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April 22, 2018, 12:10:53 AM

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Author Topic: Lois Lane and Superman. Light, bondage, or manipulative. (M for f)  (Read 213 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Below, you will find several ideas for pairings between Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman. The ideas range from light to bondage to manipulative, and I have labeled them in case one type stands out to you. Knowledge about the characters is not necessary, as I really want to create our own version of things. I've put the ideas I'm really craving in bold, but all of them are quite exciting to me.

1. Partners (Light)

Lex Luthor is a canidate for President of the United States, and barring something unexpected, he is assured to win. Lois Lane started out researching him for a puff piece, but she found some irregularities in his history that she couldn't explain. As she dug deeper, she found connections to organized crime, illegal experiments, and worse, but she couldn't prove any of it. Her publishers ordered her to kill the story, as it was going nowhere, but she continued to dig. She was sure she was close to something, she just had to dig a little deeper.

On the way home one evening, she is attacked by a few masked men. She realizes at once that it is a hit. It will look like a robbery gone wrong, but her investigation into Lex will be silenced. Instead of finding a police officer or good Samaritan, she finds 'him.' The vigilante in blue and red has been protecting Metropolis for months, but he isolates himself from people. In turn, people fear his superhuman powers, and most consider him a menace in the making. When Lois looks at him though, she just sees his kind eyes and concern for others.

I'm looking to do a retelling of the Clark/Lois romance. I'd like to develop a long term relationship, where Lois gains a partner in her investigation and Clark gains a connection to humanity and an outlet to start to gain the world's trust.

2. Scoop of the Century (Manipulative)

Superman is the story of the century, but nobody has been able to break it yet. He has been operating in Metropolis for three months now, but nobody has gotten him to explain who he is. In fact, nobody has really gotten him to talk. As soon as he helps solve a problem, he takes off and disappears into the sky. Just because he doesn't want his story told, however, doesn't mean people don't want to find it. Some news agencies are offering huge cash rewards for any information on Superman.

One of the people trying to cash in on those rewards is Lois Lane. She's an aspiring journalist, but news agencies aren't hiring right now, so Superman is her ticket to starting her real life. While trying to track his movements, she gets herself into some hot water. When Superman arrives to help, she expects him to just leave like he always does once she is safe, but something stops him. He stops to make sure she is alright, sees her home, and they even talk a little bit before he leaves.

Rather than cash in what little she knows, Lois tries to get more, putting herself into real and perhaps even fictitious dangerous situations. When Superman arrives, he is always concerned and seems to let his guard down a little more every time. Lois is getting close to learning everything and getting a shot at the life she wants. Unfortunately, she is realizing she is also starting to care about the man she is manipulating.

There are a whole bunch of exciting ways this can go. How far is Lois willing to go to keep attracting Superman's attention? Will she ever tell Clark the truth? What happens if he discovers it on his own? And what happens if someone like Luthor figures out Lois can be used to manipulate Clark and keep him out of a fight?

3. A Fallen World (light)

Lois and Clark have been married for several years when disaster strikes. Shadowy forces attack the earth, and though Superman tries to stop them, he ultimately falls. (The threat could be Brainiac, Darkseid, or something original we create)

Unwilling to accept defeat, his wife, Lois Lane, travels to the fortress and uses it to travel back to a time before she knew Clark, a time when Clark had first traveled to Metropolis to figure out his destiny. She finds herself inhabiting her body from several years ago, with all her memories and experiences from the future. It is her hope to convince him of the coming threat, and to use her knowledge of his full potential to train him to become someone who can save the world.

(This is a vague little outline, but you get the idea. The idea here is to pair Clark with a slightly older Lois. She would be more experienced than him in the ways of the real world, as well as her knowledge of their relationship. I also kind of like the idea that the Superman from the future didn't die, but he finds himself being controlled by the darkness. Perhaps the future Superman is sent back in time to stop the younger Lois and Clark from changing things.)

4. Danger (Bondage dom/sub)

Lois Lane has always pushed the envelope. When her peers run from a situation, she runs towards it. The impulse makes her an excellent reporter, but one day she pushes it too far. She gets too close to a group of tech thieves and finds herself bound and gagged, a hostage to get the thieves past the police. She fears her luck might have run out until a red and blue streak sweeps into the room, knocks out the thieves, and frees Ms. Lane. Superman insists on seeing her home, and the two even share a kiss before Superman takes to the sky once more.

The moment is all too brief, but it makes Lois feel empowered. She suddenly feels like she has a guardian angel, one who is invincible and who moves with superhuman speed. She finds herself acting even more bold than before, and as a result finds herself in even more dangerous situations. No matter how bad things look, Superman always arrives at the last second. They share a lovely moment before he departs once more.

The danger has a powerful impact on both of them. Lois starts to realize the thrill that comes from being rescued, of being helpless until Superman arrives. For his part, Superman worries about the risks she is taking, but he finds an electric feeling in seeing how much Lois trusts him, how willing she is to put herself into danger. Eventually, it could develop into a dom/sub relationship, where she can put herself at the mercy of her guardian angel and find pleasure in the act.