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Author Topic: On the prowl for new partners ( F seeking M or F)  (Read 317 times)

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On the prowl for new partners ( F seeking M or F)
« on: August 09, 2015, 08:25:02 PM »
    Hello everyone! After being gone for a while and losing some partners to a busy schedule also, I am back on the prowl. I am looking for some long term story driven role play. I post often at least several times a week.

    A warning before we go any farther. I ONLY post on forums. I am not looking for email stories (they tend to get lost in the muck) and no interest in IM writing. I am however willing to discuss and bounce ideas off each other in IM but stories will remain on the forums.

    Here is the link to my on and off page also check out my on and off page!

    And here is my role-play preference list:

    If you think we are compatible feel free to message me and we can bounce ideas off once another. I am always looking for new ideas.
    I am really CRAVING some shifter ( were-animals), crime lord, and biker role-plays!

    A new beginning (shifter story)
    The world had gone through a change. The population of shifters had vastly increased and their existence was known among the mortals. Even though their existence was known they are very private people. They tended to band together and live in groups, packs. The only problem was as their population increased the female species started to lose the ability to shift. Making a female shifters rare.

    MC grew up outside the shifter culture and community. Her mother ran off when she was pregnant after a fall out with her father. When the change hit her she had absolutely no idea what was happening to her. She didn't know how to react and ended up hiding out and keeping it a secret.

    After a few years she decided to try to go find her father and his family. Packing a bag she started the journey toward the nearest shifter development. Armed with her backpack she started her journey by foot. As she was wandering through the woods she came across some shifters and stood back in the shadows watching them curious about her kind.

    This is where I am at on this so far....

    Alyssa thought she had her life on the right track. She moved away from a bad relationship and moved back to her small mountain hometown.  Things aren't really how she remembers them though.  One of the local Indian tribes has moved closer to the town and there were lots of new faces. Moving back to her mother's old house she thought she would start her life all over again.

    After getting settled she started noticing strange things about town. Some of her old friends from back home told her there were shifters. She doesn't know what to believe. However it may be a matter of survival for her to believe.

    Looking for more input on this one also..... I could do this one with a couple of characters maybe make some men via for her attention sort of thing.....Willing to expand and go all sorts of directions

    Mafia Captive
    (Insert your characters name) had a loved and privileged life as a mobster’s son never wanting for anything. But when his dad falls suddenly ill, after 16th birthday, his uncle takes him under his wing to start teach him the family business. Starting at the bottom he worked at basic drug trafficking and petty crimes. Now at the rip age of 22 his dad and uncle feel he is ready to start working at the families biggest moneymaker, human trafficking. After shadowing for a few months they finally let him start over and run his own operation, he will be in charge of picking at taking his first girl. But little does he know how much this one job is going to mess with his whole life.

    Wren Delgotti an orphan raised by her uncle was given a privileged existence after her father’s death; her only job was to play by the rules her uncle gave her.
    1) Don’t use your real name
    2) never go out by yourself
    3) never talk about the family
    Wren's father used to run a rival gang till he was gunned down in front of her ever since she has been keen to play by her uncles rules until her 21st birthday when she decides to go out for the night with only her best friend. Little does she know that night in the bar will change her existence....

    Professor, May I?
    Jenna was a struggling college student. She had done really well in high school a 4.0 GPA but maybe it was being away from home and the lack of guidance since she moved away to school. Now in her junior year at a small private college she was boarding on losing her scholarships and facing two classes with the hardest professor she had ever faced in her first two years of undergrad. Walking into her class was like a death sentence now. She just knew he was going to fail theses classes and be kicked out of college. Walking into her literature class she took a seat in the middle of the room trying to blend in.

    You are the youngest tenured professor at a small liberal arts college. You now lead the English literature department. Having only been there for a few years you already have been labeled aloof and distant from your students and a hard grader. But this troubled red head catches your attention. Also along with being the head of the department you know that she is on the verge of loosing her scholarship and will not graduate without your guidance.

    Will the two come together or will there wills keep them apart?

    Can I get a lift?

    Haven was a shy girl, she preferred her books to her peers. Her father ran off when she was a child leaving her and her mother to live with her grandparents. At the young age of 5 every time motorcycles came rolling into town she would run to the curb hoping one of them would stop and her father would appear again. Her mother would have to drag her back into the house as she cried when no one stopped. In the 15 years since her father left her Haven has reminded isolated, staying in their small town in South Dakota she waited tables in between checking on her grandparents and running errands for them. Every summer she would dread when the bikers rolled through. Her mother had filled her head with horrible stories about them and what they did. That was until he rolled into town.  He was everything she hated but became the one thing she couldn't walk away from.

    Here are some other ideas I have
    New slave and owner
    bar owner and waitress.

    I tend to stick to more realistic settings but am willing to expand in the right situations. I tend to like the male characters a bit more dominant. Other than that I am very open to taking ideas. I am really looking to build character and story line not a wham-bam thank you mam story. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy some smut too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.