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Author Topic: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities  (Read 816 times)

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Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« on: November 02, 2008, 07:52:07 AM »
Looking for some Partners:

I have a few concepts and scenes in my mind that I wouldn't mind playing out with a partner.  Some of them are scenes that I've done with others, some of them are completely new, some of them are.. nothing.

All scenes are M/M by default.  I can be tempted into trying otherwise, but it would be pretty hard to persuade ^_^.  I really don't mind if my writing partner is a guy or a girl, as it has little effect on the words that will be appearing on the screen.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Look at my on/off-ables, send me a PM, and we can probably work something out.  I am as interested in working out other people's ideas and concepts as I am my own.

That said, there doesn't need to be any m/ming in the story.  By that, I mean we can have a completely clean game.  Anything and everything can be done really. 

I am shying away from games that are just smut though.

I will be leaving taken ideas up here just so people can see the sorts of ideas that run around in my head.  Think of them as samples.

The Knight and the Unicorn  Taken!

Type: Fantasy

The king is dying.  The royal magician has dispatched knights to every corner of the known world in search of the one thing that could cure the king.. a unicorn.

One night, tested and true, had found a unicorn.  Using an item forged by the dark magic of the wizard he has forced the unicorn into a human-ish form (The item in my mind is a thick, black collar).  Now to make the long trek back towards the kingdom.

What the characters don't know: The king has been dead for a while now and the court magician is to blame.  No one has seen the king, so no one knows.  The magician has been acting as "spokesperson" for the king during his time of illness.  Once the unicorn reaches the castle, his life will come to an end by the magician's hand for some dark purpose.

What could happen: This could go one of several ways.  The knight is just and true, and the unicorn is pure and good.  At best result, the Knight lets the unicorn go since this is a creature for pure good (thus disobeying the word of his "king").  At the worst option is that the completes his quest, and the unicorn will die.  The actual outcome of this will probably be somewhere in the middle.

Naughty: Much naughty potential between the unicorn and knight.  Just how con and how tender it is depends on how the two characters intact with one another.

What a Twist!:  Who is to say the knight has to be a paragon or virtue?  The game suddenly takes a much different turn if the poor unicorn is forced to travel with a man who's cold, and potentially evil.  That would change the dynamics completely.


Coin Operated Boy Taken!

Type: Modern / Sci-fi?

Meet Casey Dresden.  He's pretty cute.  Smooth pale skin, bright shiney eyes, raven black hair which always seem to be just to the left of unsettled, and the whirling sounds of gears instead of a heartbeat

Simply put, Casey is a construct.  His skin is soft and warm like that of a living human, he reacts and behaves as though he were alive (though he usually doesn't know what exactly is going on), and usually has a body that will react the way a human's would.

Casey is a character concept that I've had and used in various threads before.  He's always been a little bit different, the only constants being that he is an artificial person, and that he is somewhat upbeat and quirky.

What the characters don't know: It all depends on how Casey is used.

Ways Casey has been used before:

- Delivered as a gift to the house of a loney university student as a companion.  The sender is unknown.  The company messed up the order though, sending the male model as opposed to the female model..

- Casey was built by an engeneer at a university for the department of defence.  The concept of a super soldier is always appealing to them.  Casey makes a friend with a human university student, and both grow very close (game decides just how close).  Conflict comes in the way of the military wanting to take Casey away, however the engineer designed Casey to have a personality, and at this point things of the boy as his own son.  What happens?

What could happen: It all depends on how Casey is used.  He could very well be nothing more than a sex bot with a smile.  If he's more than that, Casey will be seeing and exploring the world for the first time, making almost everything beyond basic knowledge of his surroundings an adventure for him.  Casey can also lead into an examination of what exactly is considered human, and in what way does an artificial one differ from a real one.

Naughty: Casey is fully functional, and willing to learn and explore.  What more, for those with somewhat darker interests, Casey isn't really human, even though he'll act like one.

What a Twist!
: Add in a second construct with Casey, and the theme can go from Casey being with a human, to Casey being with another artificial.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.


An Angel? Taken!

Modern/ Fantasy

A young man is in the hospital.  His entire life he's been moved around from place to place, hospital to hospital (the nature of his weakness or disease can be decided when a thread starts).  He has a strong imagination, and wants nothing more than to explore the world outside of the sterile hospitals walls.  Not to mention it's a lonely life.

Enter an Angel.  Specifically, one of the Angel's of Death.  He hangs around the hospital alot, since he is going to be collecting a fair numbers of souls from here.  He and the young man come to eachother's attention, and some sort of lose friendship is formed (the young man will take any friendship, he's somewhat lacking in that department).  The angel's motives are discussable. 

What the Character's don't know: The angel is about to get the young man's name.  Something is going to happen in a few days, his time is up.

