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Author Topic: Liam's Wishes [M x M]  (Read 4128 times)

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Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« on: July 26, 2015, 08:30:21 PM »
Current status: Available for new games.


My name is Liam and I hope to find some people to roleplay with. I only do MxM roleplays, but I don't care if my partner is a girl or a boy. I have a kinda weird schedule right now, but I always make time to write.

In this thread you'll find a few samples of my writing, some things I'd like you to know about me and my ways, my current main kinks, a list of fandoms I like and in which characters I'm interested in playing against, and my original ideas.

My Preferences - My New O/O List - My A/A

— Please don't post in this thread, feel free to send me a message —
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* I first must say that I'm only interested in long term roleplays, I don't mind sexy scenes as long as there's some nice, consistent story to hold on to. Sex is not a requirement for all of my ideas.

* I love detailed post and even when I don't always have the time to write as much as I'd like, I try to make complete posts, describing my character's thoughts and sensations.

* My current post policy is replying to my games in the order I get my partners' posts, unless a reply requires me to take my time to get in the right mood to work on it, this doesn't happen too often, but sometimes some themes are harder for me than others.

* I'll move a game to the Paused Games section after a month without getting a reply from my partner. And if I don't get a reply in more than two months and no news from the writer I'll remove it from my bookmarks.

* If you read a note underneath an idea saying it will include sex, it doesn't mean I want the story to be smut based, or that our main characters have to have sex. I only mean that this kind of scenes will appear or will be implied in the narration.

* I only roleplay through threads, and I'm open to group roleplays.

* Please, consider continuity between one post and the next one. This is something important to me, is rather annoying when I read a character is shirtless in one reply and in the next one he takes off his shirt. When this happens it makes me feel like my partner is not really paying attention to our roleplay, nor to their own character. I always read my last post(s), before writing a new reply so I can be sure about what was my character(s) doing, what was he wearing... Maybe all this is not really that important, but I don't think they're minor details either.

* I will notify my partners if I have to go for a while or if I lost interest in the roleplay. So please, If you're going to leave or simply got bored just let me know. I don't mind waiting for a reply but wondering if your partner is ever going to post back feels just awful. Also, if you have something to ask, say or clarify about a roleplay, please send me a message.

* I don't mind misspelling or typos, I know I have them. French is my first language, then Spanish, leaving English as my third language and I'm still learning. I apologize if I ever send or post a reply with a misspelled word, though I assure you I'll use the Spell Check tool.

* I enjoy modern and realistic settings as well as fantasy themed roleplays, being those about past periods, such as Medieval or Ancient Greece, my favorites. For scenarios, my favorites are night clubs, any kind of military ambiance, wild roads or castles for plots of a more adventurous or fantastic touch. During fantasy roleplays, I enjoy adding the use of potions and magic a lot, being almost my favorite thing about this genre.
   — Now, talking about realism, I don't care if a story develops to the point in which my characters or one of them dies. Either of sickness or killed, I think it's not a bad thing and it might even give a better closure to the narration. I'll tell you about an experience I had related to this: I was involved in a roleplay about The Boondock Saints, the story started after the second movie, and my partner and I took a non canon path. Connor and Murphy were in jail, Smecker pulled some strings and made some schemes to get them out (to make the long story short). Once they're out, and find out how Boston went to hell during their absence, they decide to go for one final round against the city's mafia heads. They both knew it was suicidal, they talked about it, discussed it, finally deciding to give their lives in the process of cleaning the streets of Boston, yet, my partner insisted in them some how managing to escape a certain death. It was rather frustrating, Connor and Murphy fulfilling their last job as The Boondock Saints, sacrificing their lives, felt like the perfect ending to me, I ended up loosing interest in the roleplay and I dropped it, it had started to feel meaningless, like we were writing mere excuses for them to keep living.

* I enjoy playing multiple characters, to complete the story and sometimes show my main characters from different points of view. I think multiple characters are fun, and gives me an excuse to keep writing. So far I've played eight characters in a single roleplay, they're appearances varying from two to four and the eight at the same time.

* I'd like to talk about a few items I didn't add to my On's/Off's list, or I'd like to make a little explanation about:
   — Sex toys, this includes almost anything as long it's not sharped, from a plain dildo to a gun, I enjoy their use.
   — Blood play, nothing excessive, just the result of a hard bite. I don't want my characters to be bled to death just for pleasure.
   — Anthropomorphic beings, as long as it has certain human characteristics, is fine if it's either a nekomimi, a furry, a mythic beast, or an alien.
   — Gender Transformation, only from female to male.
   — Medical Play, nothing to the point of hurting my character permanently.

