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February 27, 2017, 02:30:52 PM

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Author Topic: Blood in the Sand: A story of Gladiators, Romans, and Slaves [ M/F, F/F ♥ ]  (Read 4795 times)

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Online AndronicaTopic starter


Requirements / Kinks A creative partner who enjoys brainstorming, has fluent grammar, and can reply at least once a week. Novellas aren't my style but I do except a good amount of detail and development in your posts, so a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs would be nice. Some kinks we can include are teasing, seduction, light degradation and humiliation, foreplay, exhibition, voyeurism, virginity, risk of pregnancy, cuckolding, D/s, restraints, group sex, most vanilla sex acts. Check my F-List for more!

After re-watching Spartacus, I'm craving a decadent and gritty character-driven story set in the heart of the Roman Empire. There will be instances of (non sexual) violence and some characters may die, but I'm happy to tone things down. Also, you shold be able to play multiple characters as I'd like to try a few different pairings, if possible.

The first character I have in mind is a Roman noblewoman whose friend or husband owns gladiators, and she becomes enamored with one of them. If you prefer F/F or Futa, I might be persuaded to replace the gladiator with a female slave, another Roman woman, etc.

The second main character I want to play is a young female slave in a forbidden romance with a prominent gladiator. Perhaps there's a love triangle involved where the slave or gladiator are also being coveted (unwillingly?) by a Roman.

All of this could culminate into a servile war that rips the social hierarchy apart and former masters are now forced to serve... if they survive.

So, if you're enticed by this idea, please send me a PM! ;)

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Online AndronicaTopic starter

Older Cravings
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2016, 07:49:40 AM »

"If you live an ordinary life, all you'll have are ordinary stories."
Inspired by Passengers, Mass Effect, Elysium & others.

Possible kinks include: teasing, seduction, heavy foreplay, exhibition, voyeurism (either out of curiosity before they get together or for a darker, obsessive twist on the relationship), toys and restraints, most vanilla sex acts. If it suits the story I'll consider it! Just no pain/mutilation, bathroom play, or things like that.

Scenario: I'm seeking a strong (not aggressive) male character to join my charismatic female in a somewhat romantic 'opposites attract' story about two volunteers going to an earth-like colony, Haven, for a fresh start. Our characters probably wouldn't have met under normal circumstances due to their conflicting lifestyles. Despite the culture clash, they get to know each other and eventually enter an unlikely yet happy relationship. Conflict is a must to keep things interesting but I do want to focus on building the relationship first. Once everything seems perfect we can pile on the action and thrills. ;)

Various ideas
1. The journey to the colony will take several years so everyone goes into stasis. However, the ship's AI malfunctions and woke a pair of passengers, instead of crew members, to carry out a repair. When they find one another and realize they're basically alone on the ship until their destination is reached, they decide to make the most of it' and begin an intense, passionate relationship. Of course, things go wrong along the way. Maybe the malfunction that woke them up caused power loss to other parts of the ship and they have to find a way to save the other passengers in stasis, and themselves.

2. It will only take about a year to reach Haven (unless there are complications). Upon signing up for the program every passenger took a detailed census that recorded their occupation, class, and other pertinent details. This information was also used to create ideal matches for an optional re-population initiative if the volunteers should choose to stay in Haven. After a few weeks of boredom one of our characters decides to look up their "perfect" partner, despite skepticism about the program, as a way to get to know someone and pass the time.

2B. Alternatively, our characters might run into each other frequently while working/living on the ship and a more organic relationship occurs (we can brainstorm what exactly brings them together). For conflict, someone might have a dark secret that puts them both in jeopardy (is YC escaping a criminal past? is someone on board trying to sabotage the ship?), or the ship could be attacked by a rogue vessel before reaching Haven, etc.

3. Insert your ideas here! I'm open to all kinds of suggestions. We can increase the science fiction elements or keep it low Sci-Fi with a slice of life feel. :)


I would love to focus on a few M/F and F/Futa relationships that take place in the park and at Delos (a host and their technician, as well as a host and guest). I can play various characters ranging from Delos employees, to saloon girls and fiery bandits. If we're feeling particularly creative I might also consider a different 'world' than Westworld to play in, too. Hopefully this tickles your fancy and I'll hear from you soon!


I'm seeking a Norse-inspired fantasy story based on this short cinematic. I'm open to creating a story around that character, or we could just use him as a spring board for a different idea. My take on it is this: a legendary half-giant blacksmith is sought after by a King, and eventually imprisoned to work for him. During his servitude the blacksmith gets caught up in an illicit affair with the King's wife or daughter. It can be dark and possessive or a more passionate, complicated revenge plot. Another version might be that a woman of noble standing is given to a demi-god warlord as tribute when he defeats the King's champions.

Nothing is set in stone. I want to know your thoughts about where to take this!

Possible kinks may include: D/s, romance, dubious or non-consent, cuckolding, blackmail, Stockholm syndrome, size play.


I'm on the hunt for Dragon Age games set during/after DA2 or Inquisition. I'll do a variety of race/faction combinations such as Templar x Mage, Grey Warden x OC, Qunari x OC, Elf x OC, Canon x OC - and many more. Possible kinks are romance, foreplay, teasing, seduction, corruption, inexperience, light bondage, size difference, role reversal, taboo, risk of pregnancy and ageplay.


I have an itch for a modern supernatural story. Preferably in a world like True Blood where monsters have recently gone public. I can play a lot of supernatural characters or take the human role. The circumstances in which our characters meet, and all the other juicy details, can be decided together via PM. I have a couple ideas on hand if you want more direction, too.

Possible kinks may include: D/s, romance, bondage, blood play, mind control

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Offline bondagegirlsarah

Re: True Blood inspired Vampire x Human craving [ F/F ♥ ]
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2016, 09:03:05 AM »
Would you prefer the play the human or the vampire? Is this a dom/sub theme?

Was just wondering about a dom human and a sub vampire, could that work?

Not saying i am interested necessarily, but my curiosity is peaked.

Online AndronicaTopic starter

Re: Seeking World of Warcraft RPs! [ M/F, Futa, F/F ♥ ]
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2017, 01:49:36 PM »
Since I'm not longer seeking a lot of general stories, I figured I would update this thread with my latest craving. :)