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Author Topic: The Turncoat  (Read 236 times)

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The Turncoat
« on: July 13, 2015, 06:00:49 PM »
This Revolutionary War RP is open! Please send me a PM if you are interested! I'm interested in having my character being forced into submission. Your character would be a British officer in the Royal Army.

It was a beautiful spring morning, and Abigail Baker was up and tending to her garden. The sun was already making its grand appearance and the birds were singing and flying overhead. Wiping her hands upon her dress, she looked around and smiled as she saw the flowers beginning to bloom and the grass turning green. It had been a harsh winter in Boston. The days were short and the nights long. Now that the cold snow had finally melted, Abigail was ready to plant all the fruits and vegetables that her family would need for the upcoming months. It was the one thing she enjoyed doing. But, times were a bit unstable as the colonists and British seemed to be at odds. Tensions began to flare as taxes became a major issue for the people. It was early spring 1776, and as many people were loyal to the King, Abigail's family were progressives, and would soon join the cause for the Rebels.

She was a beautiful girl who just turned 18 a few months back. While most of her female peers were not allowed to get an education, her parents fought hard for her to attend a small school where she would be able to study. She didn't have to do the typical female chores of her time. The only thing she would do was garden. Their servant Isabel, handled most everything else. Abigail never had to cook, clean or make clothing that was usually required for women to do. She was a free thinker and had grande visions of women's rights and independence. She was very outspoken and not one to back down during a debate. She dreamed of a higher education where she could learn Law. She was met with strong opposition not only from the men in her town, but surprisingly also from the women. They did not support her ideas of enlightenment and tried to convince her to do what society wanted her to do. For most girls her age, it was a time to find a suitor and begin courting until marriage, and then finally having a family. She had much bigger dreams than that and so it became a struggle every day as more and more expectations were placed upon her.

Taking a break from her garden, she stood up and took a deep breath. She was a shorter girl of roughly 5'4". She had a slender build but she took good care of herself. Her long dirty blonde hair was up in a bun, but a few strands escaped and fell down across her rosey cheeks. Today, she opted to wear a blue colored dress which accentuated her delicate form beautifully. As she looked out across the field, she saw a carriage coming and as she squinted her crystal green eyes, she realized it was her neighbor Jonathan Winters. Waving to him she smiled then went back to finishing the row of onions she was planting. When the horses came to a halt, she watched as Jonathan came out with a parchment in his hands. He asked to speak to her father. He seemed a bit uneasy about something so she took him inside immediately. Abigail stood by her fathers side as he read the letter. Normally, women would not be allowed to stay when something important was being discussed, but she remained and tried to read the writing from behind her father. As he read, he became very agitated and suddenly threw the letter down on the table. Picking it back up herself, she read it and her eyes grew wide.

It was from their town Magistrate, and he was to inform the townspeople of a fresh new deployment of officers from the Royal Army of England. The King has seen to it that most homes will be occupied by the officers as tensions seem to be heightened. Abigail read the rest and gasped. She then looked at her father, mother and Jonathan. "The Redcoats are coming" she said....