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Author Topic: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)  (Read 850 times)

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Offline Jmorty33Topic starter

It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« on: July 25, 2015, 11:05:21 PM »
Greetings and salutations sojourners! The names beneath the title, but for shorthand purposes just call me Morty if you like. For a little background (in case you're wondering), I'm currently attending college and majoring in Film. I've been an avid writer for about four  five years, nothing ever big like a novel, but a few short stories and a small fan fic or two. Other than that I'm a huge video game fan, Planeswalker, movie goer, Whovian, anime viewer, comic collector, etc.

For starters let's do a brief kink list:

Consensual- A personal preference, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to delve into some non-con things
Large Breasts
Older Partners
Story Driven
Clothed Sex
Sexy/Slutty Clothing
Dirty Talking
Face Fucking
Piercings (Sexual and non-Sexual)
Bondage (Light to Medium)
Tit fucking
Rough/Hardcore Sex
Ganguro- I dig it, so don't knock it.

Rape- Flat out no!
Tentacles- Just.... just please no
Permanent Disfiguration

RP Stuff-

Now, before you go I just have one request. Before you go and assume that I'm going to put in some trick phrase or keyword to use, I'm not going to do that. I'm just asking that you don't just glance over it and come to me with nothing. When you PM me please at least have a pairing or genre that you're interested in. Don't just say, "Hi, want to rp?" That's immediately going into the trash folder. If you have any ideas please put them in the PM so we can discuss it.


Normal (relatively)-
Teacher x Student (Preferably the teacher being female, but will consider being the teacher with the right plot)
Boss x Secretary
Mother x Son
Aunt x Nephew
Assassin x Assassin
Assassin x Target

General Settings and Series:

Time Traveling

Series (Really into fandoms so this might get extensive)-
Magic: The Gathering - Hell talk deck tech any time with me, but as for pairings I'm mainly looking to do something as Gideon or Sorin (Sorin x Avacyn anyone???). Though I may consider doing some things as or with some of my favorite legendary creatures. Other than that, nothing unless.... it involves beating the shit out of Jace! Why? Because fuck blue players! With that it's no longer playing Magic, it's "May I play Magic?".
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose - Oh boy this series.... this series. For those who don't know it you can go here to read the first 60 issues. A brief explanation would simply be: Jim Balent. Infamous for his Catwoman run and the way he enjoys drawing females and their costumes. Anyway the series follows around Tarot, a witch charged with guarding the balance between the magical and mortal worlds. It's bad, but it's guilty pleasure bad. Anyway, I'd love to do something in this setting. Whether or not we do OC's or canons, hell we could even do crossovers!
Mass Effect - YEAHHHHHH!!!!! Would love to do this, full on harem, or just one of the girls (Liara and Samara are my favorites). Only looking to play as MShep here though.
League of Legends- I would be interested in playing as either Yasuo, Lucian, Ezrael, Jayce, Eko, or Talon.
RWBY- Oh hell to the yes! If you don't know this series, go to YouTube, and watch it so Bernie and Matt allow Monty to keep making the show! Anyway I would be interested in doing an OC x OC, though I'm open to doing Jaune x Pyrrah, OC x Yang, OC x Weiss, or Sun x Blake.
Doctor Who- YES PLEASE! Though really only interested in 11 and River Song (Talk about femme fatale!) at this point in time. Though like The Doctor always says, time is always in flux!   
Young Justice- HELL YESSS! Right now I have a bit of an idea about Jason Todd coming back as Red Hood to get a little revenge on the team for not saving him and replacing him with Tim. I was thinking Miss Martian would be his first target. PM me for a bit more detail if you're interested (Warning: This will deal with corruption and a lot of kink and bondage play)
DC- I enjoy playing as Superman, Batman, Batman Beyond, Kyle Rayner, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Oliver Queen, Kent Nelson, and Tim Drake.
Marvel- Normally play as Perter Parker, Gambit, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, or Nova
Arrow- Olicity, yup, plain and simple.
Borderlands- I have an OC male Siren in mind but I can also play as Axton, Zer0, or Mordecai.
Gundam- Really any era, talk to me and we can figure something out. Though I've grown somewhat weary of Gundam Wing.
Bond series- Martini's anyone?
BioShock- Booker x Elizabeth (Quantum incest. Hot.)
Assassin's Creed
The Elder Scrolls
Outlaw Star- Gotta love that Aisha ClanClan
Dragonball Z- Mainly Vegeta and Bulma


