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May 25, 2018, 04:30:22 AM

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Author Topic: Supernatural High School Misadventures~ Various NC (F lf GM + GM lf F char)  (Read 1223 times)

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Offline Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

~Please do not reply to this post - if interested, message me!~

Roles for me and you
Me x You
F x GM
Gm x F

At the moment, I'm looking for a GM/player story.  I'm also only interested in female main characters.  This means one of us will control the girl, and one of us will control the world.  At the moment I'm hoping to do one of both - but I will only GM one game, for the moment.  I'll try to update the above when my preferences change.

Starting notable points:
***Insisting on embedded pictures, will help set up or supply images.***
~I play by forum posts *only*, with PM's for OOC~
~I will not use any IM service, for any reason~

---biggest turn off: excessively short PMs, explanations below---
---Be sure you include everything I ask for in the "Interested?" section below when PMing me---
---Know that I'm NOT into GIVING consensual oral.  And not into GIVING males oral at all.---
---Please do not refer to my character as "you" in the RP---

~I am putting my major points in the following headings - make sure you get the general point of each section!~

Requests and Requirements
Let's get the dealbreakers out of the ways shall we?

A very strict 2-3 paragraph minimum.  This means about 200 words, not one paragraph each of three and one sentences.  See this spoiler as a reference point.  When the story gets going, I intend to build to hovering around double or more of that minimum in sections at a time, and I want you to be open with doing that as well.  But when and if you or I just need a post to get things rolling again, that minimum will still be there to fall back on and we can build it back up moving forward.

Ex. of 200 words(minimum)
  Who am I?
I have always believed that only after everything external has been taken away is the left person the real me. Then what are left are simply my heart and my mind. I can't paint not given a brush, yet I have developed the talent to recognize true beauty. I could no longer play the piano without a keyboard, but I am still moved to tears when hearing a piece of melting work. I will not be considered pretty anymore when standing in front of a stone-age tribe, but I know I will receive their smiles because in my eyes that shine of kindness would never fade.

Looking inward, I observe love and cares, grief and joy, queries and awakenings, interests and passion, dreams and wills. The love is given not just to family but also to mankind; the cares are both for the beloved and those in need. I regard pain the exact way I cherish mirth. I think and learn to discover truths as wide as the universe, as deep as people's souls. All that I am striving for is an eventual harmony in the internal me as well as the external world. (197 words)

Written by: Not me

Posting Rate
Even though I might not be able to keep up with it (some weeks will be better than others), I am going to ask for the ability to post twice or more a week.  I will occasionally be able to post every day, and other times maybe only get one post in a week.  But even so, I want a partner that is better than me.  Call it GM's privilege. I have planning to do~

I'm having a major problem with my partner's dropping RP's, so I'm hoping this requirement will help me with that. 

If you don't hear back from me in 5-7 days, messaging me is totally acceptable.

Non-minimalistic PM's!
This one is super, uber important - note additional italics.  Very few things turn me off faster than PM's that address one thing at a time.  When I send you a PM addressing multiple issues, I expect each issue to be addressed at once.  I prefer shorter frequency and higher productivity per message, especially as we plan things out prior beginning of the thread.  When I get the opposite, I want to eat my left shoe.  Don't make me want to eat my left shoe.

Introductory PM's
Yes, another requirement regarding PM's.  Somewhere near the end you shall find a section detailing what I want to hear from you to kick things off.  Please do your best to follow it!  At the very top I already answered any need for a PM to consist only of "Still looking for this RP?" questions.  I'll update it as needed.  If it says I am looking, then let us please skip that and dive right into it.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
As GM I do my best to provide profile pics for all the major and recurring characters.  I expect the same of other GMs.  I generally favor the fairer sex, so most of the characters are likely going to be female.  I also expect players to embed your character's profile picture in every post, as I do as a player.  This is rather important to me.  I will help you to find pictures, and figure out how to embed them, simply ask me to, and we will discuss it.  Because I'll be using real world images, I'm going to insist that you do as well, mainly for thematic reasons.  Here are a few to get the ball rolling! 