I think this is about everything, I'll add anything that might come to my mind later.
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2015, 09:06:39 PM »
My Writing Samples

Destiny — Character: Aidan
With Hummingbird-in-a-Box, from BM
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Aidan had finished his writing at some moment, he really didn't realize, he seemed to wake up as his hands grasped the notepad firmly when the pain came back, quicker than he would've liked. He whined lowly on his couch, it was hard to breath again and he had a terrible headache. The man moved slowly over the table and dropped the notepad and the pen and then got up, the cold floor sent a small twinge up his body and made him shiver, or it was just the drug leaving his body? Aidan couldn't let that happen, he had more and he would use it all if he needed. He stretched his body as much as the pain allowed him and dragged his feet over his night stand to get the piece of mirror and his razor blade, now he had time to prepare his hit properly and try to enjoy it, it was easier to enjoy it when he didn't feel like shit, though. He leaned over to reach for his things, completely oblivious about the young man in his bed, he didn't see Artymis or hear him, he barely new the bed was there because he was standing next to the night stand. Aidan trailed back to his seat and let his body fall, unable to stop a loud grunt, he closed his eyes shaking his head to try and make the pain go away, at least enough to allow him to take his hit, then, everything would be alright again. He drew out one of the small bags and opened it, emptied its content on the mirror's smooth surface and took the blade to separate it in two lines, but pain played against him. His hand twitched closing around the small blade and this went deep into his palm and fingers.

"Fucking shit!" Aidan groaned loudly and threw the blade away, the blood splattered over the table, falling onto the notepad and his precious snow, ruining it completely. Aidan got up, he was so pissed off, he kicked the coffee table pushing it far away, some of the dishes and cutlery and the boxes in which Artymis brought them breakfast fell to the floor, Wiccan ran away from beneath the table where he was sleeping and left. "Wiccan! Come back!" Aidan tried to run after the cat but his foot didn't allow him. "Dammit..." He growled, he'd just hit a fucking marble coffee table with his bare feet, fucking genius he was. Aidan sighed heavily, standing at the middle of the mess he'd made and glared down at his hand, the blood stained his shirt and didn't seem like it would stop pouring out. "Shit..." He quickly took his shirt off and wrapped one of its sleeves around his hand.

This time Aidan felt somehow obliged to remove his shirt, but it was something he wouldn't do often unless he had no choice. He didn't like people to see all the scars he had, they always had questions and he hated to talk about it. The scars from the accident covered part of his chest, shoulders and upper back, and went down his arms, he had many around his head but the hair covered them. Observing carefully, one could notice those long and thin scars were the clear signal of falling through glass. He had three broken ribs at his left side, healed long ago, but the small bulges were still noticeable.

Glen and Alex woke up but they decided to stay out, they never dealt with Aidan when he was fucked up unless they really had to, if they had known about his wound, they would have run to his aid, but from the place they were, it just looked like another junkie's rant, and as soon as the silence took the place again, they went back to sleep.

Vνcios — Character: Lance
With SaydenEmery, from Elliquiy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lance didn't take his eyes from the man as he tried to calm down and think, which in his state wasn't the easiest thing. He breathed heavily, the hand holding the knife shaking slightly. He continued to look into the man's blue eyes and taking in every motion, though focusing caused his sight to blur a bit and made him slightly dizzy.

"Not your damn business." Lane replied to the man's question. Why did he wanted to know who he was anyways? Probably he was going to kill him anyways. He swallowed hard, shoving himself against the wall even more as the man moved and drew out his gun. Lance had been in front of guns before, but this was the first time he really felt like the man holding the weapon would actually shoot him.
Lance frowned when the man studied him. He was used to be stared at, to be judged by everyone who passed by him on the street, and it usually didn't bother. He knew he used to do the same when he had a roof over his head. But the way this man looked at him, and the man himself just made him feel odd, aside from from being scared.

"What the-" Lesson to be had? Who did he think he was to talk to him like that? But there was something in his voice, besides the gun pointed at him that made Lance reconsider. Somehow he didn't feel like the man would shoot him, he'd done it by now if he ever meant to kill him. Lance took his time to think about it though, and very slowly, he dropped the knife on the sink at his side. But as he saw the man coming at him he attempted to reach for the knife, quickly finding himself too close to the man.

"Get off me!" He growled, struggling, eyes locked on the man's as he looked up. "What the fuck do you care!? You're a fucking- Gah-" Lance groaned as he was so easily shoved to the ground, his agitated breathing making him lightheaded but he continued to push the man away from him and trying to set himself free, kicking and shoving his elbows back against the man but he was running out of energy really quickly. He let go a low whine when he was yanked back from his hair, and he had no option but to calm down, he couldn't fight anymore, Lance panted heavily, sighing in frustration as he gave one tentative pull of his head, but the man wasn't letting him go.

Being so close the man would soon know a bit more about Lance, he'd realize Lance wasn't exactly clean, he probably smelled really bad, actually. Lance frequently visited a friend at a public health clinic and she'd let him take a shower, but he hadn't gone in a few weeks. His hair was oily, and there were a few dirty, darker areas around his torso, arms and neck and a layer of thin, scruffy beard covered the lower part of his cheeks and chin. Lance was surprised the man hadn't released him by now, but apparently he was more focused on showing him how a poor bastard died.

