Jade, slayer of the undead (F for Dom M, writer gender irrelevant)

Started by LamentingQuill, June 29, 2015, 02:37:04 AM

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Jade Harper is a vampire slayer, a legend among her fellow slayers, though aside from her formidable skills, not much else is known about her as she tends to keep a very solitary lifestyle. After all, no one you care about can get hurt if you stay alone, right? Leaving Jade free to immerse herself further into her art than any other slayer has ever dared.

However, a former kill winds up coming back around to bite her in the ass, in the form of a very angry protege...

One year ago, Jade received a highly dangerous assignment from the mysterious slayer headquaters to take down a vampire coven leader whom had become more and more of a problem over the past couple of years. Get in, lop off his head, get out. Those were her orders, orders she carried out flawlessly... or so she thought...

Andreas (You may change the name if you like) was the protege in question, now the coven leader in his adopted father's place and he wants revenge, he wants take her head in return and place it on a spike in front of his mansion.
He spent the entire year digging up whatever information he could get about this slayer and finally, he found where the little bitch called home and she would pay dearly for what she had done.

Before being turned into a vampire, Andreas had been living at the very bottom of poverty, he was homeless and hungry, he had been certain that he was going to die out there alone in the cold... until Master Isiah had found him and saw untapped potential in him, adopting him from then on as his son and heir.
His adopted father had changed his entire life, he had lifted him from squallor and made him an unholy god, taught him everything he knew, there was nothing now beyond Andreas's reach... and now... his dear father was gone. GONE.

What Andreas was not prepared for... was when he finally met the slayer, Jade Harper... her fierocity and her beauty stirring his passions as he'd never felt before... it gave him an idea...

What better way to have what he wanted AND gain the vengeance he craved than to transform Jade into the very type of creature she had spent so many yearning slaughtering, the thing she despised most more than anything else. A vampire.

Offered role: Andreas (Name is not set in stone)