Dom Female roles as Monsters, Pokemon or Aliens in RP! (Some humanoids)

Started by Quinz128, June 28, 2015, 03:54:10 AM

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Hello all, coming back from a month and a half hiatus and looking for specific RPs where there are dominant females, or just things I think would be fun, in general. Feel free to message me, I admit to being rather inflexible in many aspects of these RPs as they are strong desires, but I am willing to listen and input at request. Hope to hear from someone as it has been a bit for desiring these!

Edit: I am fine playing the dom-female or Sub-Male role, this isn't me demanding the other person be a dominant female, justhat it's involved in th story.

Lycanthropic Lust: Female-to-Male Non-Con

A woman is infected with lycanthropy and becomes a feral beast upon the rising of a full moon. The woman's human personality is worth discussing, but I see her as being meek or passive-aggressive and sexually repressed. Because of this, when she becomes a werewolf her violence and lust increases greatly. She will go on rampages at the transformation nights that could be either violent or sexual, depending on who her focus is, either an enemy or object of lust from her normal human-life. The setting is negotiable, depending on what direction my partner would go with developing a plot for this.

There are a couple of things I really would like involving this RP. First, I want some Mother/Son incest where the woman targets her son to rape when she becomes a werewolf. Second, she becomes pregnant from her lust-filled rampages from her transformation. Lastly, I would like time skips to be frequent to keep the pacing quick and the focus on the transformation and problems that come from them.

Broken Behind Enemy Lines

Two mercenaries were hired for a scouting job for a military's war effort. This pair is of a dragon and a man, both are experienced from a few sorties before, and confident with this job to just scout and return to get paid. These two had not known each other before, but each had their respective experience as a rider/mount. However, something goes wrong and the dragon would have gotten shot from the sky and lost the ability to fly. So, the two need to figure a way to get out of the enemy lines with their lives intact. And even develop a bit of a relationship between each other.

Female Dragon, Male Human, please!

Lust for the Trainer - Pokemon (3 scenarios): Female-to-Male Coercion, Domination, possible non-con

1) An RP where a new trainer starts a pokemon adventure! However, he has been given one way out of his league from his more experienced sibling as his first pokemon. She is demanding, though playful, joyous, though calculating and sinister and sees a way to control the inexperienced trainer to her whims. The particular pokemon is open to negotiation in this RP, but it would result with the pokemon tricking the trainer to follow what she wants, maybe even as far as molesting/raping hi through manipulation or, even, straight force.

2) An RP where a new trainer gathers pokemon through his adventures. He, however, accumulates all females throughout this, unbeknownst to him, at first. Through the adventures the pokemon conspire to try and mes with the trainer for fun and games. Eventually having a scene where they go into heat and try to 'use' him.

3) An experienced, trainer, through some chance, managed to catch an extremely powerful (maybe legendary) pokemon. He attempts to struggle to get the particular pokemon under his thumb for battle purposes. However, the pokemon is strong willed, and tries to break the trainer, herself.

Female Pokemon, Male Trainer

The Lair of a Monster: Romance/Development

The rumors come from all over about alair. A labrynth that was abandoned long ago and had a vile creature taken up residence. Evil, dangerous, deadly. All these and more are what come up. And, it isn't far off. The creature is but a lonely one, who was banished to the depths from a curse (can determine in discussion) and defends itself from chivilrous knights and vile plunderers looking for fortune or glory or more. However, one comes in with similar intent, but finds something interesting as he enters and wants to bring out the humanity that he saw a glimpse of when he entered.

Female-Monster, Male-Hero, this one I may switch the genders, just because of request.


Decided to add these couple more. New! And with some Aliens/Monsters! Still Dominant females, though.

The Last Human?: Female-Dominance, possible romance. Semi-Adventure

Humanity is nothing but a myth at this point. A world had been torn by nuclear war, and only a bunker of a handful of families had managed to hide underground thanks to the paranoia of their heads.

Five generations passed and it is time for one of them to search the outside and report back, since this was estimated that the radiation would have died enough for them to be safe, not to mention any further and they might have trouble, genealogically, with further breeding, as well as the supplies getting low.

After drawing straws, a young man is decided as the best of the fit and able youths to go out and explore. However, the man would find nothing but desolance. At first, anyways, eventually he finds new residence. Are they monsters from the fallout? Are they aliens? All he knows is they don't resemble humans, and it seems at least one of them can communicate with him.

The creatures looks/appeal can be discussed and if they are mutants, monsters or aliens, but they are intelligent and vary from helpful to the human to hostile. But I do want at least one 'regular' helping the human, female and rather... forceful in her attraction towards him.

A New Kind of Hunt: Female-to-Male Non-Con Possible long-term storyline.

A Yuatja (Predator from AliensxPredators franchises) has originally landed on Earth to hunt for glory, however it had becomes rather careless in it's hiding of the ship. It was ransacked and generally made inoperable. Perhaps due to underestimating the inginuity of one of its prey or some other negligence.

Now she needs to gather parts to rebuild the core components of the ship and be prepared to leave with the initial trophies. However, it has taken a bit longer than estimated and her breeding cycle is approaching. While gathering the supplies she needs, her eyes set upon one (Or a few) of the soldiers at a base that she targeted for supplies.

