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Author Topic: Long Term Literate Search | MxM | Slice of Life  (Read 1425 times)

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Offline November BleedsTopic starter

Long Term Literate Search | MxM | Slice of Life
« on: July 07, 2015, 01:51:57 AM »
Welcome to my Request Thread

Really Big Note:
Currently Revamping Entire Thread!
Posting varies from once a day to once every few days.
[Once a week = usually longest waiting time]

30+ Plots

About Me
Things to Know Before RPing With Me
Current Role-Plays List

A little bit about me
My name is November, but you can call me Nov. I have been role-playing for about fourteen years now and I am still learning and expanding my RP style. I'd like to consider myself literate on my good days- however there are lazy days where I cannot seem to create an elaborate post that's detailed and expressive but I will still try. I am and have always been an extremely open minded individual, especially when it comes to collaborating on ideas, writing perspectives and explaining situations. Discussing RP plots and characters have always been fun for me. There isn't too much else to say, but I am not a scary person. I am very kind, patient and always willing to work with my RP partners.

I come from another role-playing website so the current plots are from there as well. I did my best to update them. If you have any questions I would prefer you to message me.

Please keep in mind that I do have someone I love very deeply in real life. She is my everything in this beautiful world. We live together, sit beside each other and more often than not; write together. My doll, my heart, my soul partner and my wife in real life. Blissy is her name on Elliquiy if you ever wish to check her thread & plots out. Without her I don't know where I would be. 

I am currently GM-ing a Horror Based Group Role-play. So please be patient with my >possibly< delayed responses.

MY O/O Here!   Interests & Characters are there.


Things to know before role-playing with me
Please Read

>I'm not scary I promise<
  •    I am a male who plays male characters.
  •    MxAny but MxM is a favourite
  •    Literacy and grammar are wonderful.
  •    Searching for players who can keep up with me posting at 3-5 paragraphs.
  •    Please give me something worth reading and something I can work with
  •    I am looking to role-play through Message Boards/Threads right now
  •    I use Pictures or Descriptions depending on my partners.
  •   Your gender does not matter here! I have never thought for a second that it mattered who was on the other side of the screen. We are two people collaborating on a story together
  •    Story driven RP's are a favourite
  •    Heavily searching for Slice of Life plots
  •    I only RP in third person and only accept partners who RP in third person (unless determined otherwise)
  •    Long Term > Short Term
  •    I work with 70% Story  - 30% Smut
  •    Smut. Let's place it realistically, please.
  •    Romance is my strongest theme  Fantasy is my weakest theme
  •    For MxM Specific RPs please note: I do in fact play dominant top roles. However I have one character that is in fact a submissive bottom.
  •    If you have actually read this so far, please put the word strawberries somewhere in your message
  •    18+ Characters ONLY. (Please don't harass me for my preference~!)
  •    I do not ignore people, if I have not responded to you within a few days, please send me another message
  •    I do not use Messengers or emails. Everything on E-RP is discussed in PM's! <:
  •    Just because I am like a teddy bear, doesn't mean my characters will be...! I play a variety of characters from the nice guy to the sarcastic asshole who wants to ruin YC's life.

Very Important:
  •    Please do not try to make alterations to how my characters are in the beginning. I have previously created characters who have their own personality, look, & self-expression.
  •    Sometimes I get busy. Please keep in contact with me if you are going away/taking a break- I will do the same.
  •    Do not harass me to respond to our role-play on a constant basis. You'll only push me away.
  •    Please let me know if you are bored of the plot and would like to end ours- or even start a new one! No hard feelings at all  8-)
  •    Take your time responding to me. There is no rush! Though I do find that discussing ideas back and forth for the future does help inspire, at least for me.


Pairings List
Just some pairings that peak my interest.
Bold is typically the one that I'd prefer to play but we can always switch.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Bad Boy x Good Girl/Boy
  • Band Member x Fan
  • Best Friends
  • Boss x Intern
  • Demon x Human
  • Drug Dealer x Drug Addict
  • Human x Fallen/Guardian Angel
  • Nerd x Popular
  • Nerd x Bad Boy
  • Photographer x Model
  • Psychotherapist x Patient
  • Rich x Poor/Homeless
  • Roommates
  • Stalker x Victim
  • Professor x Student
  • Writer x Editor


P L O T S:

If you're here looking for smut-based plots
You've got the wrong thread, sorry!
(Smut is realistically placed with meaning here!)
Newest / Most Craved Plots

You can still approach me if the RP says "Taken"

Most wanted in Green.

