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August 22, 2017, 11:46:27 PM
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Author Topic: Long term, Literate Requests {F searching for serious plots}  (Read 658 times)

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Let me introduce myself. My name if Pyrelily and it's wonderful to see that you've stumbled onto my request thread. I'm lucky enough to say that I've been roleplaying for most of my life and I've been on Veks sites for quite some time. I never stretched my wings much on a variety of public forums, but I'm hoping that Elliquiy will give me the chance to explore not only character and world creation but my writing ability as well. A writer can always get better, right?

Here's some bits about my roleplay style:
{=} I can play male and female characters in a variety of pairings. MxF, MxM or FxF, any mix in between.
{=} Your own gender doesn't matter to me. You can be any variety of human, or lizard in hiding, as long as you're a polite, dedicated roleplayer who knows how to write, I'm fine with anything. We're playing a character, not ourselves. It doesn't matter to me.
{=} The best way to contact me is through PMs. I get notifications sent to my email, so if I'm online, I get them right away. But I do not roleplay through them. I like sticking with threads.
{=} I'm proud to say that I'm a literate roleplayer. I try to keep my average posts to three or four paragraphs, though I've been known to write more. It all depends on the situation in the plot. I make mistakes, as do you, and I'm no grammar nut, but I do everything I can to make my posts not only make sense but give enough to work with. I understand there are times when you can't write more than a paragraph or two, but I try to fight that and I ask my partner to try and do the same.
{=} I try to keep my roleplays to a plot over smut situation. While having a few sexy scenes is great, I can get a little bored of constantly writing smut. I've been known to skip over scenes to get back to the fun or important bits of a plot. I have a hard time writing stories by myself, so I use roleplaying as not only a way to escape from the chaos of my every day life and any potential roleplay partners are a great way to bounce ideas back and forth and finally get something written.
{=} I flourish in romantic settings. That's not to say the rough stuff is bad, but if you give me romance, I will love it.

.: :.

For the most part, I have two settings that I love the most.
{+} Fantasy - high, low, medieval, urban; give me some magic, supernatural creatures and the chance to be creative and I love it.
{+} Modern - Pretty self explanatory. I either make up my own areas or worlds or take a well known city and put in what the roleplay would need.

I have several other settings that I enjoy or would like to try.
{+} Original settings
{+} Alternate history of Earth
{+} Steam punk/Diesel punk
{+} Paranormal/Supernatural
{+} Sci-fi/space travel/Firefly-esque

They're all great. I may play in pre-made fandom worlds, but I always use OCs. Typically I try to avoid them though.

I don't have an O/Os page done yet, but my preference page is done up until then.
A few plot ideas I will never do are such things as...
{-} Incest
{-} Furries, anthros, etc. I can do the nekomusume if a plot really interests me, but no animal/beast/monster stuff.
{-} Death of the main characters (I believe in happy endings. Sorry about that.)

.: :.

If there is an idea you would like to try, please do not hesitate to send me a PM! I'm open to listening to new ideas.

{!} Rich x Poor/homeless
{!} Captured warrior/innocent x War lord (preferably fantasy for this one! I'd love it!)
{!} Drug addict x Dealer
{!} Knight x Thief/Mage
{!} Older man x Younger woman
{!} Nerdy x Sporty/popular student or coworker
{!} Opposites Attract
{!} College roommates
{!} Writer x Editor
{!} Vampire x Werewolf
{!} Super star x New manager

.: :.

It's Your Job
Supernatural characters (werewolf and vampire)/modern setting
Since the dawn of time, vampires and werewolves were at each others throats. The vampires looked down on the werewolves from their rich, well kept homes. Werewolves, on the other hand, stuck to the streets, living for their pack and hating the blood sucking snobs. From castles to the crowded streets of London and even now in the modern age, the two had been against each other. Time have changed though. Nearly a hundred years ago, the vampires began to realize they could no long hide themselves like they could and the werewolves were in desperate need of safe places to hide during their strongest time beneath the moon.

The two species have taken a deep breath and decided to put aside their differences long enough to come up with an agreement. Vampires will provide their homes for the wolves and in return, they will offer their protection. Especially during the day. Despite the agreement, there are still many battles between the two races and the struggle to adjust to their relatively knew situation.

{This RP could be done a few ways:
The vampire could treat the werewolf more like a pet than an equal. This obviously angers the werewolf.
The vampire would have to move into the werewolf's space to get out of another vampire's territory. They would have to adjust to no longer being in their own home, which would upset them in general.
The two of them could be entering college when they meet (possibly college for the third time around for the vampire). They're in neutral territory, an apartment or dorm situation, while having to adjust to each other.
There's so many options and I'm open to new ideas}

More to come

Thank you for taking a look. Hopefully something catches your eye and you'll send me a PM! I'm up for most ideas, so you can always throw one at me, if there's something you're after.
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Re: Long term, Literate Requests {F searching for long term}
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2015, 06:59:55 PM »
Edits are done for a bit! Added pairings, plots and settings.

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Re: Long term, Literate Requests {F searching for long term}
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2016, 01:35:45 PM »
Here's a bump! I updated an idea and since I've been away and now actively searching for several new rps, a bump is due :)