear. "About Director Carter. A cold fish dont you think?" The young man was new to the agency, a hero from the war with a chip on his shoulder. But, the older gentleman did not seem amused. "Get to know'er before you pass judgement, Peggy's a good gal. Trust me." As the men spoke, a figure listened in. Detecting the two Agents coming in on the vicinity. Neither seemed to know what they were walking into. The figure loomed over the scaffolding to the warehouse's second floor. His hooded mask, covering his head. Goggles barely glisten in the dim light, and his black trench coat is hidden in the shadows. As he listened, he hoped those men didnt interrupt the deal going on below, before he can figure out what the Goblin is up to. As one of the men opened the door, both sprung into action, hearing the voices further in as they took cover behind crates and boxes. "Do you have the Intel?" a dark figure said, as the masked vigilante moved in to get a better view. The figure's hand in his coat pocket, readily holding a gun no doubt. The women in front of him, Spoke with a clear, German accent. "No, but I am close. de artifact is hidden behind mounds of classified information, it will take a bit more time, but I will no doubt have clearance." The man seemed to sigh deeply, the gentleman to their right handing something to the women. "I do not doubt your integrity my dear, I am certain you are close. While our associate here, and his mobster employer may be impatient. I have nothing but patience with you. Get the Intel, get the artifact." The women, masked in shadow, nods. Grabbing what seemed to be a small case from the man. "Let's not go in kid, we should wait for back up." Carver said, the vigilante lurking in the dark hoping the man heeded that warning, the man needed to tail one of these individuals. And chaos would ruin that for him. "Fuck that.." Jameson said, as he came forth from the shadows. "SHIELD! Freeze!" As the man did so, the shadowy figure above reacted as predictably as a vigilante such as him would. He drew his gun, and jumped down to handle the situation. But as he landed, the gunshot was heard. How did they fire off on him? He had the drop! No one else was there! The Vigilante couldnt tell which of the three had shot him. Without a good glimpse of the action, it was impossible. Especially when the three whom were collaborating ran. The man slumped to the ground, bleeding a crimson into the concrete floor. The vigilante ran to the body, catching him, but the poor guy was already gone. He looked up, gun in hand, his other confirming the absence of a pulse. As his finger's pressed against the young agents neck. Carver had trained his gun on the blackened figure, getting a long good look before running off. All a while, the vigilante was left with a dead man, to an organization he didnt even know of up until now, and more questions then answers on just what the Goblin is up to. Needless to say, he dropped the gun and ran.
: 7 hours later :
The following morning was a bright day in New York, unusually so. A man had died last night, and from what Peter had gathered. A good man, just trying to do his job. By all accounts god should be shedding a righteous tear on the good people of the NYC area, but not even a cloud in sight. Things like this truck home with him, what with his upbringing and his tendency to be sentimental. But, he had to get over it... The short, stocky man makes himself a modest meal, of toast and badly ground coffee. Scarfing it all down with a barely a modicum of class, before he got dressed for work. His usual attire, an old suit that slacked just a bit, after all Uncle Ben was a taller man. A white buttoned up shirt, black tie, and a classic fedora, just the kind a quintessential news man is expected to wear. As soon as he was ready, he quickly made his way down his apartment buildings stairs, He had to get to work, and fast. After all, last night's victim had an eerily similar sounding name to some one he knew. Intuition, or his keen sense of danger? Either way, his senses were never wrong. His worries shown through, as he met a pleasant and familiar face. A raven haired beauty, face full of life, an air of excitement shown through her movements. The girl, trapped in her world of whimsy as she practically skipped over to Parker. "Hey!" She said, as she flashed a newspaper in front of her. "Did you read this?" She said, Peter responding with a slight shake of his head. "Should I?" He asked, willing to spare a bit of time for the dame. After all, he liked the ladies, he just... One would say, he never had the moves of Howard Stark. "Well, you know that masked guy that saved me from those muggers not to long ago?" She said, summarizing the memory right fast. "Ya, what about him?..." As Peter spoke, he grabbed the news paper presented before him. "It used to be that the fellow was back page news, Spider-Man they called him. Made sense, what with no one proving he exists and all. But, now he is front page! I mean, it's not the best coverage a strapping hero would want, but Im glad the guy gots some attention... Take what you can get right? Im at least no longer so crazy to the girls at work." As she spoke, Peter had been reading away at the front page news. And his fears were answered. He had thought J. Jonah, had issued that Wilson Fisk charity event on the front page, but it would seem he was hard at work all night, making sure this little horror reached the front page for all to see... WHO IS THE SPIDERMAN?.... Was plastered as boldly as the print was allowed.  And off the bat, his first sentence screamed trouble. " In few words. The answer is simple; Menace!" Peter grimaced, his boss was pulling all the stop's and held no punches. The young man feeling like he had a glass jaw in a fight with Joe Lois in the twelfth round. Jameson made a literary masterpiece of trite crap, all the mans years of hate and bile mixed up with his new found pain. And whom would blame him? The mans son, a hero back in WWII, life still ahead of him at twenty four, had just died. And the person described matched the description of a known Vigilante. None the less, this had made all of Peters fears come true. Not only has his persona seen the light of day, in a truly official capacity. But he was labeled a killer, criminal, a monster. Hell, Jonah didnt even hold back on his ransom. "A thousand bucks for the Wall Crawlers hide huh?" Peter said as he began to walk passed the girl. "How about you Betty? Thousand dollars? Thats a right pretty penny, especially in these times. Would ya sell out your hero?" Betty sighed, turning to face the man as he began to exit the building. "Well, a girl has to pay the bills right?..." Peter himself sighed. "Sure, I get it.... Thought you would say that." He then gave her the sweetest smile a guy can muster. "See ya later doll." With a wink, he was gone. His face now as stone, his eyes narrowing foreword as he tossed the paper into the nearest bin. 'I have to solve that murder fast. Find out who made that deal. Ill be damned if I am pinned as some low life degenerate. Even if finding the answers, kill's me.' 

