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Author Topic: F 4 M | Idea Thread | Descriptive RP ONLY  (Read 8950 times)

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Welcome to Hell
« Reply #25 on: August 21, 2016, 07:50:12 PM »
Welcome to Hell
((Getting this one out of my head))

Genre: Sci-fi
Elements: Suspense/Inter-species/Power-Play/Bondage/Possible Non-Con/Possible +MMMF(F)

  • She (who I will play) [Banner is suggested PB; negotiable]
    • A C.O.H. (Corporate Owned Human, commonly pronounced Cow) from a D.L. (Designed Laborer) "Factory" where other DLs are bred, their embryos taken, manipulated (sometimes with Debtor DNA) and specialized for the tasks they are expected to preform; DLs can live up to 200 hundred years but many are "decommissioned" (killed) in as few as 20 for "ineffective" or "defective" DNA.
    • An Engineer Class COH DL, designation EPF7-991, better known as Engineer Murphy Tesla; 38 cycles (years)
      [I imagine her a tall and curvy 5'10", 142 lbs, red hair, green-amber eyes, dusky skin..., open to suggestions]
    • Before the "defect" of her violent tendencies toward other COHs was revealed in the pressures of the working environments, she was selected to be "Naturally" bred in the Factory she was designed in before she could be tainted by the population. It was a completely corporate run affair in which she stood in a line with other female COHs selected for "natural" breeding (as opposed to the ones who just gave samples), a seemingly endless line, and when she got toward the front, not only saw how she would be bred (bent over a cushioned bar adjusted for height, rammed from behind, sealed with "cunt-tape" and then sent off to wait), but that the males were in a similar line on the other side of the breeding couple. Each step forward was another COH bred and sent to await the fertilization results, then to be removed if successful, or sent back into the line if not. Murphy was a rare case of being fertile by all medical and scientific accounts, but after two years and 240 trips through the dreadful line (and 123 unofficial lab experiments with her eggs) without success, she was released to work as an Engineer (with a "breeding defect" in her record) where she excelled in everything but team-work...almost as if every fiber of her being was hostile toward others.
    • She has worked as a back-up engineer on a watery moon for her first assignment, one year in, two inch thick file of complaints, and a flooded sample room and connecting corridor later and she was re-assigned to a land-mining station on a planet large enough to pass her around for three more years before no station would risk the property damage as a result of fighting with other COHs. She had some success working an asteroid field where her interactions with others were limited, but just shy of her seventh year she avoided damaging the machinery or facility, but outright killed another COH; which for the corporation was better than her prior damages that had to be fixed, not just replaced. Taking a soft punishment on an ice-planet bording a system neighbor to the system she'd later find herself in, she became more aggressive toward the other workers and very territorial over her work space. It only took 2 years before she was pulled for evaluation.
    • Scheduled for "decommission" (DCON) due to defect (territorial, prone to aggression and violence) when PX3-0914876, better known as Hell, proved a rich source of multiple profitable ore, but so inhospitable even the COH DLs were being destroyed every six months and the policy for DCON's to be diverted first to Hell if they qualified for the needed functions; Murphy was the 3rd one in after the policy change and has held the outpost alone for five years.
    • 3 years ago, Murphy's DCON status was rescinded and her Engineer status reinstated; she also learned that this was a result not of her excellent work being alone on an entire planet, but a bet between executives about how long she would live on Hell, the loser forced to reinstate her, and she does not know what they'd have gotten out of the bet if they'd won...
    • She has not seen another person in five years, except through a vid-screen, because even her monthly shipments are delivered by machines from the ships that bring them and pick up ore.  She lives in a bunker beneath the surface of Hell because the planet is circling a red dwarf, which is circling a blue giant, which is trailed by the tango of two nebula, and there is no dark side, night, or season but too hot to survive outside, even in a suit, for more than a couple hours (more about Hell below). She is there because the machines break and someone must figure out why and fix it in addition to providing proper expectation for productivity based on the survey data provided by more machines. Murphy enjoys the solitude and the simple complexity of the machines and has prospered on Hell.
    • While she doesn't get along well with others, and her breeding was never successful, she is quite fertile and filled with aching desires enough to have requested a pleasure droid last year, after the announcement of Hell's record ore export. The same executive who lost the bet and gave her back her Engineer status, also accepted her request, but he sent a female version instead of the male she requested. Murphy rebuilt her a little to have interchangeable parts, cock and cunt, and makes use of her anyway... IMAGE1-NSFW | IMAGE2-NSFW
    • She cannot cook, hunt for food, know what natural food looks like, she doesn't know how to use any weapon bigger than a handgun (and she's new at it), doesn't know combat or self defense but she has an instinct for weak spots and a power-house hook from either fist. She is only recently discovering sexual release as a pleasure with her droid, and has no idea how other people or species live. She does wonder if executives are bred like the Engineers, and who owns the corporation if the corporation owns so many people, but she knows nothing else to inspire her rebellion beyond her aggression and hostility toward others, especially at "authorities" who have never done the job. If asked to grow a seed, she wouldn't know where to start. Asked how to fix a laceration into the muscle without a med-pod, she'd look for space-tape. She knows machines and some tech'ing, a lot of macgyvering, and some geology, but that's the extent of her expertise. Muphy is far from perfect, but on Hell she is free enough to express herself as a person without anyone around to tell her she's out of COH regulation.
  • He (who you might play) one or as many as you like to build on...
    • The Executive who lost the bet, a hostage on the alien ship (in scenario below) who survives the crash
    • Right Hand to the Captain of the alien ship, acting Commander after the crash intent on succeeding even without the Captain or Ship.
    • Fighter Pilot for the alien ship who might change loyalties and mission upon the revelation of the "invader's" (Murphy) slavery.
    • Holy Man for the alien ship, there to cleanse the planet after they destroy the machinery and "alien" (Human) invaders; possible room for "abilities"
    • Engineer for the alien ship, there to dismantle and destroy the machines, and who might see a correlation between the helpless machines and the "alien" female maintaining the mining operation.
    • Stow Away on the alien ship; you tell me...
    • Creative Freedom: I'm open to ideas related to the crash scenario...