  • Parallel Universe ***
    [Roles: Exes]
    [MxF can be changed to MxM]
    It's been a few months since their breakup and YC finds themselves still grieving over the relationship. A friend of hers has created what he thinks is a "time machine"- but it is not. After asking YC to participate (while they think its not going to work), she is thrown into a Parallel Universe instead. The world seems so similar but somethings are different. Deciding to investigate her life on the other side she finds it to be much more than she could have ever wished for. The home she once knew has changed drastically in all the right ways. She invites herself into her own home she is greeted by her ex-boyfriend who in fact; is deeply in love with her. Surprised she is home early from her trip, he greets her happily with love and care. Everything she has ever wanted in one bundle...
  • Falling in Love with My Creation
    [Roles: Creator x Robot MxF or MxM]
    [Genre: Sci Fi, Romance]
    As it stands, the world of technology is currently at its highest peak of advancement. Though one man working out of his own apartment creates something unimaginable. Through experimentation he has slowly created a robot. Through his many adjustments he makes them so completely human that he finds himself falling in love with their personality. Adjusting them bit by bit he makes them more and more human as time goes on...
  • A Equidistant Earth
    [Inspired by: Another Earth]
    [Roles: Up for discussion]
    [May be slightly similar to A Parallel Universe]
    This is a very rough concept. The idea is that a black hole appears next to Earth after a mass amount of storms all across the globe. But as the storms pass they reveal a second version of Earth. Both versions of Earth seem to be identical. While sending out signals to contact one another, they put out applications for individuals to potentially move from their current Earth to the other. The idea is to start a new life all over again in a new world.
  • Trapped*** -Taken!
    [Genre: Utopian | Dystopian | Post-Apocalyptic]
    [Focus on Utopia first - later Post-Apocalyptic]
    All their lives our characters have lived in what is defined as the perfect world. With giant walls to protect them from the outside world. The elders of this world will not discuss what is on the other side of the walls. Those who disobey the strict rules are banished to the outside world. But perhaps our characters get a little bit too curious for their own good. The two are brought to the council, admitting to their crimes. They are then banished and thrown out the front doors into a world completely different than their own. Their Utopia turning into a Dystopia. With limited to no supplies they are forced to live on their own and only have each other...
  • The Fallen -Maybe!
    [Genre: Fantasy | Modern]
    [Roles: Fallen Angel x Human]
    For the last eighteen (or more) years, your character has found themselves going through the hardest of times. Without knowing it, they have a Guardian Angel who has been watching over them ever since they were born. Through one extremely tragic event, this Angel descends upon the world below in order to help them cope with their emotions if not, stop them from attempting to commit suicide. Knowing quite well that he will lose his wings and from there on remain mostly human, he does it just for the love he holds so strongly for them.
  • The Hunted, -Maybe!
    [Genre: Fantasy]
    [Roles: Ranger/Archer x Creature]
    A story of an Archer hunting for a creature in the forest. The man has been after the creature for a very long time. However once the two of them come face to face, will he have a change of heart?
  • Catfish
    [Roles: Honest x Dishonest]
    For the last couple of years YC & MC have been dating online. They're truthful and honest about all but one thing: one of them is sharing fake pictures. Having fallen for one another over a text based application, they find themselves wishing and wanting to meet one another in hopes that they like the other. The character who did show a real picture of themselves decides one day to take a trip to their house to meet them, but what they find may not necessarily be what they expected.
The Role-Play plots beyond this point are not cravings, but you can still approach me about them.

