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Author Topic: Elegant Extremes {fantasy games, mostly m/m, some m/f, even a little futa}  (Read 400 times)

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Offline FinothingTopic starter

Hi there! Fin here. Welcome to my search thread. Most things you need to know about my kinks are Here & Here. So if you see something you like below check them out and see if we're a match.
Right now I'm only looking for fantasy games.
I'm a big fantasy, mythology, royalty kick right now so most of these ideas include a little of that. A little world-building can also be a plus. I'm open to variations of these ideas all the time so send me a message if you've got an idea.
I prefer PM and Email games, but I'll also do AIM or
If you absolutely can't do these, I'll forum.

*= particularly craving

*1.Her New King (M/F)-history/fantasy(either works), taboo, (pregnancy), incest
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When the king dies in battle and the news reaches the queen and her son the prince (now the new king), the two team together to prepare him for the throne. But in the process a forbidden romance blooms and the queen finds herself pregnant with her son's baby.  (I'd take the Queen.)
Idea OPEN. This one's had some trouble. Every time a partner has picked it up they've dropped it. So if anyone is interested and feels they can stick to it, let me know.

2.Fertility Goddess (M/F)- fantasy/sci-fi, pregnancy, romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A woman discovers that she has super genes when it comes to reproducing, much to her boyfriend/husband's surprise. She is literally a fertility goddess, who becomes mega-pregnant each time they conceive. (I would play the woman.)
IdeaTAKEN but I might consider variations if you have any ideas.

3.Royal Mischief (M/M)- fantasy, forbidden, romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a fantasy setting, the king and his closest servant have been attracted to one another for a long time now, but neither has acted on this urge. Eventually, it becomes too much to keep a secret. But who will make the first move. (I could play either role in this case.)
Idea in use!

4.Brutal (M/M)- fantasy,non-con,inter-species, forbidden
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a fantasy setting, a revered warrior/political figure (an elf or fae) is taken hostage by his enemies-- a clan of goblins. The leader goblin has his way with the fae, mostly as an act of humiliation. But it isn't over there. When the fae escapes he makes sure to hunt down that particular goblin and "return the favor." Eventually this strange relationship becomes something unexpected to both of them. (I'd like to play the fae/elf.)
Idea Taken. But also interested in variations of the idea.

5. Horny (M/M) maybe (M/F)- fantasy, adventure, romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a fantasy setting, two horned males (preferably a satyr and a faun) are taken prisoner at the same time. Despite prejudices about one another they team up together to escape and find comfort in one another's arms in the process.
I would like to play the faun. Prefer for the pairing to be a more strong, pig-headed type (the satyr) with more of a playful, magical type (faun).
Idea OPEN!

6. Revenge (M/M)- dark, non-con, bdsm
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A classic story I've done before but it never gets old, one character betrays the other. Years later he comes back and has his revenge. But are they both enjoying it?
Probably Extreme elements, BDSM and dark themes.
I would prefer it in a Fantasy setting this time since I've already done it in Historical.
Idea OPEN!

7. The Beast in the Labyrinth (M/M) or (M/F) if the warrior is Female. fantasy, forbidden, mythology, interspecies
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Much like the story in Greek mythology, a heroic character braves the maze to defeat the beast within. However, the beast (possibly a Minotaur) does not eat him. The have heated sex and the warrior is allowed to live and free the other trapped people in the maze. He promises the beast before parting that when he owns the castle and the labyrinth he will set him free. But how will he re-introduce his new lover to society?
Probably some Extreme elements in the beginning.
I would like to play the warrior and am looking for someone to play the beast. What the creature is will be for us to decide.
Idea OPEN.

*8. Roles Reversed- (M/M) maybe (M/F) if you can convince me. fantasy/history, forbidden, taboo
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Someone in great power (either an emperor or a king or a duke) suddenly finds themselves sexually dominated by a slave/servant. This continues, consensual, as the person in power realizes it relieves stress and leads to less mistakes on his part. But will the servant soon want more?
Look for someone to play the slave/servant?
Idea OPEN. Ask me about it.

9.His New Magician (M/F)- fantasy, romance, forbidden, taming
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A kind of Arthurian setting, the (king) Arthur figure's trusted magician/sage (Merlin) has passed away (or left) and now he needs a replacement. To his surprise, he finds one but not in the form he expects. A rather young fae-human hybrid woman comes in to take the magician's place, lending her seer and magical prowess. But the king is taken in by more than just her mythical abilities and chemistry soon forms between them. She would be feisty and a bit more untamed than the human women he is used to in the court so there would be headbutting and tension between them as their cultures collide.
Romance, but we can bring in elements of all kinds of Kinkiness and non-vanilla stuff as they become more comfortable with each other.
Looking for someone to play the king character!
OPEN! Ask me about it!
(Fun VARIATION on this idea)- gang bang
Keeping in line with the Arthurian theme, perhaps all of the king's twelve loyal knights fall in love with the fae woman. At first there would be fighting among them about who would win her heart. But because she comes from a society of polyamory, she encourages them to share her love. The king is hesitant but eventually agrees. A chance for more hardcore sex scenes involving gang-bangs. Perhaps one of the knights betrays the others however and tries to abduct the fae later on.