  • Hell: PX3-0914876 is a corporate claimed planet to the human corporate society that's expanded into this galaxy..., to the natives, it's "The Dark Star" or the planet (you tell me it's name), which has been seen for millennia to be a divine dance, a sacred part of their sky from which omens are drawn. To Corporate Humanity, it is an invested commodity, to the Native "Aliens" it is a sacred place being raped for greed.To Murphy, it's the only place she's ever thought of as Home.
  • The Negotiations: On the Executive level, it's been known for the last 3 years that there was a "native" species "trying" to lay claim to Hell, and a heavy amount of bribery to keep it from getting violent. The aliens demand the halt and removal of mining structures and equipment, which the corporation is unwilling to do. Rebel aliens began targeting shipments from the planet a year ago, and the alien governing body swears it isn't sanctioned. Negotiations are not going well...
  • The "Night" Before The Crash: The Rebel Aliens sent three battle ready ships to ambush the latest shipment delivery and export, they are met with a protection detail that costs them two of their ships in crippling the cargo hauler. The protection detail becomes more viscous and though they loose to the last standing battle-cruiser's fighter pilots, they succeed in also causing massive explosions through the ship that forces them to settle for destroying the cargo ship and crash landing on Hell
  • The Day of The Crash: Murphy is completely unaware of both negotiations and the Battle that will be later dubbed "The Battle for Hell" on one side and (?? I was thinking "Battle for the Dark Star") on the other. She has her own battle to deal with when a drilling rig overheated and the safety shut-off failed to work. While the "aliens" are aiming for as close to the subterranean bunker they can crash with minimal stearing abilities and falling like a rock on fire, Murphy was saving the corporation money by stopping an explosion on the rig, and fireball or not, the falling ship not only thundered, it cast a shadow across the drilling station and that was the first she saw of any of it. Others. Non COHs, and clearly not Corporate...
  • The Immediate Aftermath: The Rebels have to gather survivors (count and as NPCs or played characters is up for negotiation), adorn their own environmental suits, and make it into the bunker without losing more. Murphy has to re-adorn her helmet and race back to the bunker from the drilling station to attempt locking them out of the systems if not the facility.
  • The War is On: Where our play starts
    • Opening Posts
      • 1) They can arrive at the bunker at the same time from different entrances and be on a race to get to the control center to lock the other out...
      • 2) The Aliens can arrive at the bunker first, lock Murphy out of the controls, force her to hide on another rig and sabotage covertly, or negotiate her own surrender...
      • 3) Murphy can arrive at the bunker first and lock them out, but be unable to cover every entry from breech...
    • Plot Driver Options
      • Murphy's corporate protocol in a situation like this is to maintain protection of the mining facility control, and equipment until back-up arrives, and she does have "security droids" to help if she can access them and activate them.
      • Corporate satellite links to call for help are only available every 3 solar days, for 19 minutes, IF the satellite wasn't destroyed in the battle (at which point, help is on the way). The cargo shipment that went dark will be considered a casualty of the Negotiations and an investigating team will be sent to catalog the debris while the next cargo ship takes ore. Closest outpost is 20 solar days away.
      • If The Corporate Executive is a hostage and survived the crash, he could be used to luer her into the open, and have a vested interested in her help getting free and holding Hell till help arrives.
      • Sci-fi version of the white-men claiming and destroying native and sacred territory, so Murphy fights to keep the corporate claim because if she doesn't she'll be decommissioned, and the Natives fight to strip the planet of the human greed and seek retribution from the worker maintaining there hold on Hell/ [Whatever they call it].
      • The planet is in a crazy cosmic zone, let's use our imaginations to create magnetic storms, gravity shifts, electrical storms, time dilation pockets, whatever... invent gadgets and reasons they break and need fixing, whether the story takes Murphy and your character(s) to a chapter of cooperation, or all out war, allegiance, or whatever...
      • Please be willing to help me plot as we go, not necessarily in discussion OOC, but throwing stuff into the story as it comes you while you post so we can both be surprised.
    • Elements I Crave
      • Murphy in character design, I can change her looks and even her name, but the character should appeal to you
      • Both sides think they are right, but can they convince the other why?
      • I'll admit, I do crave to have Murphy see her own pleasure droid used by the "aliens" whether she is forced to watch it, or happens upon it...
      • I crave a dominant intelligent male character to play opposite of, it would be a thrill to have more than one working with or against my character as played characters or NPCs she can fight.
    • see alternate scenario's below

