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May 21, 2018, 06:04:40 PM

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Author Topic: ~Cherri's Smut Filled rp Idea (looking for Dom M for a mxm story)~ OPEN  (Read 835 times)

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Offline CherriTopic starter

❤~Salutations Everyone~❤ ( ยด ▽ ` )ノ

❤ With my vacation being this week, I'm looking for a Role Play partner that will hopefully be pretty active this week with me ^_^

❤ Looking for a Smut filled plot, storyline can be alright... but I'm not looking to have this extended out to long term.

❤ I love playing the more submissive role, so I'm looking for someone to play the dominant role.

❤ I'd like to keep the age limit 17 and above and the older partner to not be over 30.

❤ PLease no one liners... put effort into your post to help the story move along. There is only so much I can add if you aren't willing to pitch in ^_^ I'm also not looking for extreme grammar and perfect writing, I'm no author myself- all I ask is you try :)

Plot Ideas or pairings!
Pink Text=Your role
=Non-Con, Public Sex, Bondage
For this I was thinking the usual teacher black mailing student to get better grades. Failing the student on purpose and picking on them in class to the point its obvious the teacher has a beef with the student. Then takes matters into his own hands when he dismisses class but keeps my character behind.

=Non-Con, Bondage, D/s
Your character is a wealthy and powerful man, it can be up to you if he's married or not. Bored with every day situations he takes his amusements out on the new help, my character. Using him as his personal play thing and using him when he has a rough day at the office. Now I'm not looking for complete brutality on the master's side... give my character a pleasurable time as well and soon he's going to love pleasuring his master~

The Black Out (Non-Con or Con)
Our characters are stranded in a local store or Inn when the power goes out and find themselves snowed in. Perhaps our characters are complete strangers and YC is looking to pass the time and heat things up. Or they could be old friends and have unresolved sexual tension. This story is pretty open and I'm happy to recieve any input you might have :)[/center]

Boss x Employer
Older Brother x Step-Brother or Brother
Sith x Jedi Padawan (On the verge of becoming a Knight)
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Offline CherriTopic starter

**bump** Looking for an active partner and any other ideas for a little smut~ :D

Offline CherriTopic starter

Bump~ still looking for active partners! And if you don't like any of the ideas please feel free to pitch an idea! :D

Offline CherriTopic starter

**New Story Idea**

Online Hookup (mxm, con to dub-con, rough scenes, public)

So for this idea I was thinking my character and your character met online, either from a dating site or just a hookup site or app like Tinder. They agree to meet in a location for a date that could lead onto something a bit more ^_^ looking for just a short story, nothing to long! Craving a really good smut~

If you have any other ideas or plots please send me a pm!!