Older Plots:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Another World -Taken
    [Character roles can be switched]
    [Year thoughts: 2300 - 2500]
    [Note: I'd appreciate collaborating on this whole story together]
     After a major accident, MC wakes up from his assumed coma. His entire life he lead before this moment still vivid in his memories. But as he awakens, everything around him is entirely different. The world has changed so drastically and technology fills the world. Everything is so high tech and MC can barely wrap his mind around it. Having been isolated for several hundred years as an experiment, MC now has to adjust his life and try to move on from the life he once had hundreds of years ago. YC is there to help MC understand all the new technology and changes, MC may even have to move in with them to understand it all and take it day by day.
  • Roads Untraveled -Taken
    Inspired By: The Road
    It has been years since the Apocalypse and humanity is at an all time low. It is rare to come across another human, let alone one that isn't a cannibal. With the world in such a horrible state, food is scarce, water is limited, the sun is constantly shadowed and living animals are rare. With constant climate changes, it seems as though the Earth wishes to start over from the very beginning, attempting to wipe humanity. The only thing keeping MC or YC alive is their younger sibling who they strive for. As to how our characters cross paths is to be discussed.
  • Off The Radar
    [Roles: Survivors]
    After a rather devastating plane crash, a minimal amount of survivors escape. Stranded on what may be a deserted island and set up camp in hopes of rescue. The island however may not be as deserted as they thought and help may not actually arrive.
  • Welcome to Deadwood -Taken
    [Roles: Psychopath x Victim]
    [M x F only for specific story reasons]
    [Looking for a red-headed female character to take on YC's role, my only request!]
    [Warning: Sadistic Themes, Torture (Mentally/Emotionally/Physically), Blood & Gore, Possible Rape, Non-Consensual, Overly Violent Nature & Kidnapping]
    [Message me about limits]

    YC has recently moved to a small quirky town where everybody is much too quiet and bizarre. MC is the local town butcher who serves fresh raw meat from his shop where he works alone. Although the citizens of the town seem rather odd, misplaced and perhaps a little bit too disturbed for their own good. Both the sheriff and the local butcher at least seem to be sane. As YC meets MC, the two of them seem to have a simple and perhaps normal relationship. However, the looks MC has been giving to YC seem much more than just 'interested'. YC happens to look like MC's ex-wife and that alone is a disturbing thought that triggers his mind in a negative manner. One stormy evening, MC goes to YC's house, kidnapping them. When YC wakes up they find themselves realizing that MC may not be as sane as they led on to be...
  • Transcendence - Taken
    [Roles: Psychologist x Patient]
    [Five stars if you flip this plot]
    For the last little while, YC has been in search of a Psychologist and comes across MC, a professional Psychologist in search of new patients after moving to a new city. After a couple of weeks, both characters seem to connect on more than an emotional level and despite all laws, begin to fall for one another. I'd like this RP to become very personal to the characters as they get to know one another inside and out.
  • A Place to Stay -Taken
    [Roles: Rich x Poor]
    MC has gone on vacation for an entire week but ends up coming home a couple of days early. Living in a decent neighborhood where everybody knows everybody, MC is the individual everybody goes to for help/therapy. When MC arrives home in the middle of the night he finds YC laying on his couch awake or sleeping or perhaps hiding somewhere else in his house. After realizing YC is homeless and working to fend for themselves, he allows them to stay in his house with him and quite possibly work for him as well.
  • Another Life
    [Roles: Stripper/Escort x Customer]
    Looking For: Romance, Heavy Character Development, Possibly Bondage
    With this particular couple I would appreciate going in a softer direction. I would like the Stripper/Escort to be brainwashed already by the idea of greed and lust. But MC will take them on dates, treat them with kindness, sort of hold the key to a better life. Not touching them nor trying to be intimate with them, I'd prefer for this to be a slow process where YC is receiving all sorts of kindness from MC and perhaps slowly falls into the want and need of what they're willing to offer.
  • Untitled Idea #1 - Taken
    [Roles: Survivors ]
    [Inspired by: The Hunger Games & Maze Runner & The Truman Show]
    For this idea I wanted to discuss it with my partner back and forth to come to a conclusion it's an extremely rough and weird plot. The basic idea I had was the world is going through a global poverty and within such a world they decide to take it in their own hands to isolate one country/state/province/specific location. Through these means they've set up cameras and microphones everywhere. They are put through a very harsh environmental change. From bombings and destruction or even infected creatures and beings. The show follows two individuals in particular. Two who don't think this is a game or a show at all. They think it is reality.
    Up for huge discussion.
  • The Following Pairings
    [Message me for plot ideas]
    Religious x Agnostic/Atheist
    Visionless x Sighted
    Professor x Student