If you want me to provide you with a selection - which I will be all too happy to do - let me know a little bit about what you might be looking for and I'll do my best to provide!  Redhead?  Dressed or styled a certain way (mind you, I usually favor waist-up profile pics, where the head and the torso take up most of the room)?  With a more innocent, sassy, or cheerful energy?  Small breasts?

The Pitch
The setting takes place in a boarding school intended for those with supernatural abilities and natures.  We could narrow the population it or widen it as much as we wish.  Maybe only witches, or vampires are present here.  Or maybe witches, ghosts, yokai, werewolves, mermaids, angels, sea monsters all have their place here.  Where every myth you've ever heard of, the school likely has a record of one such being enrolled previously.  Everything however would have human qualities, and preferably supernatural powers.  I'm not opposed to using shapeshifting should we want some monsters to appear as well.  Like the werewolf shapeshifts into their beastly form, so too might a dragon, a mermaid, or a spider queen. 

The story itself would revolve around a single girl played opposite the GM.  Our girl is particularly bullied, harassed, or targeted for one reason or another, subjected to various kinks and rituals to suit others.  What exactly she faces is up for debate, but there are a lot of options brought onto use with supernatural powers.  NC will be a primary theme, but to what degree is variable.  She could be subjected to telekinetic manipulation, spontaneous orgasms, dark rituals, tentacle NC, public humiliation, sexual torment, or a futa-girl experiment.  The options here are extremely broad.

Here, our girl, age 16-18, 16-17 preferred, will face a myriad of dilemmas, as bullying is all too common at Supernatural High (better name pending).  She will likely be harassed by all kinds of beasts, perhaps kidnapped to take place in dark rituals or alchemy, humiliated at public functions, harvested for her rare fluids, and lusted after by at least one prominent figure at the school.  But there's more room for something even bigger.. is something big going on behind the scenes?  Does she have friends who she can rely on?  Or who will betray her?

She will have to be strong of spirit of course, otherwise she'll become broken much too easily~

Misadventures, and I mean NC content
NC will be the primary means of sexual content, and I'm sorry, but I'm going to insist on that this time.  This content will be varied in intensity, meaning it will come in many forms ranging from a brief groping encounter, to hardcore gangbanging with multiple penetrations (as a non-required example).  There will mostly be sexual content between those two, with the latter example being an extremely rare instance... In either case, talk to me about your preferred kinks and we'll build from there. 

Optional, and not meant to be a source for smut.  I like my romances innocent and sweet, building on emotional bonds and intimacy, and slowly building up the sexual content as the relationship develops.  Yes, this means kissing and some minor fooling around (think second-base), for a time before building up to anything more sexual.  Know also that in a consensual context, I am not into oral - so, yeah.  I know, I know.  I also prefer fxf relationships, but that is not a hard restriction.

Heroines I am looking for
A STRONG character
A girl whose brave, often confident, occasionally bold, and doesn't break in spirit - even should a villain or monster brutally have their way with her now and then...  She knows who she wants to be, and though she might get a little corrupted and begin to enjoy sex more and more, she certainly is going to try her hardest to ensure that her enemies don't use her body for sexual pleasure without fighting to the bitter end.

An INNOCENT character
I like playing with the concept of protecting their virginity, and the manner in which they finally lose it.  She shouldn't treat sex like it is something casual, and should certainly never allow herself to give into the temptation of sex with anyone but someone she truly loves no matter how good it might feel.

A YOUNG character
This is a boarding school type story, so this goes without saying.

A CUTE, or ATTRACTIVE character
Mostly, I want to see a pretty girl in their profile pic as we RP along~

Brainstorming Plot Concept Frameworks
Though the possibilities are intentionally left open - I'm happy to provide some sample girls or sample plots.  I'll include both a potential plot, kinks potentially associated with it (they do rely on kinks after all), and other characters that might be involved.  You may certainly mix and match them with each other and your own ideas as you see fit.  Reference any to me that sound particularly amusing to you.

Hiding from Her True Nature
More of a character concept than anything else.  Here, a Nymph with a very sexual focused nature is living while trying to resist that nature.  Though slipping up is sometimes all too easy...

