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Started by Dray, July 31, 2015, 12:49:06 AM

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Searching for the females of Elliquiy (including those that identify as female meaning lieges are welcome) whom like to read and write at least a few detailed paragraphs per post.  Not looking for novels, but some depth and juicy descriptions are always nice.  Not looking for one-liners, text speak or anything like that.  Decent spelling and grammar are a must but I won't get stingy if there are a few mistakes here and there - I know I have my own fair share of typos and I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar or spelling (I do take advantage of spellcheck). 

Currently I'm looking for role plays that are heavy with story/plot but with a mixture of romance.  I want to include sex scenes of course but I would like them to appear naturally in the story as a form of development - basically meaning I don't want to toss sex into a scene for the sake of it, I want it to realistically be initiated by our characters due to their current situation/feelings/emotions/etc.  Sex scenes are always fun and juicy and great for character growth/development...but, writing a story with nothing but sucking and fucking can get old and boring quick...not only that but it feels kind of forced.  I find that an intriguing and engaging plot helps to keep things flowing.

Here are a few of my current ideas.  If you like any of them them please send me a PM.  If you like one but would like to tweak it a bit or toss me some of your own ideas/suggestions then please feel free to do that as well!

The Masked Man - In Discussion
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After watching the Daredevil series on Netflix I was inspired to role play as a vigilante.  A young male in his twenties who puts on a mask and tries to make a difference in a city that is corrupted and run by criminal activity.  I would love for the female role to be a detective or maybe even a hardcore reporter that is not afraid to go to the extreme to collect facts and evidence in order to piece together a story.  I figure the role play would start with the female character finding herself in a rather dangerous and sticky situation.  Basically while investigating a lead as either a reporter or detective, she digs a hole a little bit too deep from all of her snooping and finds herself surrounded by thugs whom were hired to shut her up.

That's when she meets the vigilante in person.  He jumps in to save her.  The two of them then start to work together.  He helps provide her with information/facts/evidence that only he can get as a vigilante by fighting and beating the crap out of criminals.  She also could tip him off here and there and provide him with helpful leads or maybe call him for help...he gives her a throwaway phone so they can talk, trade information or plan to meet somewhere.

The two of them would also become romantically involved.  Their situation causes a lot of sexual tension between.  A lot of it being random hookups in random places - in an alley/empty building/park at night/any place that is secluded where they can meet in private.  From there it can grow...maybe she gets a hotel room and has him meet her on the balcony, maybe they go to a masquerade/costume party or something public like that where he can still wear a mask and conceal his identity.  Eventually she can learn of his true identity of course, but I do like the mysteriousness that a mask brings.

The details of the pairing and what not can be discussed.  For example, the female role could be a veteran detective or reporter that knows her way around things and could be older than the young, stud of a vigilante....or, the female role could be a new detective/reporter that is trying to make a name for herself and is closer in age to the vigilante.  Adultery could be a potential element as well if the female role is married but starts having an affair with the vigilante.  Perhaps the man behind the mask knows her and he had been following her to protect her - maybe he is a lawyer friend of hers, maybe he is her brother-in-law (if she is married) or anything like that.

If you have ideas on the characters and pairing then let me know!  Would love to discuss details of the plot and their romance as well.

Remember the Resistance - In Discussion
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An apocalyptic setting where the world is basically run by corporations rather than governments.  The idea here is that our characters were part of a super soldier program.  The augmented changes to their body gives them super speed and strength, not only that but by focusing they can enhance their sight/hearing/smell.  Also they can create a dense, metallic layer over their flesh for armor or form it over their arms as a weapon.  It allows them to create concussive blows when formed on their arms.  The details of their powers/abilities as super soldiers can be discussed.

The plot of the story starts with the female role waking up in a laboratory while having lost all of her memories.  She freaks out and her reflexes cause her to augment her arm into a weapon and she sends a concussive blast rippling through the building thay blows a hole through the wall.  Alarms go off, security starts to show up and soon she is instinctively fighting her way for freedom.  Turns out she is not alone.  A man appears, displaying similar abilities of her own while calling out to her - he addresses her with a name she does not recognize, but it tugs at something deep inside her and she decides to follow him.

Basically our characters would have a history together.  They would be a part of a resistance that is fighting against these big corporations/organizations to gain freedom.  She ended up being captured and experimented on.  The result caused her to temporarily lose her memories.  Now we could discuss the details of their history and what not, but I think it would be more interesting if I surprised my writing partner.  This way, just like the female role, you are learning this information for the first time as the male character describes their past to her in an attempt to bring her memories back.

The two of them would have a romantic past as well, thus I would like that to play a big role on their develop.  She can see how he romantically looks at her and yet how there is also pain in his eyes because she can't remember him - but her body does, they have chemistry and her body still chemically reacts when being close or when being touched by him.  It could be confusing for her.  As she learns more about him, and their past, she sort of weighs it and tries to imagine it - is that who she was?  Is that something she would do?  How should she feel toward him and what should she do?  Maybe she finds the more intimate she becomes with him the more her memories start to piece back together in her dreams.

Been itching to do this one and would love to find the right partner for this.  I have some scene ideas in mind too.  If you want to discuss this, find out more or have any questions then please let me know!

Taken Ideas

Ice Queen - Inspiration Pic

This role play is futuristic with space travel, mechs and what not.  The female role is royalty - a princess of the empire.  All members of the royal family have high ranking military status.  Basically they are trained from a young age to be great leaders and pilots (piloting ships/mechs and thus giving them great combat skills).  The female role is known as the Ice Queen but it is not a formal title, it is one that she was given by those that serve under her.  They call her Ice Queen because she is stern and determined.  On the surface she appears stoic and fearless, cold-hearted even and it doesn't help that her blue eyes give her an icy/cold stare.  Not only that but she is royalty so she is viewed as stuck up and privileged.  It's a title/role she has accepted because it's how others view her and it's a role she has to play as a leader/commander/royal princess.  In reality she is not like that at all.  She is kind, caring and even a bit shy - she has gotten really good at the Ice Queen act though.  It's a social mask that protects her in hard, emotional times.

The male character would be her Knight, a mech pilot she handpicked from a list of candidates to become her personal guard/royal escort.  Basically he follows her everywhere to make sure she is safe and protects her with his life.  He is almost like her second in command.  As her royal knight he answers to no one but her.  The focus of the story would involve the adventures of the knight and the princess.  I imagine the Ice Queen having her own large space ship for transport and with her own crew.  On board the transport ship there would also be mechs/battle ships that can be launched and deployed.

The knight and princess would start to grow close over their adventures, especially with the two of them constantly being together in various situations.  Bit by bit the knight would start to really get to know her and see that the Ice Queen is just an act for her.  He discovers her softer side.  Maybe in the bedroom there is a bit of a role reversal as well.  While she is typically in command and has a very dominate role as a princess, behind closed doors she shows a more submissive side to her knight and likes giving up a bit of control to him.

The details can be discussed of course.  I would like to flesh out the technology and plot.  I'm thinking there is a war of some sort.  Also we can discuss if maybe it's taboo for a simple knight to be with a princess.  Maybe she is already arranged to be married but it's to a man she doesn't know or love, it's just another part she has to play as a member of royalty...maybe it's something she is secretly scared about and doesn't want.  How their relationship develops and if there are any obstacles can all be discussed.


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