Potential Alternates:
  • alternate scenario 1: For a very descriptive, responsive partner who will write in the nuances of their character's experience, I will reverse the roles and play a crew of the Native Rebel "Aliens" trying to evict the male COH who doesn't work well with others and is fertile, but has not been successfully bred. Whether he has a female pleasure droid or got stuck with a male version (or none at all) is up to the player ;)
  • alternate scenario 2: All three rebel cruisers were destroyed with the cargo ship and it's security patrol, a sole fighter pilot crashes with pieces of the wreckage and seek sanctuary with the singular, hostile occupant of the only survivable place on the planet. In this, I imagine the crash KOs him, and she brings him in for an explanation, waiting for the next sat link, and sees him as a corporate prisoner. He sees her as the alien invader destroying a sacred place and if they don't kill one another, they could be in a race to see which of their people will show up first to force the other to surrender...
  • alternate scenario 3: You tell me if this inspired something similar but different, I'm a glut for ideas even if I don't agree to play them, talk to me!
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Welcome to Hell: MAPs
« Reply #26 on: August 31, 2016, 10:18:35 AM »
((Crappy week so, I decided to work on this))

Formerly the underground research facility operated by The Corporation, "the base" was originally outfitted to house a team of ten scientists and engineers, five men and five women (and their helpful droids) to explore the celestial phenomenon and analyse samples of the planets "crust." When the planet (PX3-0914876 aka "Hell") proved to be home to a variety of profitable minerals,  they simply had the research facility retrofitted to serve as the base of command for a planetary mining operation. With the exception of the antennae jutting up from the ground above each of the "towers," and the hatch to the ladder down to "Z" ... the entire base is underground. It is built to survive the planets harsh conditions; from perpetual solar bombardment, "magnetic storms,"  and tide-like gravity shifts, to the absolute lack of a natural food or water sources... as long as the shipments keep coming...

