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Author Topic: Bringing back some oldies but goodies (Multiple plots)  (Read 563 times)

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Bringing back some oldies but goodies (Multiple plots)
« on: November 01, 2008, 08:28:11 PM »
Some older ideas of mine that didnt get as much play as i would have liked, im looking to start some of them up again.  :D

  • Immoral Desire (((Taken)))
    Mom has been going out a lot more since dad died in a plane crash on his way home form a business trip, and leaving her two teenage children at home for sometimes days at a time. The two rely on eachother, the youngest just having turned 18, and the oldest, 22. But since both of them take care of each other in their mothers stead, they have no time for their own personal lives. Over the past few weeks, the two have been thinking of each other differently... Even though it was looked at as wrong between the two siblings... they still wonder just what it would be like to Have Sex with each other. Who better to surrender your verginity to than a member of your family that you love dearly and trust with your life? Both of them  have thought this very same thing, but it has been eating away at them for a long time. Now again.. mother is preparing to go out, Will this night, finally be the night that the two surrender their body to the other? Though the elder has a secret Side. A more of a mean streak for taking command of others. The elder of the 2 would no doubt have read enough material to make the other do things to please them... but in the end, what will become of them? Will they fall in love as brother and sister, or as master, and Sex slave? only time, and their first encounter together, would tell.
  • Misbegotten Experiments
    In the early summer, a series of sightings amongst the homeless had caught the notice of a group of people that dabbled in the supernatural for a living. The reports were stated as sightings of a “Wolf, that resembled a man, and fed on the homeless population.” this report caught the eyes of the people belonging to the “Midnight Suns” organization. A team of scientists looking to experiment on and run extensive testing on captured creatures of the supernatural race called Lycans, Or werewolves. The werewolf in question was merely a confused 17 year old man, who after so often of not eating, would change into this terrible creature, and feed on the humans dotting the alleys of the Las Vegas Slums. When the Wolf had been spotted again, weeks of planning and setting a trap had come to fruition for the organization, and they managed to capture him while he was feeding, having tainted the human he was feeding on with a special drug that targeted the Werewolves DNA.=, causing him to black out for three days.

    When he awoke he was chained to a wall, no cloths, to idea where he was, and no clue what was going to happen to him. Of the days to come, a female doctor had been performing all manner of tests on him, ranging from how much pain he could withstand, to how much time he could last in long and grueling Exercises. Though now, for some reason… that same doctor was looking at him… strangely. An odd smile on her lips as she watched him, studied him. There was lust in her eyes, seeing him as a kind of prey, much like he did the humans he fed on. She looked at him with a sexual lust, and one of satisfaction when she hurt him… he had no doubt in his mind, that she frequently crossed the line between pain… and pleasure. And as it seemed… HE was her next toy. To use as she desired… her personal sex slave. She was after all… the only doctor with access to him. Without her word… no one but her could lay a eye, let alone a finger on him.
  • To hunt a Killer, or to Kill a hunter? (((Taken)))
    A vast and large kingdom, filled with wonder, glory, and of course, crime and murder. One such killer has been loose for some time, no one ever able to bring the murderer down. He has gotten away time and time again, and until today, no one has tried. A female assassin has been paid off to find and hunt down this horrid killer, her skill said to have been on par with his own, perhaps greater. The killer of course, knows of this new face in the works, yet another after his neck. Though he takes a different interest in her. He actually likes being chased by her, and purposely gets her attention with random acts of violence. The game of cat and mouse is on, but just who is the cat, and who, the mouse?

