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Author Topic: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]  (Read 2169 times)

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #25 on: August 04, 2015, 11:04:10 am »
Miss Fire - Thanks!  I love sugar skull makeup and thought that would make a good Mask.  I have her background all written up.  I just need to get all of the other fiddley bits done.  Hopefully I will get her posted tonight or tomorrow night.

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #26 on: August 04, 2015, 11:34:10 am »

Name: Taylor Rose Fairchild
Alias/Code-Name: Infinity
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual. Kinsey Scale: 4

18" cube: If it can fit into an 18" cube and is within 30 feet of her, she can duplicate it so long as it's an inanimate object. Her general rule of thumb is that if it's bigger than your average house cat then she probably can't duplicate it. Although guns, bullets, telescopic batons, grenades, credit cards, etc. do well.

Infinite Ammo: It's where she gets the name Infinity. She does have to pay attention to the heat of the gun, though, which is why a lot of times forensic teams will find multiples of the exact same gun at a crime scene, not because of an ammo shortage, but because they overheated and she had to duplicate a new one from the original.

Exact Placement: She can duplicate objects within five feet of her body perfectly.  Beyond that she loses accuracy the further away the duplication process.  This allows her to duplicate clips into guns or other weapons into her hands with perfect accuracy. 

Hand-to-Hand: Taylor has trained extensively in Krav Maga and knows full well how to defend herself against most humans.

Marksman: She's been shooting guns since she was little with her father.  Over the past few years she's gotten even better with pistols, able to aim accurately beyond what most other humans are capable of.

Weapons Handling: She knows how to clean, take apart, put together, and even modify weapons to her liking. As a weapon aficionado, Taylor always likes learning about new weapons, often purchasing at least one to try out.

Lock Pick Expert: Taylor got into lock picking at an early age.  She learned it, ironically, from one of her dad's coworkers after she'd accidentally locked herself in a cellar and couldn't get out because someone came by and locked it from the other side.  The deadbolt in the door had a key-hole lock on both sides, which sparked Taylor's interest when the man saved her.  She's since gotten better at it, and broadened her field of expertise to electrical locks, handcuffs, and various other forms of locks.

Infinity Costume: The full-body FlexSteel suit covers from her toes up to about half way up her neck.   The material, invented by her sister and father, protects her from slashing, stabbing, and even the gamut of caliber bullets (low to high).  The costume consists of the black, wet-look, FlexSteel full bodysuit; knee-high, high heeled boots with an orange sole (black heel); an orange utility belt, a black half-cape, made with nano fibers, that's black on the outside and orange on the inside, and an orange infinity symbol on her upper chest.  Her domino mask is black and fits to her face without string or any assistance.  In fact it's impossible to remove without a special type of aerosol.  She wears her hair up in a strict ponytail while in costume to keep it out of her face.

Utility Belt: There are various weapons carried in her utility belt.  Namely a gas grenade, various clips for her guns, as well as a single flash bang.  She also carries a few first aid items in pouches, and has a holster for her gun on her right thigh, also orange.

Stun ASP: It's a police issue telescopic steel baton; the nifty thing about it is that the baton itself is electrified and keeps charged by movements such as running or fighting.  She can release the electric charge any time she likes via a button on the hilt of the weapon. She only carries one, like everything else she can duplicate the original to wield as many as she'd like. Though more than two is illogical.

Hiding Places: Infinity has several places on her suit and belt that are not visible to the naked eye.  She houses small blades and lock picks here most often.  There are four on her belt, one behind the buckle, one between the pouches on either hip, and one in back.  She also has one in each glove, in the lining of her boots, and in the reinforced heel of each boot.

Mask: Infinity wears a high-tech domino mask that comes with infrared, telescopic, and ultra violet vision, depending on where she touches on the mask to activate each one.

Custom Bullets: Infinity has a number of custom-bullet clips on her utility belt.  Most of the bullets are rubber with a cap that will disperse a gas or liquid when it hits a target.  She fancies the knock-out bullets, plain rubber bullets, electro-bullets, and what she calls roofie-bullets.  The last forces a person to be so dazed that they're primed for interrogation, though the criminals often appear as if something had been slipped into their drinks. She also carries darts and live rounds, though the latter is for emergency situations only.  Most don't realize she even has them.

