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June 17, 2018, 05:31:10 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Devoted Stud Sex Slaves and Champions (D&D 3.5 FxMxM)  (Read 393 times)

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Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

This is Zaer Darkwail's game

Set is a sinister, decadent, and vain god. In Mulhorand Set's physical manifestation rules a perverse court where even free thought is a serious crime. The God Queen Set's black magic has laid down countess plots over the centuries. The God's alluring female form has serpents for hair and is said to be so beautiful that one look will turn a man to stone forever.

You are property of Set, not just your body, but your soul, your mind, and your life. You wouldn't have it any other way. Serve me and you'll be a fanatical follower of the most evil and terrifying factions in the campaign. The BDSM elements in this faction are heavy and the game itself has a very Non-Con set up.  Big muscles are encouraged, big dicks are mandatory unless you want to be a eunuch.

Characters must be male, players can be anything. Exceptionally heterosexual guys might want to consider their tastes first as the guy on guy options range from a little manly homoeroticism to impress the goddess to a constant sadomasochistic orgy of cum spewing blood gushing mansex and violence.  I don't mean a single character has to run the whole spectrum. I mean that even if you're just there for the mistress you're probably going to have a grab a dick eventually, even if it's just to crush the balls beneath it. But it's not like you'll have to bottom in a gay orgy or anything so as long as you're a little flexible you'll be fine. However, if you actively want to participate in the guy on guy action it's there for you.

Now you can play a Cohort of mine who will be around 12th level. A high ranking soldier of around 7th level, or a ran and file soldier of around 2nd level. You may even play more than one of these things.  I already have specific characters and archetypes in mind for my cohorts so there are stricter guidelines for them. The others are much more "Make what you want" character wise. 

Here I'll post the first concept of several for the Cohorts. Starting with "The Son" who I haven't named yet and is a very important character. Later Today I hope to find time to add one or two others.  If you want to make someone 100% original there is always the 7th level officers.

The Son
Classwise "the Son" needs to be some type of psionicist. I would say Wilder, but the exact class isn't important. - Being Lawful evil I get to play up my beloved "evils of free will" concept. You, my son, are the final fruit of my labor to create the perfect slave. I use a combination of extra planar time traits and shape changing magic to raise son after son, killing any who reached adulthood and either weren't exceptional in their ability and body, or showed anything but the most fanatical self destructive devotion to him/her. Your parent has flayed you, dismembered, you, and tortured you in ways physical, emotional, and mental. She convinced you you had failed then burred you alive for decades (keeping you alive with magic) to see if being cast aside to a fate worse then death would cause any hint of resentment.

Needless to say, you passed every test. In fact these are happy memories for you, times you were able to show your parent your love for them and, often, receive their undivided attention. You are your parents greatest lover, you melt into a puddle at their touch. You are also  your parents greatest weapon. You look the part too a towering hugely hung mass of muscle able to pick them up in one arm with ease. But it's not your physical power that makes you so dangerous, it;s your mental power. Your psychic abilities allow you to enter others minds, find their secrets, change them to be mindless servants to your beloved master. You might even be able to turn them into copies of yourself. Thanks to you your divine mother's subjects are not even capable of showing defiance. Its all your labor of love while you eagerly wait for the next time she wants to wrack and ravish your body.
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