System Group Forum complications? (Another question)

Started by Twisted Crow, June 30, 2015, 07:56:28 PM

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Twisted Crow

So it seems like I can't ever get my group forum by keeping my "events" in separate manageable topics while one thread keeps a log of all of it? I'm confused. :(

This was brought to my attention that I perhaps overlooked?

Quote from: Drake Valentine on June 30, 2015, 07:41:04 PM

I actually see one problem.

For group games, the entire number of threads allowed is x2(I believe) to the number of active members of the group. If variations of one x one threads take place, then that may cause other problems.

Alternative solution to this would be

The individuals have only one thread each to track all of their progress and matches. Quick post links within the title of the initial post can help guide between what may be practice matches or career driven matches. I don't see too much of a problem here, since 1. Practices are generally limited to one, minus the start bonus and 2. It helps trim down threads if people choose to make an additional character or if GM wants to place other event places for things to do outside of combat system.

Alternatively a separate thread for training could be used for everyone, but with so much posting going on within a single compact area, it may get too complicated to track everything.

If you choose not to do other areas, then each player could have one thread for training and one thread of their own for sparring; however, this may not allowed for additional threads such as OOC, Game Info, or Character Database given such and also would deny individuals of being able to do multiple characters since the E rule applies to active members of the group and not by number of characters by said members.


Quote from: Vekseid on March 10, 2011, 06:30:29 AM
Small and Big Group Games

Small Group Games are group roleplays that do not yet have their own forum.

Big Group Games are group roleplays that have qualified for their own forum because they have acquired enough posts, per the guidelines below.

Small Group Games

1) You may have a number of threads equal to twice the number of participants (players and gms).
2) Use the same tag to start each thread title, for example [Home of the Horny Housemaids] for your game.

Small group games are indeed limited to an amount of threads equal to the amount of total participants in the game multiplied by 2. If you have 4 participants and 1 GM (a total of 5 participants), for example, you can have a total of 10 threads for that small group.

Twisted Crow

Well, there goes all of my people leaving the group...

I didn't know this. I can't think of way to make this actually manageable that will keep people in.  :-\


Drake had some potentially good ideas in that post; I think that your group will do fine, TC. :)

Twisted Crow

That's if they decide to stay afterward.  :-\

It's the only thing I can really try, I guess. I not sure why we can literaly make a zillion RPs where we flake or fade into obscurity while people actually wanting to see through be limited but.... rules are rules and they are probably in place for a reason. I will honor them then.  :-\

Thanks for clearing that up, Bly-- I mean Sherlock. ;)

Twisted Crow

Another question... if posts in both threads have RP content in them... do they still count for the requirement?


If you are referring to the posts counting towards the 'big game' status, then yes.  All RP threads for the small game are tallied when a GM requests big group status.  OOC/chit-chat threads are not counted in that total.  This is to ensure that the RP aspect is what has the staying power and not simply the socializing.

So, for example, if there was a group called Darksprint, with 3 players, there would be a maximum of 6 threads.  The GM sets them up as follows, and eventually they have the following post counts

[Darksprint]Setting info and characters  4
[Darksprint]OOC Talk 753 (chatty bunch here)
[Darksprint]The Corporate Offices  246
[Darksprint]The Docks 300
[Darksprint]The Hideout 57
[Darksprint]The Wastes  143

The 753 posts in OOC talk wouldn't count, so the game would still have 200 posts to go to reach 'big group' status.
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Twisted Crow

Ah, gotcha. So aside from character sheets in one post, one can have RP posts in it and they would count?

Also... so an OOC thread counts as a game thread? What if OOC discussion continued in the group recruitment thread?

This seems like my last "in" on RPing at all. Considering that there isn't a single group open that I can really play in from what I see. So I figure... make one. Turns out.. only everything is working against me. :P

Twisted Crow

Another question... do these threads have to be made like 2 per person, or could I make as many threads based on the amount of people in the group?


Quote from: Twisted Crow on July 02, 2015, 09:49:31 PM
Another question... do these threads have to be made like 2 per person, or could I make as many threads based on the amount of people in the group?

The total is just based on the amount of people in the group. The threads can be organized/made how the GM wishes. :)

Twisted Crow