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September 26, 2021, 05:37:24 pm

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Author Topic: Super [M lf F, Light-to-Light-NC]  (Read 464 times)

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Super [M lf F, Light-to-Light-NC]
« on: July 17, 2015, 02:32:04 pm »
A series of ideas based on superhero/superhero settings, the ratings vary by idea usually floating around Bon-to-Light-NC.


Setting: Bon-to-Light-NC

His nickname among supervillain circles is the Tiger Shark, and a normal person would be scared out of their minds. Named Tig-A-Ur-Aron and an Atlantean Warrior he is NOT your cute Disney mer-person. He's roughly human shaped in form and features- but little beyond that. Like all Atlantians he stands roughly a foot taller then a human when on dry land with pale blue skin with natural colors forming bilaterial patterns on his body, sea-green stripes down his back in his case. Muscular and chiseled, his warrior lifestyle has left scars all over his body. His eyes are mostly black like a shark's, and his teeth most certainly look like they belong in the mouth of a shark and not a person.

In Tiger Shark's mind, the Surface World and Atlantis are at war- the present peaceful relations a sign of corruption in the current Atlantean regime. An all consuming hate for surfacers, he's a genocidal maniac who at the moment just lacks an army. When he gets one he usually uses it to attack a surfacer city as soon as he can.

Since the rise of the Superhero a common "threat" are people nicknamed 'Civilians'. Ordinary men and women who fetishize the superhero, their lifestyle and their costumes. Mostly seen as a harmless joke, their flip side is rarely mentioned. Nicknamed "Hostages", there is a group of people who do the opposite and fetishize the Supervillain. Men and women who seek to be used and abused by the Supervillains of the world with a darker, more dominance and S&M related twist.

The Tiger Shark is an ecoterrorist, he knows that there would be humans to join his cause. What he didn't expect was that he's actually very popular among Hostages as well - and maybe he can use that too his advantage.

Nemesis - Version 1

Setting: Light-NC

You are the darling of the media, a chaste and pure super-heroine and inspiration to all. Unfortunately though, things start happening and just as your career starts taking off your male archnemesis discovers your secret identity.

The worst part is that, for now, he seems content to just use it to occasionally blackmail you for sex - and he's really good at it. By far the best sex partner you've ever had, at least before you could tell yourself that you just hate him but while he morally disgusts you he's also capable of doing such incredible things to your body that you can't find elsewhere...

Nemesis - Version 2

Setting: Bon

It's rare that bad looks so good, and you are so very bad but you look so very good. One of the most feared names in female supervillains the only real downside is your private life doesn't seem nearly as satisfying in multiple senses of the word.

Things are looking up though as you've discovered the secret identity of your male archnemesis. But whatever your plans originally were, you've discovered that he's apparently fantastic in the sack...

For The Queen

Setting: Bon

A female supervillain with a world wide organization under her reach, you thought you'd regret it when you got a bit tipsy and slept with one of your lesser subordinates. The solution is pretty obvious for you, you can easily just have him killed.

Though, honestly, he was pretty good. Maybe you can find some use for him after all...
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