As a Nymph, our girl is plagued with sexual desire, particularly in her dreams.  She dreams about classmates, roommates, and her best friends, and sometimes those intense desires fulfill her waking life as well.  It doesn't help that among her powers, she has natural pheromones who cause others to crave her also when she gets too turned on.  She also has a perfect body, and regenerates from most wounds.  She has many alchemical properties others might like to exploit as well, and someone might be inclined to kidnap her to harvest these rare and potent materials.  Her blood, her pheromones, her cum, perhaps even her breast milk, could all fetch high prices or be used in personal experiments.

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, femalexfemale relations, exploiting her nature, rituals, forced orgasms, kidnapping, harvesting, public humiliation, locker room antics, resisting sexual pleasure, having many turn-ons

The Futa-girl drug
More of a kinky content concept than anything else.  Here, a magical drug exists that can produce a futa-cock to temporarily replace the female's sexual organs.  Alongside this effect is an intense and prolonged pleasure, so a prolonged orgasm is almost impossible to avoid after taking the drug.

Perhaps after crossing the wrong person, or just because the wrong person holds lust for her, or to see her sexually primed or humiliated, our girl gets drugged and suffers a rather intense episode of futa-girl orgasm.  Though temporary, a taste has been developed for more.  Can lead into other kinks, such as taking advantage of the helplessly orgasming victim to kidnap her, to publically humiliate her, or to blackmail her. 

Alternatively a rival might decide to take the drug themselves, before assaulting our girl relentlessly.  An all female school would work well here.

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, femalexfuta relations, forced orgasms, public humiliation, blackmail

The Nightmarish Rituals
She has been targeted.  But who would believe her?  Perhaps they started to seem only to be nightmares, but became suddenly more vivid or a consequence became apparent.  After frequent rituals taking place at night, some seeming perhaps outlandish, such as her being stabbed with no apparent wound found the next morning, or being suffocated but with no marks on her neck, suddenly the reality becomes too real to ignore.

The overall intention of the ritual is open.  Perhaps her regenerative powers make her the perfect target.  Perhaps she is simply an easy mark to practice various black magics on.  Perhaps they plan to anchor an evil spirit to her that torments her throughout the day.  Perhaps she can be harvested for her rare fluids used in alchemy in certain black markets (blood, milk, sweat, sexual excretions)?  Or impregnate her to serve a physical birth of their god.  The options are endless.

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, dark rituals, death and reincarnation, being haunted, impregnation (no swelling please), forced orgasms

Haunted or Psychic Bullying
Inspired by the previous concept...

For one reason or another, our girl is haunted.  By an evil spirit perhaps, or a psychic who torments her from afar, something taunts and teases her and tries to make her day-to-day life a living hell.  Tormenting her with supernatural powers, such as telekinesis, clothing malfunctions, forced orgasms, illusionary physical contact, or visions, the internal world often seems to work hard at exploiting the external.  Trapping her in a locker room so others might find and abuse her.  Stripping her down so others might find lustful impulses for her.  Causing her to spill something on a vengeful bully, or force her to orgasm in public.  It's nothing short of torture.

More to come later!

Lovely!  Please address the following questions I have for you!  In whatever format you wish, the number list is not required in your PM!

1. Roles
Are you interested in GMing or  Let me know!

2. Pictures! (GMing)
Are you okay with supplying images for your characters?  Would you like any help from me to do that?

2. Pictures! (Playing)
Do you have a character pic you might want to use?  Would you like me to provide some (if so, please include any possible criteria you might be looking for)?  Additionally, can you tell me about your character?  Any thoughts on what kind of mystical or magical powers she might have, based on any mythical creature?

3. Kinks
Perhaps the most important question... what kind of kinks are you looking for in this RP?  Want kinds of NC would you be into?  How often do you want to see certain kinks?

4. Challenges and Content
What are your thoughts on the challenges the player will face?  Who are the main enemies, what allies might the player have, how often do you want failure to result in NC?

5. Extra Bonus
Any other thoughts, ideas, or comments?  On friends, romantic interests, villains, or plots?

6. Optional System
Interested in using a light system of my own design, to throw a bit of randomness in the game?  If so, you can find it in my on's/off's page and let me know.  Otherwise, ignore this question~

~Inspirational Images~

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