This could go from the very beginning up to the initial thought, going through her original hunt, her success, her ship being rendered inusable and her eventual gathering of supplies. It could be short smut or long, drawn out story of this Predator with a lot of conflict/combat.


Nightmare Fueled: Female-to-Male Non-Con Quick Smut

Everyone has those times, the sense of wonder when you develop your sexuality that brings about what you find attractive and what kinks are brought out in you. In some cases, fear and anxiety turns into a feeling of adreniline and desire and that is kind of what is in mind.

In her youth, she was always afraid of the monsters that come out at night. Fear was a motivation that drives these things, sustains them, and so they are go after the people that scare easily. Usually children. One has been a favorite for a while, despite growing older, she did seem to sustain them easily.

Her fear, though, has changed a bit since the last time they came. It has developed to something new, and she had a bit of a plan to see what could happen when they come next.

Female-Human/Male-Monster where she binds the creature (Whatever it may be) and 'uses' it for her own purposes.



The Monster He Became: Possible romance story

This is an RP based on one of my older characters I wished involved. A man who was a solid monk, tranquil, loving, with many friends amongst him who adventured for the protection of others. However, upon clearing a tomb of undead, he was afflicted with vampirism, slowly growing ill and dying only to be raised as those he fought.

He had no ill will, and figured it would be fine, he should continue his work, however he learned how unforgiving people could be. Those he protected almost immediately turned on him, his family shunned and even request he kill himself, despite he saying he could continue to help others as long as he remained alive. The final straw, though, was the woman whom he had loved, had screamed in terror at the thought and sight of him becoming an undead abomination.

Heart heavy with sadness, that sadness turned to rage as he always was about the person never what one was. And it showed how superficial these people were. His new found strength as an undead, his rage of his pain and the hunger that he suppressed with his training was combined and released and he became the monster so many thought he was before.

Murder was his comfort, now. THe tearing of flesh and the breaking of bones. The death of those that he once protected had brought him comfort. He traveled amongst the three villages he was proclaimed a hero of and slaughtered everyone, leaving the skulls of his victims on spikes left atop the highest point in each town, to proclaim their population removed.

He stalks the dead towns, now. Having claimed them as his territory and few come near due to the threat. Those the came from him use sword or magic or even their faith to combat him, but his lift as a monk and rigorous studies and understanding of the bodies, spirit and weaknesses all have, he has managed to survive, if not just slay the assailants. Vengeance was always met with  death. Righteousness he gave a chance, because he remembered, but did attempt corruption from their path. Nothing more than a warning of one who had his heart broken and filled with hate.

This RP I would like someone to come to succeed in beating him, somehow. Perhaps for righteous reason, maybe selfish, but to break him down and see the monster was created, not born. A sympathetic story of a man who lost too much and in turn lost himself. Maybe figure a way to bring him back to the light, or if one wanted to go another direction, further tot he folds of darkness. It could be an adventurer, a holyman or another vampire, someone to try and shape him to their whims after winning against someone who had fought and succeeded in fair fights as well as against atrocities.


Familiar Face: Dominant female role. Romance/possible adventuring

This is actually based on an 'ending' from the game of Princess Maker 2. In the game you raise your daughter the best you can, in a rather RPG fashion and depending on the paths you take it can end in many different variations of what she does as a job, gets married to (if anyone) and how happy she is based on your work.

In one of the ending and interesting thing happened that I always think 'what could happen?' She ended up being an unwed bounty hunter that goes on the road as a sellsword to do what she can to bring in criminals. However, in her youth she was strong enough to defeat a young dragon who had gained a crush on her. In an attempt for her hand, the dragon came to propose to the girl, seeking her father's blessing. The older dragon that accompanied him offered the father money in exchange for his daughter's hand for the young dragon. Insulted, he refused, outright, shutting off the contact immediately.

The question I had is, sinc ethe dragon's nature was still territorial and greedy, what if he became a bandit of some kind? What if he is still the same softy, but puts on a face for a crew and only gets worried when the girl he remembers seems to be coming for his head due to how successful he and his crew is being. Will she slay him as part of the hunt? Will she even recognize him? Will he try again for her affections, since she is away from her father? This is all an interesting story, which can be short to go through this scenario or long if she convinces him to give up his ways of banditry and try to work as an honest person.

In this case the dragon is a shapeshifter and the woman is a human, but we can discuss things if some alterations are wanted.


July 18: Added "Familiar Face" Storyline based on Princess Maker 2 ending.

July 17: Added "The Monster He Became" storyline. Crossed off Nightmare Fueled and The Lair of the Monster, as they were claimed for now.

July 12: Added in new possible RP "Nightmare Fueled" consisting of a female human binding a male monster for her new-found fetish. "The Last Human" Striked out as it was taken.

July 02: Crossed out the Broken Behind Enemy Lines, as it was taken. Added a short description of what is expected for the RPs, since some seemed to not get the point of some was Non-Con. Non-Cons are labeled explicitly.

June 28: Began this thread.