At first Lance barely heard his words, though his eyes were locked on J's body. He'd seen people after an overdose, he'd seen survivors and the bodies of those who didn't make it, and he almost went through one, but someone showed up in the right moment. But he never sat to analyze an overdose. Lance saw the dealer's fingers twitching, how the man struggled to breathe. Lance frowned, growling a bit as he tried to look away and once more attempted to shove the man of off him, but he was too tired now, there was not much strength left in his body. After a moment J went completely silent and still. He was dead. The fact that he died wasn't what really bothered Lance, but the way he died. Lance always saw the results afterwards, but he never witnessed the process.
Still, he didn't really got the reason why this man was doing this. Yes, what he just saw was horrible, but Lance didn't have much options. He tried to get clean and he almost got it, but if he didn't change his life entirely, he would never be clean. Drugs were for him a way to escape from hunger, and cold, and sickness, and a way to avoid confronting the kind of shitty live he was living. "Are you done enlightening me?" He asked with a low huff after a moment, trying to pull away one more time.

Spiraling Down — Character: Riley
With slytherindoctor, from Elliquiy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Riley couldn't believe someone intervened, he couldn't believe someone could be so stupid to do that, but this guy was, apparently, though he seemed capable of standing his ground, which was rather impressive, still, he was definitely stupid for getting between the Scarlets and their prey, they would surely look for him later and take their revenge.
He blinked and stared up at the other guy as he told him to run at the count of three. Was he planning to stay and fight while he got away? Riley stood up though, coughing, not really sure that he could run, or even walk. He stepped back, waiting, he didn't know how would the others react, maybe they'd ignore this guy and run after him in which case he would be lost for attempting an escape.

One, two, Riley still wasn't sure if he should run or not. He watched as the guy took and gave hits as well, it looked like he was really used to fight, was he in a gang too?
He glanced over the one who took his coat. Would it be too much asking this random teen to take it back? Probably yes.

Three! The guy left. Riley looked up to the gang and before he could even think his body began to move and he ran away, trying to get closer to the other and looking back over his shoulder to see if the thee were after him. He'd never ran so fast, by the time they stopped he could barely breath. Riley coughed, resting against the wall, hands on his knees as he caught his breath.
He glared at Jake as he called him idiot, but he didn't want to risk pissing him off. "Riley." He said flatly, taking the jacket and extending his arm to give it back. "I owe you enough." He looked back to make sure the Scarlets weren't coming and sighed, he almost wanted them to appear, going back home without that parka meant another beating.

"You think you're so smart?" He growled, cleaning the blood from his face with an arm. "They'll find you and they'll beat you up" Riley began to walk, an arm wrapping his stomach as it hurt with each step and it was still hard to breath. Each time he took air he felt the blood inside his nose, getting thicker as it dried. He wouldn't bother to tell him that he was used to this, he didn't care much anymore, as long as the injuries weren't permanent.

Riley wasn't sure where was he heading to, he didn't want to go back home yet, it would be better to wait until his parents were high or drunk or out to go back, and maybe try to get a new coat the next day. He sighed as he walked slowly, he owned Jake for saving his ass, and he had nothing to pay him with, well, that wasn't exactly correct, he didn't have anything material to pay him back. Not that Riley cared about doing almost anything to pay a favor, but he wasn't sure how would Jake take it.

The Descent — Character: Luke
With Ryven, from Elliquiy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was Halloween night and Luke and his friends decided to go out. They considered themselves too grown up to go trick or treating but still they were immature enough to believe in ghost stories and haunted houses, and some of them even got rather scared about them. Luke was sincerely more worried about finding some hobo or even a psychopath inside but he didn't say anything, his friends surely weren't expecting him to back off from this and he wouldn't. Besides, having any of the girls from their group clinging from his arm and pressing their body against him worth it.
They were seven, four boys and three girls and they all convinced each other they were brave and ready to get into the abandoned house a few blocks down the street were Luke and few others from the group lived.
The stories about that place were known by everybody, and each generation growing in the neighborhood made sure to increase the house's lore with either real or totally made up tales.

The group of teens gathered at Luke's and made their way to the old manor, joking and trying to guess what would they found there and who would be the first running away.
They tease each other the whole way, trying to hide their own fear, inside they all knew some of the stories had to be true, otherwise why on earth there was no one living there? Or why no one bought it to build something else? Everyone could feel something was off as they walked by the old house and many even crossed to the other side of the street, and Luke and his friends were now standing at the front door.