Long Fall Boots: Yet another invention from her dear sister.  Three-inch heeled, knee-high boots that somehow took the impact from a long fall and managed not to break the heroine's legs that just fell.  For Taylor that was great, adding 3-inches to her height was great, as was the reinforced feature that allows her to stomp and punch a hole through a steel-toed boot. 

Darts/Needles/Syringes:  FlexSteel works on the principle of millions if not billions of little platelets hooking into one another and allowing free flowing movement with the protection of wearing several layers of steel.  When bullets or other relatively broad-nosed attacks hit the material it tenses up and disperses the force.  However darts, needles and syringes--that have very small or narrow-noses--have tendency to either slide off of these tiny platelets or never hit them at all, sliding between them and into the flesh of the person wearing the suit.

Blunt Force: Slower speed items such as fists, baseball bats, chains and other such objects have a lot more damaging effects on the wearer than bullets.  FlexSteel works on the premise of something moving incredibly fast, tensing up much like the surface tension of water.  The higher velocity, the less likely it's going to get through.  However slower objects are felt far more.  They're still deflected to some degree, but not nearly as much as bullets or even arrows.

Soft Touches: Groping, fondling, and other types of rubbing actually aren't measures of attack that FlexSteel is designed to handle.  It's designed to handle bullets and blades, sometimes even bats or other high-impact melee weapons.   The relatively slow movement of a swat to her ass or groping of her body feels more like it's being done to spandex than the tough armor. It's not great for taking her down, but notable nonetheless.

Inadequate Kinetic Dispersal Area: FlexSteel hardens with the impact of high velocity objects, but it also causes a ripple effect due to surrounding areas "feeling" if they've just been hit as well.  It causes the force to be dispersed over large areas, often a leg, arm, the torso, etc.  However there are five places where it can't disperse the force as well.  Those are both hands, the armpits and the crotch.  The FlexSteel still protects these areas, just not as well against attack.  Taylor's nearly blacked out and has lost her lunch when someone has put their boot between her legs.

There are caveats here, such as if the arms are held overhead, then the armpits no longer have a small surface area, or if someone is in the middle of a side kick.  The hands can cup around a barrel of a gun so long as the fingers are held together, and suffer little damage.  That said, most people don't stand like that at all times. 

Typical Human Weaknesses: Outside of her suit Taylor is as perfectly human as a metahuman can get.  She can be shot, stabbed, drugged, set ablaze, and so on...

Semi-Famous: She's not as famous as her twin sister, but she's still a twin.  She owns a stake in Fairchild Technologies, but lets her sister run the company.  Often it's Juli that ends up on the covers of magazines or does interviews on TV.  Taylor is sometimes dragged into it as the "family" story comes up.  She doesn't hate it, but it's not fun.  If she's unmasked some might mistake her for Juli, or know enough about the Fairchild twins to know that Taylor is the one with the dyed hair.  Either way it could be pretty devastating to get unmasked.

Duplicating Duplicates: It's a lot like copying a VHS tape to another tape, then copying it over and over again.  Eventually all you'll have is static, or with her, she'd go from a nice looking gun to what appears to be crunched tinfoil.  Though even a second generation gun would have the high probability of misfiring.  That's why she likes to keep originals close at hand.  First generation duplicates are exact copies.

Look/Appearance: Flat footed, Taylor stands at 5'2".  She has long, dark-red hair that hangs to her lower back when loose, although she normally keeps up it up in a strict ponytail.  Most of the time her hair looks black unless she's in the sunlight, then the hints of red shine through a bit more.  She has green eyes and often wears jeans and tank tops when she's not in costume.  Her hair is constantly dyed dark, but is naturally blonde. 

As Infinity she dresses up in a solid black, skin-tight bodysuit.  The suit itself is a bit more than the wet-look lycra it appears to be.  She has large infinity symbol in bright orange across her upper chest.  She wears knee high boots with a three inch heel, and a swath of orange along the sole of the boot.  She wears an orange utility belt with an array of clips, grenades, and other weapons and pouches, plus an orange gun holster on her right thigh.  Her cape only reaches down to her hips, leaving her rear available to be ogled.  The cape has an orange interior and black exterior.  It appears to be light but it's hard to figure out what the material is.  She also wears a black domino mask that appears to just hold fast to her features.

Taylor is petite but athletic with something of a white-girl bubble-butt.  Her legs are thick, corded with muscle from working out and fighting. 