Me and my friend Lois decided to try and make an interest check for this awesome idea, if any one is interested, let us know! Marvel Noir, much like the comic book series of the same name, is to be a role play adaptation of the Marvel characters. Adapting and applying them to a Noir/Pulp fiction universe. This role play will take place during the 1940's, after WWII and Captain America had 'apparently' taken the ultimate heroic sacrifice. Agent Peggy Carter, is currently the Director of Shield. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. As director of shield she charges her agents to investigate the unknown, collect objects. And further file, and categorize dangerous individuals into the Index. This is a world of mystery, intrigue, pulp horror, science, and action. With detectives, gangsters, secret Agents, ancient artifacts and Inquisitive vigilante's. SHIELD, and all characters involved are in for an adventure!

Where to fit your characters?: Anywhere you wish actually. As a powered hero, they can be working for shield as one of their indexed individuals. A vigilante. A private detective. A Agent of Shield. Some one caught in the mix! Hell, if you want to play Mary Jane Watson as an Agent of shield, feel free! Green Goblin as more of a sociopath of a Mobster? All the power to you. A Tommy Gun wielding Punisher out for mobster blood? Go right ahead!

List of possible characters: For people still thinking, so it is a bit of a idea helper :P .

Male: Deadpool, Punisher, Daredevil, Dr Strange, Captain America, Mysterio (Like to see how one would adapt the illusionist into the 1940's ^^ .) Iron Man (Would have to be Howard Stark.) Ant Man.  Maybe even a 1940'5/50's Ghost Rider?

Female: Mary Jane, Gwendoline Stacey, BlackWidow, Rogue, Domino, Jubilee, Dazzler, Spider Women.  And, perhaps a female Ghost Rider?

Powers: For the sake of the setting, anyone with powers should try and have their powers adapted to make sense to the setting. As an example: Iron man would be more crude and War Machine like perhaps? Rather then sleek and futuristic.

Oc Agents of Shield: This rp does allow OC's in the form of SHIELD agents. But, only so many will be allowed, since canons are the main premise of a Marvel based idea. One or two, maybe a third or a fourth.

Sorry, I know. Not a lot of room for OC's. But I will reiterate, this is meant to be a Marvel rp. It's adaptive nature gives you more then enough wiggle room for characters to be your own. In their own ways.

Code: [Select]
[i][b]Name[/b][/i] :
[i][b]Marvel Character[/b][/i] : (The character your adapting. Add OC if OC.)
[i][b]PlayerName[/b][/i] :
[i][b]Age[/b][/i] :

[i][b]Power's and Abilities[/b][/i] : (Skill's, powers, etc.)

[i][b]Occupation[/b][/i] : (What does he or she do? If an Agent, also put in their role. Specialist, Scientist, etc.)

[i][b]Personality[/b][/i] :

[i][b]Bio[/b][/i] :


1:Director of SHIELD, Agent Peggy Carter : Clearance level 10, Agent number 13. (LoisLaneKent
2:SpiderMan-Peter Parker : Vigilante crime fighter, and investigator. (Garuss)
3:  Wanda-Scarlet Witch :Burlesque performer-Agent of The Brotherhood (Foxy Oni)
4: Logan-Wolverine : Private I : (Batman)
5: (Maybe) Felicia Hardy (Anna Katrine)
6: ? (Neysha)
7: ? (BarberaGordon)
8: Loki ( Wander)
9: Dare Devil (Master of My Fate)
10: Punisher-Francis Castilion (1Saz)
11: ? (Mathim)

ETC, ETC. Numbers go on.

