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September 26, 2021, 05:48:47 pm

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Author Topic: F Looking for Bi M to Freeform DM/GM Longterm RP over PMs  (Read 372 times)

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The Dollhouse

1. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT SETTING YOU WANT TO PLAY!(Having five possible settings is not good, but having two or three puts us on the right path)

2. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT TYPE OF CHARACTER YOU WANT TO PLAY.(Images are not mandatory, I like finding them for you if needed, but PLEASE be ready to produce a character idea, I build my worlds around your character after all so it is tremendously important.

3. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: BE PATIENT, I AM BURIED IN PMS SOMETIMES!(One thing that I can guarantee you is when I start an RP, I make sure that I love it. It may take time to set up an RP, and if we do not hit it off, I may just not start it at all. I am fiercely loyal to my partners if they fit my tastes.)

4. When sending me a PM like a good little boy: IMPRESS ME, YOUR FIRST PM OR TWO IS WHAT WILL MAKE ME WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!(I am not trying to be an elitist or something, as I said, I receive a lot of PMs so whenever one really impresses me, it will stick with me and I will try to push to RP with you.)


Yikes, what a bitch-fit!

My ideal Roleplay:

What I am mainly looking for is a longterm roleplay over Private Messages. I will repeat for safety measures, I will only RP over Private Messages over Eilliquiy or Notes on F-List, which are technically the same thing but simply on another site. I like playing the DM or GM, playing a whole host of characters around the protagonist(you!). Your character's opinions and decisions will influence the story and perhaps even the world that is crafted by both of us. I am very open to many settings, I will be stating some that I am prepared to do, but you definitely gain bonus points if you have setting ideas that I do not have listed. Also, the main protagonist(played by you!) will have a chance to be intimate with many of the characters I will play, both male and female. The RP will of course be a healthy mixture of both story and sex. Also take note that though I can play in canon-sounding settings, all the characters I tend to play are original, so it is mostly alternate universes with the same basics, but a different cast of characters. Interested? Read on!

My ideal Partner:

You may say that I am difficult. My reply would be : GUILTY! If you do not feel up to being my ideal partner, I would rather you do not waste both of our times, so please to read this section attentively before contacting me. Alright, so here is the rundown, I am looking for a male who wants to RP longterm and over Private Messages. Who is willing to play promiscuous and bisexual males. My favorite body types are the muscular and masculine ones.The type of man who is comfortable with his masculinity and just knows he is the epitome of what it is to be a man! I am always open to helping pick out images to go with my partners' characters. So yes, if you are not open to male/male scenes(every third or fourth sexual scene would be a male/male one) then I suggest not contacting me. I am difficult, but I've been said that my stories are worth it. Still interested? I might be able to do something with you then, keep reading!

My kinks(Ons and Offs):

For a better idea of what I like sexually, check out Ons and Offs thread, you can find it in my signature! My F-list is also linked on my O/O thread!


There is one thing that I want to make sure, each plot and setting will be influenced by my partner, so I will try to keep these vague as I do wish to have your opinions and ideas. For each setting/idea I will be putting a grade on it, the higher the number the more I want to RP in said setting!

General Fantasy 9/10
For this setting think Icewindale, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, all those fun medieval fantasy stories. Your character may begin with a small party, two other friends. They have been roaming as a band of adventurers, looking for action and glory. They finally get their chance at just that, be it rescue a town overrun by goblins or zombies, or they are tasked with retrieving something for a mentor figure. One thing is for sure, there are bigger things at hand here that will launch our hero on a long quest. Over this quest he will be joined by allies, juggling these different people will be a hard task as well, as some are born to be against one another while others will not want to be separated from each other. Decisions will have to be made concerning both the party and also the quests, which are bound to make each story unique, distinct and quite enjoyable.

You can be: A fierce warrior, a paladin, a barbarian, etc...

For this setting I use drawn art. (For example: the image to the left)

My Marvel World ?/10

As of right now I am unsure what to do with this setting as both my X-men RP partner and Avengers RP partner are both not very active... So do PM me if interest and we can figure something out?

You read right, I have come up with my own Marvel Universe, it's mostly copies of the real one, but I've made it very much my own. Populated with both mutants and metahumans, it has X-men, Avengers, SHIELD and believe me a lot more, but none of the familiar faces. Henry Xavier actually assembled the X-men, but he is dead, leaving Helios, leader of the X-men, to pick up the pieces. Magneto, Maxime Tully, has stopped his terrorist ways to remain on Genosha, the mutant island nation to try and keep his people safe. Yet there is still a Brotherhood of Mutants, with an unknown leader orchestrating seemingly random and vicious attacks. The Hellfire Club are of course up to no good, whoring and manipulating their way to the top. And probably every other faction who want to see the X-men dead are also there.

For the Avengers, they too have disassembled, for as of yet unknown reasons, but Armor Man is ready to take on a new superhuman under his tutelage, perhaps to created the New Avengers? Great timing considering there is about to have a major event in the superhuman criminal circuit!

You can be:
X-men: The new X-man on campus, Professor Henry Xavier had wanted to recruit you just before his death, but never got around to it. Helios's girlfriend though find your files and is quite eager to recruit you. (Possibility of additional main characters, a student character, MRD, X-Corp, etc...)

Avengers: You can be a new superhuman, or perhaps you've been a long time in the business but simply never were a team player? Armor Man offers you funding and opportunity to go from vigilante to full blown public hero. (Possibility of additional main characters, from SHIELD agent, to Hero for Hire, to anything, I am so open to your ideas, seriously if you have a Marvel Team that you like, talk to me about it, chances are I've heard of it and I would totally try it out! Not sure about Power Pack though!)

