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Author Topic: BKGeno's Game Idea Thread  (Read 191 times)

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BKGeno's Game Idea Thread
« on: July 03, 2015, 08:10:48 PM »
If you find something here but don't feel like running it with me, feel free to steal it for your preferred players. You horrible, horrible thief you. :P
But serious, go ahead, I know it already happens.


1) The six five divine weapons.
A long, long time ago, there was a fierce war between the invading demonic and undead armies of hell, and the brave and valiant warriors of the world. As the war dragged on, however, the remaining warriors realized that they would be overrun by the endless armies, despite them only being able to send 'small' detachments through rift portals. So the best and brightest came together, and came up with a plan. The mages created a device that could tell how long until the next rift broke through the barrier between worlds, a massive hourglass they left in the main temple of the remaining nation's capital. They then called the twelve best remaining individuals of all three races.

The versatile humans, always adapting and never surrendering, forming the unbending core of the world's armies. The Lygur, also called demi-humans, taking on the aspects and traits of various animals but combined with a human form, allowing for better champions of their paths, but each less versatile than a human. And the Dragons, strong, powerful, wise, and nearly ageless, the lynchpins of the armies and nations, despite being so few in number.

These twelve were told of a plan to ensure they would always guard the world. They would be sacrificed through a divine and magic spell, and their souls would inhabit weapons and items of power, blessed by the gods and enchanted to the limits of the world's best, to chose and empower their wielder's for eternity. Six of the champions left, wanting no part of the ritual, but six remained, each choosing an item that they thought would best help the world resist the invasion. A holy sword, a lightning spear, a frost axe, a life-restoring stave, a tome of fire, and an evolving shield were created by those brave six's sacrifice. With these six weapons, they managed to defeat the leader of the hellish invasion, driving them back, wounded and shrieking threats of revenge for all time against the heroes, but they lost the frost axe in the process, shattered by the leader's unholy magic.

There have been countless invasions and incursions since, but the great hourglass, now one of many, only one in each nation's capital in honor of those who gave everything in the first invasion, still does its duty, though the first rift portal is often a desperate battle as the five remaining relics have often failed to summon their hero or heroine first. Many times, though, the threat is even greater, but a single hero is summoned from a different world, one where magic and gods and dragons do not reside, it seems, but the hero always adapts quickly,. Now, however, it is time for another great invasion, and while the first rift portal incursion was beaten back, for the first time, none of the divine weapons have a hero already. Perhaps this time, only summoned heroes from other worlds will be used, marking this threat as greater then ever before. Perhaps, this time, the demon god that led the first invasion has healed up, and ready to finally finish what they started, so very, very long ago...
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