OC characters:

Npc's: (Note, any character in this list is open to being plucked as a player character.)
1: Head of SHIELD science devision: Calvin Zabo
2: Head Specialist Colonel Nick Fury. Level 10 clearance: 
3: Norman Osborne. (Secretly The Goblin.)
4: Wilson Fisk
5: Adrian Toome (The Vulture.)
6: Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich (The Rhino)
7: Aunt May (Uh, who said he had to be raised by an elderly aunt and uncle? 40 year old milf any one? ;)

If your interested, or have any questions. Please post below! If you want an oc, id say so fast. I will only allow so many. None the less, I hope you at least enjoyed my little writing prompt. ^^ .

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Offline VoluptuousVixen

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2015, 08:03:39 AM »

"Agent Carter reporting for Duty!"

Offline VoluptuousVixen

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2015, 08:20:35 AM »

Name : Peggy Carter
Marvel Character : Agent 13
PlayerName : loislanekent
Age : 28

Power's and Abilities :

Master Spy: Carter was able to infiltrate Castle Kaufmann and free Abraham Erskine with her disguise as "Eva". Likewise, she is able to flawlessly mimic other accents. She knows how to manipulate the sexist stereotypes of her time to her advantage by bringing coffee to a meeting in order to spy on it and seducing a man to gain information. She also spent time at Bletchley Park during the early years of World War II, learning code breaking skills.
◾Master Investigator: Carter was able to solve the Leviathan case very efficiently, including deducing that the person who manipulated Stark would be one of the women he had been with, and that that woman would likely have scars on her wrists from years of handcuffing herself to a bedpost.
◾Expert Martial Artist: Carter is a highly skilled martial artist. Carter used her fighting skills to defeat Sasha Demidov before he could kill her. She was able to defeat several highly skilled agents with little effort. Despite initially being overwhelmed, Carter managed to defeat Dottie Underwood, a highly trained Red Room assassin. Carter was also able to silently subdue the guards of the Zodiac.
◾Expert Marksman: During the assassination of Abraham Erskine, Carter was able to kill the driver of Heinz Kruger, as he drove towards her, without fear of being hit. She chided Rogers for interrupting her shot when she aimed for Kruger.
◾Expert Tactician: Though they were all seasoned war veterans, the Howling Commandos took instruction from Carter on how to infiltrate the Red Room Academy, following her leadership on how to divide the men and what to do in a given situation.
◾Scientist: Carter has knowledge of chemistry, knowing how to use simple household items to create a compound necessary to defuse a bomb.
◾Multilingualism: Carter can speak and read English, Russian and German.

Occupation : Spy and one of the founding members of SHEILD. Formerly trained by the British Army.

Personality :

Carter is tough and resilient, standing strong whenever she is mistreated, be it by man or woman. She has a sarcastic streak, and can also become close to a select few people, such as Steve Rogers, Howard Stark, Edwin Jarvis, and a few others. Though she believes in morality, she will lie, if the situation calls for it. Such times include the period while she was hiding her involvement with the SSR.

A loyal soldier, Carter will do whatever is needed to get the job done, very nearly having Howard Stark shot out of the sky, when he was endangering the city of New York. Such sacrifices wound her; she does not enjoy it. Being somewhat no-nonsense, Carter does not take kindly to messing about during a mission or when there is work to be done. She is also quite clever, always able to work her way out of a pinch at a moment's notice. Though her number of dear friends is slim, she is exceedingly appreciative to those she has.

Bio :
Peggy Carter was an agent of the British Secret Intelligence. In November 1940, she infiltrated Castle Kaufmann, the headquarters of the SS general Johann Schmidt, leader of HYDRA, Adolf Hitler's top secret science division. Disguised as the maid Eva, she freed the captured scientist Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Super Soldier Serum, and escaped the castle. Soon, Carter was assigned as a liaison from the British government to help the Americans combat the Nazis. Carter served under Colonel Chester Phillips in the Strategic Scientific Reserve. In the winter of 1942, Carter spent time in the sewers of New York City. Carter also spent time in the Soviet Union, learning local dialect which kept her from freezing to death.

In June 1943, she was assigned to Colonel Chester Phillips' training base; she was the first to meet the candidates up for the Project Rebirth. When Private Gilmore Hodge mocked her English heritage and the fact that she was a woman, she promptly punched him across the jaw, much to Chester Phillips' approval. Carter oversaw potential candidates' training for Project Rebirth, including a skinny but determined Steve Rogers. She smiled each time Rogers would do something smarter or braver than the other candidates, such as dispatching a flagpole to retrieve a flag or diving on a grenade, not knowing it was a dud, to protect others.