Hero Couple Conundrum:
Crazy idea! A superhero idea, but OC, not Marvel or DC. But we can place the characters in either universe if you want. Regardless, the idea takes place with a married hero couple. The husband is speedster, able to travel at super speeds. The wife I'll leave up to my partner, but the outline I have in mind is her being the Superman type. Flight super strength, durability, you know the type. Well the two are happily married and righting the wrongs in the world together while somehow juggling their civilian lives. Though tragedy strikes. The husband is forced to run fast... faster than he ever has before. It's too fast. He breaks the cosmic barrier and is flung into dimensions unknown. Believed to be lost for ever, the wife is left widowed and grieving. As some time has passed the wife believes he's moving on, still doing her work as a hero to honor her lost love. But that love does not remained lost... One night a phenomena happens and a sonic boom slaps on to their street. As she investigates she finds a young man in the center of the phenomena, but the man is wearing her husbands hero costume. The young man sees her and immediately cries her name and latches on to her. Shocked to hear it she holds him back, only to see that the man looks exactly like her husband when he was a teen. Finally the man is able to prove that it's her long lost husband and the two are reunited. But it's short lived as they both realize that they can't resume their love as there was no way to explain themselves. So they must resume in private, in public he is now the long lost nephew who happened to inherit the same abilities. ((Looking to expand on this a bit with my partner))

Giantess Beach: This is a rough idea that is definitely open to being toyed with by my partner. Somewhere in the tropics there exists a resort full of giant women.  Every day is filled with sun, surf, and lounging by the pool.  The only thing the giantess' need is the opposite sex.  Stuck with their own kind for centuries, how will they react when someone of the other gender appears on their shores?

Looking for someone to play either one or multiple giantess'.  The opposite sex of said beings washes up and is taken into their care.  This is based on the Goddess Resort series by Gorthag:

Avatar: The Last Airbender, an AU story- Princess Yue x OC
    Ok before I begin, I know it's a bit of a faux pas to insert an OC with the main cast of the show, and even at such a pivotal moment in the series along with altering the history in the series, but it's my story and I think that it doesn't encroach upon it too much. So, here it goes:

A long time ago, further back than Aang and while the nations were still in harmony there was a plan between the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation to expand their territory. The Air Nomads, being content with their lot in life did not wish as such, so they were not involved. The three kingdoms gathered together a large amount of willing colonists and sent them out into the frontier past the Fire Nation to colonize. What was surprising to see that what was once though and previously mapped as an endless ocean had large landmasses beyond. The colonists were able to settle and contact with their homelands were frequent, but as time continued to pass it lessened to the point that the only contact was trade with the Fire Nation only. As contact diminished the three separate nations present in the colony began to blend and even form new distinctive traits from the mix; their own culture began to form. The art of bending became lost as more and more normal children were born, they grew to quickly adjust to harsh climate changes, distinctive tattoos became markings of the families that each belonged to, they even began to become quick and agile. From this new culture a new hierarchy formed, my characters family coming out on top as the ruler. Not all respected the hierarchy and there became a division, some moving further inland and others to the coast. My characters family line line continued, but a conflict arose when three son's were born: my characters father and his two uncles, Ilesh (the eldest of the three) and Hangyaku (the youngest). This had only happened a handful of times before and was decided that the king would be the one who could prove themselves in a series of challenges. All three were neck and neck until it came time to prove themselves in combat. After that challenge my characters (I'll call him Sorran for now) father was proven to be the rightful king, Ilesh accepted defeat with grace and respected the decision, but Hangyaku was secretly jealous and craved the throne. Sorran's father ruled just and fairly. Still, his uncle plotted in the shadows to overthrow him when the time was right. The time came and the Fire Nation Navy came with Ozai asking for their cooperation in supplying soldiers and their forgeries to aid the final stages of the war. Sorran's father refused to help and Ozai left, bitter at the once Fire Nation turned their back. Hangyaku took this as an opportunity to strike. He met with Ozai in secret and swore allegiance to him if he gave him the force to overthrow his brother. Ozai agreed and the insurgence began, Soran's father being the first to fall and in front of Sorran's eyes. Ilesh quickly took him and ran before Hangyaku could do away with Sorran. Hangyaku's insurrection caused turmoil as the Fire Nation moved in, the other areas fighting back in a rebellion while some accepted the Fire Nation's encroachment. From there Sorran trained with his uncle and others in various arts of combat to fight back and purge the Fire Nation from their land. They were tenacious but the fire benders were able to repel them and hope of victory slowly faded. It returned when the talk of a being called the Avatar, a master of all the elements and peace keeper of the nations. They believed that he could help them. Sorran took it upon himself to go beg the Avatar for his help. He assembled a team of his closest friends to accompany him back to the coast and smuggle themselves aboard a trading vessel bound for the Fire Nation and then track the Avatar. It took them months to reach the coast, meeting Fire Nation resistance along the way hindered their progress and Sorran even losing his friends due to his brash and arrogant nature. He carried on and made it aboard the vessel and arrived in the Fire Nation hearing that the Avatar was dead. The mission was for nothing. He left the Fire Nation, in fear of being found out and killed, and wandered, broken and mourning the loss of his friends. On his travels he met a kindly old man who helped him regain perspective and put him back together. After that he began searching for ways to topple the Fire Nation and then return home. He moved around the Earth Kingdom and joined groups that fought back against the Fire Nation until he found Jeong Jeong and the deserters and remained with them, helping in anyway they could to fightback. That was when the Avatar and his group came. Hope then reignited within him

