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June 22, 2018, 06:29:02 AM

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Author Topic: Picture plots (F/F, F/Futa, Futa/M, possibly EX)  (Read 504 times)

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Picture plots (F/F, F/Futa, Futa/M, possibly EX)
« on: June 27, 2015, 05:41:33 AM »
Welcome to this little idea, look at my RP Preferences to get an idea if match up, i am looking for somebody interested in writing the following story with at least a decent 3 paragraphs a post. Shorts posts drive me nuts and make me burn out of a story, i am not judging quality based on length its just a fact. Just look at it as one of my Ons.

For this story i would like F/F (Dont care about your actual gender) but i could see doing it with one being a futa or with MC being a crossdresser(A secret of his own?). I am interested in playing the submissive part in this. The story by design is meant to be Consensual to DubCon. It can go to the Ex section but only if after we talk about it we decide that way it dos not have to.

Doctors Desires (Medical fetish, Latex, D/S, Bondage, +)
YC: Young doctor
MC: good friend

You had always been a bit unhappy just a little bit sad as a good friend i tried to cheer you up thinking it was just your recent split from your boyfriend, we had known each other almost since childhood. So even when you finally got your medical doctorate and could open that little practice you talked about so often ad i still noticed that odd little sadness i got worried. It was around then that accidentally i stumbled across something, you were a member of a fetish site the same one i was. Feeling guilty and a bit strange about it i did not tell you, and later that day i ended up looking you up. There i found you had a love for medical fetish and latex. And it also became clear to me why you him broke up so quick and why he never showed again. But now i felt like could tell you even less that i had accidentally stumbled across this on your laptop.

So for the next month or so by day i was your good friend trying to cheer you up and congratulating you on buying the old slightly run down manner for a home, and by night i watched and read as you posted about the basement, looked at pictures of old medical gear that looked like it was from the 50s and read you joking about your special little fun clinic. I watched as you posted pictures of it being done and by day i tried to cheer you out of your strange little sad moods that i new understood better. The seed of the idea started some place around when you posted pictures of your finished basement domain, the kinky version of a gynecology and doctors office and even a small padded room to the side with old and new straitjackets and odd peaces of gear that looked like something half way between a hospital and an evil scientists laboratory out of some old film. Or maybe they started when i began touching my self to the images getting excited by them.

It was just the week before your birthday and you just had another short lived relationship fall apart, i did not know for sure but with my knowledge of what you must be looking for the few short relationships with people who we never saw again made sense. I could see you opening up to somebody and them pulling away, nicely or tactlessly i know it would not matter to you. The plan came together just a few days from your birthday, a small party you were new to the town ware you got your house with its interesting basement and the actual medical practice in the front. And once everybody had left i gave you my present, i told you i had a vacation coming and maybe i should take a prolonged stay in a clinic, a very small private one.


It is a kind of an idea for the story, or the start of it. I am looking for somebody interested in writing the kink side and the emotional one. I am quiet open to ideas an personally love talking and adding in things my partner also wants to see. Please do not post in this thread and PM me instead.
Some Picture based plots, most of these do not have a lot of story to them yet but i would be happy to work on it with a perspective partner     

I am looking to take a sub roll in all of these possible ideas at the moment

Current large craving Eggs, Troll


After snooping around i find out about my best friends and his aunt/mother/stepmom/sisters secret


Something a bit different for me

Girl is saved/captured after shipwreck by a powerful naga, she is pregnant and instead of carrying her own eggs she inserts them into her new slave/pet has her carry them while she takes care of her. The eggs grow and she "lays" them eventually. I do not want live birth in this its more about a D/S relationship. I would like to talk at some length about anybody interested in this as i am looking for something quiet specific.
Futa loves and there boy

A pair of futa lovers and a boy they rent out a room to, sadly he soon after looses his job hopefully a compromise can be found.
Troll futa and boy fucktoy

Moe the concept then the exact picture

I dont care about lol but i do love that picture, some game about healing of a different kind
Auntie had enough of you
F/F or F/Trap
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Re: Medical play, Picture plots (F/F possibly other, possibly EX)
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2015, 11:32:14 AM »
Added Picture plots

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Re: Picture plots (F/F, F/Futa, Futa/M, possibly EX)
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2015, 03:10:42 PM »
Updates, added pics