After five years solo-occupation, Murphy has managed to smuggle in a grand piano, artwork to cover the plain pressurecrete walls, two ping-pong tables (it was supposed to be one), a billiard table and game set, stationary bike, and virtual reality boxing set, among other things to keep her entertained and occupied beyond the Corporation's Approved List. Besides the singular pleasuredroid, there are BOdroids (base operations droids) that clean, do laundry, and fix small problems they know how to fix as they arise, and there are MGdroids (Mining droids) which operate the automated mining platforms as they move in their quadrant of the planet. Murphy services repairs for the droids and each platform so there is usually a laundry list of things to do and no one around to tell her to do them, and priorities can sometimes be selfishly shifted in non-negligent postponing of duties. The base itself has artificial gravity and atmosphere to offset the planets own fluctuating gravitational pull depending on whether it's closer to the blue giant or the red dwarf. Water tanks are inaccessible to base personnel and not unlike a gas truck dropping gas in the wells below, supply ships refill the water wells.

Without further ado: Maps

Upper Level


The single "pacman" hallway on this level is the "xyz track"

Z - Only way into the base on foot via tunnel ladder from hatch topside, clearance required to enter base
                 Other entries into the base include the tunnel to the garage, and the delivery bay/platform with clearance
      Z1 - Control Room : Includes comfy sofa and corner seats with views into the "piano room"
                                              Basic day-to-day operations/diagnostics happen along the console shaped like "L"
                                              Long-Range Communications happen at the stand alone console facing Z6
      Z2 - Droid Room : BOdroids power up in this room by plugging into the tables
                                              Thanks to Murphy, the droids have names painted over their designation numbers on each breastplate
      Z3 - Inactive Droid Storage : Unofficially, The Piano Room...
      Z4 - Conference Room : Meant for the Execs, but they never show up...
                                              Used for sketching new schematics when macgyvering solutions until real parts arrive.
      Z5 - Executive Office : Unofficially, The Wasted Space ...
      Z6 - Rec Room : used to contain a lot of corporate-approved gym equipment,
                                              now home to ping pong, billiards, virtual boxing and a stationary bike.
      Z7 - Mining Operations Command [M.O.C.] : This is where Murphy works to delegate and oversee the mining platforms
      Z8 - Planetary Observation Deck [POD] : This is where Murphy get's her "weather" forcasts

Delivery Bay/Platform - "bay" is the tunnel "platform" is the anti-grav lift
     -from the upper level, platform goes topside, or to the lower level
     -usual operation controlled only from the Control Booth in the Machine Shop, or the Control Room in the upper level
     -proper clearance required to enter control room/booth
     -proper clearance required to access bay/platform commands to open bay "roof" and operate platform.

X - Interior Elevator/Lift "arrival/departure" (AD) room: (includes spiral stairs down in westerly corner)
     X1 - actual Elevator/Lift, only goes down from the upper level

Lower Level


The Network of Hallways and tunnels (to the towers) is the "abc maze"

Garage & Machine Shop: self explanatory but...
     -Tunnel access topside with pressure-hatch checkpoints
     -V1, V2, V3 are parking spaces for the solar/sandCAT vehicles used to get to the mining platforms
     -HoverDOLI is a hovercraft version of the pallet jack; there are 2, a large one for machinery, and a small one for inside the base
     -Garage is on the tunnel side, Machine Shop on the Delivery Platform side

Delivery Bay/Platform - "bay" is the tunnel "platform" is the anti-grav lift
     -from the lower level, platform goes topside, or to the upper level
     -usual operation controlled only from the Control Booth in the Machine Shop, or the Control Room in the upper level
     -proper clearance required to enter control room/booth
     -proper clearance required to access bay/platform commands to open bay "roof" and operate platform.