When Steve Rogers was selected as the candidate, she escorted him to the Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility under an antique shop. Along the drive Carter and Rogers bonded over their shared struggles to gain respect in war time, Rogers due to his height and Carter due to her gender. Although Rogers was hopeless at speaking to a woman, Carter was charmed by his honesty and kindness.

Carter witnessed how Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum at Project Rebirth. During the procedure, Rogers began to scream in pain; Carter ordered Erskine to stop, but Rogers insisted he could finish the procedure. Rogers was successfully transformed, growing over a foot in height and gaining incredible muscles. Carter was one of the first to greet him after his transformation and provided him with a new shirt, not before touching his newly muscled figure. As the celebrations continued, one of the guests, Heinz Kruger, detonated a bomb, destroying much of the lab. Kruger then shot and killed Abraham Erskine before making his escape. Carter was able to shoot him in the arm and gave chase. She followed the assassin into the streets of Brooklyn and fired several rounds into the car Kruger was using to escape. She managed to shoot the driver, but Kruger turned the car around and drove straight at her. She was saved by Rogers, who pushed her out of the way, although Carter insisted she could have killed him. Rogers gave chase and successfully caught the assassin, but was unable to stop Kruger from killing himself.

Colonel Phillips was given a new assignment to take the S.S.R. to Europe to take the fight directly to HYDRA, and made Agent Carter and Stark a part of his staff. In November 1943, Agent Carter met Steve Rogers again, though at this time he was employed by the US Government to perform as the Army's mascot Captain America. Carter spoke to him, telling him that Erskine meant him for more than performing; during their conversation Rogers learned that his friend Bucky Barnes had been captured by HYDRA and Phillips was not planning a rescue mission.

Carter and Howard Stark agreed to help Rogers get to his destination at the secret HYDRA base in Austria where Allied POWs were held. They took a plane and Stark flew them to the destination; along the way, Carter gave Rogers a radio to call her when he needed to be picked up. The plane was soon fired upon by enemy guns, so Rogers leapt from the plane while Stark flew Carter to safety. After a few days, Rogers did not return, leading Chester Phillips to announce him as killed in action, but before he could punish Carter for her part in Rogers' death, Rogers returned to the base with over 400 rescued soldiers. Carter berated him for arriving late, and Rogers showed her that his radio had been damaged in the firefight.

Peggy Carter was present at the meeting of the senior staff of Strategic Scientific Reserve in London, along with Colonel Phillips. They discussed the best way to take down HYDRA bases scattered across the Nazi-occupied Europe. She later met Rogers in a bar while he was putting together a new team for his next missions. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes found themselves in awe of Carter as she was wearing a beautiful red dress rather than her uniform. Although Barnes tried in vain to ask Carter for a dance, Carter would not look at him and told Rogers that once the war was over, she wanted to go dancing with the right partner. She told him that Phillips needed to see him in the morning and left.

The next morning Carter became furious at Steve Rogers after she saw him being kissed by Colonel Phillips' secretary Lorraine. He accused her of having a relationship with Howard Stark, much to her frustration. When she came to collect Rogers later she found him trying out the new shield Stark had provided for him; without warning Carter picked up a gun and shot at Rogers, claiming to be simply testing the shield. She left leaving Rogers and Stark shocked and impressed.

A few months into the war, Carter received word that Bucky Barnes had been killed on a mission to capture HYDRA scientist Arnim Zola. Knowing that Rogers would be devastated by the loss of his closest friend, she went to find him. She found him sitting alone in the ruins of a bar drinking. She tried to comfort him, reminding him that Barnes' death was not his fault and Barnes must have believed that their mission was worth his sacrifice.

In May 1945, Rogers attacked HYDRA's last base of operations, he allowed himself to be captured, only to distract Johann Schmidt and allow the US Army time to attack the base. Carter was a member of a company of soldiers led by Colonel Chester Phillips to follow Rogers into the HYDRA base. Carter was able to save Rogers' life when he was pinned back by a HYDRA soldier using flame throwers; Carter shot the enemy soldier in the back causing his equipment to explode. Rogers jokingly told her she was late, reminding her of their earlier mission when she accused him of the same thing. Rogers gave chase to Schmidt while Carter continued to fight.

Johann Schmidt managed to get to his HYDRA plane and Captain America gave chase; seeing that he had no chance of catching up, Carter and Colonel Phillips stole Johann Schmidt's Coupe and gave Rogers a lift. Moments before he jumped aboard the Valkyrie, Carter kissed Rogers and told him to get Schmidt. Rogers managed to leap aboard the plane as Phillips was able to stop the car from plunging off a cliff edge. Carter watched as the plane flew away with Rogers on board.

