Trying to get back in the games... (M/M) SEMI-HIATUS!! DETAILS INSIDE!!

Started by DajaOfTheNight, July 16, 2015, 05:54:40 AM

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As of right now I've got just enough to not overwhelm me so unless you ask for something in red I will say no.

Rules and Stuffs

  • I am currently only doing MxM rps. Sorry, only thing that sparks my interest right now.
  • I am a quality over quantity girl. I can spit out three paragraphs one minute and two hours later only give you a sentence or two. These sentence/paragraph restrictions drive me NUTS so don’t give me any. I will run away.
  • At the moment I’m hunting for a good dom or dom/switch. I’ve been playing a lot of doms and REALLY want to be a sub for a while. It will take a good plot and/or a cutie for me to dom.
  • Go to my O/Os and read them. See? Not a lot I won’t do.
  • Let me clarify the “Incest” Off. If they are blood related it’s a no. I have no problem with step/step.
  • Now I haven’t seen a lot of this one here but txt talk in rps makes me run for the hills.
  • I’ve never been good at the English language but here’s the thing: there is a spell check option here, USE IT. Grammar I could care less about...mostly. We are adults after all.
  • Those sparkly things in the movies? Those aren’t vampires.
  • I'd prefer to plot in pms and then rp in threads or Skype.
  • Posting here for RPs is ok, but I'd prefer that you'd post with an "I'm interested in this" then we plot in pms. Keeping this kinda clean but still keeping it active so it's not lost in a mound of threads.
  • I don't mind females playing males. That works. Just the characters need to be male.
  • The ones I'm craving are in red. Crossed out plots are taken, though could be played if I feel like it. Crossed out pairings are overflooded pairings that I don't want to do at the moment. If they're glowing I'm dying for them.
  • Understand that life is crazy for me right now. Between work, relationships, looking for another job (yes still) I'm pulling my hair out. Regular posts are not guaranteed, but damn it I’m gonna try.
  • Please, please, please understand I have serious anxiety/depression/ADHD issues. I’m working on getting more constant in everything I do right now. I may disappear again without warning and come back with perfuse apologies.
And now to my pairings. These can be mixed and edited as we work through details and again I would prefer to play the sub in any of these pairings.

  • TeacherxStudent (or visa versa)
  • Creature of the NightxHuman
  • Creature of the NightxCreature of the Night (I'd kind of like to do a new fledgling and a master one)
  • DemonxHuman
  • DemonxAngel
  • King/PrincexServant/Knight
  • MasterxSlave/Pet
  • KidnapperxKidnapped
  • Friends
  • Stepsiblings
  • StepfatherxStepson
  • Pirates
  • Bad boyxGood boy
  • Mythical CreaturexHuman
  • God/DemigodxHuman
  • Neko/inu boyxHuman (that can go either way)

In no particular order...Ok kind of in order.

  • Ancient/Mythological Egypt
  • Ancient/Mythological Rome
  • Ancient/Mythological Greece
  • Modern (Fantasy or otherwise)
  • Japan (Fuedal Era, fantasy or mordern)
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Futuristic
  • Other Worlds

Forgot these…

All of these that have been dubbed down by American translation I would like to play a bit more PG-13 and higher or in some cases the original Japenese version.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: original series, nothing with Jou(Joe), no KaibaxMokuba or KaibaxPegasus. I has a plot idea...kinda.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Been a long time sense I watched it but I can re-learn it…as long as it’s not for an EdxAl pairing.
  • InuYasha: NOTHING WITH INUYASHA HIMSELF! Hate him. I would love to do something with Sesshomaru.
  • Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo or regular is fine with me.
  • Hoshi no Yakata: It's a beautiful manga full of yaoi naughtiness. I want to play with some of the boys.
  • Dictatorial Grimoire: Ok so a lot of pretty ones in this. Love the idea of a Red/Snow pairing but Cinderella and Grim might be fun.

Video Games
No spoilers k?

  • Pokemon: Open to PokeMorphs and trainers. I’m kind of shying away from this at the moment.
  • Dragon Age: I will play anything BUT dwarves. Don’t like playing them. As of right now I'm only really in the mood to do one of my plots listed below if anything at all
  • Assasin’s Creed: Just finished Assassin's Creed III. Would kind of like to try an EzioxLeonardo one where I’m Leonardo set in Assassin's Creed 2. The beard is just weird. Little idea for a "friend" (sub or dom) for Connor set after ACIII. Also thinking about one that's just based in the AC world.
  • Legend of Zelda: Currently have a LinkxDarkLink running so none of those. Never played Majora’s Mask. I have finished Skyward Sword so open there. I have a plot for an Ocarina of Time one. Also finished Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors and the reignited my love for Ghirahim so any one that would want to play him would be loved. And something with Volga would be awesome too. He's a sexy beastie. BUT NO ZANT!! He creeps me out.

