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Author Topic: Silence & His Current Cravings - Do You Like Scary Movies? (M/F)  (Read 294 times)

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Offline SilenceTopic starter

Hello! Thanks for taking a peek at my current cravings! All plots are up for discussion and I would love to hear what ideas you have to contribute. I enjoy collaborating and bouncing ideas off one another so none of these stories are set in stone and if any of the below stories interest you then please PM me and not reply to this thread.

| Settings |

Tattoo Shop
Underground Fight Club
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music Tour
Pro Wrestling
Mixed Martial Arts
Road Trip
High School/College Football
High School
Summer Camp
Horror Movie (Example : Evil Dead, Friday The 13th)

| Pairings |

Male / Female
Female / Female
Love Triangles
Popular Student / Outcast,Nerdy, Rebel Student
Younger Man / Older Woman (Mid Thirties to Mid Forties)
Male Student / Female Teacher
Female Student / Female Teacher
Brother / Sister
Son / Mother
Father / Daughter
Sister / Sister
Wrestler/Diva (Original Characters)
Step Siblings
Outcasts Of Society
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Offline SilenceTopic starter

Re: Silence & His Current Cravings - Love, Jealousy & Kink (M/F)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2015, 12:03:01 AM »
|| Currents Story Cravings ||

- - - - - - - - -

| The Old Cabin (Evil Dead Inspired)  |

A group of friends make plans to spend a summer at a cabin. What could possibly go wrong? The cabin isn't exactly what they expected, driving deep into the forest in order to get to the old decrepit building that is miles away from the nearest town. Yet, the cabin has a charm to it that none of them can explain. It has mysteries of it's own that are just waiting to be uncovered. But at what consequences? When the summer is over, none of them will be the same. Will this turn into a annual trip for these friends or will it be a summer they vow never to speak of again.

: What I'm Looking For :

Obviously, inspired by the evil dead but with a heavy sexual theme. I'm looking for the 'possessions' to cause sexual mayhem. This story is not completely smut but the smut will have lasting affects on the characters. I'm not looking for mutilation! But the emotional "What have I done.. What am I doing?" Sort of affects. I'm looking for a slow burn, some of the characters involved may embrace it. Others may not. I'm also not afraid to tackle a brother/sister combo as two of the characters.

- - - - - - - - -

| Threes A Crowd? Or is it just heating up? |

I have never done a love triangle story and am dying to write one. So many different scenarios we could put our characters in so I will list a couple that interest me. I really don't want this to turn into “OMG we are all hot lets fuck!” kind of story. I also don't want this to be “Yeah, I'm a guy fucking two broads! High five bro!” I want tension, backstabbing, blackmail, romance, love, regret, apprehension, anger as well as lust and all the other emotions that follow. I am looking mainly for a M/F/F triangle. But I am willing to have multiple male characters in the story. Eventually, I would like the three people to come together in one relationship as the story progresses. I have also listed some settings I could see these Love Triangles taking place in. These are just some vague ideas that can be fleshed out more in depth later, if this sparks your creative juices I would LOVE to hear what ideas you have.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Girlfriends Mother (Really Craving)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Girlfriends Best Friend


Tattoo Shop – The girls work together as tattoo artists, I just love the atmosphere of a tattoo shop.
High school – All characters over 18, senior year. She brings her boyfriend home so he can meet her mother.
College – Either She is living at home with her mother while she goes to college or they are home for the summer.
??? - If you have an idea for a setting, I would love to hear it.

- - - - - - - - -

| Younger man (Late Teens to Late Twenties / Older Woman (Mid Thirties to Mid Forties) |

We can discuss this story more in depth over PM when it comes to the setting. The basic idea is that a mature woman falls for a younger man. I'd really like her to be on the prowl for him, wanting a younger man to fulfill her sexual desires. But not any young punk, she has zeroed in on him. From that point maybe she finds herself submitting to him or enjoying having a sexual control over him.. Or both.. I don't see this as the kind of story where the characters hold hands and walk down the street. For whatever reason they have to sneak around, late night visits, leaving directions in his car that has directions to some seedy hotel room to meet her. I don't want her to be a weak character. I'd like for her to be a very head strong woman who knows what she wants but also a weakness for him. I want them to both to enjoy the thrill of sneaking around and the joy of each others company. This could be a Dom/Sub relationship or just a steamy romance. Maybe they have reasons they need to keep this a secret so it makes the relationship even more scandalous. Maybe blackmail is involved somehow, Can never go wrong with blackmail added to the mix right?

- - - - - - - - -


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


|| Letting Go & Giving In || ( Really Craving)

Okay, this is stepping out of my comfort zone. So please read my On's & Off's if you are interested in this story. She has seen him time and time again, his hard exterior, the lack of emotion on his face. A smile spreads across his face as often as a blue moon comes around. She wants to get to the bottom of whatever is haunting him, what has caused him to be so distant. But most of all, she wants to release him from the torment. Release him, by having him give in. Give into her.

My character is a man in his late twenties/early thirties. The kind of person who has made plenty of mistakes in his life and is just trying to get by day to day with as little human contact as possible. He isn't the “Poor me, the world is cruel type” he just refuses to trust anyone or let anyone in. He competes in underground fight clubs for money so he always has scrapes and bruises on him. It would take a sledgehammer to break down the wall he has built around himself. Your character, decides she is going to take a wrecking ball to that wall. Maybe she see's him at the gym everyday? The bar on Friday nights? A tinge of jealousy when she see's a woman make a pass at him? Whatever the reason is, she has a craving to have him submit to her. She is experienced in dominating men, but this is different. Something inside her feels different about this one. This isn't about leaving him a broken man, but setting him free.

I want this to be a loving dom/sub story. It is not going to be easy for her, this won't be two pages and he is a complete and total sub. Yes she wants to dominate him, for him to belong to her. But she has his best interest at heart. I want these two falling in love. She gets him to give in little by little, emotionally and sexually. Eventually letting go and submitting to her completely. The weight of the world off his shoulder and laying at her feet and letting her have his heart in her hands. Someone who understands him?

- - - - - - - - -

| That only happens in the scary movies right? (80's Slasher Movie Inspired)  |

Getting paid to live at the lake, rent free, food provided.. How could any young adult pass up that opportunity? Well some did, but the brave or the foolish have decided not to listen to the history of Solemn Lake. Or "Perdition Lake" as the local townsfolk called it. A spree of murders in the 1970's caused them to close the lake. They tried again in the early 1990's to open the lake up but mysterious disappearances followed. The city counsel decided to re-open the lake and have a summer camp to show the town that their is nothing to worry about. Is it all just stupid old legends or is something sinister at hand?

: What I'm Looking For :

I'm looking for a story along the lines of Friday the 13th. The mystery will unfold over the summer, we can discuss the details of that. As well as the sexual hijinks that goes along with having all these young adults (As well as a few older adults) staying at the lake for the summer. I figure this is going to be a mix of college students & high school students (All over age of 18.) with some 30 something's mixed in. Also, I'd like for my writing partner to be able to play multiple fleshed out characters. I want to be able to switch scenes between different counselors, explore the developing relationships & drama that is bound to unfold. Most of all, this is suppose to be fun! I want this to be like a campy 80's slasher film even if the mystery isn't a masked killer. This story can have some taboo themes, it all depends on what your preferences are. That being said, I'm not looking for anything supernatural including ghosts, vampires or beastly monsters.
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