Personality: Taylor is a tough nut to crack.  She quips and loves to have fun, but it's damn near impossible to get her to talk about her life before a year ago.  A year ago she became Infinity, and it was like that's when her life really started.  So long as no one is asking about her past, though, she's a fun-loving and flirtatious woman.  She likes to make other girls squirm in whatever way she can, but not to piss them off...necessarily.  She likes to quip and make fun of men two or three times her size and then kick their asses.  She often feels like she was born to be a superheroine: sexy, confident, and kick ass!

History: Taylor and Julianne were always two sides of the same coin.  It was stunning, even to their parents, that two people could look so alike and be so different.  People sometimes wondered how their parents could keep them separate.  They were identical twins.  Both blonde, their baby-blues turned to green at the same time.  They both matured at the same time and often through puberty even have similar pimple break-outs.  Their parents wondered how anyone couldn't tell them apart. Juli was the good one.  Not that they thought of either of their children as good or bad.  Taylor was the bad one.  Taylor made this distinction early on. Juli was athletic, she was smart, she worked with their dad on science projects that flew so far over Taylor's head, she wondered if they'd come around and hit her in the feet.

Juli got A's in school and took the most advanced classes.  Taylor got C's and took whatever she could get away with.  She was always more interested in her mom's line of work as a cop, than her dad's as a scientist and CEO of Fairchild Technologies.  She enjoyed learning how to fight back.  Juli more tolerated it, but understood the importance of learning martial arts.  Taylor loved the idea of taking out someone bigger than her and having the discipline not to do it.  She enjoyed the shooting range, and riding in her mom's patrol car.  She loved the sirens, Juli covered her ears.  They were almost opposites in every way.  They didn't even chase the same types of boys through high school.

It wasn't until they were eighteen, after they graduated from high school, that they finally saw on the same level.  Juli and their dad came out with this new material called FlexSteel.  It was meant for superheroes, police, and military forces as the next wave of Kevlar, only cheaper, lighter, and far less bulky.  It breathed and insulated, it could be worn under current cop uniforms or as a suit itself for a superhero.  It was really revolutionary and Juli would not shut up about it. 

By this time Taylor had developed abilities, but Juli had not.  They, for fun, had suits made like if they were going to be superheroines.  They never wore them out, but it was the one thing Taylor and Juli had in common.  That fascination, the courage it'd take to dress up in a skin-tight costume and then kick ass.  Their mom would never have allowed it.  A cop's daughters dressing up in playing superheroine? No, not in the least, but it was fun to think about.

They were home.  They were marveling at themselves in their costumes.  They were goofing off and playing around.  It was late, but their parents went for dates all the time and often didn't come home until morning.  It didn't take Juli's intellect to figure out that they found a hotel room and were screwing like bunnies.  The thought made Juli squirm and made Taylor giggle, if only to mimic their mom while slamming her back into a wall. "Yes! Yes! Oh yes!" It was more to make Juli squirm than a fascination with her parents.

The knock on the door at 3am woke the both of them up from the couch.  They'd long since changed back into pajamas.  Both in yoga pants and tank tops while watching TRC...the romantic channel.  Taylor sleepily answered the door and saw the police officers there, grim looks on their faces.

Taylor barely remembered anything for the next few days.  It went by in a blur, the next several weeks did the same.  Funerals, food given to the girls and nearly all of it thrown away.  They had no appetites.  They threw the flowers out and the cards as well.  They were both in hell.  Their parents had both been slain.  There were no details, the detectives weren't sharing any information about the deaths of their mom and dad. 

Juli and Taylor had the same idea at about the same time.  They were on damn near house arrest to make sure they didn't do anything stupid.  They both got dressed, Infinity and Dare Doll, and they met each other to tell the other one to get dressed.  It wasn't why they bought the costumes, but with them they were able to investigate on their own.  They had masks to hide their identities, and enough know-how to figure out what happened.  They interrogated and beat the hell out of people until they found one conclusion.

It was a drive-by shooting by the NeoHart gang.  Mom had just put about a half dozen of their numbers away on murder and trafficking charges.  They were never getting out of prison.  It was made to look like a random shooting, they didn't use their cars, nor was a drive by their MO.  They executed, but it was them.  The police had nothing on them, there was no evidence.  The only one to pin anything on them was their mother.  It actually made sense to murder her.  Their dad and about five other people were caught in the cross-hairs that night.

