Power is a Strong Aphrodisiac(M for F or M who plays F)

Started by PravicordiusRex, August 02, 2015, 02:52:20 AM

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About me -
Well hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at my thread, I hope you find an idea or two to your liking, or if you have one of your own you think I'd be suited for, please feel free to message me.  I've been roleplaying for most of my life at this point, I like to think I'm a fairly creative and proficient writer, and in general a polite and likable person.  As a writer I can be counted on to post once every day or two, sometimes more.

What I'm Looking For -
I'm looking for male or female players who want to play female characters against my male ones.  In general, I'd like a player who can average 3-5 paragraphs for posts at least, but if I wind up with partners who write more, with a little patience you'll quickly find me matching you for length and detail.  If you're not comfortable writing posts that long regularly, we probably won't be suited to play together.  I'm also looking for players who are interested in characterization and evolving plots heavy on drama, action and intrigue.  Which isn't to say there won't be plenty of sex splashed in there, too, but first and foremost I want to collaborate with someone on a story. 

Right now my strongest interests tend toward the superhero genre, though I'm offering a variety of ideas.  If you have another plot or character you'd particularly like to play with in that genre, you should especially feel free to contact me about it and I'm sure we'll work something enjoyable out.  As a note though, I almost never play canon characters as mains, though I don't mind using them as NPCs if it's appropriate for a play.  Generally if it comes to that though, I like receiving the same courtesy(playing more than one character) from my partner.

Ideas - You may note a few recurring themes running through these ideas, whether just because of current moods or deeply-seeded personal taste is something you may find out for yourself.

Superhero Genre(Most Wanted)
The Heroine's Journey

It's been a few years now since the Supers started stepping out into the light, mighty titans waging war with eachother over cities, battling for the fate of the world.  But on the streets below, where rubble falls and no light shows through, things haven't changed.  A young woman is victimized, a crime committed against her that changes her life forever, that leaves her unable to stand by and watch the suffering of others go on a second longer, or perhaps, one she must avenge no matter what the price, and she'll clean up other scum along the way...  She takes to the streets, untrained, unprepared, but full of a fire that cannot be quenched. 

In an alley, with bruised fists, standing over an unconscious thug, she finds herself confronted with Lightbringer.  No Superman or Thor, but a minor vigilante who has made a name for himself over the last year, ever since bringing down the last Commissioner of Police.  As their eyes meet, they recognize that fire in one another, for while their causes may be different, their underlying drive is identical.  Sizing her up, he offers her the one thing she doesn't have, experience.  Will she take his outstretched hand, and train with him, learn his ways, be exposed to his philosophy?  Will they become a pair who work together fluidly, or will she balk and champ at the bit at every turn, eventually rebelling against his way?  Or perhaps, will she slap that outstretched gauntlet away, and rather than allies, set them on a course of bittersweet rivalry?

The Protectors

With superheroic individuals emerging into the world through all their various origins, it was only a matter of time before those who would use such abilities for evil would follow.  As this phenomena spreads like some strange madness across the continent, more and more soldiers appear on both sides of what is beginning to feel like a war for the hearts and safety of the entire country.  While large groups already exist to protect a few key cities, they are often too late to do more than pick up the pieces and punish the perpetrators after an outbreak of a superpowered villain, leading to the concept of The Protector Corps. 

Spreading out across the country, across the world, seasoned and powerful superheroes begin basing themselves in the smaller, less-noticed cities, training those just coming into their powers, readying them to protect the people who need them most.  Your character, having recently developed their own abilities and finding within herself the passion for justice(or perhaps some other reason to put on a costume and fight on rooftops and moving subway trains) is recruited to just such a team, finding herself with one hero she's likely heard of before giving orders, teaching her to learn the bounds of her powers, how, when, and why to use them, along with others of her own level of experience receiving the same training at her side.  How will she get along with the various super-powered individuals who are quickly becoming important players in her life?  How will she balance these responsibilities against her private life?  Will she keep to the road of virtue or fall victim to her own avarice, rage, or perhaps just a particularly seductive villain?

