A Week Long Congress (MUL)

Started by adventurer, October 31, 2008, 12:02:35 PM

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A Week Long Congress. Anywhere in North America, Europe, Australia or wherever. Doctors, scientists, nurses , researchers come together to speak about new dimensions of integrated healthcare. Its August.

Two of them participate without ever knowing it. To be precise:

They had a starting internet contact some weeks ago. Kind of flirting quality without up to date too explicite. A Tension was there. But they never had in mind they could meet in very near future.

He is scientist or doctor. She could have any of these professions. Both between 30 and 40. And for a long time they were searching more passion, risk and adventure in their personal and sexual life.

Both are not in relationship.

A series of fast paced coincidencies shortly before the congress starts...intensifies their communication. And its inevitable their ways cross in bolder ways they could have imagined before.

Third person or first writing writing is possible. Rhythm of posting should be quite regular. Any additional ideas or modifications are welcome.
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