[M/M] [Short-term] [Seeking Versatile Switch] Don't Think About It

Started by Dotley, July 17, 2015, 02:41:20 AM

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Don’t Think About It
Contemporary - Short-term

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After a celebratory night of binge drinking an intimate friendship between two men takes on a whole new degree of intimacy with the help of good old fashioned liquid courage. These two close friends decide to use their drunkenness as an excuse to explore the attraction that has been festering between them for a long time. It might start off reluctant or even get violent as they both grapple with accepting what they themselves want and realizing what the other man wants from them, but by the end it should be consensual even if it leaves them both roughed up.

This idea works best as a short-term story as it's centered primarily on the basic idea of consummating same-sex desire, but I'm not aiming for it to be pure smut. Expect themes such as religious guilt, cultural shame, and internalized homophobia to be addressed. Usually I avoid the trope of the closeted gay man, but lately I've had a big craving to write out two guys in denial about their sexuality being unable to hold back their feelings and desire for one another. This is different from what I typically write yet I'm really eager to sink myself into this new viewpoint and unravel themes that I don't usually focus on.

Please PM me if this idea tickles your interest. Don't post in this thread. Thanks!

Pertinent Information

  • My O/O's can be found here.
  • Forum only. I love to use YIM, AIM, or PMs to discuss details about the story or ask/answer questions, but not for writing out scenes.
  • My writing partner's gender is irrelevant as I'm comfortable write with Lieges, Ladies, and Lords.
  • Seeking someone that can post at least once a week.
  • If there's any sort of d/s dynamic to the character's relationship they'll both need to be versatile switches.
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