After a brutal fight to the death on a HYDRA plane, Johann Schmidt was finally defeated, along with his soldiers. Knowing that the plane Rogers was on would cause a lot of trouble for America, he was left with one option; forcing the large plane to land on the waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.
Carter, knowing that this would result in his death, did not give up hope. She pressed on the matter, implying that there would be time for them to sort the situation out, even if Howard Stark had to be called. However, Rogers claimed that there was not enough time, and proceeded with the landing. As the plane made its final descent, Peggy and Steve set a date where she would teach him how to dance. All communications with the plane were then lost and all Peggy could do was cry.

Offline Foxy Oni

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2015, 12:15:56 PM »
Sounds like fun. I'm batting around a Scarlet Witch idea.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2015, 02:39:47 PM »
I'll place interest, though late 40s is going to be tough to think of making characters I like fit, I'll think on it.

Online Batman4560

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2015, 05:27:22 PM »
I'm interested and after I catch up on some stuff I'll be figuring out a character. Likely Logan as a P.I. or an agent of SHIELD.

Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #6 on: August 03, 2015, 05:28:10 PM »
Interested, but honestly no idea as who.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #7 on: August 03, 2015, 06:08:09 PM »
Hey, thanks for everyone's interest!

I understand where your coming from barbera , I will make a list of possible characters to help any one who needs an idea to help with picking their character.

Offline Anna Katrine

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #8 on: August 03, 2015, 06:31:44 PM »
Definately interested in this. Trying to wrap my mind around a possible Felicia Hardy itteration.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #9 on: August 03, 2015, 07:53:21 PM »
Felicia Hardy ay? What a good choice! Well, at first glance it would make sense for her to be a cat burglar, perhaps caught in a situation where she has no choice but to work for a mob boss, such as Wilson Fisk, or Mr Osborn? She can also be a SHIELD agent. Or perhaps even a female private eye? Caught in a world of sexism, where men look down to her as something derogatory like "Kid", rather then respect her as an investigator.

List of possible characters: For people still thinking, so it is a bit of a idea helper :P .

Male: Deadpool, Punisher, Daredevil, Dr Strange, Captain America, Mysterio (Like to see how one would adapt the illusionist into the 1940's ^^ .) Iron Man (Would have to be Howard Stark. Sorry.) Ant Man.  Maybe even a 1940'5/50's Ghost Rider?

Female: Mary Jane, Gwendoline Stacey, BlackWidow, Rogue, Domino, Dazzler, Jubilee, Spider Women.  And, perhaps a female Ghost Rider?
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Online Batman4560

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #10 on: August 03, 2015, 08:35:41 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name : James Logan Howlett
Marvel Character : Wolverine
PlayerName : Batman4560
Age : ??

Power's and Abilities : -Enhanced Senses, -enhanced strength, -enhanced durability, -enhanced stamina, -tracking, -martial artist, -beast like rage, -Regeneration, -enhanced speed, -slowed speed, -nearly unbreakable bones, -claws, -adimantium grafted to bones, -Samurai -Linguist (Russian, Japanese, French, German)

Occupation : Part time P.I. Part time agent of shield. "Fixer"

Personality : It's easy to describe Logan as Gruff and simply mean but only those who don't know him would really say that about him. Anyone who knew who Logan was would say he was guarded but a big teddy bear. The claw bearing private eye and Fixer agent of Shield is the best he is at what he does and what he does isn't pretty. Logan can be brash, violent and his mood can flip faster than a light switch. Still he sticks to a strict code of honor and values his allies and friends more than anything else.

Bio :

While most of his past is a blur, Logan knows that he was once in Canada and experimented on by a group trying to create the perfect weapon. This backfired and caused Logan to lose most of his memory... Since then Logan has been traveling all over the world trying to put the pieces back together.

The Wolverine as he came to call himself after finding a pair of dog tags in his boot, knows he fought in every major war, a smal wallet he holds contains photos of his troop from each war. The only war he remembers fighting in however is WW2, where he fought alongside one his best friends Steve Rodgers then after Steve went missing he fought alongside a man named Nick Fury.

Logan fought the war until it's end , even storming Normandy on D-Day. The only soldier to not carry a rifle into combat Logan was the man who would charge into battle and rip his opponents to shreds with his adamantium covered claws. During the war Logan earned many metals including the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor.