My character would enter into the group at this time. Sorran is a mystery to the team and Sokka naturally doesn't trust him at first, but Aang's kind and naive nature gives him a chance and allows him to join their group. From there Sorran divulges who he is and his purpose, promising to aid Aang and his quest in return for his help in overthrowing his uncle. They arrive at the Northern Water Tribe and there Sorran meets Princess Yue, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He becomes enamored with her and spends most of his time, if he can, with her. They form a relationship, but then the revelation of her engagement and the Fire Nation Navy arriving must put it on hold. He would help lead the offensive against the Fire Nation, but first goes to help secure Aang at the spiritual oasis. He returns to the fray but breaks off when he sees Zhao and a small team move to the Oasis. He follows in secret and watches Zhao make his move against Tui and La. Before Zhao could land his blow, Sorran had an arrow knocked and released, burrying itself in his hand and preventing him from killing the spirit (and inadvertently saving Yue's life as well). The team is then able to repel the fleet and return the invaders into friendly waters. From there it becomes more open, Sorran's and Yue's relationship could continue and grow as she would break off her engagement and chose to travel with Team Avatar to see the world and really help others.

Batman: The Case of Pamela Isely (Poison Ivy x OC)
We all know about Pamela Isley's life after her accident, but what about before? Was there some man in her life? We don't know so it hit me, why not have one? So I picture my character as a man who was dating, and deeply in love, with Pamela. He's also a bit of a dork too. He was away working on his masters degree in biology when the accident happened. While he was away he finally decided to buy a ring and ask Pamela to marry him. After he finished his classes he came home only to hear the terrible news of Pamela's accident. He tried to go looking for her but all he found was a torn up apartment with tons of overgrowth and vegetation. That's when the news came on about Pamela now arising as a bioterrorist named Poison Ivy, he was heart broken. He watched as Pamela became deep rooted in this Ivy persona and it almost tore him apart. Finally, in a desperate attempt to try and help her, he went back to school. This time gaining degrees in criminal psychology and general psychology. He worked in some smaller jobs to gain experience in the field until he hardened himself to apply for a job at Arkham Asylum, the nut house that was holding Pamela. The asylum accepted him as their youngest doctor, being around his mid thirties, and he demands that he be Pamelas main psychiatrist. They were unaware of his past connection with her and decide to give him the job. Now armed with her profile and what he learned in school his main goal is to try and rehabilitate Pamela and try and get her out of Arkham and back into the normal world. Though her pheromone powers could prove too much for him and he could just become another one of Ivy's many puppets, but that's a chance he's willing to take.

So there they are, my ideas. PM me if interested in it.

Hope to hear from some of you guys!

Later Days!
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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2015, 03:10:35 AM »
Edit: Had to make some specifications in my pairings.

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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2015, 03:45:43 AM »
Another Edit: Moving some pairings around and highlighting new interests.

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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
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Edited: Deleted pairings.

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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2015, 10:12:15 PM »
Edited: Added to some pairings and working on a new idea.

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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« Reply #5 on: August 07, 2015, 12:14:41 AM »
Edited: Gave some more specifics in some pairings.

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Re: It's All in the Cards (M seeking F for fun times!)
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2015, 09:28:38 PM »
Edited: More pairing adjustments.