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Author Topic: Trinket's Hoarde of Treasure  (Read 236 times)

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Trinket's Hoarde of Treasure
« on: July 13, 2015, 11:19:49 PM »
Halo! *waves* It's been awhile since I've been here due to issues that I wont go into, some serious and some silly, but nevertheless time-consuming and draining. But its nice to be back. For those who don't know me or remember me, I've been roleplaying off and on for say... 18 years online, well since autumn of '97. It all began over on Yahoo!Clubs and Furcadia.

Now, on to the good stuff. The characters in bold teal are the ones I desire to play. Please note that I've written them in seme x uke or pitcher x catcher order. However there are times even where it wasn't shall we say planned out where my character(s) tend to try and switch things up a bit. For instance I've been in a roleplay some time ago where Takahashi Misaki topped Usami Akihiko... so just a heads up at times I tend to shake things up by turning fandom on its head so to speak.

Furthermore, I enjoy doubling, tripling + up on characters in any given roleplay. Its not necessary, but I'm for it.

I'm really craving fandoms a lot more than originals at this point in time, but try me anyway.

~These tend to lean more toward MxM plots.
  • Aladdin
    • Jafar x Aladdin
      • Awakening of Truth
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        Set after the movie Aladdin and before/during the Return of Jafar. Princess Jasmine has grown bored and/our out of love with Aladdin. It was but a brief infatuation on her part, a way to feel free. However her father expects her to one day wed Aladdin and so she is determined to do so. She seeks out a lover or lovers outside the palace or amongst the youngest members of the palace guards. Jafar is out of the lamp although not yet free of his own foolish final wish (or perhaps something/someone has set him free). He seeks revenge, but its most unfortunate that Iago lands him into the very hands he wishes to destroy that of Aladdin even as the boy (to him) though Aladdin is a young man witnesses his fiancé's duplicity and infidelity.
      • *******His Diamond in the Rough*******
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        Jafar seeks to rule Agraba not for power though he's grown corrupt with it and greedy for more, but because he lived another life 200 or longer ago. Either he is ageless from that point in time and unable to die or he's been reincarnated with his memories intact. He was once the Sultan of Agraba before the ancestor of the current Sultan assassinated him and hypnotized the people into forgetting the truth. But it was not that he could not truly forget or forgive for it was the way of their people in those times... but that his pet/slave/fiancé had been brutally tortured driving the man to suicide before they could desecrate his body by taking that which was not theirs to take. Before they could do so to his corpse, Jafar had found them and killed them all - except the one who killed him by stabbing him in his back as he held his lover to be mangled corpse. At first he will not recognize that Aladdin is the reincarnation of his pet/slave/fiancé from so long ago and nor does Aladdin initially have any memories of any past life. And thus we begin with the start of the movie, but it will diverge greatly from canon with this backstory...taking a fork in the road at some point.
      • What Trickery Is This!?
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        Aladdin is magically turned into a woman (or perhaps he was born a woman and had to live as a man until he was a certain age)... and hides who he is, but for one reason or another Jafar falls for him (perhaps an obsessive domineering love)... but how it ends... who knows.
  • Harry Potter
    • Severus Snape x Harry Potter
      • *******The Lives They Lived*******
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        Severus Snape at the point of his death is told he'll be given a choice. To continue to live or to continue on the path which may not lead him to what he most desires. To see Lily, no matter if her husband is there with her. But he must first watch through a Pensieve of Past Lives before he can chose either, if he choses neither he will forever be in purgatory... neither living nor dead, not a ghost or a portrait and always and forever alone. But to watch the Pensieve he would then be given the same choice again. To Live or to Die. In these past lives he will play the role of the youngest of Adam and Eve's sons, the first Wizard and first gay man. It is this life he'll watch first and there may be many more to witness before a decision is again asked of him.
    • Remus Lupin x Sirius Black
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Vegeta x Goku
  • Junjou Romantica
    • Usami Akihiko x Kusama Nowaki
    • Kamijou Hiroki x Takatsuki Shinobu
  • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
    • Yanase Yuu x Hatori Yoshiyuki
  • Koisuru Bo-kun
    • Tatsumi Souichi x Morinaga Tetsuhiro
      • Accidental Reset Button
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        Just when things were getting better, slowly little by little an accident occurred in the lab. It reset their timeline to where only Morinaga himself remembers things, or at least a few details. He finds himself walking back home after having spoken to Hiroto... with the bottle he'd given him filled with some strong aphrodisiac. Will Morinaga Tetsuhiro repeat that which he'd already lived (or perhaps it had all been a dream?) {{OoC; I've really been wanting to try something like this... with the possibility of Morinaga becoming the bottom.}}
    • Junya Masaki x Morinaga Kunihiro
  • Strange Magic
    • The Bog King x Princess Marianne

  • Centaur x Modern Human
  • Detective x Detective
  • Elf x Dragon Shifter
  • Fairy Prince x Fairy Prince(ss)
  • Jinn x Human
  • Kupua x Human(oid)
  • Loup-garou x Human
  • Merperson x Navy Officer
  • Naga x Lost Traveler
  • Naga x Slave
  • Pirate Captain x Pirate Captain
  • Royalty x Peasant
  • Butler x Master
  • Neko x Neko


I'm pretty much open to anything but for my hard limits which are as follows;

Toilet play
Vomit play