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Author Topic: Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player  (Read 1789 times)

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Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player
« on: July 26, 2015, 02:01:58 PM »
Hi there, I have some space open up for a few solo games and would really like to get a few "one on one" or 3 way games (mff or m f other)
bellow is a list of a few ideas i had and would love to get rolling.

The year is 2013 and everyone is relaxing from the threat of the world going to shit in 2012.  No one notices the shooting stars though that streak across the sky.   Radar didn't pick the mass up from outer space as it grew closer and closer.  That's when the power went out, everything electrical died and became obsolete.  Riots and pillaging starts, marital law sets in, then the darkness.  Its almost as if the sun went out and night became a permanent factor on earth.  A week into the darkness is when they arrived.

So this story is about how we in all our differences come together, fall for each other and sacrifice ourselves for one another.  I'm looking for two eccentric female writers who find the end of the world interrupting their weekend.  I'm looking for different walks of life coming together to fight for the world or to just survive.  There will be dark horror and scifi wrapped up into this. Both plot and sexuality will have an equal role in the game.

A young (16-18) female from a rich highclass family.
Your goals, your car, your world its all paid for.
You have a wild side but never acted on the thoughts.

A young (16-18) female from any walk of life
your the best friend who drags girl one to the concert
your the wild side girl one wishes she had (and you hold a crush on girl 1)

A young (16-19) white male who lives on the streets.
I'm forgotten by the system, seen as a hoodlum and a con artist.
I sing in a band, have tattoos, ride a motor cycle.  I am the wild side.

fantasy end of the world idea

Humans, seeking an alternate power source, unlocked an ancient gate leading to the pits of hell.  For years the monsters of the abyss flooded the earth, and even though we gave a good fight, we were out numbered and over powered.  For years now, those left alive lived in underground communities.  Soon units of specialized soldiers with super abilities rose to defend these homes.

The gate came from a time, a world, where dragons and wizards roamed.  A realm where necromancers and demons plotted do destroy everything holy and good in the world.  The gate rose as a doorway to the pits of hell for a dark necromancer bent on freeing an even more twisted god.  His plans were foiled when a dragon Princess and human warrior, whose ability to tap into the mind power, ended him. But the necromancer had one last thing in hand, and with his last breath, he encased the princess in a crystalline prison.  Unable to free her, and filled with rage, the warrior brought the gate down at the cost of his own life.

In the present day however and odd power source appeared on every ones radar.  Both demons and humans seeking this as a possible end game, sent skilled soldiers to seek the power source out.  What will the demons and soldiers find, or even better, whom?

 I will be playing the role of the soldier of old who is reincarnated in this world as the squad leader.

What I am looking for is 2 energetic and rowdy females.  One who will play the modern day lover to my character as well as one of the five team members of the squad. The other to plat the princess encased in crystal.  Pm me or post it here with a character idea as well as what power/ability you'd like her to have. 

Angelic War
This can be with 2 females, futa, or solo one on one
I'm looking for someone to play a female demoness for one on one or demoness and another race if 3way

angelic war

For millennia the heavens have been at war with the darker sides of the world.  Evil entities rising to great power and forming armies of pure darkness only to be halted by the celestial beings of good.  And vise versa, lights of heaven only getting foiled by the infernal beings after they gain a foot hold in the battles.  The war raged back and forth for centuries as empires on earth rose and fell.  This was until two unlikely beings found a way around it.  Selena, a high princess of hell, daughter to a war knight of hell, met the eyes of a lowly angelic solider.  Sevryn, a simple lieutenant in heavens army.  The two quarreled, with blow after blow seemingly weak of strength and urge of fighting.  The two's hearts fluttered and passion became the only thing they sought after.  They wanted the war to end, and above all, they wanted each other more. 

Two hundred years passed while searching for such an answer.  Two hundred years of love filled journeys to reals and dimensions unknown to man kind.  All of this of course done in secrecy of his leaders and her father.  That was until an over zealous angelic soldier caught them together on mission, and non the less caught them in the act of making love. 

That is when it all ended for them.

Selena fled to her father, only to find out he knew about her involvement for quiet some time.  He kept out hope that she was leading the angel on, and leading him to demise fitting a celestial waste.  But to his dismay, and her feuding he was wrong. Krel, a grand knight of hell, knew he couldn't just kill his only daughter, he knew she must pay for what she did.  So he sold her into slavery, she was to collect souls for the armies of hell.  After one hundred million souls or ten thousand years she would be released from her servitude and returned to the knight only to be bartered off for marriage.

Sevryn, however, got worse.  Stripped of his wings and banished to earth, the angelic solider was cursed to walk the earth for eternity without his memories and a sense of worthless ache and pain in his soul.  He couldn't die, even if he wanted to, and often he tried.  Yet every morning he attempted he'd awake the next day in the woods naked and alone.

Years passed and he spent his time as a ranger in the woods.  Only entering town to buy supplies for a journey that he doesn't know where he's going.  Also at times to wane his sexual needs and the hunger that comes with human beings.

Now we find ourselves in the town of Fall Crest, at the beginning of the moonlight festival.  Millions of people selling and buying trades and goods of any creed.  Millions of people seeking new lives and new gear.  Millions of souls for those who are looking



That is all that can be heard as one spins the dials on the nobs.  From the nine hundreds to the seventeen hundreds, all that can be heard is the rustling sounds of nothingness.  This is what one would find if they attempted to try the radios waves these days, Where there was once talk shows of the governments issues to stupid pop songs being played over and over and over again, one can find only one station.  1020 AM as it repeats "To the north, there is hope, there is salvation there are others"

So do you go north?

Radio Waves is an rp taking place in a post apocalyptic world where monsters roam freely and the human race has dwindled down to nothing.  In the year 2020 at the dawn of the new century, War broke out world wide and nuclear pacts were ignored.  To enhance the endangerment of such weaponry, Our sun experienced the most massive sun flare so far in its life.  The radiation waves affected the nuclear aspects and the world was plummeted into a darkness period.  For 6 years, animals and humans changed, some for the worst become creatures of nightmares, while others adapted and became better at living.  Then there was the one percent, those of us that didn't change, those of us that for better or worse must survive. 

What im looking for is one or two females to join me in this unique adventure.  We'll be starting out with my character Kyler Rienhart searching for this place of salvation.  While honing in to this radio station though on a dark night he was surprised to find a females voice screaming for aid and assistance.  The voice revealed her location and do his better judgment, Kyler started the journey to find her.  Along the way though he runs into another female, a thief in the night who steals his belongings.  Do they become friends? enemies? does he continue to find the voice on the other end of the radio?

this is up to us.

So im looking for two energetic and enthusiastic females.

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Re: Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2015, 04:03:44 PM »
Have a few interested in solo but anyone interested in mff scene's?

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Re: Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2015, 09:15:23 PM »

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Re: Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2015, 10:19:00 PM »

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Re: Loofing for a few new games! Solo or 3player
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2017, 09:13:23 AM »
Seeking to try some of these ideas again.