Romantic Plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Falling in love again,
    [Might be on Hiatus- ask]
    Two characters had fallen in love at a young age and had all the intentions of holding a relationship together throughout their school years. Unfortunately one family moved away and the two lost all possible contact. Years later while entering College or University, the two find themselves meeting eye to eye once again. What happens from there depends on them.
  • Realism vs Fantasy
    [Roles: Writer x Editor]
    Ever since his novelist career, my character only wrote in the genre of romance. Although he hadn't come to understand what true romance meant. After his old editor had moved onto bigger and better things, a new editor (YC) comes into view to work on his novels. As they come to edit his work and complains that some details are lacking and seem unrealistic, he questions and fights them on his own stories. As the two challenge one another on what romance truly means, they asks him if they can teach him her realistic way rather than his idealistic fantasy.
  • Secrets You're Begging To Keep
    [Character roles may be switched]
    [Roles: Teenagers or Young Adults]
    For the last while, YC and their friends have had an interest in MC. However, MC has only had his eyes on YC. After one rather odd evening of awkward tension, our characters end up getting together but keep it a secret from their friends. I will also accept this plot revolving around our characters sneaking behind their parents backs. (No Rp's including cheating though.)
  • Unexpected Transformation
    [Roles: University Students]
    In High School YC was rather unattractive and MC gave YC the cold shoulder. Although he was much more on the bad-boy side, times have very much changed. Now it is College/University and YC has grown into their body completely and changed their entire outlook. Whether it was through surgery means or natural physical changes, MC doesn't even recognize YC. Of course, this causes MC to go after yours in a romantic sense and YC has all the power in his/her hands to play along.
  • Stereotyped to a T
    [Roles: Teenagers- 18+]
    [I am willing to switch from a Nerd to a Bad Boy]
    It is the beginning of Senior Year in High School. YC is one of the most popular people in school, MC is the least popular and also rather nerdy. YC and MC are intentionally paired together for a Semester-Long project. YC and MC clearly do not see eye to eye. However, behind my characters ratty hair and glasses; perhaps he doesn't look all that bad and his personality isn't all that rough either. Do Opposites Attract..?
  • Misunderstood
    [Roles: Popular x Rebellious]
    In the first year of College/University, our characters despised one another. Both groups of friends being polar opposites. But during the summer, something between our characters sparked. Whatever it may have been. The two may be dating now, undercover and away from their friends. Or, they may in fact just be extremely attracted to each other but are too afraid to do anything. Up for discussion/tweaking/further ideas.
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Twisted Fairy Tale, dark romance, modern realism. I don't have a particular story for this but I did like the tale.
  • Addicted To You
    [Roles: Drug Dealer x Addict]
    YC has a rather bad addiction and MC has what they need but they are all out of money. The first time could be free but the second, not so much. They could be previous friends, lovers or even complete strangers. This all depends on how we discuss playing it.

Darker Plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Up for Ransom, -Not right now, sorry.
    [Roles: Kidnapper x Victim]
    [This plot may or may not be on hiatus, please ask if interested!]
    My character has been in a gang for quite a few years now. His dedication to the gang has been proven through his loyal actions to them. Due to recent events, your character has been targeted for the gangs kidnapping. My character kidnaps yours and takes her back to his gang. Your character ends up staying with him and being under his control while the gang puts out a payment to their family/friends or anyone close to them whom they can receive money from. What happens to them during this time is up for discussion, whether it is love and romance or something else altogether.
  • Social Media Stalker
    [Roles: Internet Famous x Stalker]
    Inspired by one of Blissy's plots
    YC is a famous internet celebrity. Whether it is social media, youtube, twitter, facebook or even instagram, they find themselves with tons of followers. For the last couple of years, MC has been stalking their feed to find out exactly where they live due to his attraction towards YC. They may have even interacted once or twice. Although he lives two lives. One, trying to impress YC and break through the barriers of friendship and the other...well, that's a secret.
  • In The Middle
    [Roles: Officer/Stalker x Victim]
    As of late YC has been feeling extremely paranoid as weird things have been happening around them. To their belief, they are being stalked. As YC falls into desperation they contact the authorities and a detective takes on the case. There, he is placed to look after YC and check up on them as often as possible. MC will be both the detective and the stalker. More details up for discussion.
  • Lost & Found -Taken
    [Roles: Gang Member x Civilian]
    YC comes home from a late evening out. In the alleyway next to their apartment, a body is laying there half-awake. MC has been beaten and bruised. YC takes pity on them and helps them inside to clean them up. MC isn't one of the good guys.  Instead he is rather villainous and has a very difficult past he can't turn his back on. A former gang member.
  • [More currently being written]