    fantasy setting, though can be modded for current day if the partner desires. Will have full blown Rape situations, weather on part of the male (Myself) of the female partner should she so choose. Of course as stated, I don’t mind Rping with men that can play female roles either. Will contain violence of course, bloodletting, death. Your standard killer vs. killer scenario.
  • A Sire and Childe (((Taken)))
    Deep in the City of L.A, a powerful vampire has grown bored with the world around him. So much so that he has gone to extremes to keep himself occupied. Though lately, he had discovered a new way to have some form of fun. He has spotted a woman that he would very much like to make his childe. To turn her into a vampire, and make her his. He would train her in his ways, and perhaps be a little more than just her master. He had desires as well, and this one was defiant, and aggressive. A new challenge for him indeed. Though his actions were being watched… and some sought to unseat him from his acquired power…

    looking for a partner than can play an aggressive woman. Will have non-con, and Slight bondage, and switch for all that are interested. All points of this are negotiable of course ;)
  • A master and slave? (((Taken)))
    Jason has been a man of business for many years. He has made several partners in the world of money. But he doesn’t traffic in the likes of normal goods… no, not at all. What he does is for a private practice. He takes young and willing women, and turns them into Sex slaves and sells them to the highest bidder. Though he keeps many for himself, they listen to his every whim. They are his pets, to do with what he desires. They dress for him, play with him, do anything he asks of them with no questions or complaints. He thought he had the perfect life for a long time, but then something in him started to change. He was stricken with a sickness that he was told would claim his life in a few years, and he started to really rethink his lifestyle. His woman stayed with him, but he began to look at them differently, treat them differently. He was considering choosing one of them, to be with him not as a slave, but as his wife. The only certain item was that she would have her ways from his teachings still… Dressing in costumes, kinky sex, all of it she would still love. But there would be something more for him there. Would he declare his love to one of his Pets? Or will he continue to sell them to the highest bidder? Only time would tell, and time, was not a luxury he had, anymore.

    -looking for a member to play one of the “Pet” slaves.
    -would like it if said member was into a bit of exhibitionism, costume dressing, particular to naughty talk, but that is negotiable Wink
    -is alright with light restraining, tied hands, blindfolds. Light stuff, no heavy S&M
    -submissive player preferred for this one, though swapping from Sub to Dom would be quite fun as well
    -This RP contains a Romantic value as well, since the story itself is a man looking to finally settle down when his life is the price.

  • Trouble at Lemmith [MUL] (Modern)

    Late winter rolls in normally in the world above the ocean surface, but under it, in a ocean floor research station known as Lemmith, it’s a reoccurring set of days. The daughter of the head of the research station is always coming to visit her father and her best friend that works for him. But as often as she comes, the only ones she knows are her father, and David, her childhood friend. One day, on her normal visits to the laboratory, an alarm sounds, an alarm that has never had to sound since the lab was built. There is a violent rumble throughout, and the flood warning alarms sound.  The lab itself is large, but it seems a winter storm had caused a overhead cargo freighter’s steel crates to plummet into the ocean, and one of them had strolled into a course toward Lemmith. The crate caused extensive damage in the section She and he friend were walking through, and the area began to flood.

    After many hours of moving from place to place, trying to stay ahead of the flooding, it finally slows to a near stop. Though something is strange. It looked as though, she and her friend were the only ones left in the labs. Through the intercoms, there was nothing but static, and every one of the emergency mini subs were gone. It looked like they had evacuated without the two of you. Stranded at the bottom of the pacific ocean in a large and damaged undersea laboratory, they are forced to try and find a way to get to the surface again, or try to get help before the flooding resumes. Even through the lb is only 175 feet from the surface, a human would die before reaching the top just from the crushing pressure alone…

    This could also be a cuddly story, though much drama and tense moments can be tossed in for some pretty great twists and turns I think. Also, this has a potential to be turned into a pretty nice small group game if any are interested. Sex is optional, but im guessing that the childhood friends may get lonely, or seek warmth in the only other person with them. But again, this one is optional.
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Offline Dizzied

Re: Bringing back some oldies but goodies (Multiple plots)
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2008, 11:27:27 PM »
Sire & Childe sounds fun! 

Offline Belladonna1

Re: Bringing back some oldies but goodies (Multiple plots)
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2008, 01:28:26 AM »
I'd love to do Master and Slave with you!!! PM me!!

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Bringing back some oldies but goodies (Multiple plots)
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2008, 03:44:25 AM »
sire and childe, and master and slave sound good.