PC build complete, and something is wrong.

Started by Mymar, June 28, 2015, 01:38:00 AM

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I think I have all things hooked up, yet when I power up the machine, all fans turn on, the glowing lights do as well, it looks as it should, yet nothing happens on my monitor, or anything else, and I'm assuming something should. As I said, there isn't a connection left dangling, the ram is in I think the right way, what should happen here? According to a website I used, all parts should only be about 400 watts, I got a 650 watt power supply, any ideas on what might be the cause? I've done everything the way the motherboard manual said, yet nothing.


Was there a pc spkr hookup? If so did it beep at all?

Some motherboards lately also provide LED diagnostics - does the manual mention anything regarding that?


Turned out to  be the ram was not set in right, thanks for answering my question!