Infinity and Dare Doll plotted for weeks on end.  They found out a lot more than the police had.  They weren't superheroines, Taylor hardly considered themselves vigilantes.  They were going after a specific target.  At best that made them assassins.  Taylor had dyed her hair such a dark red that it was black in most lights.  Only in the sunlight could anyone see the red.  She got better with her abilities, and then they planned a fateful night of their own.

It was a year later and the gang had grown.  Juli and Taylor grew closer as sisters.  They hardly spoke but they didn't need to, they grew up together, they knew what one another was thinking.  When the shooting started, Juli and Taylor both felt rounds slam into their bodies, but the FlexSteel did it's job.  They then assassinated an entire gang.  It was a blood bath.  There was no evidence. No witnesses.  Everyone suspected the Fairchild twins, but no one knew for sure. 

Taylor and Juli skipped town in different directions.  Juli couldn't live with herself after that much carnage.  Taylor was equally lost but found herself through other means.  Juli did what Juli always did.  She willed her way through it.  She found help and devoted herself 100% and she disappeared for years on end.  Taylor appointed someone to run Fairchild Tech.  She called him Lucius, but that wasn't his name, she didn't even remember his name.  It was based on the fact that he seemed like a Lucius Fox type person.

Taylor found drugs and crime.  She wasn't a heroine for a long time.  While Juli found her center, Taylor found the easy way out at the bottom of a bottle.   Killing didn't bring their parents back and it felt worse than she could have ever imagined.  The only reason she turned herself around was when Blue Bird (Juli) took her in for robbing a jewelry store.  It'd been six years since she saw her blonde sister, and yet as soon as they saw each other...even with different masks and costumes, they knew.  Taylor had failed again.

Juli wasn't rubbing it in, though.  She picked Taylor up and showed her a different way.  Infinity was back.  This time in Brooklyn, and while she used a gun, they were all bullets that were non-lethal.  Juli came up with the design of her new costume, utility belt, and even the long-fall boots.  She first had to kick the drugs and the drinking, but now she was better...mostly better.  She was doing what she thought that Mom would have wanted her to do...well sort of.  She still thought the woman would chew her out for wearing tights over an officer's uniform.  But there were some things that cops couldn't do.

At 25, Taylor has moved to Brooklyn.  She was taking the fight against crime and if she so happened to get invited to a certain Bombshell team?  Well she'd cross that bridge when she came to it.

Other Pictures:

Connections: Blue Bird (Twin Sister), Fairchild Technologies
Likes: Martial Arts, movies, men and women, being ogled, guns, vibrators
Dislikes: Misogynists. Chloroform, ether, darts, getting hit over the back of the head, low blows.
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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #27 on: August 04, 2015, 03:32:55 pm »
Looks good to me, Darwishi. Now we just need to wait on Tagz and I think we can get an IC topic up. We can always recruit more later, but four is good to start with.

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #28 on: August 04, 2015, 04:19:20 pm »
I should have her up tonight.

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #29 on: August 04, 2015, 07:39:26 pm »

Name: Theresa Vasquez
Alias/Code-Name: Tagz
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian

Art imitates life:  Tagz can make any drawn, painted or photographed piece of art come to life.  At the moment she can keep one large piece of artwork animated for a long period of time or multiple small pieces of art animated for a short period of time.  The length of time she can keep her animated minions active and under control is directly proportional to the number of art minions she has.  The more pieces of art the less time they are active.  When her minions disappear they seem to melt into blobs of paint and reappear in their original art pieces.

Creative Inspiration:   Tagz can create artwork in very little time.  A simple pencil drawing can take mere moments compared to other artists.  The larger the piece the more time it takes, but she can still finish is a surprisingly short amount of time.

Tagz grew up on the streets and is a tough young woman, but she is still human with little super human protections unless she has drawn them.  She has learned some mixed martial arts during her time training in the League of Champions to make her more than a simple street brawler. Tagz also knows the streets of Brooklyn extremely well having grown up there.  She is also incredibly street savvy and has an ear on local gangland activity.

Tagz needs artwork in order for her power to function and she is limited to what she has on hand or nearby.  Her control over duration of her power is still iffy and harder to keep together the more minions she creates. Her super speed is only limited to her artwork and the tools she has on hand.