Utopia/Dystopia/Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic Plots:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Bottom of The Barrel
    [Post-Apocalyptic *not zombies*]
    Years after a nuclear war, the world has been practically pushed into ruins. Food has become limited and difficult to search for as well as shelter. The human race has become reckless, lawless and low in population. Without the boundaries of law, the threat of the outside world is terrifying. With YC having not eaten in a long time they come across a few cans found in the middle of an alleyway. Due to unfortunate events, they get jumped and attacked. MC jumps into the middle of that and takes the beating for YC. Food is scarce and for his own reasons, offers your character the cans to take as a peace offering...
  • World War III -Taken
    Inspired By: How I Live Now
    Everything seemed peaceful, normal, like there was nothing to worry about. For once, nothing on the news was negative. Not one ounce of destruction, not even a petty crime. The radio, television, even the online news was positive. But that was when it happened. At the best of times, they attacked. Countries attempted to overrule one another not with their voices but with their weapons. During the chaos, our characters find one another through shelter. Whether they are strangers of friends does not matter. Both of them afraid, scared for their lives, expecting the worst of the situation; death.

    I would like to discuss this one in full detail since there are many possibilities on the direction of this. Whether they go for a safe haven, someone gets captured and taken or they end up living/dying together.
  • Outbreak
    [Apocalyptic - Post-Apocalyptic]
    Warning: Zombies.
    A recent world wide vaccination was given out to the public in order to resolve a common flu/cold. Within the span of one week, those who had taken the vaccine had fallen sick. Hospitals were filling up with more people than they could ever hold. Humanity began to go insane. the government began to shut down (or attempted to take control of the situation). The world was crumbling, coming to an end. Most were calling it the Apocalypse. Humans were turning into mindless hosts, hungry for fresh flesh. A bite, scratch or even their blood mixing with that of a humans could cause them to turn, change, mutate.

    The start of this RP can be done in many ways which I'd like to discuss. Whether it is scavenging for food, searching for a safe haven or even bumping into one another and assisting during a difficult scenario. Feel free to give me your input.
  • For The First Time *
    It has been years since the apocalypse first occurred. MC or YC leave their bunker due to lack of food and water sources. Having been told to stay down there for as long as they possibly can, the time has finally arrived. As they surface they come to realize that the world itself is completely different than how it used to be.

    [Society could be annihilated. Food could be scarce. The world could be changed completely for the "better". Technology could be gone. - Far too many routes we could go with this one. Leaving this up for discussion]

Fantasy Plots:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


BDSM Plots:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • [Work In Progress]

Tragic Plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • [Work In Progress]

MxM Specific

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • The Real World
    Two best friends just graduated high school and it ends up they are both attending the same College/University. Living in a small city they have to commute to their campus rather than staying in a dorm. The two start to realize that they have developing feelings for one another and slowly begin experimenting and falling in love, in secret. Unfortunately where they live is not exactly supportive but rather homophobic. Due to this nature, one of the boys comes out to their family and is instantly disowned, kicked out of the house, banished from seeing them again. They retreat to their partner who takes them in and attempts to comfort them, but unfortunately their parents will not let them stay... The rest (or an alteration of the story) is up for discussion!
    • Locked Away
      [Roles: Inmates]
      [MxM specific. You can try to convince me otherwise or switch the roles. My only MxM plot where I will play submissive]
      In a minimum-medium security male only prison, MC is brand new to the location. Although during the first few days MC is harassed and he does his best to avoid the others around him. He keeps to his cell/room the best he can with his roommate who is barely around. But once MC gets himself into too much trouble, YC steps into the picture to protect him. YC being, his room/cellmate. They make a deal. YC gives safety to MC while MC gives..? Up for further discussion.
    • The Odd One Out
      [Character roles may be switched]
      Having just turned the age of eighteen, MC is still going to school while living at home. The summer before College/University is supposed to be the greatest one where he can live it up before his life gets busy. Due to unfortunate events, his Mother's best friend passes away and her eighteen year old child (YC) is left without any place to go. With the fortunate heart of MC's mother, YC is taken into custody and taken care of by MC's family and for the summer... the summer consisting of just the two of them for the most part.