They knew the house was always open for Halloween, the man in charge of taking care of the place sometimes even acted as a guide, but tonight he wasn't there. The house seemed darker than normal, and the teens pushed each other, trying not to be first to step into the place. Luke ended up being the first one as he was pushed onto the door and this just opened, Luke almost fell but managed to stay on his feet and looked around, hoping his eyes would adjust quickly to the dark, lifting his right hand he realized he could barely see it. He heard his friends talking behind him, joking and giggling. "It's alright" Luke said as he stepped forward into the house, finally able to see a bit more. "Let's go" He guided the group inside but only a few steps later he felt something really weird, he looked around again, feeling almost as if someone was staring at them from the even darker parts of the house. He shrugged off that feeling and moved forwards, taking his phone to light the way as they reached the stairs leading to the second floor.
They heard children running outside and the door shut, leaving them in complete dark until one by one their fished out their phones. "Shit man..." Luke sighed, recovering from the startle and started his way up.
The group followed him and started the tour around the house, pocking their heads and lights into each room before getting inside. The whole place smelled odd, and at almost each step they gave the wood beneath their feet screeched. They remained close to each other, eventually checking they were still together. None of them admitted it, but they were really scared, they felt like all those stories were true.
After almost an hour they finally went down to the lower level, talking about what they've seen upstairs, it was mostly clean, but the walls were covered in graffiti some of them warning people about the danger they were into. The teens laughed nervously at the warnings, knowing that at least some of them had been put there by some of their older siblings.

Back at the lower level they joked about going separate ways, being Luke the only one who said yes to the idea. He felt terribly curious now, he wanted to look around the whole place, find something meaningful. But his attitude made the other boys discuss the issue a bit more, they didn't want to seem a bunch of cowards in front of the girls and as they decided who would go with who, Luke simply walked away, lured by an odd feeling, and walked over the kitchen, this area had more light coming from the small window and the back door.
Luke noticed a wooden door on the floor and instantly felt drawn to it, he could smell a strong scent coming from what he guessed was the cellar and crouched to study the door, it wasn't locked and Luke only had to pull a few times to get it open. He covered his mouth and nose as the smell now reached him with all its strength, Luke frowned and pointed the light of his phone into the small open, the old wooden ladder seemed fine, and as he got used to that weird smell he climbed down the ladder and reached up with his free hand, hoping to find a light bulb, he pointed up to the low ceiling to find there was no light source at all, no window, nothing.
Luke stepped away from the entrance trying to light his way as he explored, there were boxes and stuff all around and he almost felt disappointed as he found out it was probably the less interesting zone in the house, and that odd smell was probably something dead and rotting down there, though he couldn't explain the heat he felt suddenly. With an annoyed groan he turned around, regretting the waste of time and decided to go back with his friends, as he began to climb up, the ladder broke under his weight and Luke fell on the ground, hearing how the door closed over his head. "Fucking hell..." He stood up to try and push the door open but he couldn't reach it. "Shit!" Luke jumped and hit the door. "Guys?" He waited. "Open the fucking door, c'mon" There was no answer, he couldn't hear absolutely nothing, and his phone suddenly turned off. "Shit." He tried to turn it on but it seemed completely dead. The teen looked around again and darkness seemed to cover everything, he gulped and stood where he was, he didn't dare to move away from underneath the door.

For the Future of the Clans — Character: Medrid
With Shii, from Elliquiy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Medrid studied the princes as they appeared, the first one was Emit from the Bear clan and Medrid couldn't stop thinking he definitely looked like a bear, he only needed a fur instead of that armor! The prince was huge, surely way taller than him, like a wall covered in metal. Medrid couldn't imagine himself with that, man, or anyone from his clan, for what he knew about them, they all enjoyed war and always showed off their power, but the DunBroch prince never cared about anything of that. He loved riding his horse, practicing archery and sometimes hunting, specially if he could talk his father into it. The the Raven came in and Medrid tilted his head to the side as he stared at him. Their eyes met for a second and Medrid shivered, moving a little in his chair as the young Raven, Feannag, looked at king Fergus to salute him. He'd seen Bears before, but this was his first encounter with someone from the Raven Clan, they all looked so mysterious, like they were scheming something all the time, almost like they knew what would happen next. It was said that members of this clan had incredible powers, druids and shamans were always from a Raven family. Certainly an incredible kin, and surely amazing folk to talk to, but waking up with Feannag at his side? Medrid wasn't sure he could take being creeped out every morning for the rest of his life. The last one was Hakan from the Wolf Clan, and he was by far the more normal looking of the three, though he had something, maybe it was the way he walked or how he smirked at Medrid when they looked at each other. And as Hakan bowed before his father sending another glare to him, the prince smiled back to the Wolf, although that was his biggest reaction, boredom was still too big to be forgotten so easily.

