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Author Topic: Kiara's Scenario Vault - F Seeking M  (Read 588 times)

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Offline Kiara GaleTopic starter

Kiara's Scenario Vault - F Seeking M
« on: July 27, 2015, 03:30:31 am »
Hello there. Welcome to my scenario thread, and thank you for taking the time to look this over. Below, you'll find numerous scenarios of roleplay that I'm looking for. I'm looking for partners to roleplay with me either through Eliquiy or through email. If you're interested in setting up an RP with me, please send me a private message or comment in this thread.

BEFORE contacting me, please take a moment to review my Ons/Offs, which can be found HERE, or in my signature.

Please keep in mind that these ideas are do not have to be followed to a 'T'. If you have suggestions or preferences, please let me know. Or, if you have an entirely new idea, I'm happy to hear that, as well.

In ANY of these scenarios, I can play with humans or furry/anthros.

Without further ado, please peruse at your leisure. Thank you~!

A day at the Beach
(A standard, run of the mill idea. This RP is fairly general, and can be a consensual or non-consensual scene, although my preference includes psuedorape or elements of persuasion. )

It's a lovely summer day at the beach. The sand is warm, the spray of the ocean is cool, and the sun is beaming down on swimmers, tanners, and other beach goers. In the distance, a young girl seems to be sunning herself on a large white towel. She's striking, wouldn't want such soft, creamy skin to burn, would you? Maybe you'd like to offer to rub her down with sunscreen. Perhaps you could suggest showing her a nice, shady spot to give her skin a rest.

Nights at the Club
(The focus of this idea would be initially rape, and as the plot continues, would morph into psuedo-rape/dubcon, and eventually consensual. This RP could either focus on Kiara with a single man, or a group of men.)

Kiara is anywhere between 18 and 20, and sneaks her way into a dance club that is strictly 21 plus. Regardless of how she gets in, weather it be through a fake I.D. or a back entrance, the girl seems intimidated by the crowd of tipsy young adults having the time of their lives. Eventually, she finds it in herself to make it to the dance floor. The club is dark lit with plenty of flashing neon lights, and even features and upper level with glass railings and a see-through floor The club is expansive, equipped with various lounge areas with deep, curving couches, VIP lounges, and even private rooms. Kiara would be dressed accordingly for a club, in a thin halter top tied once behind her neck, and again at the small of her back, and spandex shorts beneath. Perhaps she runs into an older man who knows she's too young, eager to try his hand at the naive girl. Maybe a dance with a group of men gets too physical, and they all begin to see how far they can get. Perhaps the bouncer, or even the club owner find out she snuck in, and decide to encourage her to pay for sneaking in, one way or another.

(At this point, the plot can potentially get more elaborate, or can end after the initial encounter. Should you be interested in this plot continuing, the general idea is to include kidnapping, light elements of master/slave dynamics, prostitution (optional), and more. )

Kiara is kept at the aforementioned club all through the night, either by a single person continuing to have his fun, or by a group of individuals, acting either as a group or individually. Regardless, being exhausted, the girl is easily taken to someone's house, car, or any place you can imagine until nightfall. She's then taken to a more extreme club, directed towards anonymous sexual encounters, complete with strippers, prostitutes, and dozens of customers eager for company.  At this point, Kiara is either sold to this club to service it's other customers, or simply trained by your character to become his personal toy.

Sexual Freedom
(This idea isn't so much of a prompt, as much as a different kind of universe for our characters to play in. It can include any multitude of kinks and preferences. Because of this world's dynamics, this idea is mostly consensual unless requested otherwise.)

This is a universe where sexuality is an open, freely practiced aspect of every day life. Couples having sex in public is about as normal as seeing a pair hold hands or kiss. Strangers approaching one another to begin a sexual encounter is considered normal. Men approach women and begin touching, kissing or stripping them without a second thought, and the women happily comply. If a particularly attractive woman is currently having a sexual encounter with a man, it is not uncommon for others to wait their turn, or even join in. In this universe, sex is casual, celebrated, and actively practiced anywhere you go.

VI. Endangered Species
(focus on breeding, bestiality and/or monsters, consensual or non.)

Kiara finds herself at a sanctuary for endangered and exotic species, weather it be on a field trip through school, or through any other method. She wanders off, only to wind up in the enclosure of the animal/monster of your choice. The purpose of the sanctuary is to give the creatures here a safe place to breed and rebuild their population. Naturally, when a female enters their enclosure, they react as they've been trained to do - the seek her out, and attempt to breed her. This is one option, and the other involves the actual training process. While at the facility, Kaia is kidnapped by one of the employees and thrown into an enclosure. Using her, the employees train the animals to breed, using Kaia as a female to practice with.

Currently Craving: Scenarios involving Kiara (as a human or nekomimi) with a different species. Anthros/Furrys, Animals, Pokephilia, Monsters, etc. Babysitting Scenarios. FemalexFutanari. If you have something in mind, let me know. Thanks!
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