Theresa is an Afro-Latino mix.  Her father is African American and her mother is Puerto Rican/Mexican.  She wears her dark hair long, but has the right side shaved, often in some sort of design.  Her love of art extends to the numerous tattoos that decorate her café latte skin.  When she is fighting crime as Tagz, Theresa covers her face in sugar skull make-up from one of her numerous drawings, it is the one picture that she can seem to maintain at will even when controlling others. The rest of her super hero costume consists of form fitting unitard and a hoody, both of which were modified by Diamond Fly to afford her a little more protection while retaining their slinky appearance (okay more the unitard than the hoody).

Theresa grew up tough.  She can’t shake the street in her and doesn’t really want to.  That said she learned the value of family and loyalty and carries that with her into the Brooklyn Bombshells.  Theresa can come off as harsh or jaded until she gets to know you.  If you prove to be trustworthy, reliable and loyal she will warm up to you.  If you prove to be cowardly, unreliable or a lair, you will get nothing but contempt and distain from her.  Theresa isn’t all hard shell.  When she has free time she is often doing charity work in some of the worst areas of the projects or working with poor kids and reforming gang members to help them establish a life away from crime.

Theresa Vasquez grew up in Brooklyn.  Her family was poor, she never really knew her father and her mother wasn’t exactly a model citizen.  Theresa and her siblings were pretty much raised by their grandmother, a retired elementary school teacher.  Gangs have always been a problem in Brooklyn, but after everyone started sprouting super powers the situation just got worse.  Super powered gangs pushed onto the scene making an already volatile situation downright explosive.  Theresa lost her mother, two of her brothers and a sister in the ensuing violence and would have joined them if not for her grandmother’s intervention. 

Like a lot of disadvantaged youths Theresa began running with the wrong crowd at an early age.  She managed to stay away from the gangs, but that didn’t stop her from getting into trouble.  Theresa had a talent, a knack for art, but little opportunity to express it until a friend introduced her to tagging.  She had always admired the murals that decorated alleys, walls and storefronts.  Sure many of them were gang related, but the talent was undeniable.  From the moment the acrylic spray touched the wall Theresa was hooked.  The name Tagz began to make its way around the streets of Brooklyn as a talented graffiti artist.

The summer Theresa lost her oldest brother and youngest sister to gang violence was when something changed in the work of Tagz.  She started targeting gang tags with her artwork, obliterating the work of local gangs with her own art, infuriating them in the process.  It was when she was cornered one night obliterating a G Stone Crips tag that her super power manifested.  She was being beaten to within an inch of her life by a group of gang members when the alley she had being tagging in seemed to come to life.  Neon dragons, a tricked out lowrider and numerous caricatures pealed themselves off of the wall and attacked the gang members scaring them off.  She felt wet paint gather her up in their arms jest before she passed out.

Theresa woke up in the hospital, not knowing how she got there, her grandmother eyeing her with a mix of worry, anger and disappointment.   While in the hospital her grandmother surprised Theresa with a visitor, one of the original Brooklyn Bombshells Diamond Fly.  So began Theresa’s introduction to the League of Champions.  It has been a few years since then, Diamond Fly is no longer an active crime fighter and Theresa has completed her basic training with the League.  While there may be more prestigious super hero groups, Theresa is proud to be a new member of the Brooklyn Bombshells and pick up where Diamond Fly left off. Being back in Brooklyn has its drawbacks however. Some of her siblings have fallen in with the gangs and her grandmother’s health has begun to deteriorate. Many of her brothers and sisters blame her for leaving them in the projects while she was away training.  She is going to have to learn how to balance obligation to her family and her duty to the Brooklyn Bombshells.  Her loyalties are about to be sorely tested.

Other Pictures:

Likes: Tagging, art in general, Hip-hop, tattoos, pizza, women
Dislikes: Gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #30 on: August 05, 2015, 11:20:06 am »
I like it! This is a good team so far. I'll get the ball rolling on the OOC and hopefully we can have IC running by the weekend.

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #32 on: August 05, 2015, 12:34:15 pm »
Are you going to post our characters or do you want us to do so?

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Re: INTEREST CHECK: Brooklyn Bombshells - [Superhero, Ladies Only]
« Reply #33 on: August 05, 2015, 12:43:16 pm »
You can go ahead and do it, so you can freely edit them later if you need.