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Author Topic: Looking for a Pet (M lf F)  (Read 241 times)

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Looking for a Pet (M lf F)
« on: July 07, 2015, 02:49:41 AM »
So I've been on a tiny hiatus due to a move, but during the time I've been craving a new RP, specifically one that explores the relationship between a male owner and his cat-girl. A lot of what I describe is very flexible.


The world is very different. Genetic engineering of humans has become widespread, and some humans have been mixed with animal DNA. While at first it was simply for scientific research, they began making animal-humans for humans to own as pets. These animal-humans didn't have fur, and looked mostly human, but they acted like animals and usually had animal ears and tails. However a growing movement fought to put an end to this atrocity. They compared genetically altering humans to playing god, and it was blasphemy to them. Soon the movement took control of the world government, and all genetically grown animal-humans were rounded up and "disposed" of.

A few animal-humans remained, either kept hidden by their owners, or hiding on the streets. Humans caught with an animal-human could be sent to prison for five years, and the animal-human will be put down.

My character is in a rough place in his life. He just had a terrible end to a relationship where his girlfriend cheated on him, and he's just completely torn up. He finds your character, a cat-girl, living on the streets. He's not sure what to do, but he knows it's dangerous to bring her home. Although as he tries to leave, she keeps following him, and eventually he brings her home. While he thinks it's only temporary, he grows attached to her, and decides to keep her. However things get difficult and dangerous when people start to suspect he has a cat-girl.

(note: the rp would begin from the first meet)

What I'm Looking For

- Someone to play the cat-girl
- I'm always about story over smut, and usually expect story/smut to be 70/30, but in this case it can work as 50/50, as long as there is a lot of story and character interactions, and it takes it's time to build.
- Must be able to post minimum 3 paragraphs per post. I believe in quality over quantity, but I find anything less than 3 paragraphs tends to not move the story forward enough - this rule is flexible depending on the moment in the story. I tend to post between 3-10 paragraphs per post. I don't expect shakespeare, but I expect some depth, feelings, ideas, descriptions, a spell check, etc.
- You must understand that life and my own writing comes first, so I won't always be able to post a lot. I try to post once every two days, but it depends on my situation and day of week. I do expect an attempt of once every two-three days as well, with flexibility.
- You must communicate. I like to talk during the RP to know how my partner is liking it or not. I also want to know if you're busy, if your muse isn't there, or if you want to drop out. I can take it, I just appreciate a head-ups.
- Someone to bounce ideas off of, and to help move the story forward. I like to collaborate, I don't want to be the only one leading the story.

The Cat-Girl

A lot of this can be discussed and changed. I expect a young (16-18 in human years) cat-girl, who's very innocent and used to the street life. I don't want her fight my character every step of the way, but she may not be able to adapt to a life inside a home as easily as she thought, even if she has a warm place to sleep, food to eat, and a master to play with.

She is not a furry. She is human, looks 16-18, and has cat ears and a cat tail. She has a very cat-like personality, and might not be as intelligent as a human (poor schooling and the cat genes).

Her look can be up for discussion as well, but I would love for her to look like Cintia Dicker or Faye Reagan. I love those girls, and they have a certain innocence that I adore.

The Master

He's going to be a bit broken at the beginning of the story, and he needs someone in his life. So when your character comes around, it helps fill that void. He's going to be a very loving master, but strict when needed. How strict can be up for discussion, but certainly he'll apply some spanking and light bondage with a nice collar. He'll also choose what she wears, what she eats, and how she should do things. If he ever punishes her, he will always be kind and gentle "just one more spanking, it'll be okay..." He will never engage in any non-con sex.

If you have someone you want as a face claim, I'm open to suggestions, but I want to play someone a bit more fragile looking, like Ben Wishaw.


Master/Pet, light and loving domination, light bondage, light spanking, loss of control, sexy clothing, romance

Possible Kinks (to be discussed)

Extreme Bondage, Heavy Domination, S&M


Sharp objects, Non-Con, scat, blood

PM me if interested in discussing more. Let me know if you have anything you want to add or change, and what kinks you might want to include, in the first message.