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June 24, 2018, 03:45:07 PM

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Author Topic: New girl wanting man  (Read 634 times)

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Offline vampire07Topic starter

New girl wanting man
« on: June 28, 2015, 01:16:55 PM »
Please contact me through Private Messages...Still trying to navigate through these forums for any public threads.

About myself
I've been on this site for awhile now. I've rped from Fantasy, Victorian, bit of Steampunk, Medieval, Modern and Futuristic. I have over a decade of rping experience on me but I like to try different things. I tend to stick to Fantasy themed rps where it allows the imagination to be put to work. I've gotten use to coming up with ideas so when you send me a message its a big plus to me if you had an idea what you want.

Another plus if you were detailed in your posts! I tend to be a switch and would enjoy a guy who was also. No one is a complete Dominate or Submissive person if they were I'd get bored of the rp fast.

Pictures being involved in the rp I don't mind if you use pictures to submit as your details of the character you're playing but I love to describe my girls. I love plot driven rps mixed with smut. If the key thing about the rp is to fuck at the end then its like fuck once the rp is done. I don't like that I like to try to keep the rp going when you feel like there is something missing from the story and like to keep going to fulfill that void.

This is a no brainer gentlemen, if you take control of my characters in an rp then I can't contribute to the rp. So common sense boys, NO GOD MODING MY CHARACTERS!!!!!!!

I tend to be descriptive in my replies about a paragraph or more but never a novel length. If I can't come up with anything I'd give a break about long as a day so I can come up with a good response.

I expect the same thing from you. If I have to disappear because of a situation in my life I will give you a heads up.

I'm a friendly person so if we're not compatible as rp partners but we click as online friends. You're more than welcome to send me a PM to say "Hello!"

Alright gentlemen, I rp over PMs and Threads. I rarely do messenger rps so you will have to work your magic to persuade me to rp over messengers.


Spirited Slave
Peasant girl
Female Knight
elemental witch/wiccan

Furries: Wolf, tigress, cat, fox, and rabbit.

NEW!!! Willing to do MLP but in anthro form.

NO NOs!!!!!!
I don't do rape
Blood play
Killing the other characters
Massive pain inflictions
Brutal beatings
Beastily (no animals fucking humaniods!)

Enjoy greatly!
Light restaints or bondage
Being bitten
Risk of Pregnancy

Where the first rp transforms into another rp. Done this a few times and enjoyed it.


Side Kick gets the girl

Women falls for Bruce Wayne or as Robin (Allowing you to make up his real name) knows him as Batman. "Robin" gets over looked by the women he rescued as they flocked to Batman to swoon over him. Recently "Robin" been letting steam out at a local Dojo and here he finds a woman who catches his eye and its clear he caught her eye. He notices something when she spars with the others as her movements are flowing but yet when she goes to sit she seems to have an issue. After class he notices her walking out of the locker room wearing glasses (the thin rimmed easy to bend out of shape). It makes sense as she had to adapt very quickly when it comes to being semi blind.

One day at her office there is a hostage situation and she's the human shield. After the stand off and the rescue she's bit banged up but she can take a hit. "Robin" decides against better judgment he follows her home and gently makes his presence known. From there on he'd sneak over to her apartment for you guessed it, fun. She never asks him to remove his mask, never asks him to stay as she often gives him a kiss to send him on his way. Months passed as the two had their raunchy fun everywhere in the City. One night he comes by with a single rose to drop off only to find police there. The woman who caught his eye had been taken. Within this city in the underworld she's been recruited in the human trafficking as a product. Will Robin and Batman bust up this ring or will it be to late as she's forced to take part in fighting Robin?

Characters I'd like to use

Offline vampire07Topic starter

Re: New girl wanting man
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 10:18:31 PM »
Still like to rp.

Offline vampire07Topic starter

Re: New girl wanting man
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2015, 09:01:56 PM »
Still looking

Offline vampire07Topic starter

Re: New girl wanting man
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2015, 01:44:34 PM »
Hate it when plans fall through. Looking for something to help pass the time with.