Plots on Hiatus:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Blind Date [Hiatus]
    Exactly as the title suggests. Two characters find themselves on a blind date. This plot is up for discussion.
  • Unexpected Company, [Hiatus]
    [Roles: Teenagers 18+]
    During a school ski trip, two students end up staying out a bit too late. While staying out too late the students find themselves rushing to a cabin nearby where they are forced to stay the night. Whether they are friends, best friends, enemies or so on and so forth is up for discussion.
  • Memory Loss, [On Hiatus]
    After having been in a terrible car accident, your character has finally awoken from their coma with no memory of who they are currently engaged/married to. The two had been very much in love and alas, they attempt to rebuild their relationship all over again.

-More to come.

*** If you have ANY Ideas of your own you would like to throw my way, please let me know and I will be more than happy to try and work something out ***

- - - - - -

If you have any questions, throw a PM my way. We can discuss things further.

It'll be good to get to know you,

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Re: Long Term Semi-Lit Search [M For F or M] +Tons of Plots+
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2015, 03:42:16 AM »
My Current Role-Plays
Along with very simplified summaries of the stories.

Of Wonderglass & Descendance @ Blissy
A take on Alice and The Knave from Alice in Wonderland. [MxF]
Of Temptation & Diversion @ Blissy
A vampire is taken captive only to be tortured and mistreated. Once trusted, everything seemingly takes a dangerous turn. [MxF]

Embracing the Other Side @ Ms Catailia
An original long-term story of a series of men finding their way to their own happiness, overcoming all sorts of drama and obstacles that rest in their way. [MxM]
Embracing the Future @ Ms Catailia
Twenty plus years into the future of another original story, this sequel involves the College life of a group of students and the romance, drama and tragedy within their lives. [MxM & MxF]
Solace in Captivity @ Ms Catailia
In a rundown world, a girl witnesses a murder, only to be caught by a gang and is now at their mercy. [MxF]

The Social Storm @ Dashou
An internet famous boy falls in love with a fan of his unintentionally. Their love fighting against all odds. [MxM]
A Shot in the Dark @Dashou
Two lovers reunite after a tragic misunderstanding between the both of them. Past and Present. [MxM]

Prohibited Affections @ Mael
Two best friends get caught falling into intimacy, only to be torn away from one another.
Due to unfortunate circumstances, reconnecting does not come easy, not after conversion therapy for one. [MxM]

On Hold
The Brink of Destruction @ Dashou
Six months into the apocalypse, two survivors come together and attempt to survive alongside one another. [MxM]
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Re: Long Term Semi-Lit Search [M For MxF or MxM] <Romance>
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2015, 06:02:52 PM »
Updated The Following:

  • Added my O/O's - where my characters are and interests
  • Added Plot: A Place to Stay
  • Added Plot: Outbreak
  • Added Plot: For The First Time

Offline November BleedsTopic starter

Updated The Following:

  • Added one plot I am heavily searching for***
  • Added a few Romance Plots [Another Life & A Place To Stay]
  • Added only taking on "one more RP"

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Re: Long Term Semi-Lit | Romance, Dystopian & Dark | [M For MxF or MxM]
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2015, 02:19:31 PM »
Updated the following:

  • Fixed some of my 'things to know' - took some out.
  • Made a "Current Stories" List in the Post #2
  • Added the potential to post Once a day OR Once a Week.

Added the following plots:

  • Trapped
  • Another World
  • Parallel Universe

Moved the following plots to craving:

  • Roads Untraveled
  • Off The Radar
  • Welcome to Deadwood

Offline November BleedsTopic starter

Added the Following Plots:

  • Falling in Love with My Creation
  • A Equidistant Earth
  • Paranormal Enchantment

Edit: Added two plots from Hiatus to Craving (both as maybe)
"The Fallen" & "The Hunted"
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Re: Long Term Semi-Lit Search | M For MxF or MxM
« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2015, 01:07:32 AM »
Updated the following:

  • Updated Posting Schedule & Group RP Status.
  • Updated specific plots to -Taken
  • Updated specific plots with Green Text to assert craving.
  • Fixed some minor story details
  • Currently fixing "Current Stories" - for now it has been taken away
  • Adjusted title