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Author Topic: GM Looking for Female Adventurer for Dark Fantasy RP (Bondage, Story)  (Read 500 times)

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Offline Darrow HuckTopic starter

All call! His Magnificence, the Emperor Ullis Dane, has decreed that his bravest, most capable and virtuous citizens are to bring the light of his benevolent empire to the last of the untamed wilds of the world. He seeks diplomats, scholars, and leaders to make contacts with the peoples of the Porollis islands. Adventure, wealth, and glory await those who aid His Magnificence' agents in establishing treaty of mutual benefit with the mysterious natives of the islands, exploring the dark regions of the unknown lands, and bringing home knowledge, tokens, and treasures from for His Magnificence' glory!

I'm looking for someone to play in a dark fantasy game that I will be GMing. The premise is that your character will be joining an expedition to the islands of Porollis. They are the last place in the world that is not either a puppet state to or ruled outright by the Empire. The expedition is ostensibly to establish peaceful contact with the natives, but a dark secret about the mission, about the islands, and about the Empire itself waits for our heroine as she sails toward the last unlit corner of the world.

The story will be dark, but that does not mean non-stop ugliness and grimderp. This a world where there is plenty of light to contrast with the darkness that the story will venture into. The game will feature plenty of smut, but will also have a strong plot. There is a story here that I want to tell with this adventure, and any smut that comes into it will be used in service of that story.

My GMing style is to give the player/players a lot of room to go in the direction they wish. I prefer to keep my plans broad and loose, and I like running with things when my players present me with good ideas or opportunities. Of course, one of my favorite kinds of opportunities is having players face the consequences for their actions

The setting will be a low fantasy world. The Empire's shadow falls over many regions and cultures, some more advanced than others. The heart of The Empire, the most developed part of the world, has medieval technology, just short of the advent of gunpowder.
-The expanding reach of the Empire has brought more social mobility and economic freedom to the world, but for most places in the world this represents a new order encroaching on old traditions.
-Magic is uncommon. Only agents working for The Emperor are allowed to practice magic, and it is generally more utilitarian than “shooting fireballs at people”. General knowledge about magic, however, is fairly common among anyone who educated.
-Monsters are very rare, usually appearing on the newest, least developed parts of the empire. What monsters do exist are very dangerous; having been a part of a group that succeeded in slaying a monster would make one a well-known hero.
-The only common race in the world is humanity. Elves exist, but are very fae-like and tend to appear and vanish when least expected. Their ways, goals, and abilities are shrouded in mystery. A person is most likely to encounter one who is glamored to appear to be human.

I'm looking for someone to play a strong, confident, mostly good-aligned female adventurer (female writers, please). Someone who can take the initiative in getting herself out of trouble and who doesn't break easily. She can either be a seasoned warrior or a talented novice, but she should be at least competent. No nymphos who are looking to fuck everything they see.

This story will feature:
-Light pain (whipping, rough treatment, no mutilation or broken bones)
-Light humiliation

The story will be written in third person. I'm agnostic whether we do it in threads or PMs. Posting should be at least once a week with 2-3 paragraphs.

If you're interested, please PM me. I try to respond to everyone who sends me a proposition, to in the very least tell them why if I reject it. Here are some questions you can answer to get you started:
-What sexual elements do you want from the RP?
-What story elements do you want from the RP?
-What questions do you have about the setting?
-Do you have any ideas that you'd like to share that would modify the premise?
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Online Melieli

Hey, there :3

I read your post, and I would love to give your story a try! I'm quite interested in the dark/gritty themed of roleplay where there is a sense of realism in the way the story progresses.

Mm, did you want to kind of explore the struggles of a lone female adventurer in a world that is often unforgiving?

Offline Darrow HuckTopic starter

Please respond with PMs instead of posting in the thread.

(Thread locked to keep it clean. RP is still open).
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