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Author Topic: Quill is seeking one more partner, she is craving these (Dom M characters only)  (Read 349 times)

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Jade, slayer of the undead (Needs a better title) {Non-con warning}

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jade Harper is a vampire slayer, a legend among her fellow slayers, though aside from her formidable skills, not much else is known about her as she tends to keep a very solitary lifestyle. After all, no one you care about can get hurt if you stay alone, right? Leaving Jade free to immerse herself further into her art than any other slayer has ever dared.

However, a former kill winds up coming back around to bite her in the ass, in the form of a very angry protege...

One year ago, Jade received a highly dangerous assignment from the mysterious slayer headquaters to take down a vampire coven leader whom had become more and more of a problem over the past couple of years. Get in, lop off his head, get out. Those were her orders, orders she carried out flawlessly... or so she thought...

Andreas (You may change the name if you like) was the protege in question, now the coven leader in his adopted father's place and he wants revenge, he wants take her head in return and place it on a spike in front of his mansion.
He spent the entire year digging up whatever information he could get about this slayer and finally, he found where the little bitch called home and she would pay dearly for what she had done.

Before being turned into a vampire, Andreas had been living at the very bottom of poverty, he was homeless and hungry, he had been certain that he was going to die out there alone in the cold... until Master Isiah had found him and saw untapped potential in him, adopting him from then on as his son and heir.
His adopted father had changed his entire life, he had lifted him from squallor and made him an unholy god, taught him everything he knew, there was nothing now beyond Andreas's reach... and now... his dear father was gone. GONE.

What Andreas was not prepared for... was when he finally met the slayer, Jade Harper... her fierocity and her beauty stirring his passions as he'd never felt before... it gave him an idea...

What better way to have what he wanted AND gain the vengeance he craved than to transform Jade into the very type of creature she had spent so many yearning slaughtering, the thing she despised most more than anything else. A vampire.

The Cinderella story you never heard {Non-con warning}

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The prince is giving a ball! He's looking for a bride!

The whole town was talking about it and to young Liliana whom had dreamed of little else but a sweet loving romance and finding her soulmate, this accouncement was like a dream come true for her.
Not that she was assuming she'd win the heart of the prince, but there was bound to be many other fine gentleman there as well hoping to find a potential bride among the many beauties in attendance.

The problem?

The problem was that Liliana was a servant in a wealthy household and horribly mistreated by all except the other servants and her best friend Abigail, her mistress and master's daughter, her dear friend had tried to argue with her parents... but it was no use... they refused to let a servant attend with them and sully their pristine image.

Much to Liliana's surprise however, Abigail came to her the night of the small, smuggling into Liliana's small room, a grand ballgown and the loveliest pair of crystal shoes she had ever seen... in exactly her size.
Abigail then explained how she had the shoes secretly made for Liliana as a birthday gift and she wanted her to wear them early to tonight's ball for good luck, she'd even arranged in secret for a carriage to arrive after she and her parents had already left.

Here is where the story takes a darker turn...

Liliana does dance with the prince... she is enchanted by him... at least until he sweeps her away to an empty garden and proposes...
The prince is angry when Liliana does not immediately agree and attempts to force himself on her, saying he'll just get her pregnant and give her no other choice.
Liliana manages to escape, but winds up losing one of her precious shoes on the staircase in her desperate flight for safety.

She never imagined the prince would coming searching for her... but he does...


We will begin as Liliana is getting ready for and departing to the ball.

Her world turned upside down

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Briella Lake comes home to England from after finishing up prep school all the way in Switzerland, she expected to find a nice comfortable job to occupy her time and please her parents... she did not expect to come to find that her parents had invited someone from her graduating class in prep school to stay a few days.

That someone back in prep school was the senior class president, French born Etienne Dupont. The situation gets worse when she learns he was invited to her home as... her fiance?! Apparently their parents thought the match was a splendid idea... which prompts Briella to corner Etienne and see how he feels about it... however much to her horror... the arrogant French bastard is completely on board, in fact he brought the idea up to his parents in the first place! That snail eating rat!

What was a girl to do?

Offered role: Etienne Dupont (Yes, French. I adore French men :3 )

A case of mistaken identity

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bianca Summers had finally decided she was ready to have sex with her boyfriend Logan Chambers and thus the pair arranged the perfect evening together at the posh hotel owned by Logan's family, everything was pre-arranged from a romantic candlelight dinner to a hot bubble bath for two, which would all lead up to the grand finale.
Little did Bianca know, but Logan's scheming twin brother was home from Princeton and tricked his brother to think the evening had been cancled... allowing him to take his place...

Logan never knew it, but his twin brother had always desired his girlfriend for himself and was now seizing this golden opportunity to make her his forever.
Things are going to get awkward for Bianca, especially when the encounter leaves her pregnant and she discovers Logan is not the father... his twin is!

Logan rejects her as he thinks she deliberately betrayed him and now the evil twin bastard is offering to marry her, going as far as to formally ask her father, show casing his glowing Princeton education and bright future.

(For clarity, we will not be starting at the end of this brief description, we will start at the beginning, when Bianca goes to the hotel to meet up with 'Logan')

Offered role: Logon's twin brother (his name is up to you)

A spurned vampire is an angry vampire (seriously needs better title) {Non-con warning}

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Almost two years ago, good witch Rosalyn's coven had been discovered by a powerful clan of vampire's seeking to drain them all dry and absorb the magic in their blood.
Many of the witches were drained and killed, but an opportunity arose for escape when the clan leader took a romantic interest in Rosalyn and attempted to seduce her into becoming his vampire bride.

He wined and dined Rosalyn as she sat with her ankles shackled to her chair, one could say his greatest mistake was allowing Rosalyn to regain her strength, because after eating and recovering much of her energy, she took her chance at vengeance and cursed the vampire clan leader. What was this curse? She made it so he would not be able to feed from any human being so long as the curse remained in place.
From there, Rosalyn rounded up the remaining witches left alive and escape the vampire fortress, all of them then going into hiding, blending into society as normal supposedly powerless human mortals.

Now, Rosalyn has been living a peaceful and normal life as a kindergarten teacher, completely forgetting about the very angry and spurned vampire she cursed two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rosalyn, her serene new life is about to be disrupted as the vampire clan leader's arcane researchers have found a way to lift his curse and his now tracking down the witch that denied him her love... And this time... he won't be taking no for an answer...

Offered role: Clan leader

Lily and the Prince {Potential non-con warning. Depends on how Prince shall be played out}

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lily Sinclare has a completely normal and coveted life, she has two still married parents with high paying jobs, she got all As in school and graduated high school as valedictorian, has a beautiful apartment all to herself and even got a good paying job right afterwards at her father's firm as a secretary... only... her life isn't as perfect as it looks from the outside...

Lily has the gift of magic...not just any magic either...

Most people blessed with the gift of magic are only able to use spells stemming from the power of one element... Lily on the other hand... she can cast magic from all four...

After a little chat with a gypsy psychic at a local carnival, Lily was warned to keep her magical abilites secret from everyone, she was a rare commodity in the magical community and she would be highly coveted by all manners of magical beings...

Just like the gypsy told her, Lily never revealed her magic to anyone, not even her closest friends... which leaves the girl baffled when an unfamiliar gorgeous hunk of a man shows up at her door, claiming to be the crown prince of <insert choice of magical race here> comes to make her his queen... to which he does not intend to take no for an answer, he came for the best and nothing will stop him.

What the hell is an average girl with magic powers to do?

Offered role: The prince
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