For this setting I use real life model images. (For example: my avatar)

Modern Fantasy 8/10
Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Fae, Spirits, Witches, they are all true and living amongst us. New York is possibly one of the biggest hubs of supernatural activity. It's Queen, is at its center, having forged an alliance between all members of every sect of the area. Werewolves and Vampires actually working together, Angels and Demons sharing drinks. It's something that has never been seen before and it is all thanks to the Scarlett Queen, a thousand year old Vampire with impressive knowledge of all things of the secret world. But her delicate peace is about to be shattered when her strongest enforcer, holding the rank of her executioner is brutally murdered. Leaving a power vacuum that may be the end of her peace.

You can be: The queen's new executioner, her sheriff, recruited to investigate the murder while keeping all things under control. Perhaps you are a high ranking member of the supernatural community who instead of filling the vacant position, simply wants to help the queen to keep the peace, as it would benefit him more than total chaos.

*I am also open to other ideas for plot in a Modern Fantasy setting. That would be very refreshing for me actually. It would possibly bump up my interested to an 8 or 9.

For this setting I use drawn art. (For example: the image to the left)

Mass Effect 9/10
The galaxy is a grand old place populated by a lot of different and varied people. Your character is called by the Alliance to investigate something going on on a colony planet. It's in the Terminus Systems so you can not have the backing of the full Alliance, instead you and a small team are sent to the planet to make sure everything is alright. Of course, it is quite the opposite and this leads you into a quest that will spawn the whole galaxy as a new threat is about to shake it to the core. No one will be safe, can the fate of the galaxy truly rest in the hands of one man and his crew? Yes this sounds exactly like the story of the Mass Effect games, but the Reapers are actually quite different, I've changed them up, instead of a species of living starships they are something else entirely.

You can be: A veteran pulled back from retirement. A surprisingly honorable and infamous smuggler. A man still in the Alliance but perhaps a war hero.

For this setting I use drawn art. (For example: the image to the left)

Star Wars: Old Repubic 8/10
There is an uneasy truce between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Born out of necessity instead of a thirst for an alliance, this peace is definitely not everlasting, every single person in the galaxy who knows of it knows it will not last. Our protagonist(you!) wakes up in a space station that is actually the playground for Darth Ghast, a brilliant Sith Tactician. But you have no recollection of why you are here. A Jedi Consular is also a prisoner, and she may be your only way out. While breaking out from the space station you learn of a sinister plot concocted by the Sith to annihilate the truce. Your mission is simple, stop their plot before billions of lives are lost. Your quest will take you all over the galaxy, whilst being joined by allies and thwarted by enemies.

You can be: A Jedi Knight, a Republic Trooper, a reformed Sith, or a Smuggler(not sure about this one yet)

For this setting I use drawn art. (For example: the image to the left) And SW:TOR generated images.

Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Far Away 7/10
A very simple setting. All fairy tales live in the same world. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Mulan, the Snow Queen, Cinderella and much, much more. The most powerful kingdom is that of Snow White's father. After his death, Snow White has been banished from the castle, the Evil Queen taking over the kingdom for herself. She's created a dark council, Maleficent, Rumpelstiltskin and several more villains all united together. With this alliance, evil has spread all over the land. The heroes of the tales will need to be united to even hope to have a chance against this coalition of darkness.

You can be: As of yet I simply have one idea for the protagonist. You play Prince Charming, who due to the Queen's magics has become the most loyal pet of the Queen. Your are now her Huntsman. You had been tasked to kill Snow White, and you actually believe you did. Your life as prince is very far away, you barely remember it. All you know is that the only meaning to your life is to serve the Queen, but on your next assignment, your true self is reawakened, and you may be the only one able to stop the Queen and her alies!

For this setting I use drawn art. (For example: the image to the left)

Other Settings 3-8/10
For all these settings I do not have actual outlines preplanned, so though I have put a ranking, your enthusiasm and ideas will really be what will influence my decision in making if you are interested by such settings. If you have an idea that piques my interest and I feel I could run with it and build a cast of characters and a general plotline out of your suggestions, then you might have found an incredibly exhilarating RP experience for me and I may be quite thankful!

Star Wars: 7/10(8/10 if Old Republic Era)
Original Sci-Fi: 7/10 (8+ if you have a starting idea or theme)
Avatar: 3.5/10

Fairy Tail: 7.5/10
Naruto: 7/10
Bleach: 5/10
Soul Eater: 6/10
Pokemon: 1/10
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra: 9/10

Modern Fantasy
Harry Potter: 7/10
Supernatural Spy Fiction: 7/10
Buffyverse: 7.5

Walking Dead: 1.5/10
Original Post-Apocalyptic: 7.5/10
Original Cyberpunk: 8/10
Future Dystopia: 7/10 (8.5 if you have already an idea)

Video Games:
Final Fantasy(Original setting or one of the games): 6/10 (IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII)
Dragon Age: 7/10

Steampunk: 1/10
Greek Mythology: 6/10
Modern Greek Mythology: 7/10
Other Settings: ?/10 -Please feel free to suggest other settings that I may not have listed, always interested!

Depending on the setting I may use real life model images(like my avatar) or drawn art(like the image to the left).

Other things to know:

This will be a constant work in progress, one of my plans is adding more fleshed out settings when I get clearer ideas of what I want to do in said settings. Of course I may also flesh out some more the settings I have already listed as well. This is also my first Request thread on this site so go easy on me! But I don't bite, seriously! But please when you contact me, bring your ideas, show me that you are interested and don't want me all to do the whole thing on my own. Impress me and I will impress you! Oh and if you are a girl, we can still be friends? I can brainstorm over the Elliquiy chat, but RP will be kept to private messages please.

Contacting me:

A private message or a post in this thread should do the trick! So come on boys, come out and play!