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August 21, 2017, 03:08:16 PM
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Author Topic: Craving Game of Thrones, Spartacus, an AI x Human RP & more! [ M, F, Futa ♥ ]  (Read 5199 times)

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Offline AndronicaTopic starter

Current Cravings

Hello and welcome! I'm seeking talented partners of any gender for plot-driven RPs over threads, where I would play female or futa characters.

Like most of us (I hope), I appreciate communication and mutual story development. Tell me what you want and don't be afraid to say "can we change this?", especially if things are getting stale. In fact, feel free to message me about anything, even just to have a friendly chat!

Post quality is generally more important to me than length but I do expect a certain amount of detail and development. On average I write 3-6 paragraphs so a partner who's comfortable writing in that range is a must. I can reply at least once a week, sometimes daily f work isn't hectic, though ultimately my post habits will adjust according to what you give me.

For more information, please read my O/O's or F-List, and check my post history for compatibility. Then PM me to start discussing an RP. :)

[ All ideas can be M/F, F/Futa, or F/F ]

♦ This may be a long shot because I don't know how popular it is here, but I'm in the mood for an RP set in the world of Guild Wars! I can play as or with characters of any race except the Asura. Send me a PM to discuss the details. :)

♦ An RP inspired by Westworld (or an original modern or sci if setting) that involves an AI gaining sentience and how it, as well as its creator or owner, comes to terms with that. This could be an entirely original setting, or the story could be about a Delos employee and one of the hosts they maintain/created, or a guest and host that meet in a narrative and become attached.

♦ Game of Thrones AU that follows Daenerys, or a male / female OC Targaryen, who seeks to claim the Iron Throne. Pairings I'm open to:

- Dany x OC
- OC Targaryen x OC
- Dany x Canon character
- OC Targaryen x Canon character

I'm open to playing as Dany who may end up with a Dothraki Blood Rider, with a noble in some kind of mutually beneficial political marriage, or we can pair her up with a devoted servant and confidant like Missandei. There are lots of options in terms of characters and storyline. We could begin the RP when Dany is still in Essos, or in a totally alternate timeline, as long as she's 18+ years of age. If you'd like to play Dany, or an OC Targaryen, we can definitely make that work too!

♦ A story set in ancient Rome involving a (cliche) forbidden romance between a gladiator and his domina. I'm also open to playing as/with a female slave opposite her domina or dominus, or two slaves who fall in love despite being possessed by others.

Other than that I'm open to anything on my picture thread or the ideas on my main search thread. If you want to pitch something I haven't mentioned here don't hesitate to ask!
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Offline AndronicaTopic starter

Older Cravings
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Offline bondagegirlsarah

Re: True Blood inspired Vampire x Human craving [ F/F ♥ ]
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2016, 09:03:05 AM »
Would you prefer the play the human or the vampire? Is this a dom/sub theme?

Was just wondering about a dom human and a sub vampire, could that work?

Not saying i am interested necessarily, but my curiosity is peaked.