The banquet for the visitors was almost ready, and after a few words from the king and queen, songs would come, and drinks and more drinks until there was no man able to take another sip. Medrid was used to that, long nights at the great Throne Hall with a non stop flow of mead and songs and tales from who knows when and where, it was fun, but his mother never allowed him to stay until too late, nor drink more than one jar of mead, two, if he could send his little brothers to make some mess at the kitchen to distract her. This night, Medrid was quite sure it would be different, he was about to get married, right? So no drinks restrain, right? Besides, he wanted some time to at least talk a minute to each of the princes before the competition. The next day would be long, a great festivity was planned, with games and food until sunset, when the competition would take place.
As king Fergus was almost pushed by the queen to stand up and say some welcoming words to the three clans, Medrid wondered one more time how the other three might feel about all this. He couldn't read much on them, though it seemed that for the Bear prince, this was just like another joust to win and another trophy to take back home, it didn't look like he cared much if it was Medrid or someone else the one marrying him, as most Bears, Emit probably only cared about winning and showing off to the losers. It was impossible to know or even try to guess what was going on in Feannag's head, maybe he was only doing what his clan needed, maybe he actually wanted to get marry and have his own offspring, Medrid couldn't know. Hakan was also a bit puzzling, thought he looked a little more like Medrid himself, he was there because he had to, but if he could get something good from it, he would take the opportunity.

After the DunBroch Clan welcomed their guests and the tables were set for everyone to eat, Medrid was sent by his mother to introduce himself to the princes. He stood up from his his chair, but hesitated before giving the first step. Which one should he go meet first? Would the other two feel offended if they weren't the first? How did his mother managed to be always so good at this things? Of course she was the queen and probably could do whatever she wanted, but it was like she never stepped with the wrong foot. He finally decided to move before everyone's eyes were on him, and people wondered what was the DunBroch prince doing. Medrid let his feet guide him and so he ended up standing at Feannag and immediately the young Raven stood up, turning to greet Medrid with a small bow. Medrid looked into his eyes and got lost for a bit, those striking beads trapped into the black band, what was the purpose of that anyway? "Welcome to castle DunBroch." He finally said with a small smile, nervously feeling all of Feannag's companions eyes on him, and the silence that fell upon their table, he could see with the corner of his eye how all off them nodded at him, and fidgeted a little as he turned briefly to nod back at them, and then to Feannag's father, Nuuava. The prince looked back at the Raven heir and smiled, feeling a little more relaxed now. "I hope you find our accommodations pleasant." He spoke, trying to recall all of his mother's teachings about being polite and correct his accent so everyone could understand him, the sole thought almost made his eyes roll in front of the other.

The young man smiled at the prince and nodded looking into Medrid's blue eyes, studying him from closer. His fiery mane definitely made him stand out from everyone else, specially around his own people, all dressed in dark colors. "Of course." He replied. "Please, makes the honor of having a drink with us, prince Medrid." Feannag spoke simply, trying not to overwhelm Medrid who already seemed nervous enough to listen at entangled words, there would be time for that, if the prince gave the chance for his father to talk. Feannag pulled a stool from another table and placed it at the end of table to give the other an important position as it was right, and slid himself to the edge of the long bench he was sitting on so he could be closer to Medrid. He poured a jar of mead and looked up at Medrid, pushing the jar closer to him. "Your Highness..." He offered the jar with a smile.

Medrid smiled at him, feeling a little relieved as everything seemed to go well, at least at this part of the hall, but as he was invited to sit down and drink he hesitated, it caught him off guard and he stared at the Raven for a moment, observing how he prepared the seat and served the mead for him. The prince smiled again and sat down, sliding his fingers around the handle to lift the jar in the air and then looked around, making brief eye contact with everyone. "To the Raven Clan!" He exclaimed and took a long sip of warm mead, it would definitely help him to ease the evening.
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2015, 09:14:00 PM »
Original characters and ideas
All images are clickable

If you like any of my characters but don't like my ideas -or vice versa- just let me know and we can work on something new.

*The Geisha House*

My character was sold to a geisha house along with his sister, the owner thinking she could use him to clean the place and work directly for her, but with time she realizes my character would do an excellent geisha and decides to introduce him to her clients.

— My character might hide he's a man or not, depending on what you'd like.
— You character could be anything, from a noble man to a soldier, a peasant or even a foreign man who's in Japan for this or that reason.

*Inspiration for Sumire

- - - - - - -

*Enslaved Hacker*

As simple as it sounds, I have the very basic idea where my character (the hacker) is kidnapped and forced to work for an organization or someone. There would be blackmail included of course, and violence, I'm willing to include beatings and torture.

- - - - - - -

*The Twins*

The twins had been living on their own since very young, they work hard to try and survive but things are getting more and more difficult with Twin A sick and unable to work most part of the year, so everything falls upon Twin B, he feels responsible for his sick brother and always tries to find a way to earn more money. Their relationship had always been like this, one of them being the stronger and always looking after the other.
One day Twin B wakes up late and rushes his way to work, getting hit by a bus and is pronounced dead, but for the time Twin A receives the news Twin B shows up at their apartment.

— I'm interested in playing Twin A (the sick/weaker one).
— Originally, Twin B was possessed by a demon who offered him the opportunity to keep looking after his brother and slowly took over him, although I'm open to other ideas.

