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Author Topic: Blood in the Inkwell (All Gender Pairings) (Long-Term) (Plot-Driven)  (Read 1964 times)

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Blood in the Inkwell - Erythrite's Ideas

Status: Not actively looking, tentatively open to discussion.
I am not actively looking, but I always encourage anyone who thinks we would be a good fit to contact me.  All PMs will be replied to, even if it's just to say that I'm not interested at the moment.

Hello. And thank you for stopping by my search thread.  If you want to contact me, please do so through PMs and do not post here so I can keep things neat and tidy.  I have attempted to outline my likes and dislikes as best I can in my O/O page , so please take a look at it to see if we would be compatible as RPers.  You can also find links to all of my stories on E in my O/Os to get an idea of my writing style across various genres, as well as the expectations I have of partners.  Here are a few of the basics to give you an idea of whether you are interested in delving deeper:

Story.  I am looking for long-term, plot-based stories.  We don't need to hash out the whole plot right away and I like plotting to be an ongoing give-and-take between partners that can evolve, grow, and change as we go.  However, I do expect the plot to be a major focus throughout.  I am not interested in anything sex-based.  Also, just because a theme/setting/etc. might not be listed among my current ideas, does not mean I'm not interested.  I am open to most genres and settings.

Medium Posting Rate.  I post as my muse and my free time dictates, but I try not to keep my partners waiting for too long.  That being said, I can't consistently promise a post a day, though sometimes I might give you more than that.  At the moment thoguh, fair warning, my post rate is often slower than I would like.  Also, I will almost never drop a game if my partner has to take a hiatus.  If I was interested in the first place, I'll likely still be interested when it's time to pick it up again.  If you're an old RP partner who had to put a hold on things, feel free to get in contact with me again.

Detailed and Grammatical Posts.  I'm looking for partners who are not afraid of details and have a good understanding of English spelling and grammar.  I do believe in quality over quantity, and in some scenes there just isn't a lot to say, but if you're consistently giving me far less than I'm giving you, we're going to have a problem.  I won't fuss over small mistakes, but too many mistakes to the point that I have trouble understanding your post, I'm going to lose interest.

Complex Characters. I am obsessed with character development.  If you intrigue me with an interesting character pitch, I will definitely be excited to write with you.  My idea of a good character is one with both strengths and weaknesses, good and bad sides, and a character who certainly is not perfect or all-powerful; defined as much, if not more, by their flaws than their skills.  The character should be believable for the setting and have an at least partially thought-out background and personality, though I don't demand profiles.

Forums.  I'm not interested in playing by messenger, PM, or email.

Pairings. I write both male and female characters, and will do M/M, F/F, or M/F romantic pairings.  I will also do nonromantic pairings, nonsexual pairings, and play characters pretty much anywhere on the demi/pan/bi/asexual spectrum.  I don't care about what gender my writing partners are; I only care about the quality of their writing.  I'm willing to write multiple characters per story and as many NPCs as are needed, or even sometimes take on a 'GM' role, or write a character for someone else to GM.  Though I have had plenty of characters with non-traditional gender identifications in my stories, I have never written as/opposite a physically trans or ambiguously sexed character, but I would be willing to do so provided the issue was dealt with tastefully and not used purely for the sake of sexual exploitation.  For the right story I am open to three-or-moresomes.

I do not take a first-come, first-served approach to RPing.  I assess potential partners for compatibility.  Please do not be offended if I decide not to write with you; it's nothing personal, nor is it likely to be a reflection of your skill, but rather because I simply think we wouldn't be compatible, and I've learned that it's better not to try to force it with writers I'm not very compatible with.  I am looking for people who I am excited to write with, and who are excited to write with me.  Please keep in mind that my limited time dictates that I will be picky regarding brainstorming; I wouldn't want to lead anyone on if I don't think we would work well together, and of course brainstorming takes time and effort as well.

Regarding Tone.  I am currently more interested in stories with a darker focus.  For clarification of what I mean when I say 'a darker focus', please see my O/Os, in particular my 'note on extreme content' in the first post.

