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June 23, 2018, 01:12:46 PM

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Author Topic: The Search Goes On! (M for F)  (Read 281 times)

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The Search Goes On! (M for F)
« on: July 03, 2015, 03:17:15 AM »
Greetings and welcome to the thread! *offers cookies*

There's a pretty substantial gap in my current list of active RPs. That gap in question being an RP which features the female lead being the Dominant when it comes to the 'fun stuff'. So this is really a search to find a writer who is not only comfortable writing from the perspective of a dominant female, but indeed who enjoys the role.

I have a few ideas to list, so if you're interested, then read on! :D I'm also open to brainstorming new ideas with a partner too, so if none of these ideas fit but you like the general 'feel', then feel free to PM me anyway, and we'll see if we can't get something together.

1. Blind Date

This story would start off with, as I'm positive you can tell, a blind date between our two characters taking place. I imagine that it would begin at a somewhat up scale restaurant, however that's not a requirement, and they could be meeting for the first time anywhere, as long as it fits the characters. Anyway, our characters are set up on this date by a mutual friend. They've never met before - or at least, never really interacted. They might have seen each other at a party or some such, but they shouldn't know a lot about each other. But their mutual friend is something of an expert match maker, and sets them up because they think the two would do well together.

Well, our mutual friend turns out to have been right, and our characters hit it off. Maybe your character takes mine back to her place to see how he handles her being in charge, as he's a relative newbie to domination and submission. Maybe she's the newbie, and he invites her back and shows her what he's into, after which she takes a liking to it. Or maybe they are both experienced, and know exactly what they are after, and find it in each other? I can see all three working.

This could just be a simple story of how their relationship progresses. Or maybe they are celebrities, and their lives are swallowed up in drama thanks to media attention. Perhaps they are both elite spies or soldiers in a multi-species futuristic society, and find out they are going to be working together the day after they both write off the date as "nothing special" and have decided not to have a repeat? There's a lot of options, and I'm mostly aiming to get the baseline story and match up the more in depth stuff after finding a partner to write with.

Setting: Could be modern day, or a sci-fi setting, the plot is flexible here. It could be a generic future where cars fly, it could be in a specific setting like Mass Effect or Star Trek, or we could make up something all our own. Or it could be in today's Earth, or something similar but perhaps a fake city that we make up to suit our needs. Whatever we agree on.

2. I Guess We're Married?

This one would start our characters off on their wedding day. The kicker? They've never met before in their life. Set on another planet in a somewhat distant future, arranged marriage has come back into being once more, with wealthy families from both Earth and the New World wanting their children to marry into "good stock" to keep the bloodlines strong. The marriages aren't made for the sake of love, and generally speaking, its not unusual for both parties to engage in affairs, with the knowledge of their spouse even! Just as long as the marriage produces legitimate heirs. But our characters aren't really the norm. Neither of them wants to be stuck living with a person who doesn't love them for the erst of their life. Neither of them want to "fit in" to exactly what society expects men and women to be, and prefer to go and do things their own way.

On their wedding day, our characters are at least happy to find out that they are marrying attractive partners who aren't complete ass holes. On their wedding night, they find out that they just happen to have tastes that match quite well. My character grew up rich and in an influential family, and finds women who just do whatever they think he wants because he's got money to be boring. Your character doesn't like being used as a bargaining chip to be handed off to whichever man her parents feel most beneficial to their own interests, and prefers to take control for herself. They just happen to be lucky that their parents fixed them up. They would gradually progress from a begrudging acceptance of the marriage to actually being happy together.

Setting: This would absolutely be set in a futuristic world. The "New World" has had several names, but I usually go with "Grail". Because, you know, Holy Grail world, inhabitable by humans in another solar system. I like to think I'm clever sometimes! :P Anyway, the world is very aristocratic, with the richest, wealthiest families controlling businesses that involved moving the newly discovered resources form the new world to Earth, or moving known necessities from Earth to the New World. Beyond that, our characters families would be obsessed with keeping up appearances.

3. Cat and Mouse... And A Few Priceless Works of Art!

This is probably the most action filled idea here, at least without any outside input it would be. My character is a criminal. A cat burglar. An art thief. Call him what you like, he makes his living steal expensive, one of a kind artefacts and works of art, and then selling them on the black market. He's become such a bother to museums, corporations, "legitimate" billionaires and other such folk the world over, to the point where a task force of the world's best detectives, profilers and investigators have been brought together to catch him. You character is on the team. Her motivations are ultimately up to you to choose of course. We open one night before the trap. L'Incomparable, the most expensive diamond necklace in the world, valued at $55 million, is on show at a museum. Your character, and the rest of the team, decide to use the necklace as bait, knowing that there is no way my character would pass up the chance to steal such a piece.

However, the night before the necklace is to be unveiled for the world to see at the museum, your character - while now off duty - meets my character, completely by chance. She doesn't know he's the thief. He doesn't know she's trying to catch him. The two hit it off and spend the night on the town. Where they end up is all yet to be decided. Maybe they head back to her hotel room for the night. Maybe they head to his. Or maybe they exchange numbers and part?

The important thing is, that night neither of them ever finds out why the other is in town. No, that happens the next night. With the museum empty, and your character along with several of her colleagues on patrol throughout the museum, my character sneaks in, and snatches the necklace. He almost gets away, evading everyone else in the museum and making it to the roof for his escape, except for one person who was able to track him and follow him. Your character. She catches him at gun point, and orders him to remove his mask. Needless to say, the pair of them are both floored at seeing who the other is. We can decide where the story goes from here, though my natural inclination is to have her take the necklace, but let him go - after taking a photo of him holding it on her cellphone that she could easily donate to a newspaper anonymously - and so the game of cat and mouse begins. Sometimes he wins, and gets away with his prize. Sometimes she wins and gets more evidence to have him spend the rest of his life in jail. But always, they meet up the night before or after, or maybe even the entire week leading up to a heist, and it gradually becomes harder and harder for them both, because actual feeling start to get involved.

And yes, the female character would be the Dominant one here too :P

Setting: Modern or near-future Earth. Probably within a decade at most. I could see this being made science fiction, with more advanced technology on the part of the both parties however, and would be willing to write it as such if that was the preference of my partner.

So there you have it, the three ideas I had floating around in my head. I'm sure to come up with more eventually, but those are the three I've got "figured out" the most. All that said, I'm more than happy to write out one of my partner's ideas instead, should someone pitch a plot that grabs my imagination.

Anyway, I hope I captured someone's interest! :D