- - - - - - -

*Victorian London*
(With Steampunk elements or not)

I'd love to start a roleplay in this period, from fashion to the architecture and machinery, I love everything about it. The scenery from this time is beautiful and I'd love to see our characters running down through thin paved alleys and looking up to starry skies clouded with the smoke of factories.

I don't really have an idea but it could be either a fantasy game or not. Maybe vampires and/or werewolves, maybe detectives, or maybe just two or more people trying to survive a hard time in their lives.

I'm inspired by many movies and series I've seen lately and books I read like Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Sherlock Holmes, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sweeney Todd and of course, games as Thief, Dishonored, and The Order.

Inspirational images

- - - - - - -


Johan is a werewolf. He was born into a large pack, but at the age of 22 he decided to travel around the world and put some distance between him and his pack, and all the responsibilities.

During his journey across Europe, while roaming the eastern woods, Johan met a lone wolf -Michal- who lived away from human cities and never belonged to any of the European clans, he didn't seem to know anything abut his own kind and didn't really care, he only knew that he was attacked by a beast one night and survived and with the years managed to control his inner wolf. The few years Johan remained with him were what he always thought was the perfect way of living. There were no forced interactions, no commitments, they could spend days without talking or even seeing each other but they were always together for the hunting nights. It was a silent and austere, if not a completely wild life and the taste of freedom was sweet, enough to keep Johan for a longer time than he ever expected. He was happy with his companion, and the memory of his family was slowly replaced buy the freedom of living almost like an actual wolf.

But good things never last forever and one summer night something happened that gave Johan a reason to go back to America. It was a transformation night, Johan and Michal were after a deer when a shot filled the air, Johan's first reaction was to get out of the clear field and ran into a small group of trees, laying flat onto the ground for a moment getting worried as there was no sign of Michal. He only waited for a moment before carefully walking back to the spot they had parted ways to separate the deer from its herd, sniffing blood in the air, and soon found a red trail that led him not too far away. Michal was dead, a clean shot on the head.

Johan felt an uncontrollable rage, his mind clouded, he went after the man who shot his companion, discovering a small hunting camp. Only three men. He spotted the one who'd shot Michal, and attacked without taking a moment to think, jumping over the man and shoving him onto the ground. Before the other two men reacted and readied their weapons, Johan had shredded the man's neck, only stopping when he felt the burning pain of a bulled on his shoulder, but it only made him go after the one who shot him. He massacred the second man, though he didn't know if he killed him, the third one was left untouched as Johan was forced to back off and run away as he could after the receiving two more shots. He lost consciousness at some point and woke up in an unknown place, all patched up,
 probably many days after Michal's death. The emergency crew that was in charge of rescuing the hunters found him, and while they couldn't even guess how did Johan ended up there, they took him back to a hospital in the city of Lublin, Poland.

As soon as he was able to walk Johan abandoned the hospital, falling into a deep depression. His feelings torn apart. He was taught to stay away from men during the full moon, he was taught not to attack, but he was also taught to defend the members of his pack The emptiness Michal's death left inside him was only filled with anger and sorrow. Going back to his pack after what he'd done, he couldn't allow himself to do that, he'd gone rogue, even before killing that man, only that it wasn't until now that he realized. He was alone now.

Although he did return to the United States, Johan never went back to Seattle, where his clan was established. He was unemployed and without a pack to help him out, but he knew where to look. He went after growing drug dealers, proved himself worthy of trust to carry product and money with taking anything for him, and proving that he wouldn't mind taking a life. Johan ranked up in a matter of years, and made himself a bit of a reputation, and some of those who knew him a little better thought he had a death wish. He got offers to work as bodyguard for a mafia lord in the city, but he politely refused, and his decision was respected. He couldn't tie himself to a single place, to a single person, he had to be free, and able to disappear before the full moon, so he kept with the smaller jobs, and he kept himself as busy as he could, avoiding to think about Michal, about how he ran away instead of going after his companion. He never got rid of his depression and partially turned towards alcohol to try and forget, unsuccessfully.

- - - - - - -


He's 25 five years old, has short, blond hair, blue eyes. Height: 5ft 10, weight: around 154lb. Lance lives in the streets, keeping himself alive as he can, he doesn't mind teaming up or working for dealers and/or pimps, if it gives him food and keeps his stash full, then is fine. Usually he works at a rundown bar at the lesser part of the city, a good place to find a cheap deal and some guys that might find a junkie attractive.
He has a past, of course. Youngest son of a wealthy family, Lance was the athlete of his parents' collection, his brothers being a lawyer, a doctor and an architect. His main goal was to become an Olympic swimmer and his parents were hundred percent supportive, giving him the chance to drop school as a sixteen birthday gift to focus completely on his training. The dream came true turns into a nightmare when Lance decides to come out to his parents, they kicked him out to the streets, with nothing more than the cash on his pockets. He learns rather fast the laws of the street, not without suffering in the process, and years later he's well known around the area he roams.