After the war Logan wandered about, going to Japan where he learned the way of the Samurai and then to Russia where he fought against a mad man, who like Logan, was intended to be a weapon of mass destruction and went by the code name of Omega Red. Eventually Logan found himself in New York where he worked as a Private eye and a part time agent for a group called SHIELD, who were dedicated to keeping America and the world at large safe from global threats.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2015, 09:43:28 PM »
Approved. ^^

Online Batman4560

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #12 on: August 03, 2015, 09:50:23 PM »
Thug life.  O8)

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #13 on: August 03, 2015, 09:54:33 PM »
Lol. Thug Life :P .

Online Neysha

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #14 on: August 03, 2015, 09:55:37 PM »
Expressing tentative interest as well. Might portray some manner of non-human humanoid I'm thinking.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2015, 10:49:16 PM »
Name : Peter Parker
Marvel Character : SpiderMan
PlayerName : Garuss Vakarian
Age : 21

Power's and Abilities :

Enhanced Acrobatic Agility and Strength: Strength, Speed, reflexes, and agility proportionate to a man sized spider. To which he uses as his primary transportation as a vigilante, climbing and jumping across rooftops.

Note: (Spiderman Noir does not have Adhesion.)

Spider Senses: SpiderMan in this universe carries Spider Senses much in the same vain as his other incarnations. Though it is also used to aid in crime scene investigating, allowing him to easily detect things of interest. (IE: If something is out of place.)

Webbing: SpiderMan in this universe has the ability to secrete, and fire organic webbing from his hands, rather then the use of a web shooter. Though, his webbing does not allow him to fire in a straight line, or in narrow webs. Therefor, his webs are used for strategic occurrences. Webbed as net's, or as trap's for men to walk into.

Occupation : Photographer for the Daily Bugle: Secretly a Vigilante.

Personality : A smart kid, a good man, but has a chip on his shoulder. He is good with keeping people ignorant to how he feels, or what he does at night. To his friends, he makes a genuin attempt at being civil, humble, friendly. Even has a fair bit of witty banter. But Peter is a troubled man, one with a dark side he keeps in. Battling with the Black and White he chooses to see and enforce, all a while his reason attempts to color the pallet's of grey. (Think your classic Noir Detective. Noir spiderman can be considered a bit bland, but this version I am using does have some witty banter. Think Spiderman Noir from the game, SpiderMan Shattered Dimensions.)

Bio : Peter Parker was raised by his paternal aunt and uncle, May and Ben Parker, during the Great Depression. They were both good people, whom genuinely cared for others. Ben was a reporter for the Daily Bugle, and May was a loyal house wife. But both parties in that Husband and Wife duo spent most their time doing one of two things, raising Peter, and helping others. Be it helping the poor, or protesting. Becouse of this, Peter was raised with the belief of good triumphing over evil and was supportive of his aunt and uncle's social activism. However, this sense of right that Ben had, lead the family to tragedy. One day, Peter tragically discovered the mutilated body of his uncle Ben. He had been organizing a strike on sweatshops on one of New York City's most powerful businessmen, Norman Osborn. Peter always assumed his uncles death had to do with it, but could never prove it. From what little him and his aunt may were allowed to know, it was by the hands of the Natorious criminal, only known as The Goblin. The murder of his uncle by the Goblin drove Peter's resolve to continue to seek social justice. Him and his auntmay, continueing to strike out against buisnessmen like Norman, or Wilsen Fisk.

 While helping May at a social rally in a Hooverville, they encountered a violent response from the Enforcers. Fortunately, the two were saved by Ben Urich. Subsequently, Peter became Urich's protege for the Daily Bugle and explored the dire situation of New York City's denizens, especially those under the threat of the Goblin. After Peter mistakenly received a tip-off meant for Urich, he ventured to a warehouse where the Goblin’s men were unloading a shipment of stolen antiques. A particular antique – a spider statue – breaks open and releases a horde of spiders. One of the spiders bit Peter, causing him to pass out and dream of a spider god.  After Peter woke, he had discovered he had powers, based off of that of a spider. Unsure as to how this could be, he chose to only accept that he had been given strange abilities. And not accept this as something bestowed upon him by some god. After all, he was a man of reason. Practicality. There had to be some kind of scientific bases around it. Donning a mask, Peter confronted Norman Osborn in his home in order to force answers out of the man. What happened to Ben! However, Peter was shocked to discover Urich being there, who was revealed to have been blackmailing Osborn, in exchange for fueling his drug habit. Angered, Peter left Urich there. And was done being the mans friend. But, he was not done with Osborn, he simply needed to have a better strategy then kicking down his door and demanding answers. Upon returning home, Peter created a costume based on his uncle's World War I-era airman uniform and became the vigilante, Spider-Man.

