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Started by De Leon, July 30, 2015, 02:32:06 PM

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De Leon

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time in looking at my request!
I am looking for new RPs and would love to meet some new people.

So, couple things about me + some rules.

I am very new to forum roleplaying but I have alot of real-life RP experience.

I love to chat and just be plain friendly before, during and after a game (or even without). Communication is the key! The point is that I welcome unsolicited PMs.

I usually am able to post at least once a day but usually more. If you  post only once a week or so I tend to lose interest.

I  try to post as much as I can but that usually amounts to 1-3 paragraphs as I am pretty new and inexperienced. I am fine with one-liners if you cannot come up with more but please do not make it a habit.

I try to make my posts as legible and grammatically correct as possible and that usually works well. However, English is not my first language and we all tend to make mistakes. The point is that as long as I can read and understand what you are saying I am good.

I am just not good at GMing so please do not expect me to.

The settings

My main preference is different fantasy worlds followed by sci-fi. I have the most knowledge end experience with those types of stories but I am willing to try virtually any setting.

I like my plots with atleast some amount of action (not bedroom type - I mean like swords n magic)

I usually play MxF but also I can try FxF.

I am looking for plots with 60/40 to 70/30 smut ratio. 50/50 might be a tad too much but I am willing to try it as well.

I am very flexible kink-wise but hard no's are:
Exesive gore (kink wise - not in action)

Everything else is up for discussion.


I do not have any at the moment so feel free to hit me with yours or  brainstorm some up together.

So, feel free to PM me or just stop by and chat! Hope to hear from you soon!  ;)
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