1. The gang running the area finds out that Lance is dealing without permission and send someone to make him pay. From now on, Lance has to work for the man who was sent after him until he pays what he owns to the gang. To keep a good eye on him, the man decided to take Lance to his own place since he doesn't have a place to stay, and having him wandering around the city wasn't good.
         — They can get involved quickly, the man being somehow helpful to Lance and making him recover.
         — The man's only interest is the money Lance owns to his boss and makes sure to make him return each and every penny not caring how.
         — Lance is from the beginning attracted to him, though he prefers to keep the product to satisfy his addiction and sell himself to return the money.
              * I'd like this option to turn into a very stormy and aggressive relationship, from calm moments in which Lance feels save and protected by him to moments when he fears for his life being trapped with the man, as his jealousy turns him into a very dangerous person.

2. Lance gets accepted into a government program to get him a home and a job, with the promise that he will attend to rehab, and follow the rules of society. He is chosen to be roommates with your character, who's part of the same program.

* These stories, and any other idea involving Lance, would have drug use, violence (probably), sex, and (not necessarily) romance, probably having a nice ending since Lance is very dear to me.

- - - - - - -


Aidan is physically based on Richard Z. Kruspe from Rammstein, and (in part) based on Gary King from the movie The World's End, so I don't think there's the need for a description. Aidan is 33 years old and lives with his four friends at an abandoned warehouse, the five of them are basically homeless, either by choice or by force. He is the only son of a wealthy family, he grew up with all the comforts and everything what he wanted, but also, he lived surrounded by lying parents, that used to fight and cheat on each other all the time, hiding everything beneath a smile when they went out as the perfect family people thought they were. Aidan ran from his home many times, and having a lot of money, he easily got into drugs, being curious, wealthy and having absent parents was a terrible combination. What starts the chain of events that would lead Aidan to his current life? He only remembers glaring down to grass far below him, a crash, pain, and then flashes of his time at the hospital. After he recovers (physically), he only returns to his parents place to get his most precious possession, his black Fender, and then disappears. He lives from his music, playing on the streets or anywhere he's allowed, and with the pass of time he gathers his friends, all of them sharing the same passion for music, but unlucky enough to keep themselves away from any good destiny.

* This story (with total freedom of development based on your character) will include drug use, sex, romance and mental illness.

*Inspiration for Aidan

- - - - - - -


He is 16 years old, blonde, blue eyes, shorter for his age and a little underweight.
Riley lives at a trailer park with his mother. Since little he's been abused by his mother's boyfriends.
He has some serious daddy issues since he was a kid, even when he knew the men coming to see his mother were bad, he desperately tried to call their attention. He not only suffered from a non existent father, but also a neglecting mother. She was never there for him, never took care of him.
Since elementary school Riley lived under constant bulling for being the poor kid, he has no friends and had been in too many private lessons with some teachers to keep it as a secret among his classmates.
Riley is easy to buy, weed, clothes, money, most things are good enough for him and he wouldn't doubt much about exchanging himself for them, though he is not easy to handle and has a bad temper.

*This character is open to any setting, but I really want to discover more about him so I'd like a plot based story rather than smut.

- - - - - - -
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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A Few Things I Love
All images are clickable


* You won't see any specific image here, I just can't decide over this or that character (although I do have my favorites), I love Anne Rice's universe, and I'm up for many "pairings", and I write that between quotation marks because I'm not searching for a sex based roleplay, I wouldn't like to see more than you can see on the books, that sensuality that's implied in all vampires and how they interact, that constant tension.
The story could be placed somewhere in between any of the books, and I'd like to play both canon and original characters.

- - - - - - -

***HANNIBAL(the series)***

* I just finished watching the series and I can't stop thinking about Hannibal and Will offering dinner parties together at Florence. Their relationship reminds me of Anne Rice's vampires somehow, so romantic and sensual yet not vulgar, is an idealized relationship. And then the references to Achilles and Patroclus, the idea of loving someone far beyond physical pleasure is something I find incredibly attractive. Two individuals enhancing their strengths, fighting for each other to death, protecting each other. Perfect.

The ending is so much more than I was expecting, it was perfect and I loved everything about it, though I'd like to stop time when they finally meet again in front of La Primavera at Uffizi Gallery and start the story from there.

- - - - - - -


*I simply love Dorian, he's utterly sweet and adorable once you get to know him and I'd really like someone who could play him against my character.

*I'm open to follow the game story line either during the main campaign, Trespasser, or in between them. I'd love though, to set the story after Trespasser and explore the struggle between Dorian and my character to stay together. And I'm also willing to bring the characters to a modern setting too, into a college or a similar environment.

I'd play the Inquisitor a Lavellan archer/rouge named Bowie. He has a detailed past before being sent as a spy to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, strong opinions about all what he went through and plans and ideas for the future.

*Another idea I have is that I could play my character as a Dalish who ends up being caught and brought to Tevinter. Dorian's family buy him and from there we can discuss how the story continues.