None the less, ever since he gained these powers. He has become a vigilante. So far, small game, easy pickings. Taking out low lifes, and degenerates, honing and understanding his skills. But, now fate has put a brick into his plans. He had hoped to finally investigate the Gobling. Bring the ilusive criminal to justice, find out what had actually happened to Ben. Figure out if Osborn was involved! Bring Closure for him and may... But it seems fate is fickle. He would have to take on this persona, for a while longer then he expected to. First he must clear his personas good name, then it is time to take out The Goblin, and Osborn. Hopefully, in clearing his name, it actually does bring him closer to the later....

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2015, 11:03:31 PM »
Tentatively interested in young Hank Pym/Ant-Man. Too tired right now to come up with profile. Maybe in the morning.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Definitely interested, but I'm rather lost as to which character I want to play as I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. At the moment it's a tie between Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange. All are great characters that I can definitely turn into epic post war era pulp heroes.

Decisions, decisions...

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Name : Wanda
Marvel Character : The Scarlet Witch
PlayerName : Foxy Oni
Age : 26

Power's and Abilities : Wanda's greatest talent is her ability to control probability, making unlikely events occur. The more improbable, the more she has to concentrate to get the outcome she wants. Use of this power requires gestures on Wanda's part and she needs to have her hands free. Her more mundane talents include training in espionage, making her the equal of a typical field agent for SHIELD. Wanda was trained for a few weeks in Krava Maga by Imi Lichtenfeld himself. While not a master of combat, muggers should think twice about grabbing her purse. From the gypsies who raised her Wanda learned dance, sleight of hand, and the handling of animals. She knows how to perform divinations with tarot cards. Wanda moved about Europe quite a bit and can speak French, German, Romani, and Bulgarian. English is not her first (or even second) language but thanks to practice and her powers she sound more like a Jewish girl from Queens than a gypsy from the Balkans. 

Occupation : Burlesque performer and covert operative for an organization know only as "the Brotherhood."

Personality : Raised by people who lived life to the fullest, Wanda is a bit of a hedonist. She finds herself getting drawn to confident men quickly although she never commits to one. Wanda doesn't let the rules of society get in the way of her pleasure.   Wanda enjoys her work in burlesque and the money it brings in. She has a strong sense of honor and is very loyal to those that have helped her in the past, rarely questioning their motivations. While she acts like a professional when conducting mission, Wanda can be quite ruthless if she comes into conflict with Nazis. She is fiercely proud of both her Jewish and gypsy heritages. Wanda is an animal lover and keeps a pigeon coop on the roof of her penthouse. Her politics lean strongly to the left and she has attended a few meetings of the Young Communist League, although her associates in the Brotherhood discourage any overt political affiliation. 

Bio : Wanda was born Ana Maximoff in the Balkan nation of Sokovia. Her mother died shortly after childbirth and Anya has no knowledge of who her father is. She was adopted by a local gypsy tribe and took their ways as her own, although she still practices her mother's Jewish faith. During World War II, Nazis invaded Sokovia and sent Ana to a concentration camp along with her gypsy kin. There she was subject to countless cruelties in the name of "science." Ana was rescued before she could be executed by a mysterious benefactor. He was able to successful have her smuggled into neutral Switzerland, although his identity and motivation for saving this one particular girl is unknown.

While in Switzerland, Ana discovered she could somehow manipulate probability. She practiced this talent on her own until she became quite adept at it. After the war, Ana was approached by a pair of men who were allied with her savior. They were part of a group calling itself "the Brotherhood" that had sworn to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again. They knew of Ana's abilities and wanted her as a member. Out of both gratitude and wanting to keep anyone from going through what she did, Ana quickly agreed. She received a month-long crash course in espionage from the two me. She never learned their names so she called the more dominant one "Mastermind" and the other subservient one "Toady." They responded by giving her the nickname "Witch."

After her training, Ana was sent to New York City. She got a job as a dancer at a burlesque joint called the Hellfire Club and took the stage name "Wanda" as a play on the phrase "magic wand." With her stunning looks and dancing techniques learned from her time with gypsies, Wanda soon became a popular act. She remains so to this day and gets a mission once in a while from the Brotherhood. They are quite interested in finding out more about rising powers in the area, from politicians to gangsters to SHIELD itself.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Approved ^^

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Foxi, your killing me! I love it.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Name : Frank Castlione Jr.
Marvel Character : Punisher
PlayerName : 1SAZ
Age : 38

Power's and Abilities : Trained by his father to be an expert marksman and fighter, Frank excels in all types of combat. He is well versed in the various arms from both world wars on both sides, as well as the unconventional arms found on the street. Whether it be a set of brass knuckles, a baseball bat, his signiture pair of 1911A1s with his skull motif on the grips, or any number of rifles and smgs, Frank feels comfortable with death dealing of all kinds.