A - Server Rooms Computer Lab: used by BOdroids to maintain base diagnostics
     A1 - a set of 3 Server Rooms for the network and back-up of the mining platforms;
             including M.O.C. and Control Room access
     A2 - a set of 3 Server Rooms for the MG and BO droid network; including the Control Room access
     A3 - Base Operations Servers; including POD, Control Booth, water systems, shield, atmosphere, artificial-gravity, etc.
     A4 - Primary Controls; access to everything in one spot; emergency use only (i.e. lockdown shut-down protocols)
     A5 - Lockdown Server Room; base operates on these servers (last-updated "factory" settings) during lockdown

B - Former Science Labs; Current Tech & MED Labs:
      B1 - Lab for rebuilding circuitry
      B2 - Lab for rebuilding wiring components
      B3 - Lab for rebuilding small power components
      B4 - Lab for rebuilding small mechanical components
      B5 - Lab for rebuilding droid specific components
      B6 - Lab for special projects; access to MEDlab hall
      B7 - MED Lab for basic medical treatment
      B8 - MED Lab for intensive care medical treatment
      B9 - MED Lab Chem-Clean Room for sterilization before entering, and after leaving, B10
      B10 - MED Lab Clean Room for sterile surgery and recovery via MEDbed technology

C - Original Staff Living Quarters; now... Murphy's Loft including Movie Screen, sofa, dining table for 10 and "kitchen"
          "Kitchen" is little more than variety vending of corporate food product and beverages hot, warm, room-temp, or cold.
     C1 - used to be "male" bunks ; Murphy makes like goldie locks and sleeps in these beds too
     C2 - used to be "male" bathroom/shower room/locker room ; Murphy hides stuff in the lockers and uses the showers
     C3 - used to be "male" laundry ; the BOdroids keep these machines in use too
     C4 - used to be "female" laundry ; Murphy's laundry, though the BOdroids do it for her
     C5 - used to be "female" bathroom/shower room/locker room... now it's just Murphy's
     C6 - used to be "female" bunks ; Murphy's room now...

D - Interior Elevator/Lift "arrival/departure" (AD) room: (includes spiral stairs up in westerly corner)
     D1 - actual Elevator/Lift, only goes up from the lower level

E rooms - Storage Closets, basically
     E1 - storage of back-up machine parts for vehicles or mining station/platforms
     E2 - storage of droid parts and small parts, base, mining, or otherwise
     E3 - storage of personnel rations, hygiene products, clothing, environmental "space" suits, etc

The Towers - called "tower" because they are the direct connection to the "greater antennae" topside
            All Towers have the ability to link with the satellites in orbit, they just may not always be in a position to do so.
            All Towers have a synchronized link with the satellite for long-coms every 3 days, for 19 minutes
            All Towers relay between mining stations and the base, as well as coms, and POD data network
            All Towers are usually maintained by BOdroids, 2 in a tower
     North Tower - (north position) main hub for the northern hemisphere, shares with East and West
     East Tower - (east position) main hub for the eastern hemisphere, shares with North and South
     South Tower - (south position)main hub for the southern hemisphere, shares with East and West
     West Tower -  (west position) main hub for the western hemisphere, shares with North and South

There is no emergency evacuation plan, or exit maps because if you have to abandon the base, you wont survive the planet for the 20 days it takes to get rescued...It is compartmentalized with pressure hatches to seal off areas of breech for repair. Murphy only had to do it once when a small meteor struck like a missile through the North-West ABCmaze's middle segment two years ago. It still smells weird in that tunnel...