TV Shows
Again no spoilers.

  • Supernatural: That universe. Love Cass, not sure I see either of the Winchesters in a M/M relationship. Defiantly not Dean.
  • Doctor Who/Torchwood: Seeing as they're the same basic universe we're putting them together. Not sure about doing anything with the Doctor because it's amazingly hard to get it just right. I'm a huge Ianto/Jack fan although I'm nervous about playing either. (Children of Earth saddest season EVER!!!) I'm a bit more comfortable with that universe than Doctor who but I'm open for mashup.
  • Merlin: So I'm in the start/middle of season 4 and kinda want to play with one of the knights. The relationship between Arthur and Gwen is to nice to screw up (yes I've seen a bit of an episode where she's acting as Morgana's agent, I'm hoping that's a spell) so anything with Arthur is out of the question.
  • Lost Girl: Well something in that universe. I'm only up to season 3 cus that's all Netflix has.
  • Once Upon A Time: Really enjoying this season. Either regular or Wonderland.


  • Boondock Saints: OK this one I actually have a thought for a non-smut centered idea but if you're nice enough to the boys I might put smut in it or another plot. I kill you if you suggest an N/C with one of the Saints.
  • Star Wars: Huge fan. Dabbled in the games. I like the idea of a Sith Master using his control over his apprentice for a bit more than training. However currently obsessed with the Legacy comics. I've got the first one of Volume 2 but haven't found the others of her story yet.
  • Road to El Dorado: I love this movie! And I feel a little wrong about it but I kinda want to find a "buddy" for Miguel.
  • Avengers: Mainly-well ONLY Loki and no Loki/Thor.

Do I need to say it? No spoilers!

  • Happy Potter: More after the books. An idea that I have is a child of Malfoy is placed in Gryffindor. What would happen?
  • Magic the Gathering: So I know it sounds weird but I love the worlds that it's based in. I'd like to do something in Ravnica. Only books I've read recently. I have some knowledge of the other planes but...Yea...
  • Hunger Games: Yes I know how it ends, hush. I just...wanna try it.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus: Not ashamed to say I LOVE THIS SERIES!! No Percy or Jason pairings.
Inspiration Pictures

I’ve found a few pretty pictures that could be fun to play with…MOST  are not safe for work…I’ll let you know.

A pair of pets. NSFW.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Harem boy. NSFW.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I’m here, Aibou. (puzzleshipping)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Dom Uke NSFW.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Dom Priest (?)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Rivals (Pokemon)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Behind the Mask
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Dragon Tattoo. NSFW.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Opposites. NSFW
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Uhhhmmm…Dungeon singles? NSFW
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A little bit of wax. NSFW
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Emperor’s Angel. NSFW…ish.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A lot of these I have pictures for the character I would play and what I need will be in the title along with type of rp. At this point all of my plots are red...all of them.

What’s Your Treasure? (dom and sub, could actually be a group with three people, N/C and/or Bon, pirates)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
On the ocean there is no ship more feared than Destiny’s Rose. “She’s unsinkable.” “Her captain is the son of Poseidon himself.” “She’ll never be caught, not even by the Dutchman.” Those are just some of the rumors that are centered around the Rose. None of which are true but Captain Caeser Montagne (pronounced Mon-tane) isn’t going to tell the truth. It would reveal his weakness: his son.
Raised by his mother and her husband, a lord in parliament, David Vinson learned tactics and everything to do with the sea from the best the Royal Navy had to offer. But he never felt that he belonged in his step-father’s world. The ocean was his home and so when his mother told him who his true father was it all made sense. Immediately he went searching for his father and when he found him he begged to join. Montagne allowed and he quickly became the ship’s “Albatross” and a loved and valued member of the crew.
However all great pirates have enemies. One such enemy as managed to place a spy on board the Rose and find the captain’s one weakness, David. The enemy captain has planned to kidnap the boy and force his father to find a treasure of legend in exchange for his son’s safe return. He does not however plan on keeping to his word. In the end the treasure and the Rose would be his.
But the ocean does strange things to a man’s heart. The spy has suddenly found himself looking at Montagne in a different way, admiring his stature and other strange things such as that. Can he keep the charade up when it’s become painful to watch Montagne suffer? Or will he betray his captain for his heart? And what will the enemy do with a prisoner that is the blood of his most hated rival?
I would play: Montagne(dom) and David(sub)
You would play: The spy(sub) and the Captain(dom).

