De-verified (aliveuntildead) to be reverified

Started by NejraTu, July 14, 2015, 07:06:24 PM

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My twin Remmy hasn't been on E for a while and was de-verified. She's just sent an e-mail at 20:02 EST last night to be re-activated and asked me to make this post because she didn't want to have the e-mail held if she registered and there wasn't a way to connect the old and new.

E-mail her back or message me, what she needs to do, if possible. Thanks!

No personal contact info in public.

I forgot, good looking out, Nic, just trying to get her some assistance.


She needs to be the one to sign in and post a message, for security reasons.


if she registers with the new e-mail will it be assigned to her former username?

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Tell her to send an email from the account she is currently using to one of the  Goddesses (Cecilia/Mithlowmwen/Valerian) so they can fix it and the come to E and post a thread letting them know she has done so.  She doesn't need to login to access the first column of the Index.


It's important for deverified members to prove they are the user - either by loging into their account and posting something in our deverified section or, if the member has forgotten their login details, by answering a question or two via email. This is a security measure so a third party doesn't gain access to member's accounts. .


Okay, thank you for explaining. she is sending another e-mail. This can be archived or deleted.

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Replying to this thread to confirm I was able to log into the account. I haven't checked to make sure my email is updated-- either by you, or where I can do it myself, but I'm looking. I realize I may also not have full board functionality while my status/tag is "deverified" so, yeah. Thank you all for working with me so far, to get back to RPing again.


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