Rules for Contacting Me.  If you would like to contact me, please do so through PM only.  I typically don't use offsite means to communicate with RP partners unless we already know each other very well.  Please don't nag me if I don't reply to your PM right away.  I'll get to it.  It's a personal rule that I never leave people hanging, even if it's only to say 'I'm not interested.'
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History/Alternate History/Historical Fantasy
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2015, 07:04:27 PM »
History/Alternate History/Historical Fantasy

Stories based, either loosely or firmly, in history, which may or may not contain fantasy or sci-fi elements.

More Detailed Plots - History With Fantasy

Curses and Conspiracies
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: Mythical Ancient China
Elements and Themes: Martial Arts/Wuxia, Chinese mythology, forced partnership
I will write: The male character
After almost single-handedly quashing the Red River Rebellion, a wide-spread and violent peasant uprising, honored general Zheng Tianyu set his sights higher and soon claimed the title of emperor for himself. Debates of succession had long occupied the former royal line, and he believed it his grim and solemn duty to purge the imperial court of its petty schemers and blatant debauchery. All the while, foreign invaders skirmish at China's borders and discontent continues to grow amongst the tribes in the southern lands.
She is a cloistered martial sister with an unfortunate aptitude for spirits who believes that she hears the voices of the gods, and he is an indirect victim of the purge of the imperial court, and some might say one of the last remaining members of the 'true' imperial family.  Having recently split from the Beggar's Sect over his 'questionable moral outlook', he has taken to the life of a wanderer and is truly alone for the first time in his life, which suits him just fine.  Unfortunately for him, his solitude is not to last.  When she receives an ominous vision, one in which he is mysteriously at the forefront of, she appoints herself as his companion and the two embark on a mad journey.
I can't take full credit for this idea, as it is one I built with a partner a long time ago but never got the chance to play out.

Blood and Steel Reserved
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: Napoleonic Wars and onwards
Elements and Themes: Supernatural fantasy, vampires, age/experience difference, clashing personalities, difficult romance, major historical events
I will write: Either
He is a poor yet driven Russian soldier, one of many to enlist as his only means of social and financial advancement, only to eventually have his tenacity and skill fail him; falling at the bloody Battle of Borodino.  She is an ancient vampire from decadent Southern Europe, following Napoleon's advancing troops into Russia to gorge herself on the blood of the slain.  When she finds him nearly dead on the battlefield, she turns him on a whim, lonely and desirous of a more permanent companionship than what humans can provide.  Faced with a new life he never asked for and a sire different from him in almost every way who refuses to conform to his expectations of women, how will he adjust and what challenges will the two face through the ages?
I see this being a very character-driven story.  Both characters would have strong personalities and some difficulties getting along at first.  Ideally, this story would span several decades or longer to take a broader view of the lives (afterlives?) of these two characters and how they impact history, as well as how the historical events they live through impact them.  I might be willing to set the starting point earlier, so long as it was during a major war.

More Detailed Plots - History Without Fantasy

The Bloody Countess
Potential pairings: M/F, F/F
Setting: Flexible.  Preferably an alternate 1500s-1600s Central or Eastern Europe
Elements and Themes: Moral ambiguity, brutality of war/disease/famine, difficulties of ruling/power, mental illness, woman in a man's world, forbidden romance
I will write: The Countess
Death and brutality have been a part of her life since childhood.  Happiness was not on the agenda when there were lands to manage, a man to marry, heirs to produce, wars to fight (and finance) and traitors to punish.  But with her husband dead and her first child stillborn, she finds herself alone and suddenly struck with thoughts of her own mortality and what kind of legacy she will leave behind.  To others, she is a powerful, eligible, and still young widow waiting to be snapped up, but for the first time she is the director of her own life and will let nothing stand between her and her desires and ambitions.  As she confronts the harsh realities of war, greed, betrayal, hardship, and her own inner demons, only one person has a hope of keeping her from slipping beyond the point of no return, though that very person may prove to be her undoing as well.
I imagine this to be a very dark story with many elements of stark realism, though for the sake of my sanity, it will be set in somewhat of an alternate universe so as not to contradict facts too blatantly.  The idea of the countess is a bit of an amalgam of various powerful women throughout history, many of whom were considered great yet also rather unbalanced.  This is the feel I would like to find with the character; teetering on the line between madness and greatness, rather than pushing her too far to either side.  As for her partner, I imagine not one of the men who will come to court her, but someone below her station or otherwise inappropriate for her who manages to bring out a softer side of her and attempts to keep her from slipping too far into madness or self-destruction.  A F/F pairing is just as possible as a M/F pairing for this one as I definitely imagine the character to be bisexual and equally attracted to both genders.  Age difference is possible; either making the countess a bit older and her consort fairly young, or pairing her with an older person who may start out as a mentor or adviser to her.