World Map coming soon

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Sanctuary Apocalypse
« Reply #27 on: March 12, 2017, 09:30:10 AM »
Sanctuary Apocalypse
(new twist on an old quickie idea that's been nagging me to be written)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic/Supernatural
Elements:  Smut/Breaking Chastity Vows/Philosophy/Magic-Science/culture-play
  • She (who I will play) is (his) deepest temptation embodied (help me flesh her physical form out!); she grew up an orphan without shelter and made it by largely through theft and subterfuge. She has known she's not normal (inhuman/evolved-human/alternate-reality human) but not why, because no one has ever been around to explain it to her, even if they'd known how. She is highly fertile and extremely wanton, but she denies herself because she believes it to be too risky without knowing what she is. Her attempts to gain scientific assistance also resulted in forced captivity. What ever she is, people who have an inkling of it seem to be very afraid of her. So, she sought seclusion and self-reflection, but still requires others to steal or con to get by. (help me imagine what she is!)
  • He (who you might play) is a Priest/Monk/Holyman of some fashion, secluded with others on a similar path of devotion/contemplation...whathaveyou... but he wasn't always such a man. Once, he was a bad man who did bad things for selfish reasons (or maybe Nobel reasons he can't reconcile yet.) He could be a virgin himself, or have once known the pleasures of a woman and now has vows of chastity to keep his mind clear and focused. (see scenario for context; his physical appearance, personality, and history are all up for discussion)

Scenario: [I don't have images at this time] | How it happens is up for discussion, but (he) and (she) meet by happenstance outside of the Sanctuary. It's a brief meeting, but it lingers in both of their minds. (He) is on his path for a reason and probably attempts to dismiss her from his mind, but (she) is in search of answers or guidance of some kind and uses it as an excuse to persue her attraction to him. Ultimately, she visits the Sanctuary, and her presence changes everything.
  • I want her to tempt him in every way, unintentionally... so, I'll be playing off your kinks  >:)
  • I want him to resist that temptation until he simply cannot.
  • I intend for there to be a catalyst scene (her kissing him, whether she asks first or not) that tips him over the edge but also providing a scene-distraction that stops it from going all the way so they both have time to linger on it. She comes back for more, even if she tells herself it's another reason. i.e. something about this guy makes all her previous notions of "too risky" seem asinine.
  • Though I want smut, I also want to explore his conflict of indulgence in experience vs his reason for secluding himself in the first place, and I don't want to lose the threat of "others" potentially discovering where she is hiding out and threatening to take her away. If it plays long enough, we can even play those battles.
  • The main appeal for me in this, is the independent vows they each made for independent reasons not to give in to the temptations of sexual pleasures, and that they break those vows anyway, by choice or by dubious force. (and I have a kink for a man in priestly robes with strong will power  :-*)

Potential Alternates:
  • alternate scenario 1: He is the orphaned inhuman/nonhuman/evolvedhuman and she is the priestess/nun/monk who used to be bad
  • alternate scenario 2: He is the same (whatever) she is, recognizes it immediately even if in disbelief, because he knows what they are and how rare it is to see another here... let alone a female...
  • alternate scenario 3: you tell me!

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« Reply #28 on: April 07, 2017, 07:26:45 PM »

Genre: Historical [U.S. Revolutionary War (1776-1780)] (maybe fantasy/supernatural)
Elements:  Violence/Power-play/Master&Slave/Bondage/Seduction/Culture Clash/(maybe fantasy/supernatural)
  • She (who I will play) is a young mulatto woman (18-20 years old), born free in the disputed North West and forced into slavery after the death of her parents at fifteen.  With dark hair and skin but light colored eyes, she's been kept as a house slave by the same family (a father and two sons) that claimed her, mostly keeping the house and laundry clean, cooking, mending, and bending over or opening up any time one of them needs to relieve their balls. Because of her tendency to attempt escape, even years later, her ankles are kept shackled with an eight inch chain between them at all times. Kept in the basement (which sometimes floods) when not needed or wanted in the house, her vocabulary has been shortened to two words: "Yes, Master"but she's just been waiting for an opportunity to escape her cruel captors.
  • He (who you might play) is an officer in the Royal (British) Army, in charge of an advance platoon meant to set up footholds in the colonies as needed to re-establish British occupation of the Americas. He has slaves back home but he is wise enough to know they are human beings and often quite intelligent. By all accounts, he is a fair Master... if not always kind. Likewise, the men under his charge trust him with their lives and know he'll never lie to them, even if the truth is ugly because he is only as good as his men. (other personality traits, history, physical appearance, etc up to the player.)