One Hellish Night in Paradise (Dom, One Shot(ish) NC or Bon, fantasy or sci-fi or something like that.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eyes never felt or seen, Ryan never expected he was the target of a stalker. One night, leaving work, he was kidnapped and taken to a hidden location. The stalker forced a strange aphrodisiac on him, used him once, then invited over a few friends. By the end of the night Ryan’s ass had been used a good twenty or so  times. By the end of the night he was addicted, wanting more.
This could become a longer if we wanted to. I want the stalker and his friends to use him as toy and slut, the aphrodisiac and the things he’s helping bring out his inner slut.
I would play: Ryan
You would play: Stalker/kidnapper and his friends.

For My Country (sub (shocker), Bon or Light, modern)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Clayton was always a problem for his father. He hated school, didn’t want to go into business, liked all the wrong music, loved his video games and parties, dyed his hair unnatural colors and got arrested more than once for prostitution. Oh, and he was gay. Did Clayton care? Fuck no.
As he was working the streets alone a limo approached and rolled down it’s window. The patron inside said his boss would pay two grand for his company upfront and another two in the morning. All cash. Thinking he had hit the jackpot Clayton entered the car only find himself unconscious within seconds.
When he awoke he found himself on a plane, tied to his seat, on the way to a small country in Europe (or wherever). A young man sat across from and explained the situation. Apparently he was a prince from this country and was going to demand regular shipments from Clayton’s father to ensure his safety. The shipments would include whatever technologies the company’s latest finds in weapons technology before anyone else had access to them as well as supplies needed to fund a war.
Clayton however wasn’t just going to play a docile little hostage. This could be fun, playing with this little prince. Hell if he played it right he would never have to go home. The prince was in for a surprise when they landed.
I’d play: Clayton and his father
You’d play: The prince and whoever else.

It’s time you say it (Dom, N/C, modern)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Love letters stained with blood, a dead flower, a sown up teddy bear, and a vial of blood. These where just some of the creepy “gifts” Ivan had been receiving recently. He had no idea who was sending them and how he knew him. He had gone to the police but their “investigation” hadn’t turned up shit. So he just lived with it. He couldn’t move yet as badly as he wanted to be out of his parent’s house. Then one day the note came with the start to a treasure hunt that promised at the end he would meet his “lover”. Good, he could tell the jackass to fuck off. His “lover” had other plans. When Ivan got to the end of the treasure hunt, he was knocked unconscious. He would wake in his stalkers home, and his stalker had no intention of letting him go. Why would he want to leave? Ivan loved him too.
I’d play: Ivan
You’d play: Stalker

Dragon's Regime (Dom, NC or Bon, medieval fantasy preferred)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The kingdom of Ordum was prosperous and peaceful. Every year the crops where bountiful and their merchants where rich. Their good fortune was thanks to the magic of a powerful dragon. However the dragon was not aiding the country for free. Every five years ten sacrifices where to be presented to the dragon from the virgins of the country, five male and five female, then he would choose. Some times he would chose none while other times he would take them all.
This year Alric had been chosen (whether alone or as part of many is your choice). When he was brought to the dragon's home he found out the truth: the dragon served a higher dragon. It was his power and strength that aided his country and others. The high dragon decided instead of using his life as he did with the others he would keep him as a pet.
I personally play Alric as willing. This is his country he's serving after all.
I'd play: Alric (and others if you'd like)
You'd play: High dragon and his servants (whether or not the other dragons are still in use after the first bit is up to you)

Egyptian Nights (Dom Atem or Seth, Light or Bon, Yu-Gi-Oh!)(DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE ORIGINAL SERIES!)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not really a plot, more an idea. I'd like to go back to Ancient Egypt with Atem and/or Seth (if you don't know Seth = Priest Seto) and give them a slave boy, ignoring the storyline where Atem goes byebye. I have two possible thoughts for this character. One is that he's a normal slave boy. The other is that he has a monster within him. I have two different characters to play, one for Atem and one for Seth that (if you wanted to get really into) could be related to each other. Like twins or brothers. I'm open.
I'd play: The slave boy(s)
You'd play: Atem and/or Seth