Key Witness
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: 1950s or earlier, location flexible
Elements and Themes: Crime, violence, moral quandaries
I will write: Either
This is a fairly flexible idea based on the central dynamic of one character being a witness to something and the other needing to protect them from those who want to keep them from sharing what they know, especially in front of a judge.  I could imagine this taking place anywhere from the 1920s to the 1950s, and the 'case' could be something gang-related or perhaps something much larger; some sort of international issue.  I'm also willing to flip the usual stereotype and have the woman be the one protecting the man, though I do imagine this one as definitely M/F.

General Ideas - With or Without Fantasy

Wild West

- A city woman's estranged husband dies, leaving her to either take over his business in a frontier town or go bankrupt.  He could have been in mining, oil, or ranching.  Location of the 'frontier town' up for discussion.  Possible other characters: her husband's business partner, the town mayor or sheriff, a city-educated doctor who arrived several years prior, the proprietress of the local inn, her husband's (pregnant?) mistress.

- A story revolving around a gold rush town.

- A story focusing on the Native American side in a historical conflict between natives and settlers.  Possible supernatural elements.

- A story about a bounty hunter and his (her?) apprentice.


- Two soldiers from opposite sides are separated from their units and have to survive together in the trenches.  A partial (or complete) language barrier might be interesting here.  One character could be temporarily blind and/or mute from a mustard gas attack.  Romantic connection between the characters optional.  M/M or would be open to M/F with one character a female disguised as a young man.  Possible supernatural horror elements.

Various Eras

- Something revolving around criminals in basically any era/location.  With or without fantasy elements.  Could range anywhere from lighthearted to dark.

- A story involving an arranged marriage.

- Something political; a 'battle for the throne' kind of story involving courtly intrigue and scheming.

- Stories based on/around basically any mythology.

- Dark and slightly pulpy historical sci-fi involving !super science! 

General Settings

Golden Age of Piracy
Ancient Japan
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
American Wild West
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Enlightenment Europe
Renaissance Italy
Northern Renaissance
Dark Ages
Medieval Period

Probably just about anything else.  Feed my historical obsession.
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« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2015, 08:28:03 AM »

Stories not based in the real world which contain fantasy elements.

More Detailed Plots

The Sacrifice
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: Arabian Fantasy
Elements and Themes: Religion and superstition, mythical fantasy
I will write: Either
She is meant to be the sacrifice to appease a fearsome creature.  But what happens when the creature shows up to claim her and proves to be significantly less fearsome than his reputation suggests...and entirely unprepared to accept a human sacrifice?
The guy here could be actually some sort of supernatural being, but less ferocious than believed, or just a very skilled human con artist who's taken advantage of people's superstitions so that they'll 'sacrifice' various things to him.  I'd also like to see an even bigger big bad who has it out for him for some reason.  Perhaps the creature he's been impersonating actually returns?  I'd like to play around with region-specific mythology and give it a distinctly Arabian fantasy (as opposed to more default generic fantasy) spin.

A Tale of Two Apprentices
Potential pairings: M/F, M/M, F/F
Setting: Fantasy, flexible
Elements and Themes: Competition, pre-existing history, heavy/overt fantasy/magic use, opposites attract
They have known each other practically forever; the only two apprentices taken by the most powerful mage to have ever lived.  Their vastly different skills and outlooks are nearly as opposite as night and day, dictating that they have not always gotten along or seen fact they rarely have.  Their differences have never kept them from attempting to outdo each other however, and from the time their master was no longer around to force them to stay in line, they have each been determined to prove themselves the more powerful and worthy of the two.  Their master chose well however, as neither is ever able to entirely overcome the other.  When they fight, they cancel each other out, but when they can manage to work together, they complement, and are more powerful than any single practitioner could be.  But what will it take for them to see that?