*10. Magical Gang Bang - M x multiple M (maybe can be convinced to play an F)- gang bang, smut, fantasy, taming, non-con
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a fantasy world where different sets of creatures (satyrs, fae, centaurs, elves, etc) have prejudices against each other, one tribe of strong creatures (probably something like centaurs, maybe goblins if you want to be scarier) capture a more magical creature (elf/fairy/etc something like that) and take him back to a temple for a sexual ritual where they gang bang him both for the magical benefit and also for fun. What happens from there we would have to decide as we plot the story out.
Looking for someone to play the LEADER of this gang/tribe and the tribesmen. I would play the Fairy.
This isn't my usual type of story in that there isn't much plot, it's more just smut. But we can work out more details to flesh out more of a full story perhaps after the initial non-con stage. I usually don't play victims who just submit so don't expect a simpering victim.
Game NEW and OPEN.

11. Fantasy Breeding Madness- extreme, fantasy/scifi- (M/M) / (M/F) /(M/futa) or (Multiple M x F) (Multiple M x Futa): capture, pregnancy, (mpreg), body alteration, bestiality, breeding, incest, other extreme elements
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A scientist/magician wants to create a set of perfect familiars and sell them to other magic users. But to do this organically he needs a vessel/mother to breed with the beasts that have the perfect genes. Rather than finding females for all the male specimen he has, he captures a female magical creature (fairy/elf/other/maybe something we make up) that will be especially beneficial for the project. He will use his own magic/science to turn this captured subject into the perfect vessel to be impregnated by all of his beasts, as well a good cow to give milk to all of them. As well as this he will probably casually fuck them as well, unable to resist. Over time the subject will become lost in the rapture of being "mother" to all the perfect familiars and lover to the genius who modified them to perfection.
IDEALLY: I want the subject to be male, transformed into a mother. He will develop breasts and become a futa and be feminized for the magician's own pleasure. However, I can be talked into playing a female if someone is persuasive enough.
LOOKING for someone to play the MAGICIAN/SCIENTIST who can also give some life to the beasts that impregnate my character. Some of the infants will grow up and be inbred with their "mother" to create even superior specimen.
STATUS: NEW and OPEN. Ask about it!

12. All Out of Nymphs- fantasy, mythology- (M/M)- anthro, master/servant, mythical creatures, kinky
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A great bestial warrior (perhaps a Minotaur, a centaur or a satyr) has finally been promoted among the Queen's ranks. Now he is ready to be rewarded with his own personal nymph, as the Queen promises for all her top warrior chiefs. But there is a bit of a hitch. The kingdom is short of nymphs. So this manly, burly warrior is sent a timid androgynous little faun. The faun wants only to please him but the warrior, who has never lain with a man or fucked ass before, is outraged that he did not get a supple-breasted, wide-hipped nymph. But that is until he one night commands his new faun to ride his cock, just to see what it feels like, and he is blown away by just how tight and amazing his new toy feels. Soon he is training his plaything to do all kinds of freaky things for him and the faun will take him better than any nymph will. Love even begins to form.
Looking for someone to play the WARRIOR. I will play the Faun.
Status: Game is NEW and OPEN.

13. Queen Cow- fantasy, comedy, romance- (M/F)- lactation, kinky, D/s
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A play on the King Kong idea where an exotic novelty is captured from an uncharted island, YC is one of the men who discovers a tribe of people who appear half-bovine and they capture what appears to be the Queen to take back to New York for an exhibit. But YC grows fond of her and discovers she learns quickly and is attracted to him. They develop a sexual relationship and he becomes her milker and master and lover and eventually decides to help her escape back to her home, especially after he discovers she is pregnant with his baby.
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Offline FinothingTopic starter

Re: elegant extremes {looking for fantasy games, both m/f & m/m}
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 04:29:44 PM »
Added  "His New Magician," an M/F game if anyone is interested. Some others still open too. PM me if interested. :3

Offline FinothingTopic starter

Re: Elegant Extremes {fantasy games, mostly m/m, some m/f, even a little futa}
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2015, 12:06:27 AM »
Added "Magical Gang Bang," "Fantasy Breeding Madness," "All Out of Nymphs" and "Queen Cow."
Really craving: "Her New King," "Roles Reversed,"and  "Magical Gang Bang".

I'm now also available on RPNow.Net.
Just PM me. Don't reply to this thread.