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Started by Neroon, November 02, 2008, 05:31:11 PM

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I've a few ideas worth dangling here to see if anyone bites.  I've seen that a common thing to do is post a collection, updating as necessary  Of course, there won't be too many ideas here, I'd hate to bore anyone with too much to read.  Not that that's likely as I tend to like to keep things creatively vague.

I find that in the scene-setting dialogues prior to starting, the storyline can take on many surprising shifts that subtly alter it from what I'd envisaged into a new form that is often better than the stories I had envisaged.  Hence the fact that all of these are tagged [UN].

So, if you're looking for long, detailed, synopses of plots, here is not the right place.  If, however, you're interested in working out details collaboratively to let the story unfold as it will, then read on and if anything appeals drop me a PM.

So, here are a pair of ideas to start with:

Boy Meets Witch [UN]

Fairly simple and straightforward, at a costume party, a man dressed as a vicar, meets a witch, who happens to be a real witch. What happens next?  Will she enchant him and use her powers to dominate him?  Will he blackmail her by threatening to reveal her secret, and thus get the upper hand?  Or will there be a comedy of manners as the two of them negotiate the inevitable culture clash between the two of them?  Or will it be yet another story, which I can't foresee?

See what I mean about "creatively vague"?

Ill Met [UN]

The ubiquitous vampire tale.  Gilbert Malancontri was an ambassador at large for Clan Toreador.  He is as proud as Lucifer and has a temper to match so, after being disciplined in the Courts of Love after a regretable incident with a powerful Ventrue's favourite blood-doll, he took the Cross and now is in the Principality of Antioch, seeking to encouage its Prince to lead it's Cainites into the Third Crusade.  Of course, being a Toreador, he is always susceptible to beauty and becomes enamoured of a woman he sees there.  Who is she?  Is she mortal or a vampire like he?  Is she Latin, Byzantine or one of the indginous folk, either Hebrew or muslim?  What will the fallout of his pursuit of her be?

There you go, some of the little ideas that percolate their way through what passes for my brain.

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