Not-So Happily Ever After
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: Fantasy, flexible
Elements and Themes: Deception, manipulation, loss of innocence, love triangle
I will write: Either
She got her fairy tale ending; a poor, common girl noticed by the prince and whisked away to a life of riches and luxury the likes of which she had only before dreamed about.  The novelty wears off quickly though when she realizes that her marriage was one of political strategy more than the love she'd thought was between her and her prince, and she and the prince barely seem to have anything in common at all.  When she is approached by a man with plans to topple the monarchy who asks for her help, will she turn her back on her life of privilege to aid his cause?
There are a lot of different ways this story could go, depending on my partner's preferences.  We could make the prince or the second man the outright villain, or keep it in a bit of a moral grey area.  I'm also willing to have the girl end up with the second man, or the prince (either when they realize they do actually love each other, or simply out of duty and convenience) or neither.  Or, we could simply start off with a basic idea and let the characters choose.  The amount of magic in this story is also up for discussion, as it could either be played very heavily, or almost nonexistent.  I would want whoever was writing the prince to also write the second man, and the other person would write the girl, and possibly other characters.

The Paladin and the Monster
Potential pairings: M/F
Setting: Sword and sorcery fantasy
Elements and Themes: Redemption, dark romance, opposites attract
I will write: The Monster
He is a paladin, renowned for his long years of service in ridding the land of the evil beasts that plague it.  When his latest quest brings him to the lair of a reclusive monster, he finds a creature both more human and more ruthless than he was expecting.
I'm imagining sort of a gender-swapped Beauty and the Beast story, though the 'monster' here probably won't transform into a beautiful woman; I'd rather just have her somewhere in the middle from the start; not beautiful, but not completely monstrous either.  The main issue between her and the hero would be her rather loose take on morality, with him being a very staunch, moralistic, 'white knight' type.

General Ideas

- A fantasy setting in an arctic land where in the winter the sun rarely shows itself, but in summer it rarely retreats, and the ground is never entirely devoid of frost.  I see this being less about magic than about the fantastical and very dangerous creatures that accompany the already dangerous elements.  I would like the two characters to be thrust together by necessity; perhaps one a local of this harsh clime and the other a 'softer' type in need of protection.

- A hero epic set in a world revolving around African mythological fantasy.  I have only a vague idea for a plot; one that would essentially involve a hero's quest, perhaps by a warrior and an oracle type character.  The story structure would be fairly familiar, but the setting would be somewhat unconventional.  Though the initial idea I had in mind would be sort of a hero epic where the main character(s) save their people from some primordial evil, I am strongly drawn to the idea of African fantasy, so I would be willing to consider a variety of different plots in this setting, either based on actual myths or completely original.  I wouldn't expect historical accuracy for this story, but would welcome a willingness to research and incorporate actual historical and cultural elements.

- Any kind of 'twisted fairy tale.'  Bonus points for an obscure fairy tale or unusual setting.

- A story involving selkies or water spirits.

- Stories involving warrior women.
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Modern/Urban Fantasy
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2015, 08:38:21 AM »
Modern/Urban Fantasy

Stories based in the modern real world which may or may not contain fantasy elements.

More Detailed Plots

Urban Decay
Potential pairings: M/F, M/M, F/F
Setting: Dark urban fantasy
Elements and themes: Moral ambiguity, immortality, secret societies
The world seemed larger then; too many dark, unexplored corners of the globe, too much left unexplained, too much danger and uncertainty.  They were necessary then; the 'guardians of humanity', as they had once so arrogantly and self-righteously called themselves; more often than not guarding humanity from each other and themselves.  In time, electric lights lit the darkness, and reason conquered superstitious ignorance.  Mythical heroes were no longer needed, but that didn't mean they were all willing to fade into oblivion, even when it seemed the very power that kept them sustained was fading from the world, and they had to resort to more and more desperate means of keeping themselves youthful and powerful.  Perhaps, eventually, the selfish need to linger in a changing world became more important than the purpose they had once pledged themselves to.  This is the story of those who lived long enough to see themselves become the villains.
This is a loose idea as far as technicalities are concerned, but there is a very distinct feel to it; it is a story about, essentially, washed-up and not always morally sound mythical heroes.  The characters in the story may or may not actually be mythical heroes of history, but they will certainly identify with them and have egos to match.  I imagine this story rife with things like blood rituals and age-old feuds.  The characters should be anti-heroes at best, perhaps creeping into villain territory at worst, though not cartoonishly so.  The psychology, motivations, and backstories of the characters would be very important in this story, and I would love to have someone to iron out the details with.