The White Lion (Dom, Light, Arabian fantasy)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the midst of the desert lays a great kingdom ruled by a king and his sons. It is the birthday of his eldest son and the king has asked one of his allies to find his son a present. This ally is known for exotic pets ranging from cats and dogs to beautiful slaves. Which is why when the crowned prince is presented with Samir no one is surprised that he is a slave. What takes their breathe away is the boys appearance. His cat like eyes dilate like a normal feline's and his blue hair is unnatural. The prince accepts him happily and makes him a pampered and beloved pet.
Months pass and the war that had always been on a tipping point has blown full scale. A squadron of enemy men make it into the palace and attack. The prince fights his way back to his chambers, praying to the gods that his beloved pet is unharmed. When he arrives however his pet is gone. In the midst of twenty dead bodies stands a white lion, covered in blood. As the lion's eyes meet the prince's it is clear what has happened. The lion is Samir.
Obviously this one would be a long term rp and I'd like to focus a bit more on the relationship than the smut and no this wouldn't become an exotic. We'd find a way to get Samir back to human form.
NOTE: I've started this pairing with a friend on Skype so I'm a bit more iffy about it than before.
I'd play: Samir
You'd play: The crowned prince

In the Darkness (Dom Ganondorf, N/C mainly, Ocarina of Time)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dark Link returns from his defeat at the Heroes hands and Ganondorf is not pleased. But now he has a slight problem. He has a servant that is useless but the manor in which he was made he cannot destroy him, nor use him for any other means. Or could he? He looks like the foul Hero that is making it difficult to focus on his plan because of the anger raging in his head. Perhaps a bit of anger release is in order.
(Yes, I got this idea from someone else on here but they had paragraph limits.  >:( )
You'd play: Ganondorf
I'd play: Dark Link

A Kitten in the Nest (Dom Zevran, Light, post Dragon Age 2)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Set after his appearance in DA2 (with Zevran looking like did in Origins), Zevran has returned to the Crows and taken over. Never one to truly sit still he takes missions on himself, every now and then and does jobs for the King and Queen of Fereldan (in my head it's Alistair and a female Cousland, I can't stand Lohgain). On the return trip from one such mission he hears mewling from under a tree stump as he is walking alone. But instead of a little kitten or a child, he finds a strange "boy", curled up and beaten. After a bit of coaxing the little one comes out and Zevran can see a collar around his neck. At one point it had his full name on it but only "Jai" remains in little studs.
Though few of his traveling campaigns are thrilled about it, Zevran takes the little one home. As time goes on he finds out very interesting things about Jai. First he can't speak. At least not well. Eventually he's able to say 'evrin for Zevran and a few other words. But mostly he mews and purrs, which matches his feline personality. Second when he is relaxed enough he emits a strong, pleasant scent that is almost an aphrodisiac to many men, Zevran included. However he holds back, not wanting to use the boy as he was...until he finds out the third interesting thing about him. During the full moon, in a very painful and fiery process, Jai transforms into a small, pink cat with the tevinter symbol for Moon on his forehead. And in the moon's light, Jai can speak. He tells Zevran of the mage that experimented on him, making him loose his memories and keep him physically stuck at that age.
I'd play: Jai (and my female Cousland if we decided to bring anyone else in)
You'd play: Zevran

Templar's Choice(Dom Carver, Light/Bon, During 2 and continuing into after)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Hawke made his choice that night, so Carver made his. He joined the Templars and enjoyed the structure. He felt he had a purpose and he was working out from under his brother's(sister's) shadow. He kept himself clean and does exactly as he was told. Always. Soon his tolerance for mages turned to...well he was being trained under Knight Commander Meredith. In his spare time he went to the chantry to pray for his family and for...another reason. One he admitted he felt guilt for.

There was a ley brother who studied there as well. Every day at exactly the same time Myca went to the Chantry's library to study. Although he wasn't planning on becoming an initiate, he was affirmed and faithful. Or at least he acted that way. He, like most affirmed, held a secret. Two actually. The first is he is actually a mage and a slave that fled from his master in the Imperium. The second is that he had a rather lustrous eye on a certain templar trainee.

I'd want to set it about....well long enough that he's part of the order and he's been watching Myca. He finally gets the courage up to talk to Myca and then go from there. An idea I had is when the Qunari attack Myca unleashes his magic to protect the Chantry just as Carver comes to find him. What will Carver do? Turn him in or let him run?
I'd play: Myca
You'd play: Carver

And now to wait...