A Harsh Punishment (M for F, caning, medical)

Started by Denivar, July 06, 2015, 01:38:09 AM

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Impact play/corporal punishment/spanking has always been something very near and dear to me, so I'm looking for a like-minded woman to role play with. Here is the scene I have in mind:

By 2022, prisons in Texas were teeming with prisoners. The state was struggling to come up with money to finance all the prisons. Yet a Law & Order public demanded yet more justice, harsher sentences and punishments for wrongdoers.

Enter the Republican candidate for governor. He has an innovative solution to the problem! What better way to deter criminals than by reintroduction of judicial corporal punishment. Of course, many claim it is inhumane, barbaric, cruel. The new governor introduces corporal punishment in a manner that he claims is civilized, worthy of the twenty-first century.

Here is how it works: those who receive sentences of two years or less are eligible to elect for corporal punishment instead. Corporal punishment is administered at a medical facility -- i.e. a doctor's office -- that is certified to carry out such punishments. The criminal must report to such a facility, where they will pay a fee, and in the presence of a doctor -- and with the greatest of medical care -- will be thrashed with a cane, a specified number of strokes. A doctor will witness the punishment and make sure they are cared for before, during, and after the punishment.

The role play would involve a young woman who has been convicted of some petty crime (shoplifting perhaps?) and must choose between a short prison sentence or a caning. Of course, for the sake of the role play she ends up choosing the caning, and the role play would involve playing it all out. :) There would definitely by some scope for character development -- what would the attitude of the woman be like? What would the doctor be like? And the orderly performing the punishment and the other staff? There might also be some medical play in there.

I love the ... twisted irony ... of a doctor's office, a place meant for care and healing to be used to dispense a punishment such as this. The basic premise of this is fairly limited/simple but it can very easily expand if we enjoy it. Please PM me if interested!
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