I Told You So
Potential pairings: M/F, M/M, F/F
Setting: Modern
Elements and themes: Murder, crime, quirky dark comedy
I will write: Attempted hero, serial killer (?)
He/she is a shut-in.  Crippled by a plethora of mental health issues that prevent him/her from living what most would consider a 'normal' life, but he/she doesn't mind so much.  There's an internet job for money, a cat for companionship, books/movies for entertainment, and a corner store that's open late for those occasional supply runs - what more does a person need?  But when a socially inept recluse accidentally discovers a serial killer as well as who their next target is going to be, what is there to do but to be a hero, whether the future victim wants to be saved or not?
I imagine this as having heavy elements of dark humor, but ultimately being a serious story with a lot of character development.  Romantic attachment between the two main characters optional, but ideally they would form some kind of bond, even if they don't get along at first.

General Ideas

- A story involving a serial killer who only kills people that ask to be killed.  Potential supernatural twist could involve the character being a vampire or other supernatural creature that needs to feed on humans.

- Anything involving demonic possession.  Could either be a very dark story dealing largely with the moral implications and emotional turmoil following a possession, or a more 'quirky' story involving demons that aren't actually evil, but just a bit 'off' with their ideas of morality.  Possible 3-way relationship between possessed person, demon, and would-be exorcist?

- A story about a character who is granted mental powers by a brain tumor.  The closer they get to death, the stronger their powers become.

- A story revolving around the black market organ harvesting business.  Would prefer no supernatural elements in this one; just a lot of crime, interesting characters, and moral ambiguity.

- Urban fantasy involving fae creatures, particularly ones that are 'under exposed' or viewed as throwaway evil minions in typical fantasy (for example goblins)

- Criminals, cops, street-level vigilantes, and psychologists.  Basically anything that has to do with them, I'll probably write.

- A story involving the personification of plagues, or ancient gods, attempting to survive in the modern world.

- A story centering around a bitter, sarcastic, anti-hero angel in an urban setting.
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Science Fiction
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2015, 09:15:08 AM »
Science Fiction

Stories in various settings which contain sci-fi elements.

More Developed Stories

Potential pairings: M/F, F/F
Setting: Far future sci-fi, space travel/colonization
Elements and Themes: Very slow building relationship, survival, heavy genetic and cybernetic modification, cultural differences
I will write: The colonizer
She was part of humanity's best hope for colonization of distant planets; heavily modified both through genetic tweaking and cybernetic implants to be long-lived, durable, adaptable, and capable of surviving long periods of cryo-sleep.  She was sent away in her own auto-piloted ship equipped with all the tools to seed a human society.  Arriving several hundred years later on a planet never before seen by the eyes of an intelligent being, she wakes to find the majority of her supplies and equipment destroyed.  Unable to fulfill her mission, she is left with no option but to make a solitary life for herself on this new planet...but she can't really complain.  That was what she was made for, isn't it?  Though alternating periods of wakefulness and cryo-sleep, she endures hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years.  She sees the planet evolve around her, waking to a new world every time.  Then, suddenly, her life of solitude is shattered when another ship from Earth arrives; this one carrying living humans.
I've had the idea for this character for a long time, and I think with the right partner this could be an amazing story.  This would be a very slow and difficult romance, and might not even be a 'romance' at all in the most typical sense of the word.  I've left the role of the other character intentionally open, but I will be very picky about what sorts of characters I will consider for the role.

