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Author Topic: selection of fresh ideas, fandoms, and pairings (MXF or FXF)  (Read 218 times)

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The original Star Trek where I would play Kirk and preferably you would have an original idea of a female on the planet who is not what she seems.  She is attractive, smart, and bent on destroying the Enterprise by means of seducing the Captain under the guise of trying to help Kirk destroy those she says are on her planet and trying to enslave the population.  In fact she is trying to fool the Kirk into speaking to the rebels trying to fight them.  In reality all on the planet want to bring the ship down in hopes of raiding the ship once it's landed of all of it's advanced technology along with enslaving all aboard.

Perhaps once Kirk is seduced he can be tricked into committing the ship to the planets aid not knowing that those on the planet will be able  bringing the ship close enough to the surface where the peculiar planetary characteristics are capable of destroying the warp engines and once this is done they can enslave those on board in order to make them do the labor of mining the planet which once done the natives will use those mined goods to load on board.  These are very valuable minerals they have hopes of making off with in order to sell once they fix the ship of what the planet damaged.

From that point they leave the crew members on the planet while they escape to sell what was mined making them rich.  The new members are all female and plan on keeping just enough of the crew men to breed with.  Kirk would then find some way to foil the plan and Kirk is able to make the woman who seduced him either become his slave as punishment. 

Just one possible idea which can be tweaked to your liking.

Star Trek the next Generation-Again I am imagining Number One or Picard being used by some planet with some purpose other than what is intended and the woman who seduces either of them may have other uses for the ship and personal uses of the Captain or Number One. We can discuss the details and either these men or those who seduce them shall be enslaved for sexual entertainment. 

Any ideas welcome in this idea as well as the first.

Salem's Lot-This would be based on the Stephen King novel by the same name.  If you are not familiar with the book a town is visited by an ancient evil in the form of a Vampire who is older than Christ.  Gradually the towns fold are all being made into either the undead or killed.  My char was born and raised in the town and he returns to confront the evil he first saw 25 years ago so he can prove to himself that what he saw as a kid does not exist and never has.  He is a novelist writing about his return to home.

He meets up with a woman he falls in love with who is a few years younger than him and although she loves him she wants to make sure he knows what he saw in the past was a part of his imagination.  Not afraid of the House on the Hill that overlooks the town and the source of the ancient evil she tries to prove how foolish his beliefs are.  The vampire captures her and uses her as bait to lure my char to the kill him so he will not be capable of raising the defenses of the townsfolk which by the end are all dead.  In this rp she will live and he will rescue her and together they shall kill this ancient evil but not before they are the only two left in this small town of only a few hundred.  Not the story exactly as in the book she dies but for the purpose of this rp shall serve. 

If you are familiar with it perhaps you have another take?

The WWE-Two woman train together with the hopes of making the cut onto the WWE.  Both woman are bisexual and both are attracted to each other.  However when both are accepted they have there first fight against each other.  They know one will be eliminated and to motivate both to there finest performance they decide that whichever wins in a last woman standing match they agree that the loser will serve as a sexual slave to the other.  There may be a few other twists in here but I imagine this has three parts.
The training the two do together
The match between them once both are pitted against each other on the WWE
The sexual enslavement of the loser who will support the winner.  Or do they?  Your ideas welcome

Abusive wife and the inmate who helps---A doctor very much in love with the wife he married finds she married him just for his money.  She also made sure with a prenup that regardless of the circumstances of a divorce she would get 80% of all of his assets.  Once married she eggs him on with verbal abuse and cheats on him with somebody new all the time.  He finds out that to divorce him means he will lose most alll of his wealth once all her lawyers and his are paid.  He knows a colleague who works in a prison and this colleague offers to set a released violent inmate after his wife in order to scare her into dropping all claims to his estate.  The inmate owes his friend a favor for writing up papers that had him released early and he agrees to kidnap his wife in order to scare her into doing what is desired.  What he does to her is up for discussion.

Prisoner of war on foreign planet-Earth is invaded and although not defeated the woman of earth thought to be the most beautiful in all the known Universe are taken prisoner---Once in prison they are manipulated or brainwashed into sexually pleasing the guards of the planet.  Your character is abused often by the men but a woman who is a guard has a liking for her as well and aids her escape.  Not until escape is made does she make terms made to turn her returned to the planetary prison or to allow her escape to remain permanent on the condition she do favors sexual and otherwise with no questions asked or risk being returned.  Does she find away out of this agreement?


prison guard vs inmate
spy vs president of a nation-One or both are female and the spy blackmails the president that former secrets will be revealed unless money and/Or sex is paid in return.

Your creation of a vixen or heroine complete with two powers and one weakness vs mine.  We can discuss it but possibly we both pick our own super powers and we both pick the others one weakness.  The  winner will own the loser of the battles between them.

Doctor VS patient-Doctor drugs patient to the point of addiction at which point the doctor believes he shall have the patient begging to do anything to get more of the addicting medications the patient is hooked on.

********************  I WELCOME HEARING ANY IDEAS YOU MAY ADD**********************