*I'm also open to play against Cullen, Cole and Bull; and characters from other Dragon Age games like Alistair, Zevran and Anders; and Fenris from Dragon Age II.

- - - - - - -


*I want to include all the crazy stuff that happens in the series or the game, and of course, including Kenny's power to revive. Kenny is my favorite character and I'm more inclined to play as him than the others, but Stan and Kyle are good for me too, I'm willing to play against almost any of the boys. I'm not really looking for any kind sexual relationship between the characters, and I wouldn't mind take this game to the non adult section and play with the characters original ages.

- - - - - - -


* I love Rammstein's aesthetics and I'd like to use it in some kind of Steam Punkish-Industrial setting, maybe something post apocalyptic, kind of Mad Max thing. I'm not asking to use the band members as characters, just taking in their looks and style.

- - - - - - -
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Disney characters
(males & genderbend) Here things change a little, there are characters I want to play, and others I want to play against. I'll let you know in each case.
All images are clickable

***Cru De Vil***

Here there's room for furries, inumimi, or a simple headband with ears and a butt plug with a nice dog tail attached.
- Cruell gets a new pet (or pets), and sooner than later he thinks his new pet's skin would do a great coat. Trying to keep his skin, the pet does anything to entertain Cruell and distract him from his idea.
* I would play as the pet/pets.

- - - - - - -

***Cheshire and Allen***

- This picture, and couple, is probably my favorite from this section, and I'd like to exploit everything Wonderland has to offer, from getting high on mushrooms to fight the Jabberwocky and being kept at the Queen (or King) of Hearts' dungeons. I don't have an idea in particular, and I'm searching for someone to help me create something great and full of adventure. I'm not particularly interested in adding any sexiness to this, although an intimate moment between Cheshire and Allen here and there wouldn't be a bad thing. It can be serious, or fun or a mix of both, I just want to try something new and exciting with this two main characters and probably many more.
* I can play as any of them.

- - - - - - -


- Allure meets Phoebus on the street, and finds the way to see him again, either stealing from him to make him return or following Phoebus to his house. This can have as much plot or lack of it as you like, since it's more a fanboy's whim than anything else.
- Allure is caught and sold as a slave, rescued or not by Phoebus at the end.
* I will play as Allure.

- - - - - - -


- Another chance to get into a fantasy world, with magic and potions and people changing into animals. We can follow a similar story, with the suitors presented to Medrid, or just anything really. Again, steamy scenes are not a requirement.
* I would play as Medrid.

- - - - - - -

***Flynn Rider***

- I'd love to find someone willing to play as Flyn in a fun and adventurous roleplay, maybe a small mash-up with other Disney stories and characters.
* It could be a group game.

- - - - - - -

***Male Jasmine***

- - - - - - -

* I know it might be hard for these kind of stories to actually have a plot, but I'd really like to write more than just a few sex scenes and get bored.

- - - - - - -
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Random Images That Might Inspire Ideas
All images are clickable

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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***Jim Raynor

***World of Warcraft ***

— I love Blood Elves, but I would gladly play against Humans, Night Elves and Orcs.

***Lineage II***


— He is a Light Elf, Eva's Templar. He wears a Dark Crystal heavy armor and wields a Dark Legion sword. Calimehtar is noble and loving, always ready to put his life between his companions and danger. I'm looking for someone to play any other original character from Lineage II into an original story inside the game's fantasy.

***Dungeons & Dragons***


— He is a Half-elf ranger, has a wolf as companion called Huan and his alignment is chaotic, generally pushing himself to the good side. He's tricky and like to get things done on his own way, though he's not the leader type. Any kind of story would be nice for me, though it wouldn't involve sexual relationships of any kind.

- - - - - - -

Series, Anime and Movies



* I would play as John Watson, maybe Sherlock.

— John ends up in the middle of a sick game between Sherlock and Moriarty. They would play with him just to prove each other how smart they are.

***The Boondock Saints***



— I'm looking to play an OC against either Nicolas or Worick (or both)

- - - - - - -
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Added a new request at A Few Things I Love, Hannibal (the series)

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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New character added: Riley. At Original characters and ideas section.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Added inspiration pictures for Aidan at Original Characters and Ideas.
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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Status change to: Available for any game.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #13 on: November 05, 2015, 08:10:35 PM »

— Edited Plots.
— Rearranged sections.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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— Edited Original characters and ideas section.
— Added secondary characters.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Character added: Buck Hughes at A Few Things I Love.

Status updated to: Available for one new game.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Edited plots.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Added Idea: Victorian London at Original Characters and Ideas.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Minor editions here and there.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Status updated to: Available for one new game.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Updated ideas and pics.

Still looking for Dorian!

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Back from vacations and eagerly looking for new partners!

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Added Flyn Rider to Disney Characters section.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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Small updates here and there ^^

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
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* Small updates.

* Status changed to available for new games.