What could happen: This ideas has two real things that I sort of hope will happen.  One of them is smut, the other is angst.  That's right, I want crying in each others arms kinda angst.  Not to say they are sitting around slitting their wrists, but the concept of they both meet someone, form a bond, only to have it ripped away appeals to the angst lover in me.

Naughty: As the scene is currently planned, there could be much naughty between the angel and the young man.  Just how much is up for debate.

What a Twist!: Suppose you don't want to use angels?  Suppose you want to use demons?  They're also concerned for souls, but in a slightly different way.  This would add a much darker, and potentially angst-ier twist to this idea.


Atlantis Rising


Atlanstis has risen again, and is ready to take its place on the world stage.  This is a problem as no one really believes it exists, at least not in the way it has risen.  Atlantis has continued to evolve, and is well beyond what the rest of the world is like at the moment.  They have technology that borders on magic.. and could very well be magic for all the rest of the world understands.  A deeply spiritual people, the Atlanteans have risen their home out of the water's depths because they feel they must play a more active role in the world, seeing how the world appears to be crumbling around them.  They have their own views on how the world's problems should be fixed (and they have a view on everything), from the environment, to the economy, to terrorism. 

The world is a pretty set place though, and world politics are shakey enough without adding in a completely unknown power.  What's even worse.. this power seems to be larger than the naturally accepted super powers on the globe.  The world hasn't reacted too well to Atlantis, and many governments don't even recognise them as a nation.

To better understand the people of today (and hopefully make themselves better understood), Atlantis has sent one diplomat to every country that would accept them.  These diplomates are artists, priests and poets, not hardened politicians and lawyers.  In theory they are there to bridge a gap between the two peoples, to bring them closer together, to judge the people's reactions and feelings about Atlantis being around.

The characters involved will be one of these diplomates, and someone assigned to the diplomat.  It could be a scientist, or a political aid, security guard, politician, intelligence bureau, the list is endless.  Someone who would be working very closely with the diplomat on behalf of their government.

This game could also work as a small group game, and not necessarily just as a one on one.  As is, there will be a need for whoever plays this to accept possible other roles as well, such as other politicials, world leaders, the power base of atlantis, etc

What the Character's don't know: Something is about to happen, something big.  What exactly will be decided when we set up the scene.  Whatever it is will put major strain on the relationship between Atlantis and the country the game is being set in.  The countries could have a scuffle in a third country, maybe Atlantis starts making orders (pull out of "insert conflict here" or we'll step in and end it), or maybe the country is planning to attack atlantis, either on it's own or part of a secret coalition, to fix a situation before it's even started.

What could happen: The characters might have to go on the run.  They might try and find somewhere safe inside the country as the diplomat would be the only Antlantean running around, and the government would see that as a thread.  Maybe they would have to find someway to get to Atlantis.  The diplomat might be put in "protective custody", and due to the closeness the two characters develop, the other would be suspected of sympathies for the other side.  Really, whatever happens will be decided on by what sort of crisis develops.

Naughty: There is a big potential for naughty, depending on how close the two characters get.  That said, there might not be anything naughty that happens between them, they could just become really close friends.

What a Twist!: What if the conflict has already broken out, and the diplomat is already being held "prisoner" by the other side?  Or what if an attack happened on Atlantis, and an enemy soldier is being held by Atlantis, and the diplomat is the one in charge of getting to know the soldier, and understand why this attack happened?

I will admit that because of the somewhat larger nature of this game idea, I will be rather picky about accepting a player for this one.  Not to say that you shouldn't ask, just that if you do ask, realise that it's going to be a bit of a complex one in which the friendship between the two characters in face of what they are experiencing, not the smut, is what's really important here.  Not saying I don't want smut, just that it's not the main purpose or driving force.

Rest will be added as I finish writing them
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Offline Sunny

Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2008, 12:09:38 PM »
I love your Coin Operated Boy idea. Since im not allowed to participate yet, i can say that i love the idea of him being delivered instead of a female. I would love to RP as the young man who gets him by accident.

Offline j9nightelf

Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2008, 02:11:54 PM »
I have PMed you regarding you Knight and Unicorn idea.

Offline Pixilicious

Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2008, 04:17:36 PM »
I have also PM'ed you about a M/M idea that I've had :)

Offline YattaTopic starter

Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2008, 06:50:15 PM »
I see the PMs I've gotten O_o

I will PM everyone back, and be sure to drop me a line when you get accepted Sunny!

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Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2008, 11:51:58 PM »
I am truly facinated in regard of the Coin Operated Boy.
That would be loads of fun indeed.

I would love to play it off with you if at all possible.

Offline Sunny

Re: Yatta's Bag of M/M Possibilities
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2008, 12:34:28 AM »
Blush, i will drop you a line or two. Im working on my character's profile now. Trying to make sure he is believable and all that jazz. lol. Right now he will be my only char but i hope to create more later