If you're up for playing more than one character for this, even better!

Cat and Mouse

For light to shine there must be darkness to banish, for good to triumph there must be evil to vanquish, for a hero to realize their destiny, there must be a villain to stop.  However, these relationships are fraught with peril, both physical and emotional, as the near-obsessive bond between the two can take some rather bizarre twists and turns.  When you spend more of your time thinking about a criminal than your boyfriend, than your family, than your "job," then is he not close to becoming the center of your life?  When the villains crimes stop being about money, about fame, about sheer hatred of civilization, becoming targeted, to lure you out, to again spend even a few moments with you, despite that time usually being filled with threats and combat, what does that say about his motivations?  Where does hate end and love begin? 

Looking for either a heroine or a villainess for this, with myself providing their opposite member and a relevant NPC or two.

Trusted Lieutenant

Moving away from the heroes, we see so little of the lives of villains.  Only brief snapshots.  What is the relationship truly like between Harley Quinn and the Joker?  Between the Enchantress and her Executioner?  What secret joys and sorrow and fights do they share as they burn the candle at both ends?  Looking for OC-based play with a similar relationship as our characters pull off heists and kidnappings, escape the capes, hide together, ride together, and almost certainly, eventually, go to jail together.  I'm particularly interested in playing the Lieutenant for such a play, but may be persuaded to be the main villain, I will also supply a hero or two if so desired.

Most Wanted

A pair of heroes as different as night and day, one the upstanding and admirable beacon of justice, the other a hard-as-nails, violent vigilante.  For years they've worked in the same(or neighboring cities), protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked by their own methods, more than once butting heads over their philosophies, perhaps even with a blow or two exchanged in the past.  All that is about to become meaningless.  As our heroes find themselves drawn in by the same villain, they arrive in a football stadium only to find it already filled with dead hostages, and themselves cunningly framed.  Quickly, suspiciously quickly, they are declared dangerous fugitives by no less than the President himself.  Finding themselves hunted by those they once counted allies as well as some of their worst villains, now deputized specifically for this purpose, they have no one they can rely on but one another.  Will their own differences doom them?  Or will they find common ground and survive long enough to discover and expose the plot to frame them?

Titan Trysts

My only canon-based play so far.  In short, as the Teen Titans are nearing the end of the time they can rightfully call themselves that, they begin finding that not even their skills and powers protect them from some of the perils of growing up.  As some think about college, others about opportunities with bigger named teams of heavy hitters, or even working for the government directly, it starts becoming apparent that the days of their team are almost over.  While Beast Boy proudly proclaims he will never desert the Tower and begins searching for new recruits, others know that their destinies lie elsewhere...  And it is not only their allegiance to their team that stands in question.

Robin is the first to broach the subject, the first to announce his intentions to leave.  Dick Grayson will soon be attending college, and as his relationship with his guardian grows strained and bitter over repeated arguments about methods, he is no longer certain he wishes to be Robin.  At the same time, his other relationship, with a certain naive and simple space princess has also begun to cool.  Similarly, Raven is growing more and more interested in trying to meet other people, to live life as a normal girl through her Rachel Roth persona, and while Beast Boy's antics can be cute and his loyalty is without question, there is another member of the team with whom she's had a long-standing tension.  As these two begin undergoing massive life-changes, will they come together and find solace in one another's arms?  How will their current partners react?  And what will happen when old enemies, thought finally defeated, re-emerge and renew their unholy alliance as they try once more to take this pair into the darkness with them?

Looking for a partner to play Raven and (to some extent) Starfire against my Robin and Beast Boy.  Fair warning, 95% of my knowledge comes from the awesome cartoon, I'm not very deeply read into the comics.