The Bodyguard Under Discussion
Potential pairings: M/F, M/M
Setting: Modern or near future light sci-fi
Elements and Themes: Gray morality, unlikely romance
I will write: The scientist
He is a brilliant young scientist working for one of the most powerful companies in the world to develop cutting-edge and controversial new medical treatments.  After an attempt on his life on his way to work by 'radicals' who oppose his research, he is assigned a bodyguard by the corporation.  The two have little in common and at first barely speak, both annoyed at the necessity of being in almost constant company with the other.  Eventually an unlikely connection begins to form between them, just as they begin to suspect that the corporation might not be quite what it says it is...
I'd be open to either a male or a female character as the bodyguard.  Exact specifics of what the scientist is working on and what the company plans to do with it can be discussed.

No Mercy
Potential pairings: M/F, F/F, M/M
Setting: Dark sci-fi
Elements and Themes: Class struggles, debt, murder, mind control
I will write: Either
With the world population exceeding 20 billion, natural resources are all but gone, and what's left is firmly under the control of the wealthiest 1% of the massive population, leaving everyone else to suffer from starvation, exposure, and disease in the expansive slums that cover the majority of the planet.  There is one way out of this living nightmare for those who are born into it; become a donor.  Registered donors are taken from the slums and given proper homes in clean cities, medical care, clean water, good food, and are often not even required to work.  The catch is that when one of their body parts is needed to save the life of one of the 1%, it is simply taken...sometimes leaving them dead, other times maimed, weak, in pain, but still 'viable' for future harvests.  The collectors are the ones who do the grisly work; once considered failed experiments from the era of cybernetic experimentation, they have been revived to do the dirty work that no self-respecting 'human' would do.  They are reliable and ruthless, but when one accidentally breaks free of their programming and decides to help their target rather than harvest them, it quickly becomes a situation that threatens the entire system.

Alone Together
Potential pairings: M/F, M/M, F/F
Setting: Futuristic hard sci-fi
Elements and Themes: Isolation, survival, potential horror
Mining in the asteroid belt is a dirty, thankless, and lonely job; thankfully mostly done by drones.  However, the system has not yet been streamlined to the point that no human interaction is needed.  For one such mining outpost, exactly two people are required for the job.  They will spend years at their post, seeing no one but each other, and if something goes wrong, they'll have no one but each other to rely on.
There are a lot of options for this story; it could be a tamer romance mostly about the characters' relationship, or it could go more in a survival horror direction when something goes wrong at the facility; think something along the lines of the movie 'Gravity.'  It would also be interesting to explore different motivations for the characters to be there.  Maybe one is an ex-con looking for a  fresh start, or one of the characters could be working the job in order to earn enough money to pay for the care of a loved one back on Earth.

General Ideas

- This idea is still very basic in my mind, but essentially I would like to do a story in a Matrix-like virtual reality world that for some reason or other is beginning to crumble.  However, rather than having the humans trapped in this world by the machines, I would like the twist to be that this is essentially the only way for humans to survive because the 'real' world is no longer viable for biological life.  The 'machines' in this case will be caretaker AIs which manifest as people with 'powers' (unknown to the general populace) in the virtual reality world.  I would like the plot to center around the discovery of the truth, and the eventual need to leave the virtual world in order to make some sort of 'repairs' in the real world.  The danger here will come mostly from the environment rather than antagonists, though some AIs with 'conflicting ideas' about how humans should be treated could be incorporated.  Human/AI romance would also be an interesting angle to explore with this one.

- A story involving a small and isolated planet with few natural resources and no strategic value; the perfect place to dump the universe's criminals; those who have committed the most horrifying crimes, those who have committed relatively minor infractions, and maybe a few unlucky people that someone, somewhere, just wanted to get rid of.  Supplies are scarce and life is hard.  Those who survive do so either through exceptional intelligence...or exceptional brutality.
I have less in the way of a specific storyline for this and am more just intrigued by the setting and the multitude of possibilities it offers.  Perhaps the plot could revolve around the attempt to build a ship capable of getting off-planet, or it could be the story of how a few people attempt to bring order and create something akin to an actual society on the planet.  This would be the perfect setting to explore 'exotic' pairings and I probably wouldn't really want to play (or play opposite) a human unless each partner took on multiple characters.

- A story in a post-human society.  All characters are AIs...though they may or may not be aware of that fact.
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