Scenario: IMAGE1 | IMAGE2 | A Father and his two (adult) son's have been giving the Brits hell, and advancement further than (wherever we'd like to play) has been stalled. (He) and his team are sent in to handle the rebellion and make a new base camp of the home, commandeering any and all property in the process. (She) is left behind in the basement of the house when a neighbor warns of the incoming British and the men go out to meet them. She can hear the battle even from the basement, brief as it ends up being, and by the time He arrives with his men to claim the house they find her having broken the basement door and collecting food (presumably to run) from the kitchen... ankles still shackled and all. While His men are ready to claim her as community property to be shared among them, He puts a stop to it by claiming her for himself. In time, he shows her another side to slavery she never knew existed... a mutually beneficial one. (How it happens is up to the story) (Also note, I WANT sexual tension with the rest of his men to be in the story, NPC or secondary character, whether or not any of the other men are allowed to have her -or take her without permission/by seduction)

[supernatural elements I'd enjoy in this scenario: magic, vampirism, maaaybe lycanthropy)

Potential Alternates:
  • alternate scenario 1: There were two son's and a daughter, who set the slave free the moment her Father and brothers went to fight, and who attempted to defend her home but without the experience to do so. She's no one's slave, but she is forced to serve Him and his men platonicly while they hold camp and until someone figures out what to do with her. (In this version, she'd be a virgin ripe to be wed off and man-crazy with so many rough gentleman around... and the relationship would end up more Dom/Sub than Master/Slave, even if someone ends up wedding her to bed her...)
  • alternate scenario 2: She is a Mulatto free(ish) woman with two sons and an abusive husband. When they get the warning the British are coming with a force, she wants to run but her Husband and Sons insist on meeting the challenge. She is left behind to defend the home and is unable to do so. Her standing as free becomes a question and she is commandeered with the property to serve the men even while she mourns. (In this version, her mourning is for her sons and not her husband so, the more gentlemanly nature of the British men become more than a curiosity for her. Dom/Sub or Master/Slave in this one)
  • alternate scenario 3: You tell me...

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Twin Trap
« Reply #29 on: April 07, 2017, 11:46:01 PM »
Twin Trap

Genre: Any
Elements:  Incest (between boy/girl twins)/Possible Non-con/Bondage/Intimacy
  • She (who I will play) is the female twin (obviously) who is the more quietly strong of the two. She only speaks if she has something to say but doesn't shy from standing her ground. She has done some sexual exploration but is by no measure experienced. (virgin or not is up for negotiation). When their parents split just after their 13th birthday, she went to live with their Mother, but often heard her Father put down in the process. Her view of men is skewed by the bitterness in her Mother and her own insecurities in having poor examples in her life. Intelligent and beautiful, she'd be on magazines if she'd just try to care about her appearance as much as her other interests.
  • He (who you might play) is the male twin (obviously) who is the more forwardly strong of the two. He's not shy about starting a fight with someone who deserves it, but probably isn't a bully. He's done enough sexual exploration sex is a food group and regular sustenance is required. When their parent's split, he went to live with their Father and often had to hear him calling Mother to complain about how her DNA made him the way he is. As intelligent as his sister, and as handsome, he only puts marginal effort into his looks when it feels like a moment to do so because his personality general charms all. (Details up for negotiation, just a loose outline here)

