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June 18, 2018, 06:28:05 PM

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Author Topic: Primco Luxtuvaun // Trapped Scenario// F for M  (Read 267 times)

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Primco Luxtuvaun // Trapped Scenario// F for M
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:18:27 AM »
Bonjour curious or interested players!

I've been out of RP for a while, and have recently returned. As such, I've put together a list of characters with two (ideal) scenarios I'm looking to play. For the sake of not posting the same stuff everywhere, there's a link to the "Characters" section of my On/Off page, which (you'll see) has two tabs/buttons/spoilers for each character. One housing their dossier info, and the other strictly for the two ideas I wanted to present for each of them.

They can be found here >>> CHARACTERS

For the sake of those who want a sample, I've chosen to highlight Primco Luxtuvaun, with the "Trapped" scenario. This is a sampling, for fuller details on her and other ideas, please check out the "CHARACTERS" thread linked above

Primco Luxtuvaun (Acquirer/Badlander)
Primco Brief
Name: Primco Luxtuvaun
Alias: Co, Lux, Vaun
Age: 30
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 154 lbs
Body Type: Buxom, Athletic
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Identifying Marks: Various small scars, two star-like scars through the right side of her abdomen, front and back. Surgical scar three inches below left breast. A diagonal scar across her left hand, starting between thumb and forefinger. (Brands) 13 horizontal bars branded down the left side of her neck just under her ear.

Reputation::- Primco  is a world renowned Acquirer; rumored to be able to get anything anyone could ever want-- for a price. It's also well known that she doesn't always deal in cash, and that part of her success is her network of IOU's. It's also said Primco will kill those who try to back out of a deal. For those familiar with Badlander lore, Primco is said to be the highest barred Badlander still alive. (feel free to inquire about Badlander lore!)

Trapped Scenario
* all scenarios have the possibility for intimacy/smutt, but it's dependent on character/RP chemistry.
Setting::- Medieval/Realistic OR Medieval/Supernatural.
A cave, huge--overgrown sink hole, castle vault/dungeon; etc.
Think closed space, not easy to get out of without help. Day or night, any weather.
Scenario::- Primco was unleashing her renowned wrath of bloody, bone-shattering
violence when a new player joined the fray to take her on and in doing so, got them both
trapped, countering her counters. When they settle, they notice the chaos from above/outside,
has gone silent. It appears they've been abandoned (whose to stop Titans from fighting?) to
find a way out themselves.
The Guy::- ((#1)) Bounty Hunter. Could be supernatural. Gruff and skilled
as they come. He heard the rumors and reputations, but didn't really know what he was
getting into when he accepted the private bounty from a private "Collector." He's never had
 a problem delivering flesh before, grey morals, but then again he's never been trapped with
 a bounty like her before either.
((#2)) Target. Could be supernatural. He was among those in her war-path (we can
 discuss why) but among the few willing to attack her, rather than wait to defend against
 her lethality-- the only one of those among those victims to survive the the initial impact.
 Whether or not he cares that she still wants to kill him, her alignment complicates his
 ability to get out of their predicament.

+ Once more, Primco isn't the only character I play, I currently have four pre-made-chars to choose from, and may be inclined to make one specifically for an idea if the one presented inspires me to.

+ Primco is without a doubt the most dangerous and lethal human character I've ever played and made, which means I seek her to be played across/against men who're capable similarly-- both mentally and physically. Even so, I'm not looking to play her dominating or beating anyone up as any kind of focal point, even though it's the opening scene.

+ In the highlighted scenario above, it's important to note, this scene is meant to start out aggressive and violent-- though to what degree your character partakes in, is totally up to you-- Primco will be in kill-mode to start.

+ For background perspective on Primco, not included on her character info page.. Badlanders are a ritualistic, selective breeding, human boundary pushing type of culture. The bars on their necks represent different levels of skills, successful challenges, training and so forth. They're also a measure of danger. To be a ten-barred Badlander is said to be perfect, balanced in physical, emotional and mental prowess. The higher it goes, the more mentally unstable the Badlander is believed to be. Most Badlanders of 12 or more, are killed because they pose a danger to the group. Primco is the highest barred Badlander still alive, and some Badlanders believe she is their Messiah and will deliver them from the shadows of the world, into the masses as rulers among men (humans.) Others believe she will be the Harbinger of Death for all Badlanders.

+ The ONLY way to know about Badlanders and their lore is to have met a Badlander and been taken into their confidence-- usually as an ally, trade partner, or asset for specific tasks and needs. All other humans on the planet, don't even know they exist. * Working with Primco as an Acquirer, doesn't mean they'll know about her as a Badlander.

+ Regardless of the man you play, Bounty Hunter or Target, I'd like you to decide how much you'd like the guy to know about her before we begin the play. In other words, ask any questions they might need the info for to support what you have in mind.

In posting this, I'll be off to catch some sleep. I ask that you message me on here if interested in playing something, this idea, one of my other ones, or something of your own. I also encourage you to scroll up (from the CHARACTERS) section, to review my other preferences before messages me with your interest. Afterall, I may not be what you're looking for.

Please, somewhere, let me know what and who you're interested in playing and if you know who YOU want to play, even if it's to say you want me to make a character (though know I don't do that on a whim.) Feel free to use the character's first name or nickname and the scenario # you like if that's easiest. Either way, I want your first message to me to be more than a greeting. My time is limited, so I like to start the RP discussion from the gate-- even if you want to chit-chat within and inbetween.

I'm AVAILABLE for play around// 7am-11am and/or 2pm-9:30pm Sun-Thurs if I sign on at all and otherwise allday/night Friday and Saturday //