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Author Topic: Taming Of A Woman, Prudish Style (Both F And M Wanted)  (Read 455 times)

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Taming Of A Woman, Prudish Style (Both F And M Wanted)
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:14:22 PM »
Hello! :)

Okay, so... what follows might be a bit vague. Please bear with me... ;)

I'd like to play in an RP based around the idea a young, independent-minded woman being transformed into a very old-fashioned, prudish-looking and very submissive wife. Here on E, I've seen request for stories involving women receiving training etc. on being submissive sluts or bimbos... but what I'd like is a story where a woman is trained / changed / forced to become a submissive prude, a wife of almost Victorian mindset when it comes to behaviour and relationship with her husband.

Here are two images that might serve as a visual inspiration:

Image 1

Image 2 (warning: sexism)

Basically, in this story, a modern woman would somehow be forced to dress in a manner similar to these images (long dresses, strict buttoned-up blouses and shirts, demure hairstyle etc.), as well as behave very lady-like and submissive toward men, especially her husband / fiance. She'd have to obey him, never argue with him, run his house etc. She'd also have to behave like a "proper lady" all the time.

I have a few ideas for plots involving this kind of situation:

  • Arranged Marriage / Marriage of Convenience: the female character is a young woman who, for some reason (be it familial pressure or financial necessity), marries an (a least a little) older guy of definitely conservative mindset. Once she becomes his wife, she has to follow her husbands very traditional expectations of what she should be like as a wife.
  • Traditional Wife School: the female character is already a wife... and her husband isn't satisfied with her. So, he sends her to a special "academy" where she will be trained into being an utterly proper lady!
  • Patriarchal Dystopia: the female character is a woman who, for some reason, becomes trapped in a patriarchal society (think a situation a bit similar to The Handmaid's Tale). Once there, she is forced to behave like other women there... would she submit and accept her new role, or try resisting or escaping?
  • Wife Of A Mind-Controlling Pastor: the female character catches the attention of a pastor with an ability to control human minds. With this power, he brainwashes the woman into his idea of a perfect wife for himself!

Overall, there are many possibilities here - from the female character entering this kind of relationship semi-voluntarily, through her being forced to submit to some kind of "wife training", to her being literally brainwashed into being this way. In any case, there's always this transformation from a modern-minded woman to a prudish and submissive traditional wife.

In such an RP, I'd be interested both in playing the female character and the man whom she submits to. Either role is interesting! So, I'd be looking for a writing partner interested playing either side of these scenarios - I'll accommodate :) BTW. The writing partner's real-life gender doesn't matter to me!

So... would you be interested in developing a story like that? If so, please PM me and let's discuss details! :)

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Re: Taming Of A Woman, Prudish Style (Both F And M Wanted)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2015, 07:58:58 AM »
Would like to discuss Ideas on this I  think it would be most interesting I wonder if its also the lady in the day whore at night  idea or the behaviour  is followed in the picate setting too  PM if you are keen to discuss ideas on this