Scenario: [images coming soon] | She Graduated from university, and He (also graduated from a different university or) finished a tour in the military so, their parents decided it was the perfect time to arrange for them to re-meet and get to know one another. Mother told Her that she'd have the whole place to herself, Father told Him there'd be no one around for miles, but one of them arrives first to find the note and before they can leave, the other arrives. They're there, they see one another for the first time in over ten years, and their parents wanted them here. Whatever the excuse, they stay. (Where ever we want to play, snowed in cabin, shipwrecked island, hotel that goes into quarantine...) They get stuck there for weeks (maybe longer) and He needs a woman's touch and his twin sister is hot. Maybe the idea itself excites him, she's the female version of him right? He convinces her little by little to help him get off, from touching her to having her touch him, to rubbing his cock against her, to putting it inside her just a little, to full on fucking her. How fast or slow it progresses is up to the story, but I want him to be the aggressor/instigator. Bonus points if he surprises her by forcing her to cum as an excuse for her to help him cum.  >:)

Potential Alternates:
  • alternate scenario 1: There's a third party involved, holding them hostage or having kidnapped them, and they get the twisted idea to make the twins fuck each other while they watch.
  • alternate scenario 2: (wild) The mother is out of the picture, the Father runs a cult, the twin brother is the right-hand of the Father while his twin sister is kept isolated and dependent, but also strategically stimulated so by the time her brother reaches a specific stage in the cult, she can be used in a ritual where her twin brother takes her virginity before the cult. It is supposed to be the only time they join, but the experience together was too orgasmic and despite trying not to, every time they run into each other on the compound in a quiet enough place, they indulge.

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The Accidental Time Traveler
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The Accidental Time Traveler

Genre: Western/Scifi (willing to negotiate time period/scifi)
Elements:  Time-travel/Violence/Possible Bondage/Possible Non-Con/Possible Romance

  • She (who I will play) is (a) [Jennifer Lawrence] from WWII, a nurse-turned-War-Surgeon and wife who never had a wedding night, thusly is a tortuously wanton virgin trying to find her husband in all the carnage of war against the Nazi's. She's quiet, optimistic, strong of will, and dealing with the fact she is capable of killing when her passion is healing and helping. OR (b) [Marie Avegeropoulos] is from the 31st century, a pilot kidnapped by Predators and fighting for her life on an alien game preserve; single and never married, she's a one-night-stand when the heat is too hot kind of woman. Highly skilled at situational assessment, pattern recognition, and due to her experience on the preserve, jungle survival in a hunt or be hunted environment. Killing is now second nature, being a normal human-being (let alone interacting with people) has been forgotten. OR (c) [Christina Cox] is from the far future, a synthetic labor droid with sentient intelligence fighting a war against her creators to end the suffering other AIs. Although created with optional pleasure-slave programming, it was the hidden military protocals that were first triggered and began her assessment of the AI's situation. In her time she is a wanted defective piece of technology with a destroy-on-sight order,  she is head-strong, logical, analytical, and aware she has all the female human parts but unaware she is capable of the things she is capable until need triggers her programming. OR someone we imagine together...

  • He (who you might play) is whom ever you imagine from the "old western" time period, I only ask that he is presently something of a loner, even if he is not technically alone. I'd like him to be looking for a female companion, even if it's still just an idea in his mind, even if he is already married... >:) and finally, whether he is a brute or a gentleman or a something else altogether I *require* that he is intelligent enough to start working out that SHE is not just strange, and "not from around here" but... not from his time at all... How he handles all that, up to you Banners are suggested PBs preferred for this story but I am very liberal and open to other suggestions.

Scenario:  SHE is mid-fight for her life and WHAM for reasons unknown to her, she's suddenly someplace else. HE is the first person she sees and immediately, both he and she know they are looking at someone... unlike anyone they've seen before. He knows how to survive in the west, he was born in this time and lived this long because he's sharp, even if he's the kind of guy to also say he's just unwanted in hell. She is brand new to everything, and the... hard way of doing everything... and the prejudices and laws governing women. Does he help, does he take advantage, or does he have no idea what he's doing even as he's doing it? Let's play and find out...

Potential Alternates:
  • alternate scenario 1:  For the right player (as in we hit it off) I will play two women, the time-traveler and a relevant woman from the west in "his" life.
  • alternate scenario 2: If someone is willing to play a band of gentleman, I'd fucking love the diversity and dynamics. ;)
  • alternate scenario 3: let's talk...