Modern with a Twist
'17 Bonnie and Clyde

A young woman who has been raised without ever wanting for a thing, her enormously rich father spoiling her, sending her to the finest instructors for dance and music, making sure she attends only the most prestigious of catholic schools.  However, her home life has always been difficult, her father's work keeping him away for days or weeks at a time, her mother slowly slipping down a spiral of alcohol and drugs, a society butterfly who, as she grows older, she starts to suspect also has a habit pertaining to their gardener and pool boy as well.  Her only support throughout her life has been her half-brother, despised by her mother, barely tolerated by her father, he was her closest friend and confidant throughout her early life, though as he entered his teenage years and became a bit of a playboy, they began to drift.  Now he works with their father, and their time together has become a rare and often uncomfortable affair.

Her life, however, is about to be completely shattered.  As her father suddenly dies, she is kidnapped, only to be rescued by her brother and a handful of armed, very dangerous men.  Before she has time to recover from the trauma, her brother tells her the truth: their father was the head of a council of mafiosos running crime along the entire eastern seaboard and most of the midwest.  As his mother was not Sicilian, he cannot inherit any kind of position, but he knows many of their father's secrets, account numbers, favors to be called in, where the bodies are buried...  But the choice will be hers.  Will she go to the FBI with all they know, destroying her life, sending her brother to jail, putting her in Witness Protection until the end of her days?  Will they make a run for it, stealing the mob's money and trying to find some kind of life for themselves far away?  Or will she ascend to the chair her father had always meant for her, and become La Donna, with the first, and most loyal of her lieutenants ready to stand by her side?

Hunter For Hire

At first it was treated as a joke, and rather in bad taste according to some, but now it's generally ignored by all but the tourists.  In the bad part of town, in the lowest rent district, high above cracked eaves and rooftops piled with pigeonshit, stands a large billboard.  All in black, a red pentacle takes up the right side, while on the left is a direct statement in bold letters:

"Demons, devils, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, and all other manner of supernatural threats neutralized by capable and trained Master of the Occult."  Followed by a phone number, and five more words.  "I'm Ready to Believe you."  For years, you've thought, just like everyone else, it had to be a gag at best, or at worst some kind of nutjob.  But now...  Now you don't know where to turn, you don't know what to do, and you're in terror for your life.  There's no other hope remaining but this last, seemingly futile phonecall...
Land of the Dead

This is still an idea in very early formation, which I'd rather work out with a partner than think out too much up front.  In short, I'm interested in a story set somewhere around Z-Day+30 or more.  After the initial panic, when most of humanity has died out and civilization is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  Something more like The Walking Dead than Night of the Living Dead.  Perhaps something as simple as two survivors, starved for human contact, perhaps believing they were the last, encountering one another, and all the emotion that comes with such an event, followed by a rather twisted sort of domesticity as they try to adapt to one another's quirks and habits, to find a way to live together, while under the constant threat of death, scrabbling for resources and supplies slowly growing lower, perhaps, eventually, trying to make a cross-country journey on which they encounter other(not-so-friendly or perhaps far-too-friendly) survivors.

Rule 1 and 2
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For a backwater smuggler in a sector between two hostile, monolithic space empires, you have to have rules if you want to survive.  Captain Michael Black has just two rules that he abides by as he makes runs across boarders in his dilapidated old freighter.  Rule 1: Don't ask questions.  Rule 2: Never open the package.

Today, he's going to break one of those rules.  Whether your character is a mercenary, spy, assassin or refugee paying him for quick and quiet transport to somewhere you don't belong, as half a dozen fighters ping on the long-range sensors and begin demanding her immediate transfer into their custody, he's going to want to know why, whether you tell him the truth or not is another story.  Or perhaps you're simply in a cryo-unit, one the size and shape of which he recognizes for reasons he's not willing to get into, and rather than waking up where you'd expected to, the seal cracks, you're revitalized, and you find yourself staring up at a dingy ceiling and an unshaven(if rather handsome) man.  Either way, as one of these rules is broken, it's going to begin a tale of high-stakes space adventure, intrigue, and drama as these two characters slowly learn more about eachother and struggle to escape the seemingly impossible situation they find themselves slowly drawn into.

Well, thanks for reading, I'm sure I'll add more as time progresses, and I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I'm always open to being PMed with your own scene requests and ideas.