Frank has learned a number of skills related to escape, from picking locks to undoing knots from touch. Frank's pain tolerance is incredibly high, such that torture is almost meaningless on him and in the past has resulted in him gaining crucial information rather than the other way around. He can take a beating and keep on fighting, even when most men would have dropped from severe trauma.

While serving in the second world war, Frank gained a number of skills in information gathering and counter intelligence, as well as psychological warfare tactics. He will often use information gathered in his day job to inform his nightly activities. Frank has also gained a considerable storehouse of arms from his days overseas in Germany that he had an old warbuddy, Micro, smuggle over, enough arms and equipment to create a small army or arm the Italian Mafia.

Occupation : Former Soldier, Bartender, Vigilante

Personality : Frank is the consumate soldier, a hard man in a hard world. At first glance, Frank seems cold and distant, though it is truly the lack of trust he places on anyone who he hasn't fought along side. However, when he opens up, Frank is far more comfortable and relaxed. He often offers his dry wit that borders on dark. He is a strong believer in truth, justice, and the American way, to the point that he will talk Baseball to anyone who enters his bar and often has a slice of apple pie for desert. Hard to anger, there are only three things that bring out the wrath of The Punisher, talk of crime, badmouthing soldiers, and The Yankees, especially the Yankees.

Bio : Frank Castelione Jr. was the son of World War I veteran Frank Castelione Sr. living in Brooklyn. After his mother Ruth died from cancer, Frank lived underneath the difficulty of being an Italian Jewish boy in Prohibition Era New York City and resulted in joining with gangsters sent by mob boss, Dutch Shultz, which his father disapproved.

The mob, seeking protection money from the Casteliones, Frank Jr. and Senior fought them, earning enimity from the mob boss. Frank Sr. trained his son in preparing for the troubles ahead. One night, Frank was with his gang in planning to break into a church and steal its donation money. Knowing it to be a crime against what he stood for, Frank left his gang for good, but not before punching one of his former 'friends', for insulting his morality. Upon returning home, Frank discovered his father dead, killed by Shultz's assassins. The death of his father drove Frank Jr. to avenge his death years later as the Punisher, named after a pulp-fiction hero from a radio show, in which he always had interest.

By 1935, Frank, as the Punisher, terrorized Shultz's organization, leaving many of his gang members dead in his wake. Along his crusade, the Punisher killed his father's killers: Jigsaw, Barracuda, and the Russian. After killing the Russian, Frank disposed his mask on said assassin, and later finally killed Shultz. Following his vengeance, the police concluded that the Punisher was the Russian, and dropped the entire case on the true identity on Frank. With his father avenged, Frank was undecided on whether to continue to "punish" other criminals, like Al Capone or Luciano before his questions were answered when reading a Daily Bugle on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Suggesting that Frank will carry out his justice in Germany, and subsequently enter World War II as a soldier, like his father.

Taking part in the US assault on the German front, Frank became ever bit as much a famed soldier as his father. While soldiers like the Howling Commandos became famed for working with the legendary Steve Rodgers, Frank became infamous amongst the Nazi forces for his terrifying skull visage and fearless rush of the opposing forces with a pair of pistols as his only weapons. Many of his fellow soldiers would go on to call him crazy, but none could deny having him in their platoon meant a quick end to a bloody battle. As the war ended, Frank knew the war at home was far from such after reading report after report of his home in New York. Making arrangements with fellow soldiers, he smuggled an armory's worth of captured weapons and military surplus into the Big Apple, as well as looked to his friend to make him a new mask. It wasn't long after the war ended that the headlines changed from the death of Hitler to "Masked Vigilante kills Mafia", and thus continued the work of The Punisher.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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He is accepted.

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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
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Foxi, your killing me! I love it.

Ya, she did a good adaptation, after all I do like the idea of having a good ol burlesque show at some point. XD  . Im just happy to see a character, that doesn't get enough love in a role play. Her, Domino, and Peggy Carter, I rarely see ever being role played. Maybe some one else here has, but I dont really recall any rp's with any of those three. So it is great to see two being played! (Though in fairness, Peggy is anchored to a particular setting: The 1940's. :P Ha ha.)  Plus, cant go wrong with face claiming Bianca Beauchamp. Lol. Gorgeous latex model.
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Re: Marvel Noir: 1948 ( Oc's allowed.) A Marvel Comics adaptation.
« Reply #24 on: August 05, 2015, 06:53:39 AM »
Considering playing Loki, as he can shapeshift to a female form and it's looking a little male heavy here atm. So he'd be bi of course, as damn... Wanda is hot! xD

The main thing will be seeing how an Asgardian background character would fit in the early Cold War era. I'd like to play him more as the Agent of Asgard type he has been recently in the comics and also as a kind of pulp hero, given the feel. Him being a spy seems to fit fairly well.