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Started by As Day Fades, June 29, 2015, 01:58:38 PM

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As Day Fades

With the recent announcement, finally, of a Final Fantasy VII remake(eeeeeeee!), I've decided to take another shot at a long-standing story idea and setting I've wanted to play but never had much luck in getting off the ground. I'll say from the start that while the Honey Bee Inn is from FF7, we don't have to stick to that - I'm familiar with near the entirety of the series, and would be just as happy if we used characters from elsewhere.

So. *ahem* The Honey Bee Inn is a quirky brothel you visit in the game with several of your characters going undercover for a time, until they can get the boss alone and shake him down for information. I'd like to keep that same idea; I don't want screwed up sluts from the start, I want to take the characters we know and love, the strong, beautiful girls, and surround them with this environment, going on a journey into debauchery they don't really realize until it's too late, until they're already addicted to this, and have performed that act enough now that they'd have to actually stop and literally think to try to remember how many times they've done it. But it wasn't always like this. Looking into the mirror, there's blurry recognition of the person who came here undercover, for a purpose, before getting lost on her way.

The How & Why of it is something we can tailor specifically to whom we'd like to have you play. Let me say up front that I'd like someone willing to double up on characters, and who won't mind playing with herself(giggity) from time to time, though that doesn't mean I'll leave you hanging. In the game there were two ladies that went in, albeit making it out unscathed, and mebbe I feel like being spoiled :P, or maybe I like that we can take them down two different simultaneous paths, and the psychological way we can play with that. As said previously, I'm familiar with almost the entirety of the Final Fantasy series, and would be open to girls other than Tifa and Aerith, if they aren't your thing. Just let me know who you'd be interested in, or we can even narrow it down together if you have multiple in mind, and then we'll figure out the Why of why they're there. Do they need to shake down Don Corneo for information? Do they want to get him alone, to take revenge for something? Did their party accrue some serious gambling debt? Did they pull off a job as part of a resistance movement and their identities got out, leaving no choice but to go hide somewhere else until things blow over?

I'd like this story to be dark, with whomever would like to write it with me. There can be fun, quirky, even silly moments, staying genuine to the setting from the game, but what I'm looking to explore here is the downward spiral neither gal even considered she could get caught up in.

I don't know if I would have a primary character in this or just see how it evolves as-needed, from the Don himself to bouncers to of course the clientele, bouncing around as the moment calls.

I can't quite decide if my interest for this best calls for forum play, playing through private messages or a speedier back-and-forth on a messenger. I'd be more interested in whoever would like to message me, and we can take things from there.